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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to inform me how a Vulcan woman experiences her pon farr. Unfortunately there are only a few informations about it. The book "Dwellers in the crucible" by Margaret Wander Bonanno was a great help. The author describes the pon far of a Vulcan female while she and a Human female were kidnapped by the Klingons and Romulans. The story of the book plays between TOS and TNG. The Vulcan words I used are from the site http://home.teleport.com/~vli/vlif.htm Thank you very much fort this tip Nadia.
SERIES: This story continues the series Change, Heartbeat, Morningdawn, Cover, Dusk, Questions, Pain, Talk and Preparations.
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By Olli


Abruptly, T'Pol sat up in her bed! She was startled!

Pain hammered in her head, blood rushed in her ears and her heart thumped wildly. Instinctively she knew what she had to do and reached out for Hoshi.

She was gone! Hoshi had left her!

T'Pol gasped for breath as the pain in her body increased, she cringed.

After a moment the painful feeling of loneliness vanished and panting she lay still in the sweaty and messy heap of sheets. She could feel Hoshis body heat and could still smell her. The young woman couldn't be far away and T'Pol would take back what was hers!


The Vulcan's head jerked in the direction of the sound.

She was there!

The young human had gone to the bath room and when she returned into the living room she stopped dead, scared at the picture in front of her! When Hoshi had left the bed a few minutes ago T'Pol had been sleeping peacefully, but now she sat in the bed, stared at her and breathed heavily through clenched teeth. Suddenly the Vulcan jumped from the bed and threw herself at Hoshi. T'Pol wrapped her arms around the Human and pressed the young woman on her body. The iron grip forced the air from Hoshi's lungs. T'Pol still breathed with clenched teeth; her body burned! The Vulcan stared at Hoshi; her eyes were small slits like the eyes of a beast hunting down its prey.

Hoshi was scared!

But then worry mixed with Hoshi's fear. She worried about T'Pol. Her body heat was beyond everything Hoshi had ever felt and she could feel the incredible racing of the Vulcan's heart.

She had Hoshi in her arms! Hoshi was with her! She had not left her!

T'Pol calmed down. The pain in her head diminished, the blood rushing in her ears, too. It was time to take her mate! Her hand roamed over Hoshi's t-shirt, T'Pol could feel the soothing coolness of her mate's skin. Her hand slid higher, she caressed Hoshi's breast and then her hand roamed over the young woman's throat to her face. She caressed Hoshi's cheek, then she drew back her hand a little bit till the tips of her fingers found certain points in the Human's face.

Despite T'Pol's claiming behaviour Hoshi relaxed a little bit. The tender touches of her lover showed her that the T'Pol she knew was still there. She shivered as the Vulcan caressed her cheek and she leaned into the touch. Hoshi closed her eyes and let T'Pol hold her.

But then there were only T'Pol's fingertips in her face and she felt disappointment about the loss. In the next moment a razorlike pain stabbed into her brain!

Hoshi's eyes opened wide and she gasped for air. She tried to speak but she couldn't! She tried to free herself from the Vulcan's grip but she was not strong enough. Her body stiffened, the pain became unbearable… and then suddenly it seemed as if a wall broke down in her head!

The pain was gone!

Hoshi's knees went weak she sank into T'Pol's arms. She could feel the Vulcan's fingertips at her face and the slowly reassuring heartbeat of the other woman. Hoshi could feel her own heartbeat, too and was baffled. Their heartbeats were the same! In the next moment a wave of warmth and love flooded her mind. Again Hoshi gasped for air, she wrapped her arms around T'Pol's neck and was able to hold herself upright. She opened up to the emotions which floated through her mind. She gave herself over to them; she knew they were T'Pol's feelings! Hoshi enjoyed every moment of this mind meld.

After a life time or one second - Hoshi wasn't able to count the time - she felt something else. There was something… someone behind the emotions! It was T'Pol Hoshi realized! Not only her lover's emotions but her consciousness! Then she heard a voice in her head speaking to her without words.

"Hoshi, nam-tor nash-veh." (Hoshi, it is I.)

Hoshi didn't know why but she knew the right answer. "T'Pol, dahshal s'nash-veh heh worla dahshal. Worla eh kwon-sum estuhn heh vesht estuhl. Ragel-tor etek na'shi kru'minik." (T'Pol, parted from me and never parted. Never and always touching and touched. We meet at the appointed place.)

T'Pol answered. "Hoshi, dahshal s'nash-veh heh worla dahshal. Worla eh kwon-sum estuhn heh vesht estuhl. Bek-tor tu nash-veh." (Hoshi, parted from me and never parted. Never and always touching and touched. I await you.)

T'Pol laid her fingertips on the right points in Hoshi's face. She concentrated on her mate's mind but it was strange. Against all she had ever heard about a mind meld she felt like she was swimming in syrup! She doubled her efforts and formed her mind to a spear which she forced forward merciless.

Hoshi's cry of pain couldn't pierce the rushing of blood in the Vulcan's ears and the painful thundering in her head. But even if she had heard the cry she would have ignored it! Hoshi was hers! She had the right to take her!

Suddenly the spear reached light! T'Pol could move freely, she felt Hoshi's mind and opened her own and let her feelings flow.

The Vulcan registered how Hoshi opened her mind and by itself the words of the ancient oath appeared in her Pon Farr fogged mind. T'Pol started speaking…

The oath was spoken!

Hoshi recognized that the mind meld had worked! T'Pol had been in her mind – had forced her way into her head! But Hoshi knew that her lover didn't know what she had done, she had reacted by instinct, not on purpose. But had she taken the oath by her own free will? Or had T'Pol forced her? No, decided Hoshi, she was certain even in this state T'Pol was not able to… to rape her! The Vulcan might have projected the words in her mind but she had spoken them by her own free will!

Hoshi looked at T'Pol, she hadn't registered when or how the Vulcan had withdrawn from her mind. Then Hoshi leaned forward and kissed her. It was not a part of the Vulcan mating ceremony she knew – Hoshi didn't know how she knew it, she just knew it – but what they had done still wasn't a traditional mating ceremony. They had done it without a Vulcan priest, without the traditional singings and without their families. What they had done was nothing more than the basics!

T'Pol felt warm and soft lips on her own as the next phase of Pon Farr hit her. After the joining of the minds the joining of the bodies had to follow! The genetic program demanded the reproduction but the mental fix on Hoshi allowed the Vulcan to ignore the fact that she couldn't reproduce with a female.

Hoshi was surprised as T'Pol lifted her up. She clung instinctively to the Vulcan, wrapped her arms around T'Pol's neck and her legs around the other woman's waist. Almost effortlessly, she was taken to the bed and slowly T'Pol laid the object of her desire on the mattress. She took Hoshi by her shoulders and forced her back, in the Vulcan's eyes sparkled a fire. Hoshi's heartbeat increased in excitement.

Pushing Hoshi back T'Pol bent down and kissed her with a passion Hoshi had never experienced before. As T'Pol's tongue slipped between her lips she moaned, the Vulcan became fierce. She moved to lie on top of her mate and felt the heartbeat of the young Human. Hoshi's feet were slowly stroking up and down T'Pol's legs.

The Vulcan's hand began to roam over Hoshi's slender body while she continued her kissing. Hoshi was still pinned down by the Vulcan's body but moved in ecstasy under her lover. Suddenly T'Pol sat up and shoved her hands to the collar of Hoshi's t-shirt. With a hard jolt she tore the shirt apart. The fact that Hoshi lay helpless and uncovered under her aroused the Vulcan even more. T'Pol watched what was hers! She laid her hands on Hoshi's breasts and felt the hard nipples; with a firm grip she massaged them.

Hoshi moaned again and breathed heavily. She felt no pain; T'Pol's grip was just a fraction away from pain but it never crossed the line. She was never before taken in this way and Hoshi felt her body respond to this new experience. She relaxed completely.

The Vulcan recognized that Hoshi had surrendered to her will, her hands roamed over the Human's belly, massaged the smooth skin firmly and Hoshi moaned again. T'Pol's fingers found their way into Hoshi's panties and tore them apart! As the elastic band snapped against Hoshi's body the Human moaned again for lust! Not for pain!

Now Hoshi became more courageous. She caressed T'Pol's thighs, slowly her hands roamed under the Vulcan's pyjama top. As her hands touched the hot Vulcan her eyes widened and she gasped for air.

T'Pol let go of Hoshi for a moment and took off her pyjama top. Hoshi stretched her arms but she could only touch the bottom of the Vulcan's breasts. The touch light as a feather let the Vulcan moan aloud! T'Pol let herself fall on her back and struggled to get off her pyjama pants. Hoshi sat up, grabbed the pants and almost dragged them off her lover. In a few seconds the Vulcan was naked and lowered herself down on Hoshi again, pressing herself on the Human and the cool skin caused a shiver to run through the Vulcan's body.

Again T'Pol kissed Hoshi fiercely, their tongues met and T'Pol wrapped her arms around Hoshi's head, her hands roaming through the Human's hair. Hoshi's hands kneaded T'Pol's bottom as the Vulcan forced her knees between Hoshi's legs and spread them. Hoshi could feel the heat and the wetness radiating from T'Pol's centre, mixing with her own.

The Vulcan began to move her hips and Hoshi put her feet flat on the bed. She opened herself even more to her mate and thrust her own hips upward. As they touched each other at their intimatest point pure unrestrained lust flashed through both women. They found their rhythm and moved as one.

T'Pol covered Hoshi's face with kisses and gently licked her throat. The young woman threw her head back and presented her throat in an unconscious gesture of submission to her lover. Hoshi's moans became louder; T'Pol breathed heavily now and pressed her face into Hoshi's shoulder.

They forgot time as they melded.

Hoshi could feel her climax building; she increased her movements again and clung to T'Pol. The Vulcan pressed her cheek on Hoshi's and suddenly she felt the other woman's climax rising in her own mind! This pushed her over the edge! T'Pol's body stiffened for a moment and then the orgasm hit her. Waves of pleasure floated through her body! The feeling of the cramping and relaxing muscles in her body made her scream for the first time in her life out of pure lust!

As T'Pol's whole body spasmed Hoshi reached her own climax. From her hot centre the orgasm rushed through her body, she bucked against the Vulcan, their sex's touched again and before her first orgasm was over a second built up and let Hoshi forget everything but her pleasure.

For endless minutes both women gave themselves over to their orgasms.

Finally they lay in the wet sheets. Still on top of Hoshi the Vulcan's chin rested on the Humans shoulder. The rushing of blood was vanishing from her ears; the pain in her head was gone. Slowly T'Pol began to think clearly again, she could remember the last hours only vaguely. But she felt Hoshi's body near hers and she felt their hearts beating simultaneously.

Slowly, T'Pol lifted her head and looked at her mate. She drew the tip of her index finger over the lines of Hoshi's face. She traced the Human's eyebrow down to her temple and put a strand of hair behind Hoshi's ear, she followed Hoshi's cheekbone to her chin and let her finger caress the Human's lips. Hoshi pointed her lips for a moment and kissed T'Pol's fingertip. The Vulcan's eyes sparkled for a moment and the corners of her mouth fluttered just for a second. T'Pol let her finger roam down over Hoshi's chin to her larynx. Then she bent down and kissed the Human softly on the lips.

As they snuggled closer and drifted into sleep they both registered that their hearts still beat in unison.

The End

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