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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to inform me how a Vulcan woman experiences her pon farr. Unfortunately there are only a few informations about it. The book "Dwellers in the crucible" by Margaret Wander Bonanno was a great help. The author describes the pon far of a Vulcan female while she and a Human female were kidnapped by the Klingons and Romulans. The story of the book plays between TOS and TNG. The Vulcan words I used are from the site http://home.teleport.com/~vli/vlif.htm Thank you very much fort this tip Nadia.
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By Olli


It was the late evening of the third day of T'Pol's Pon Farr. She stood in the door to the bathroom in her quarters aboard Enterprise and watched Hoshi lying on the bed. The young woman was as naked as the Vulcan and lay on her stomach, stretched out on top of the sheets. Her skin shimmered lightly from the frail light of a single lamp. Her black hair flowed over her shoulders and back and made a beautiful contrast to the immaculate light-coloured body of the Human, T'Pol had to admit. Hoshi's spine stood out a little bit under the firm skin and directed the Vulcan's view over the firm buttocks down to Hoshi's legs and her calfs where well defined muscles could be seen under the skin. Hoshi's head rested on top of her folded arms and was turned slightly to one side so T'Pol could look into the sleeping woman's face.

T'Pol enjoyed the picture for a few more moments, and then she walked quietly to the bed and sat down next to Hoshi. She wouldn't disturb her love but as T'Pol looked down on her, the young Human had opened her eyes. "Did I wake you?" the Vulcan whispered.

Hoshi smiled. "Yes, but it doesn't matter."

With the back of her hand T'Pol caressed Hoshi's cheek and then lay down next to her mate. She snuggled close to Hoshi and rested her chin on the Human's left shoulder, her right hand roamed over the side of Hoshi's chest.

Feel! That was the right word. T'Pol felt close in a way to this woman she had never experienced before. Physically, spiritually and intellectually. She kissed Hoshi on her neck and brought her lips as close as possible to Hoshi's ear. T'Pol had to… No, she wanted to tell Hoshi how she felt about her. It was time to say those words every Human wished to hear at least once in their live! Words no Vulcan would ever say to another.

Hoshi felt T'Pol's heavy breathing and how she cuddled closer to her.

"I love you", she whispered. The words were hardly noticeable and she had spoken them in Vulcan. Hoshi needed a moment to realize the meaning of the words. But before she could react to them T'Pol continued. It seemed to Hoshi that the Vulcan feared the walls could listen. "Even if we don't have an official document where it is written down in black and white, from now I will have you as my wife." T'Pol fell silent and anxiously she waited for Hoshi's answer.

For a moment Hoshi thought her heart would stop. Slowly, she turned on her back and closed her arms around T'Pol. The Vulcan had propped herself up on her elbows when Hoshi turned around and now she looked in the Human's eyes. Hoshi pulled T'Pol close to her and caressed the Vulcan's back, her hand roamed over her neck into her short brown hair and Hoshi kissed her slightly on the lips.

This was the answer T'Pol had hoped for! Their lips brushed against each other, at first the kiss was tender but it became more and more passionate. T'Pol slipped her tongue between her wife's lips and Hoshi moaned. After some moments the kiss ended and the Vulcan again moved to rest on her elbows.

Hoshi looked into her eyes and smiled. "And maybe… some day…," she whispered.

T'Pol's eyes sparkled. The corners of her mouth went up for the fraction of a millimetre. Some one else wouldn't even noticed it but Hoshi saw it and knew the meaning of this gesture. It was one of these rare moments the Vulcan showed her feelings in this way. It was something she had done only for Hoshi in the past.

"Your wife," Hoshi whispered. "It sounds good." And it made the young woman feel good. It sounded natural and there was nothing odd in the meaning of these words. 'Hoshi Sato, wife of T'Pol!'

"Indeed," T'Pol answered "And maybe some day we will be able to say it in public."

"You… you mean making this official?" Hoshi could hardly breathe. She remembered her words to T'Pol months ago. She had said that she knew they would be never able to pronounce their feelings in public and now T'Pol herself made this suggestion!

"After our time aboard Enterprise. Yes it is possible."

"I would like that."

Hoshi let the tips of her fingers roam over T'Pol's back. From the neck along her spine to the Vulcan's bottom and up again. She knew which effect this had to her… she smiled… to her wife. Immediately she was rewarded with a quiet moan from the Vulcan. Hoshi's smile deepened.

Now desire sparkled in T'Pol's eyes.

Once more Hoshi wrapped her arms around T'Pol and turned them both around. Lying on top of T'Pol she kissed her passionately. Again their tongues met and then Hoshi kissed her way down to T'Pol's throat and further to her bosom. The young woman kissed alternating between her left and right breast. Spoiling the tender skin on these sensitive spots aroused the Vulcan a lot more as if Hoshi had done the same to T'Pol's nipples. At the same time Hoshi's hands slide over T'Pol's body, from her hips up to the rip cage and to the Vulcan's arm pits and back to T'Pol's hips. A long time ago they had discovered the fascinating differences of the erogenous zones between Humans and Vulcans.

After some minutes T'Pol moaned aloud and arched her back. Hoshi knew she was ready. She kissed T'Pol at the point between her breasts where the ribs met when suddenly the Vulcan gasped. "Wait."

Hoshi looked up. „What…? "

"Turn around."

Hoshi understood and smiled. After some moments she straddled T'Pol's face and the Vulcan's hands roamed over the back of Hoshi's thighs. The Human moaned and bent forward.

T'Pol pulled Hoshi closer to her and as the young woman's sex was only centimetres away T'Pol inhaled deeply her wife's scent. Then she closed the distance and kissed the sensitive, moist skin. Hoshi moaned loudly.

The young woman wrapped her arms around T'Pol's thighs and touched the Vulcan's intimate's spot with the tip of her tongue. She felt T'Pol jerk as her tongue found its way between the Vulcan's wet folds. Hoshi hit the spot which brought the most pleasure to the Vulcan and slowly she made love to her wife for the first time.

T'Pol closed her lips around Hoshi's clit and caressed the sensitive bundle with her tongue.

They didn't know how long they made love to each other but they wanted to reach their climax together and to enjoy this moment as long as possible. They moved faster, T'Pol's hands massaged Hoshi's buttocks firmly and the young woman now used her lips on the Vulcan's clit and gently pushed two fingers inside T'Pol's sex.

Suddenly the orgasm exploded in both of them! Simultaneously in their bodies and minds. T'Pol's body stiffened for a moment, then unconsciously she bucked her hips against Hoshi's face and the Human lifted her head, she didn't want to hurt her lover's clit accidentally. Hoshi pressed her lips on T'Pol's folds and forced her fingers deeper into her, causing another orgasm.

At the same time T'Pol felt Hoshi's muscles jerk, she pressed her open mouth at the Human's sex taking up everything the young woman gave her. She brought one hand to Hoshi's clit massaging it gentle and so she gave another orgasm to the one person she loved.

Finally both women collapsed on each other limply. They held each other in this position, Hoshi's sex still over T'Pol's face and the Human's head between T'Pol's thighs and enjoyed the warmth and the heartbeat of the other.

After a few minutes Hoshi rolled to the side and T'Pol sat up and looked at her for a moment. The Human smiled weakly and T'Pol cradled her in her arms. They shared a tender kiss and tasted their arousal on each others lips. They cleaned their faces and finally T'Pol sank back into the sheets and pulled Hoshi with her. The young woman lay on top of the Vulcan and again both women felt their hearts beat in the same rhythm.

Hoshi nestled into T'Pol and the Vulcan closed her arms around her. The young woman rested her head between T'Pol's breasts so she could hear the other woman's heartbeat. Slowly the Vulcan stroked Hoshi's hair until they both fell asleep.

The End

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