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By Olli




"No, Hoshi. I will not do it," the Vulcan made her point of view unmistakably clear. "It is not logical, not necessary and not reasonable. Everybody knows that Vulcans don't do such things." She had been steadfast to her opinion over the last two weeks.

"You promised!"

"I said, I will think about it."

"Fine! Whatever you like!" Ensign Sato turned on her heels and stormed out of the room. The door slammed behind her.

The Vulcan stared for a moment at the closed door and then she turned slowly. She knew these outbursts of Hoshi well enough. The complexity of human courtship and relationship still puzzled the Vulcan even after two months in this relationship. On the other hand were the make- it- up's sensational – every time again.

With the help of previous experiences she analyzed Hoshi's irritation and concluded that the young woman would be angry with her for mostly two days. Unless she would do what Hoshi had suggested.

But she couldn't! Or could she?

T'Pol knew that everyone here did it. It was obvious. Slowly T'Pol undressed and turned in front of the big mirror at the closet. She turned left and right and watched herself thoroughly. She ran her hands over her bosom, her belly and her thighs and then she let her hands glide slowly over her bottom back upwards to her hips.

She looked good!

After all those years among humans, the Vulcan knew that many people thought of her as attractive. While she continued to watch herself in the mirror, she was slightly astonished at those unvulcanic thoughts. Physical attraction should be no matter for a Vulcan. However, she had the body to do it. If she didn't, she would attract more attention as she did now. To follow Hoshis request would allow her to disappear in the crowd. She wouldn't outstand like a Klingon in full battle dress at a philosophical conference about Suraks policies.

T'Pol walked back to the bed and looked at the reason for her discomfort and Hoshi's anger. How could this thing cover her in sufficient manner? It would expose her in an inappropriate way. But otherwise it would offer more protection as the most other exemplars she had seen here.

What should she do, she asked herself. How should she decide? She could spend the next two nights on the couch till Hoshi calms down or…

Carefully, only with the tips of her fingers, she picked up one part, holding it like a container full of antimatter. She turned it back and forth, eyeing it sceptically. She noticed that it was in fact bigger than most of what she had seen. Well, she thought, she could put it on at least. No one would see her.

A few minutes later, she stood once more in front of the mirror and turned again from left to right, examining herself critically. It emphasized exactly the right spots on her body. If Hoshi saw her like this… and if Hoshi noticed all the envious glances…

You could see it as a sociological study, decided T'Pol. It was necessary to mingle with the crowd. She grabbed the things Hoshi had left behind and walked out of the hotel room quickly, determined to find her over.

As she waked down the hall, and rummaged through the bag she had slung over her shoulder, convincing herself the equipment was complete, she heard the people murmuring behind her. No wonder, thought T'Pol, not even on Risa anyone had ever seen a Vulcan in a bikini.

T'Pol left the lobby of the beach hotel where Hoshi and she were spending their first real shore leave on a civilized planet. Outside the people were more occupied to roast in the sun than look after someone. T'Pol was wearing a white, shining conservative styled bikini. The panties covered her bottom completely, just as her hips and her sex. The top was held by some small straps around her neck and her back. The textile triangles covered her breasts completely too. Hoshi had gotten the same model for herself.

While T'Pol crossed the promenade, she looked around. Most women were wearing bikinis considerable smaller than hers – the men's bathing trunks were in the same nearly- nothing- style, too. The Vulcan had to admit that most of the people here could wear it. And even if they couldn't, no one would get strange looks. The people of Risa weren't that superficial like one could easily believe if someone thought of this planet only as a giant amusement park.

At the small patch of grass between the promenade and the beach the Vulcan stopped. She watched at a picture post card image of a white beach under a blue sky and a greenish ocean. The temperature wasn't as high as on Vulcan, no, it was pleasant. The warm sand felt soft between her toes as she stepped into it. A few dozen metres ahead of her she could see Hoshi sitting on the ground. Right by her side knelt an attractive young man, talking vividly to her.

T'Pol could hear some parts of their conversation as she approached.

"…this sounds interesting but I don't think I could…," Hoshi said in that special tone the Vulcan had learned to interpret as annoyed.

"Aw, come one! You're a beautiful young lady and you shouldn't be alone…"

"Excuse me," T'Pol interrupted as she stepped behind them.

Hoshi and the guy looked up.

The Vulcan sized up the young man coldly. "You're sitting on my place," she declared finally.

"Oh!" He swallowed heavily. "Well, than…" He turned to Hoshi. "Maybe later…?"

"I don't think so," T'Pol said before Hoshi could speak. The guy nodded and stood up. He took a few steps, and turned at a couple some metres away. "Hello you two…"

T'Pol took the big beach towel from her bag, spread it out and gracefully sat down on it. She glanced at Hoshi who was still sitting in the sand and was watching the Vulcan on her part. "You look great," the young human said finally.

"Thank you." T'Pol busied herself unpacking all the things which, as Hoshi had explained earlier, were absolute necessary for a day on the beach. Some minutes before they had their argument.

After a few seconds Hoshi rose from her position a few feet away, walked over to her lover and sat down on the towel next to her. Without saying a word, she grabbed the bottle of sun blocker, and held it out to T'Pol and as she took the bottle Hoshi caressed shortly the Vulcan's hand. T'Pol glanced at the other woman and let the corners of her mouth jerk for the fraction of a millimetre. Then she knelt behind the young women and started apply the sun blocker on her smooth skin. T'Pol had no need for a sun blocker just as little as for some sunglasses like Hoshi had put on.

As T'Pol reached Hoshis neck the young woman glanced back over her shoulder. "I like it when you become possessive," she whispered.

The Vulcan leaned forward a little bit and whispered in Hoshis ear "I know."

Hoshi smiled involuntarily. She took the bottle back from T'Pol and then she began gracefully to apply the sun blocker on her legs and her belly.

The Vulcan lay down beside her and glanced at her lover. She had do admit that it wasn't such a bad idea spending a day on the beach. The Sun, the rushing of the ocean, the warm sand, Hoshi… it was marvellous.

Finally the young woman finished, lay down on her stomach, arms crossed and her head resting on them. She looked at the Vulcan who had closed her eyes. "Are you still mad at me that I got you to wear a bikini?"

"That depends on how you will make it up to me," the Vulcan said, her eyes still closed.

Hoshi smiled amusedly. "I can imagine something."


Hoshis grinning brightened. "We can go back to our hotel if you like."

"That won't be necessary."

"Ah…? Not? But where…?"



"Precisely 300 metres down the beach."

Hoshis head flashed around. She looked in the direction but there was nothing – well, at least nothing where they could… "But the people! What will they say?"

"I think here on Risa no one will be interested in it," said the Vulcan. Her eyes remained firmly closed.

Hoshi propped on her elbows. She couldn't believe it! At first T'Pol had made such an affair about wearing that bikini and now she wanted to… here on the beach…? No, Hoshi thought, that couldn't be…

"I heard that you have a spectacular view on the Coral reef in front of the coast while paragliding. It is here on Risa one of the biggest and geologically most interesting," explained the Vulcan.

Hoshi stared at her for a second, then recognition dawned in her eyes, and she paled. "P…Paragliding?"

"Sure. What did you think?"

"I… uhm," Hoshi peered over her sun glasses in the direction T'Pol had mentioned. She registered a stand and some motorboats on the beach. Hoshi swallowed heavily. They would be dragged by a speedboat, hanging on a thin line, held in the air by nothing than a piece of textile! 200 metres high!

She glanced back to the Vulcan. "I'm not sure…"

T'Pol opened one eye and looked at Hoshi. Her Eyebrow lifted up for half a centimetre.

The young human had learned in the meantime to interpret this gesture. It depended on the circumstances but right now the brow told Hoshi that the Vulcan had complied with the humans wish. How could she refuse T'Pol's suggestion now? She resigned and slumped down.

"We can use a tandem para," T'Pol said gentle. She knew that Hoshi was unhappy about it. She didn't even feel well on a star ship. But T'Pol was convinced that Hoshi would get used to it. Because she still had to get used to the bikini.

Hoshi sighed deeply and asked herself if it had been worth it to insist on T'Pol wearing a bikini if she had to do this paragliding thing now. Her glance roamed over T'Pol. She was lying on her back, her eyes closed again, her hands folded over her belly. The white fabric of the bikini clung to her body like a second skin und made a wonderful contrast to the olive coloured skin of the other woman.

Yea, decided Hoshi, it had been worth it.

The End

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