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Life on the Outside
By Babydykecate


Thirteen was usually pretty good at staying mysterious. But she'd accidentally left her planner open on the table while Cameron was doing House's paperwork.

Thirteen had been going about setting up for the LGBT youth group. Her arms were full of paper plates when she stumbled into Cameron. She looked back at her for moment in shock, before hurriedly picking up the dropped plates.

She felt flustered as she stood back up and met Cameron in the eye.

"You're not stalking me, are you?" Thirteen regains an appearance of composure, as she raises her eyebrow.

"If I was stalking you, I'd be in my car with binoculars," Cameron jokes with a smile. "I did spy on you though. I looked at your planner, which I sure you've already realized. I just… I wanted to see you outside of work. You're so secretive- I figured this was the only way I'd get to," Cameron admits.

Thirteen just nods. She's still a bit in shock. She's been caught off her guard, with her defenses down. "I, um, I need to finish setting up," She finally manages to say, brushing past Cameron.

"Ok, I'll go look around. Let me know if you need any help," Cameron says as she leaves the room.

Thirteen tries to forget that Cameron's here as she finishes setting up. Once the kids start pouring in, she does forget for a bit, too wrapped up in their chattering. She's in the middle of talking to a girl about coming out when Cam comes back into her vision and memory. She's powerless to the blush that covers her face.

It's weird, but with these kids, Thirteen doesn't have her normal boundaries. She talks about coming up, first kisses, stupid crushes and heartbreaks, all without a second thought. It's like being able to talk to a 15 year old version of her, and say all the things she wished she'd know. She has the opportunity to help these kids, and maybe even learn something from them.

"This Dr. Cameron," Thirteen says to the girl, "I work with her at the Hospital."

"Allison," Cameron says with grin as she shakes the girl's hand. "Would mind if I stole Dr. Hadley for a moment?" she asks the girl.

The girl shakes her head, and Cameron pulls Thirteen behind her before she can protest.

Cameron sits Thirteen next to her on one of the couches.

"You're really good with them, Thirteen," Cameron says smiling.

"You think?" Thirteen asks, relaxing a little with the compliment.

"Yes. It's great to watch you be so free with them," Cameron replies.

It's the way Cameron's eyes sparkle as she says it that makes Thirteen take the risk.

"Would you want to get coffee after this?" Thirteen asks with a confidence that's half bravado.

"That would be nice," Cameron beams. Her hand covering Thirteen's for just a moment.

And that was how Cameron managed to act a little like House, without ending as miserable as him. It was the best thing to ever come out of her infatuation with him.

The End

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