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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to inform me how a Vulcan woman experiences her pon farr. Unfortunately there are only a few informations about it. The book "Dwellers in the crucible" by Margaret Wander Bonanno was a great help. The author describes the pon far of a Vulcan female while she and a Human female were kidnapped by the Klingons and Romulans. The story of the book plays between TOS and TNG. The Vulcan words I used are from the site http://home.teleport.com/~vli/vlif.htm Thank you very much fort this tip Nadia.
SERIES: This story continues the series Change, Heartbeat, Morningdawn, Cover, Dusk, Questions, Pain, Talk, Preparations and Lust.
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By Olli


Hoshi stood in the shower of T'Pol's quarters. The warm water poured down on her and she washed her hair. Yesterday T'Pol's Pon Farr had reached its climax and the Vulcan had melted her mind with Hoshi's! At first it had been an unpleasant experience for the young Human. As T'Pol had tried to establish a connection it had hurt Hoshi mentally… But then! When the connection was established it was unbelievable! Hoshi had felt T'Pol inside her mind!

It was indescribable! Never before Hoshi had experienced something like that!

After some minutes they had taken the oath. There was no Vulcan priest to make the marriage official and so Hoshi didn't know what T'Pol and she were now. But they could rack their brains over this after Pon Farr.

While Hoshi massaged the shampoo slowly into her hair she thought about what happened afterwards. T'Pol didn't hold back and Hoshi doubted that the Vulcan would have been able to do so. T'Pol's physical needs had been satisfied for the moment and exhausted they fell asleep. But after a little while the next attack hit the Vulcan and Hoshi woke up as T'Pol went down on her again! All together four times T'Pol was hit by Pon-Farr-attacks. Finally the Vulcan fell asleep and Hoshi's worries faded away because T'Pol caressed Hoshi's cheek and her eyes told Hoshi everything she needed to know: For the moment her lover was well!

Hoshi had cradled T'Pol in her arms and fell asleep, too.

Ten minutes ago she'd woken up und had decided to take a shower. After that Hoshi would wake her lover so she could shower, too. During that Hoshi would tidy up the quarters because in one hour Dr. Phlox would bring the breakfast and she still had to scan T'Pol.

But there was one thing that bothered Hoshi. A Vulcan word that Hoshi had noticed in T'Pol's thoughts during the mind meld: mat!

This meant ownership!

Hoshi didn't see herself as T'Pol's possession and if T'Pol had called her 'lover' or 'companion' or 'wife' this wouldn't bother her but that T'Pol could think of her like that did!

She washed the last remains of the shampoo from her hair and thought about how she could talk about this to T'Pol as the door to the shower cubicle opened. Smiling Hoshi stepped forward to make a little bit room. The door closed and T'Pol wrapped her arms around Hoshi.

The Vulcan pulled the young woman into herself and snuggled up to her. She brought her lips close to the young woman's ear and whispered in Vulcan: "Good morning th'y'la. I missed you."

"Good…," Hoshi gasped for air as T'Pol kissed her right below her ear. Slowly the Vulcan licked her lover's wet skin up to her ear, then she sucked Hoshi's earlobe between her lips and nibbled on it.

Hoshi giggled!

T'Pol wrapped her arms firmly around Hoshi and continued the caressing of Hoshi's ear while the water poured down on them. Now she used her tongue, too and flipped Hoshi's earlobe with it. Hoshi didn't know how long she enjoyed this but finally she turned around and saw the desire in T'Pol's eyes. She put her hands on the Vulcan's cheeks.

Suddenly Hoshi had an idea! Maybe this would be a chance to show her lover that she wasn't her 'possession'! She kissed T'Pol and let her hands slide over the Vulcan's body to her shoulders. Their tongues met and T'Pol's grip on Hoshi became stronger.

Hoshi acted before T'Pol could take the initiative! She grabbed T'Pol by her shoulders and used a technique she had learned at Lieutenant Reed's hand-to-hand lessons! Hoshi twisted T'Pol around and pushed her into the backwall of the shower cubicle!

T'Pol gasped in surprised!

The young woman stepped so close to T'Pol that their erected nipples touched slightly. T'Pol moaned and her face was a mix of surprise and anger. Hoshi knew she was on the line! One false step now and the anger would overwhelm the Vulcan!

With her left hand on T'Pol's shoulder, Hoshi still pressed her lover against the wall. Her right hand ran over T'Pol's body, slowly gliding down from T'Pol's shoulder to her bosom and tenderly she caressed the sensitive skin. T'Pol moaned again and Hoshi looked up. The anger was gone from the Vulcan's face. Hoshi's hand slid down to T'Pol's thigh. Slowly she ran her hand over the Vulcan's wet skin to her lover's behind. She pressed her fingers in the soft but firm bottom and massaged them firmly.

T'Pol moaned again and Hoshi moved her body slowly from the left to the right, brushing her hard nipples against T'Pol's again and again. The Vulcan leaned forward and tried to kiss the Human but Hoshi remained just outside T'Pol's reach. A growl of frustration escaped the Vulcan's throat and the desire flashed in her eyes.

Hoshi knew that T'Pol had reached the limit of her patience, so she let her hand glide forward from T'Pol's bottom to her sex. Hoshi cupped it with her hand and T'Pol moaned aloud! The Human waited a heartbeat and pressed then her hand fast and abrupt against T'Pol's wet centre!

The Vulcan's eyes widened and she gasped for air. Unconsciously, she leaned forward and Hoshi pushed her back against the wall.

Hoshi moved her hand slowly over T'Pol's sex. The Vulcan panted and began to move in rhythm with Hoshi.

After some minutes Hoshi decided to go a step further. She slowly pressed one finger into T'Pol! Her index finger found exactly the right spot to cause her lover the most pleasure.

T'Pol's eyes were closed, she breathed heavily and when Hoshi hit the right spot her legs gave in and with a lustful moan she sunk to the floor of the shower cubicle. Hoshi followed her down and held the contact. She knelt between the Vulcan's wide spread legs, her hand and finger stimulating T'Pol continually and without a break. T'Pol steadied herself with her arms on the left and the right of the cubicle. Her head rested on the backwall and with wide open eyes she stared into nowhere. The waves of pleasure which were running through her body caused her to moan continuously.

Hoshi entered her mate with another finger and T'Pol began to rock her hips against the Human's hand. Hoshi shoved her thumb between T'Pol's clit hoods and with careful moves she massaged the bundle of nerves which existed only for one reason.

T'Pol moved her hips faster and faster against Hoshi's hand. The Human caressed her lover now with all five fingers of her hand, four still inside T'Pol and Hoshi's thumb as well on the Vulcan's clit. Hoshi increased the speed while her other hand still pushed T'Pol against the wall.

Suddenly T'Pols body jerked!

The Vulcan's muscles cramped around Hoshi's fingers but she didn't stopped moving her hand. A second orgasm rushed through T'Pol's body the first not yet at an end! Her back arched, her head felt into her neck and she pressed her wide spread arms against the walls of the cubicle. T'Pol screamed hoarsely in pleasure and wave after wave of release hit her. Hoshi continued moving her hand slowing down but she didn't stop before her mate sunk against the backwall like a cut off puppet.

Carefully Hoshi pulled her fingers out of her lover's body and encircled the heavily breathing woman in her arms. She could feel the racing heartbeat as T'Pol hung in her arms. The Vulcan's chin rested on Hoshi's shoulder and they sat there on the floor holding each other for a while. They hadn't even noticed that the time limit for the showers had come to an end some minutes ago and the computer had turned off the water.

Finally the breathing and the heartbeat of the Vulcan had almost turned back to normal. And Hoshi shivered a little bit because the water had cooled down on her skin.

Hoshi's hands roamed over T'Pol's back, from the neck down the spine to the buttocks and back upward again. She knew that her lover liked this. From T'Pol's neck Hoshi moved her hand into the Vulcan's wet brown hair and pressed her face onto her shoulder. Then she whispered into T'Pol's ear in English, "Yesterday you took possession of me… but today… you… are… MINE!"

Twenty minute later T'Pol left the bathroom. She wore a robe and sat down on the bed. Hoshi had put new sheets on it and cleaned up a bit. The Human wore a robe, too and reached for the scanner Dr. Phlox had given her. Like the Denubolan had teached her, she scanned the Vulcan with the humming device. After a minute the scan was finished and the thing bleeped and announced that the process was over.

T'Pol looked at Hoshi. "And how I am?" she asked.

Hoshi smiled. "The scanner says you are well."

The Vulcan closed her arms around Hoshi's hips and pulled the young woman into her. She rested her head at Hoshi's belly and wanted nothing more than to hold the person she loved. Hoshi stroked T'Pol's hair and cradled her into her arms.

After some minutes T'Pol looked into Hoshi's eyes. "Thank you… for everything", she whispered.

They were holding each other until the door chime announced Dr. Phlox and the breakfast.

The End

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