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Charity Ball
By CrashCart9


"I'm not going to this charity thing, Cuddy," House said, approaching her at the nurses' station.

"Yes, you are, if you want a job on Monday." She tucked the files she was carrying under her arm and turned to face him. Even though they both knew he'd lose, House wasn't the kind to give up without a fight.

"You don't need me there."

"Go to this ball from six to ten, or you can spend the time in the clinic," she threatened.

"You want clinic duty? I doubt Cameron's busy."

"She can't do it for you this time, House. Anyway, funding your highly expensive department is one of the main reasons for this thing."

"So, you want someone to represent my department. Again, doubt Cameron's doing anything."

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "House, just get a date and show up. Go with Wilson for all I care. But Allison can't do it for you. She's already going."

"She gets an invite? She's not even a department head."

"No," she smirked triumphantly. "But she's the Chief of Medicine's date."

Cuddy turned on her heel and walked out with Cameron, who had come to see what they were fighting about. She let her hand slide from the small of the younger doctor's back to her butt, leaving a gaping diagnostician in her wake.

The End

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