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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is a sequel to my story "Perfect". During the translation this story went into a completely different direction. So it is not an exactly translation of my German story.
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By Olli


It was December 25th, 2151.

T'Pol headed down the hallways aboard Enterprise towards her quarters. Her duty shift was over for today. She had volunteered for a double shift so Captain Archer was able to participate at the Christmas party in the mess hall. Just a few minutes ago he had taken over saying to T'Pol she should go and have some sleep.

T'Pol didn't feel tired. She was used to long periods without sleep, she would meditate later and then sleep for seven hours. That would do it.

But before she did that there was some thing else she had to do.

T'Pol entered her quarters and opened the wardrobe. She reached behind some towels and took out a little package. It was exactly fifteen centimetres long and four centimetres high. It was wrapped in red shimmering paper and decorated with an artful ribbon of gold and silver.

It had taken the Vulcan nearly an hour to wrap the gift. To make the gift itself T'Pol had worked five weeks.

She stood in front of her wardrobe and looked at the package thoughtfully. T'Pol felt a nervous itch in her belly and tried to suppress this unwelcome feeling. She had felt it before: when she had waited for the results of her entrance examination for the Vulcan Science Academy, when she did her service at the Vulcan Security Service and had participated for the first time on a strike against a base of Nausicaan pirates and when she had decided to leave Vulcan to avoid the marriage with Koss.

And now she felt the same nervousness because in a few minutes she would express feelings for another person. T'Pol had admired Ensign Hoshi Sato from the first day she had met her. Despite her fears Hoshi had continued her service on Enterprise. And T'Pol admired as well Hoshi's talent to learn unknown languages. The Vulcan remembered how much she had struggled to learn English and Hoshi could speak more than thirty non-human languages! Add to this Hoshi had the utmost interest of Vulcan language, culture and philosophy and since the incident on the Klingon ship she had asked T'Pol for advice and her help for meditation exercises and T'Pol had given them willingly.

Hoshi's progress was obvious and T'Pol felt almost proud; the kind of pride a teacher felt for a successful pupil. But up to now she had never dared to express her emotions.

Now it seemed to T'Pol that the time was right. Maybe she had been influenced by the emotional Christmas mood aboard? Maybe she wouldn't eat alone in the mess hall any longer? Maybe she would have someone to speak with in private and not only about official topics? Even during her time at the Vulcan embassy on Earth there had been a few she could speak to about literature or the embassy garden or something else. But here on Enterprise… being lonely was so much harder if you saw everyone around you having someone to speak to…

The Vulcan closed the wardrobe and left her quarters with the package in her hands.

On her way she saw some other crewmembers with little packages in their hands. At least, T'Pol thought, she wasn't the only one.

In front of Hoshi's quarters T'Pol hesitated for a moment and took a few deep breaths to calm down. Finally she pushed the door chime.

The door opened, Hoshi stood there and suddenly the nervous itching in her belly was back again. The young woman wore casual leisure wear: dark trousers and a red blouse falling over her waistband. The sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and both upper buttons were open. Her hair fell over her shoulders and her feet were bare.

"Sub-Commander, what can I do for you?" Hoshi asked surprised.

"I…," from one moment to the other T'Pol didn't know what to say. Instead she lifted her hands. Hoshi looked at the package and her eyes widened for a second.

"Er, come in, Ma'am." Hoshi stepped aside. She didn't know what she should think of this. That the Sub-Commander had a present for her was completely unexpected. In the past the Sub-Commander had never shown any personal interest to her.

T'Pol entered the quarters and Hoshi closed the door. Only one lamp standing beside the couch lightened the room. On the little table in front of the couch stood a Christmas decoration consisting of some artificial fir branches with artificial apples and a single candle. Besides the decoration was a bowl with biscuits and a steaming cup of tea.

Both women stood right behind the door. No one spoke and it was getting a little bit embarrassing. Then T'Pol straightened her shoulders and lifted again her hands up, holding her present in front of Hoshi. "Ensign, this is a token to show you my appreciation."

Hoshi took it. The package was as light as a feather. She looked up and smiled uncertainly at the Vulcan. Hoshi had tried to set up a friendly relationship with T'Pol but there was a gap she couldn't bridge. That she got a Christmas present from T'Pol was nearly unbelievable. "Ahem, please have a seat," Hoshi said and pointed towards the couch. She walked to an armchair and sat down.

T'Pol had registered Hoshi's smile with slight pleasure but she had registered her uncertainty as well. So she followed her slowly. She feared she had messed up everything but she couldn't leave now. The Vulcan clasped her hands behind her back standing again ramrod straight.

Hoshi looked up to the Vulcan and smiled, this time without uncertainty. "That is almost too beautiful to open it. You made a little piece of art." Hoshi meant what she said. She could see that it must have cost the Vulcan a lot of time to make this.

T'Pol nodded slightly. "Thank you Ensign, nevertheless you should open it."

Hoshi's smile widened and it was a smile of pure joy and anticipation. T'Pol liked it.

Hoshi watched the Vulcan for some more seconds. That Christmas was necessary to change her relationship in such a manner had seemed something of a fairytale. She looked back at the gift and tore the paper apart.

Fascinated T'Pol watched how her artful wrapping was shredded to pieces in seconds and how the scraps fluttered to the floor.

Hoshi looked up apologizing. "It's part of the Christmas tradition."

The Vulcan's face softened and it seemed to Hoshi that T'Pol smiled at her. She had never seen something like that on the other woman and Hoshi had to admit that it looked good. Quickly she looked back at the little wooden box she had unwrapped.

It was plain and without any ornamentation but it was made very precise and skilfully.

Secretly T'Pol had brought the wood aboard some weeks ago from an uninhabited planet. Of course before she did this she had examined the wood to check if it was dangerous in some way. It wasn't. T'Pol had made the box with her own hands in her quarters. She had sawed and dragged along the wood, had the parts glued together and finally had it polished and varnished.

Hoshi's fingers shook slightly as she moved the top of the box aside. She found a white fabric inside. Her first touch told her that it was silk. Carefully Hoshi took out the folded silk cloth and put the box aside. With both hands she unfolded it. After the first look Hoshi's eyes widened. Open-mouthed she stared at T'Pol's gift.

„You made this?" Hoshi whispered.

T'Pol nodded but Hoshi hadn't looked at her and so she said: "Yes."

"For me?"


Finally, Hoshi looked at the Vulcan. That couldn't be, she thought, could it? T'Pol must have informed herself. She had to know what this gift meant to Hoshi.

The young woman laid the piece of silken fabric carefully on the table and stood up. She stepped in front of T'Pol and hesitated for a moment then she took both of T'Pol's hands in hers. She looked her deep in the eyes. "Thank you. Thank you very much," she said touched.

After a moment Hoshi stepped back. T'Pol was surprised. She had hoped for a positive reaction and that it would be a first step to deepen her relationship with Hoshi but that she would react in such an emotional way was unexpected.

Hoshi cleared her throat. "Uhm… would you… would you have a cup of tea with me?" If T'Pol had chosen the gift intentionally Hoshi saw not only a possibility for a friendship with the Vulcan. It could also mean that T'Pol had offered her a lot more.

"I would like that." T'Pol was pleased about the invitation.

Hoshi walked to a chest of drawers and got a second cup.

The Vulcan sat on the couch and looked at the silk cloth which was still spread on the table. T'Pol had embroidered a cherry tree branch with three blossoms into the silk. She had discovered the picture as she had searched for a gift for Hoshi. In Japan the cherry blossom stands for purity, beauty and fortune. T'Pol had thought for many hours if this would be the right way to express her feelings for Hoshi. The cherry blossom could be interpreted as a sign of friendship… or as a sign of much more deeper feelings… Finally T'Pol had decided to do it. Even if Hoshi wouldn't see the deeper meaning of her gift, T'Pol was certain the Human would accept it as a sign of her friendship. She had printed the picture out but at the moment she had felt the paper on her fingers she had known that it wasn't appropriate; she wanted her gift to be much more personal. And so T'Pol had decided to embroider the branch into a cloth of silk. Unfortunately she didn't have any and so T'Pol had cut a piece of silk from one of her Vulcan robes.

Hoshi came back and poured some tea in T'Pol's cup. She sat down on the couch right beside the Vulcan and took the bowl with biscuits and offered them to the Vulcan. "I think the guys at the galley are producing these biscuits faster than the ship can jump to warp." Hoshi smiled at T'Pol.

T'Pol took one of the biscuits and eyed it for a moment. She had never before eaten something like that. There had been no reason till now because biscuits are not something you eat normally… they are fun, not to satisfy your physical needs. Carefully T'Pol bit into the biscuit. It was… sweet and somehow… tart she thought but it wasn't unpleasant.

Hoshi curled up against the seat-back of the couch propped an elbow on it and rested her head on her hand. She looked at T'Pol and smiled involuntarily. T'Pol didn't registered Hoshi's smile because she was focused on her biscuit. The Vulcan sat on the sofa with her back ramrod straight, her knees pressed together. In her right hand she was holding the steaming cup of tea in her left the biscuit she was carefully nibbling on. To Hoshi the picture seemed… cute. As T'Pol looked up chewing Hoshi looked quickly at the silk cloth. "You get well into Japanese culture," she began.

An hour later T'Pol felt really good and sat relaxed on the sofa. A while ago she had taken off her shoes and had snuggled up on the couch, her legs curled up like Hoshi had. The nervous itching in her belly was replaced by a cozy warmth. They had talked of many things but at the moment there was a comfortable silence between them.

T'Pol had registered the warmth in her body a while ago but she didn't know what had caused it. Not that she cared either at the moment. All she knew was that it was… pleasant. As pleasant as Hoshi's slender well-shaped figure she thought.

The light skin of Hoshi's throat and the top of her cleavage contrasted wonderful with her black hair floating over her shoulders. The red blouse matched excellent with her red lips. T'Pol wondered if Hoshi used lipstick. While on duty she had never registered the colour of Hoshi's lips.

The young woman noticed how intensely T'Pol stared at her. But Hoshi didn't feel uncomfortable under the Vulcan's view. On the contrary T'Pol's eyes showed interest! Hoshi smiled. She had never before seen the Vulcan relaxed in that way. It was a sign that she felt at home in her quarters, Hoshi thought.

T'Pol saw how Hoshi's lips parted and uncovered two lines of pearl white teeth. Her lips must be very soft, T'Pol mused. How would it feel to touch them? How would Hoshi taste if she kissed her? How would it feel to touch Hoshi's skin? Was she wearing a bra? T'Pol couldn't see any sign of it.

Hoshi registered a change in T'Pol's eyes. If she didn't know better Hoshi would say that within the Vulcan's eyes flickered desire. Her breathing seemed to have increased as well.

Suddenly T'Pol leant forward. On her hands and knees she crawled up to Hoshi and kissed her. Hoshi's eyes widened in surprise as T'Pol's hot and moist lips touched hers. Something like an electrical shock flashed through her body. Hoshi tried to protest and some muffled noises escaped her mouth but T'Pol still crawled forward. She pushed the Human down on the couch until T'Pol lay almost on top of her. Her lips haven't parted for one single moment and finally the Vulcan's tongue found its way into Hoshi's mouth.

Hoshi didn't have the slightest clue what happened with T'Pol but she had to admit that the Vulcan was a great kisser. However Hoshi had to end this. As much as she enjoyed being kissed by T'Pol, this was too much too soon. They should talk about it... She put her hands on T'Pol's shoulders and tried to push her away. At this moment the Vulcan's hand found its way under Hoshi's blouse. The moment she felt soft fingertips roaming over her skin Hoshi couldn't resist anymore.

Instead of pushing her away Hoshi pulled T'Pol closer to her.

T'Pol awoke slowly. She had a headache and it took a moment for her to register that she lay in a bed. The next she registered was that she was obviously naked.

Blinking tiredly she opened her eyes. Suddenly she felt she wasn't alone in the bed. Someone had spooned next to her from behind. A warm and naked body with soft skin had snuggled into her. An arm was wrapped around her belly holding her in a loose embrace. She had to admit it felt good, it felt right. But what had happened? Had she and this other person…? T'Pol breathed deeply through her nose and suddenly she knew for sure. She smelled sweat, her own and human sweat and she smelled… the scent of sex. She had slept with… Hoshi. But why? Suddenly T'Pol remembered: Hoshi's head between her thighs, her fingers buried in the Human's hair when she had bucked her hips against Hoshi's face in ecstasy. Hoshi, lying on top of her suckling on her nipples causing moans of pleasure from her. She, lying on her back, her own fingers inside her and Hoshi straddling her face. Her tongue deep inside the Human's sex all the while she was enjoying the pleasure she brought to her lover. And at last Hoshi lying on top of her again breathing heavily while T'Pol had stroked her hair and had called… T'Pol gasped for air.

She had called Hoshi 'T'hy'la'

And Hoshi… Hoshi had murmured half asleep 'I love you too.'

T'Pol's breathe quickened. That couldn't be true. But it was; the Vulcan knew it. There was no way to deny it.

But why had Hoshi done this? No, T'Pol thought, she had been the one who kissed Hoshi first. She had been to one who forced Hoshi into… Hoshi had tried to push her away and she had…


T'Pol didn't even register that she had spoken aloud.

"Hey," Hoshi whispered into her ear and propped herself up on her elbow. The young woman had been woken up by T'Pol's movements and enjoyed being skin to skin with her lover. Lover, she thought. T'Pol had surprised her a lot last evening and during the night as well. At first with this wonderful gift that had shown T'Pol's feelings; then T'Pol had relaxed visibly and they had talked about many themes. After the kiss it seemed T'Pol had lost her control, she had ripped off Hoshi's clothes and had taken her on the couch. After their first climax the Vulcan had cradled Hoshi into her arms and had carried her to the bed and they had made love till they felt asleep entangled in each others arms. T'Pol had surprised Hoshi not only with her fierceness and insatiability but as well with her last word before she fell asleep: 'T'hy'la'. Hoshi had told her lover what she felt for her as well.

She bent forward and kissed T'Pol on her bare shoulder.

The Vulcan felt the soft warm lips on her skin and shivered slightly.

Hoshi kissed her on her throat, on her ear and at last on her temple. While she kissed the Vulcan she slowly turned her on her back until Hoshi lay half on top of T'Pol.

It was long ago since T'Pol had felt something similar. Hoshi's smell, her weight and her warmth... it felt so good and right. But on the other hand the way she had acted… she had taken advantage of Hoshi. "What happened?" T'Pol asked.

Hoshi propped on her elbow again and smiled at T'Pol. "I think you suffer from a mind blowing orgasm or to be more precise from some mind blowing orgasms."

Hoshi waited for some reaction but T'Pol lay still there and stared up to her.

"I don't know why I have done this. I…" Suddenly T'Pol grabbed Hoshi by her shoulders and pushed her aside. At least T'Pol didn't use her full strength and with a yelp of surprise Hoshi fell back on the mattress. T'Pol swung her legs out of the bed and stalked away a few steps. She didn't care about her nakedness and she felt Hoshis eyes staring at her back. "When I came to you yesterday…" T'Pol looked at the clock on Hoshi's desk to be sure it was now the next day. "I wanted to show you… I thought we could… but it wasn't my purpose to take advantage of you."

T'Pol's hope that she could show her feelings some day to Hoshi had vanished. Her behaviour had been absolutely out of line. Vulcans didn't act this way. Two partners could become intimate if both agreed to but if one said 'No' it was clear that the other partner had to step back. T'Pol could remember how Hoshi had tried to push her away and she could remember how she had ignored it. "I'm sorry. I ruined everything."

Hoshi lay in the bed, staring at the Vulcan. T'Pol's silhouette was barley visible in the dark. Only the stars lightened the room. Hoshi couldn't believe what she heard. Of course T'Pol's actions had surprised her but taking advantage…?

Hoshi left the bed and stepped behind the Vulcan. She lifted her hand and touched T'Pol's upper arm with the tips of her fingers.

T'Pol tried to turn away but Hoshi stepped forward and grabbed T'Pol with her hand. "I don't know what you're talking about. Your actions surprised me but in my opinion you didn't take advantage of me."

"A Vulcan wouldn't say that."

"I'm not Vulcan."

Hoshi's words cut into T'Pol's thoughts like a razor blade. She couldn't use the same standards with a Human like she would with another Vulcan. "But I still don't know why I had acted in this way. What if I hurt you the next time?" T'Pol whispered.

Hoshi closed the distance between them and snuggled up to T'Pol's back. She wrapped her arms around the Vulcan's belly and kissed her right between the shoulder blades. Hoshi turned her head and pressed her cheek between the Vulcan's shoulders. "We'll deal with it tomorrow. Now come back to bed with me. I am getting cold."

T'Pol could feel how Hoshi smiled. She could feel Hoshi's breath on her skin. Again T'Pol had to admit that it felt good to be held by some one, that it felt right.

T'Pol turned and slung her arms around Hoshi as well. She looked her directly in the eyes. "Vulcan's don't have One Night Stands. If I come back with you to bed you should be aware that this relationship will be serious for me."

Hoshi returned the Vulcan's view openly. "Ok."

T'Pol waited for more but Hoshi remained silent. "OK? That's all?" The Vulcan asked finally. "Have you thought about what will happen in a year, in ten years or in twenty years?"

Hoshi breathed healthily. "No. I don't know what will happen in the future. Maybe we won't be together in a week, maybe in twenty years we will live together somewhere with a bunch of children. All I can promise is that I will try."

T'Pol nodded after some moments. "Then I will try as well." She bent down and kissed Hoshi. This time it was a slow and sensual kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues met. Hoshi became fiercer. Her grip around T'Pol tightened and her tongue found its way into T'Pol's mouth. Willingly the Vulcan surrendered to her lover as Hoshi walked backwards to the bed pulling T'Pol with her.

They fell on the mattress and immediately Hoshi rolled on top of the Vulcan. She kissed T'Pol's throat down to her breasts. T'Pol's breath increased as a wave of arousal rolled through her body, causing her to moan. Hoshi sucked the stiff nipple of T'Pol's left breast into her mouth. She flicked her tongue around it and at the same time she massaged the Vulcan's right breast with her hand using her thumb to caress the nipple.

The musky smell of T'Pol's arousal filled the room. Unconsciously she spread her legs and Hoshi slipped between them. She switched between T'Pol's breasts, massaging and licking them alternating. After some minutes Hoshi suddenly sat up and T'Pol groaned in frustration about the loss. Hoshi sat between T'Pol's spread legs and lifted her right leg over the Vulcan's left. T'Pol didn't know what Hoshi had in mind but then the young Human lifted T'Pol's right leg and pulled it over her own left. Now they sat scissor-legged and Hoshi moved closer to T'Pol. The Vulcan suddenly understood what Hoshi wanted to do and her arousal climbed to new heights.

As their most intimate spots touched, T'Pol moaned aloud and arched her back. The feeling of the hot and soft wetness on hers was… was… As Hoshi began with slowly circling moves of her hips the Vulcan was not able to think anymore. The sensations overwhelmed her.

Hoshi felt the Vulcans hot spot and again she had to admit that the higher body temperature of her lover was a welcoming new sensation she didn't want to miss ever again. Hoshi leaned back on her arms still watching the squirming woman in front of her. T'Pol's eyes were closed; she breathed heavily and moaned with every one of Hoshi's thrusts. Hoshi moved constantly and now T'Pol reacted and began to thrust her hips against Hoshi's.

Time didn't matter anymore. The lovers were lost in the sensation of pleasuring each other and their own bodies at the same time.

Hoshi couldn't keep her self-control any longer. She fell on her back and stared at the ceiling, her hips moving without thinking.

When Hoshi fell back, her legs stiffened and her left leg brushed at T'Pols hand. Instinctively, the Vulcan grabbed Hoshi's foot and dragged her closer, increasing the pressure of their sexes. T'Pol took Hoshi's foot with both hands and began to massage it.

A new sensation shot through Hoshis body as she was dragged towards her lover and just a moment later there was another sensation… Hoshi gasped for air but she was able to prop on her elbows. She looked at T'Pol and saw… and saw her lover suckle on her big toe!

Never before had any of her lovers, male or female, done this to her and it pushed her over the edge immediately. Her whole body stiffened for a moment and then her belly jerked. Waves of pleasure rushed through her body. Again Hoshi fell back and didn't realize that she cried out in ecstasy. Her whole body convulsed and finally after the last wave was gone she laid limp on the messy sheets. She breathed heavily her body covered in sweat and her and T'Pol's juice.

T'Pol felt Hoshi's body stiffen and then she felt her lover's orgasm. It seemed as if Hoshi's pleasure jumped over to T'Pol. The Vulcan felt the warm rush on her belly and her thighs and couldn't hold back. Her climax hit her forcefully, her body jerked and T'Pol let go. Her self-control was washed away as one wave after another floated through her body. She burrowed her fingers into the sheets her head shaking from one side to the other and with one final forceful jerk of her belly it was over and T'Pol fell limp back onto the mattress.

Somehow Hoshi found the strength to crawl up to T'Pol. She collapsed on top of her and the Vulcan pulled a sheet over their bodies. Only seconds later they fell asleep in each others arms.

The bleeping of the alarm clock ripped them from sleep. T'Pol sat up and looked at Hoshi. The young Human lay beside her, yawning fiercely and rubbing her eyes.

"God! This is torture," she exclaimed.

T'Pol felt amusement about her lover's behaviour.

Slowly and grunting Hoshi sat up. "This headache kills me. I need a tablet."

T'Pol herself could feel the after effects of their… activities from last night, too much sex and less than necessary sleep. She lifted her hand put it on Hoshis neck. The Human shivered under her lover's touch and when T'Pol's fingertips found the right spots, she exerted an exactly calculated pressure on them, causing Hoshi to moan. After some moments T'Pol pulled her hand away and Hoshi blinked in surprised.

"Wow. I don't know what you did but the headache is gone."

T'Pol looked at Hoshi. "I will show you what I did this evening in my quarters… If you like?"

Hoshi smiled. "I would…"

"Who goes first to the bathroom?" T'Pol asked.

Hoshi looked at her quarters and grinned at the Vulcan. "You. I have to clean up the mess you left." Hoshi nodded to the floor lamp besides the couch. Her red blouse hung from it.

If T'Pol had been a Human she would have blushed. Instead she looked at Hoshi and lifted an eyebrow. Then she left the bed and walked to the bathroom. Hoshi smiled after her, admiring the swing of T'Pol's bare bottom.

Half an hour later they stood dressed in the living room.

"Hoshi, I still have to find out why I lost my self control in the way I did. If you don't mind I will take samples from the tea and the biscuits to the laboratory and have a look at them."

Hoshi shrugged her shoulders. "Yes, of course. But it is just green tea and cinnamon biscuits."

T'Pol turned to Hoshi. "You gave me cinnamon biscuits?"

The young woman felt suddenly uncomfortable. T'Pol's expression didn't change but Hoshi was sure her lover was angry with her. "Su-- Sure. I took them from the galley. It is a Christmas tradition and I like the taste of cinnamon."

T'Pol blinked and her anger vanished. For a moment she had thought Hoshi had set her up but she didn't. It was clear to T'Pol for some reason… "I had been warned about cinnamon."

"Warned?" Hoshi felt how T'Pol relaxed inwardly. "But why should anyone to be warned of cinnamon?"

T'Pol nodded slightly. "This particular spice has the effect of an aphrodisiac to Vulcans."

Hoshi's eyes widened. "Aphrodisiac?"


Hoshi couldn't resist but she grinned. "Good to know," she said in a seductive voice.

The Vulcan could feel Hoshi's amusement but this wasn't funny. "Hoshi, you drugged me unintentionally but you did."

The grin vanished from Hoshi's face. "I… I'm sorry. I didn't know… Will… will that change anything between us?"

T'Pol could feel Hoshi's fear. If she was honest the cinnamon had only quickened what she had hoped would be anyhow. "No," she said. "It won't change anything between us."

Hoshi sighed relieved and stepped close to T'Pol. She let the Vulcan take her in her arms and laid her head on T'Pol's shoulder.

T'Pol kissed her on the temple. "We should have breakfast."

Hoshi looked her in the eyes. "Ok." Before they parted Hoshi stole a kiss from her lover and then they left Hoshi's quarters. Side by side they walked down the hallway to the mess hall. As soon as they met the first crewmembers Hoshi and T'Pol noticed the odd reactions: some stared at them, some grinned and nodded, some wiggled their eyebrows but everyone whispered behind Hoshi's and T'Pol's back. As they entered the mess hall and took their breakfast it was the same. Both women looked around for two free seats. In a corner Lieutenant Reed sat alone at a table, so they walked over to him.

"Lieutenant?" The Vulcan addressed him.

He looked up and the embarrassment was clearly shown on his face. "Uh, Ma'am?"

"May we have a seat?"

"Uh, yes… yes of course." Reed forced a smile on his face and looked at both women as they sat down. He observed every move Hoshi and T'Pol made. He saw how Hoshi smiled at the Vulcan and how T'Pol answered this gesture with lifting an eyebrow. He saw how their fingers brushed together just for a second as Hoshi asked for the syrup for her pancakes and T'Pol gave her the bottle. And he saw the glances they shared.

It's true he thought. The rumours about them are true. Crewman Kelly had told him that she had heard from Petty Officer Johnston that T'Pol had entered Hoshi's quarters last evening. And as he had waited in the line in front of the meal bar he had heard two crewmembers talking about the noises which they had heard from Hoshi's quarters during the night and Reed had heard the speculations about the noises which had been very very graphic.

"Mornin' Ladies." Commander Tucker put his tray on the table and sat on the last empty chair without request. "Malcolm."


"Commander." Hoshi greeted him.

T'Pol just nodded.

Tucker looked at the women and smiled broadly. He didn't touch his breakfast. "So, what is that about you two?"

T'Pol lifted her eyebrow once more and Hoshi asked uncertain: "Sir?"

"Aww. Come one, the whole ship is talking about the…" He leaned forward over the table and lowered his voice. "You know… the 'noises' from your quarters. The whole crew knows it. The next time you two should be a little more quiet."

"Oh." Hoshi blushed.

T'Pol's eyebrow wandered up to her hairline.

Reed looked down on his plate. Oh my…, he thought.

Finally T'Pol spoke. "Well, if the whole crew knows about it, then there is no reason to hide something, it is there Hoshi?" She looked at her lover.

Hoshi's face was deeply red but as she saw how Tucker touched T'Pol's arm her shame vanished. She leaned over the table and spoke with a voice sweet as honey. "That's right, there is nothing to hide. And by the way Commander, she's my girl. Take your hands off of her."

The End

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