Anywhere and Here 15 Cameron/Thirteen Short, fluffy Cameron/Thirteen: "If I could take you anywhere, it would be Brazil." Complete


Just a Girl with an Umbrella 15 Cameron/Thirteen Thirteen flees into the rain after the events of Wilson's Heart, and Cameron goes to find her. Complete

Amber's Final Victory 18 Thirteen/Amber Amber comes back to help Thirteen deal with the events of Wilson's Heart, in a way that only Amber could. Complete

Come Away with Me PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen Thirteen finds Cameron asleep in an exam room. Complete

Drugs are Bad PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen AU version of Hunting. Instead of Chase, it's Thirteen who's pinned to the wall. Complete

Life on the Outside PG Cameron/Thirteen Thirteen volunteers at a LGBT youth group, and Cameron finds out and turns up to see her there. Complete

Love in the Time of Dying 15 Cameron/Thirteen Thirteen and Cameron get into a fight. Complete

The Mean Reds PG Cameron/Thirteen Post-Last Resort fic. Friendship and a little romance. Complete

Only Time PG Cameron/Thirteen A look at Cameron during the events of Last Resort. Complete

Songs of Joy and Peace PG Cameron/Thirteen A midnight Christmas date. Complete

There Is PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen Thirteen shows up on Cameron's doorstep in the middle of the night. Inspired by the song There Is by Allison Crowe. Complete

When You and I Collide PG Cameron/Thirteen 7 moments between Thirteen and Cameron during Lucky Thirteen. Complete

Variations on a Theme: Catharsis PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen Cathartic moments between Thirteen and Cameron. Complete

Infinite Shades of Grey PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen In the space between wrong and right, maybe Cameron could admit that she liked Thirteen. Written for house_femfest, prompt "The Space Between What's Wrong and Right". Complete


Bloodletting PG-13 Cameron/Thirteen AU future!fic. Thirteen is admitted to the hospital after sustaining a serious injury and Cameron is the doctor on call. Complete

Organic Chemistry 15 Cameron/Thirteen AU past!fic. Thirteen and Cameron have some unresolved history to deal with when they find themselves enrolled in the same section of Organic Chemistry. Complete

Doublespeak 15 Cameron/Cuddy In an effort to keep Dr. Cuddy distracted from the impending drama going on at the hospital, Cameron invites her to dinner. Problem is, Cuddy knows Cameron is covering for House and such games have consequences. Complete


Behind Closed Doors 15 Cuddy/Stacy Stacy and Cuddy have been carrying on an affair, trying hard to keep it from House. Complete

Tennis Lesson 15 Cuddy/Stacy Stacy, Cuddy, tennis lesson and the lengths the two women have to go to not to be found out. Complete

Three Simple Words

Fantasy 15 Cuddy/Stacy Cuddy starts having feelings she can't explain. Feelings about Stacy! She's never thought of any woman like that, but all of a sudden she's overwhelmed by flashes of her and Stacy in intimate situations. How does the tightly wound, mildly sex-starved dean of medicine solve this problem? Complete

Reality 15 Cuddy/Stacy Stacy and Cuddy deal with an extra-marrital affair and mixed feelings on both their parts. Is this really worth it? Complete

Long Day's Journey into Night

The Morning After PG-13 Cuddy/Thirteen Thirteen is coming to grips with her bad news and decided to spin it to her advantage and use her time wisely. She has decided that the one thing she's going to do, even if it kills her, is bed Lisa Cuddy. Complete


Charity Ball G Cuddy/Cameron House doesn't want to go to a charity event. Cuddy isn't going to back down. Complete

Her Necklace G Cuddy/Cameron Cameron knows everything about her. Complete

Blinds PG Cuddy/Cameron Ever looked at the walls of windows on the offices at the hospital? Complete

Marriage Certificates G Cuddy/Cameron A joking question with much more pertinence than intended. Complete

Keys PG-13 Cuddy/Cameron Cameron's lost her keys. Complete

Not for Long G Cuddy/Cameron Elevator cuddling, thwarted plans, and Cameron's revenge. Complete

Snowwomyn PG-13 Cuddy/Cameron Cuddy and Cameron build a snowwomyn. And thoroughly confuse House. Complete

Illusion 15 Cuddy/Cameron Illusion shattered. Complete


Sensibility 18 Cuddy/Addison Private Practice crossover - inspired by (but not quite matching) Challenge SFC#129 on the Passion & Perfection website, wherein Lisa Cuddy travels to the Oceanside Wellness Center and meets Addison Montgomery. Set in the tiny space of time between the Grey's Anatomy Season 4 episode, "A Piece of My Heart," and the House Season 4 finale, "Wilson's Heart." Complete

Lesley Mitchell

What happens in Vegas... 15 Cameron/Addison Grey's Anatomy crossover - It couldn't be a cliché if it never happened. Complete

Major Roon

Admit it! PG Cuddy/Cameron House has a theory, Cameron doesn't admit anything and Cuddy has no idea what all this is about. Complete


The First Time Dr. Gregory House Was Speechless PG-13 Cuddy/Thirteen Getting fired turns out to be not that bad for Thirteen. Complete


Bonus Points PG Cameron/Thirteen House and Cameron have a chat about Thirteen. Complete


Something with Strawberries 18 Cuddy/Cameron Slowly, Cameron pulled back, not sure what was worse - sleeping with this woman, her boss's boss, or the hangover. Wait, did she sleep with her? As the older woman turned to put the book away she could see that she was fully clothed. What the hell happened? Complete