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Marriage Certificates
By CrashCart9


House saw Cameron in the ICU room with Alfredo. He turned to Stacy. "Break out the marriage certificates, Dr. Cameron's on the case. Who do you think she's going to try to wed this time, Cuddy or Mr. Rooftop here?"

Stacy thought for a moment, remembering her conversation with Lisa just a few days before.


"Stacy? I need to talk to you." Cuddy had come into Warner's office at the hospital looking rather distressed.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Everything's right. That's the problem!" Lisa said quickly.

"Whoa, slow down. What do you need?" Stacy put her hand on Cuddy's, soothingly.

"I've been involved with someone. For a while. But . . . they want to tell people, and I don't know what that would do to the hospital."

"It's someone that works here?" Cuddy nodded. "That assistant? I told you to be careful."

Cuddy snorted. "Not him. Allison Cameron."

"House's Cameron?" Stacy asked, incredulously.

"Yes, House's Cameron. She wants to let at least House and the gang in on it, because she thinks they're getting suspicious."

"And you're worried because the two of you work at the hospital, because you're her boss, or because you're both women?" asked Stacy. She knew that the board of directors would probably have trouble with the first two, if not the third also.

"Yeah." Cuddy said, shaking her head. She put her elbow on Stacy's desk and propped her head on her hand. "All three." She looked down, fixing her eyes on a spot on the desk

Stacy reached out a hand, and with her index finger lifted Cuddy's head up to face her own so their eyes would meet. "Do you love her?"

Lisa smiled. "With all my heart."

Stacy squeezed Cuddy's hand. "Then we'll cross those other bridges as we come to them. You can tell whomever you want. We'll take care of it."

"Thank you." Lisa's eyes sparkled, partially with tears of happiness at being able to please her lover, partially at her friend's kindness.

"You know anytime you want to talk, you can come to me? I noticed you've been looking positively giddy these few months. I figured you'd found somebody." They both smiled, and Lisa stood up. "I'm just angry you didn't tell me before. She's gorgeous."

"She is, isn't she?" Cuddy said, and left the room, considerably brighter than when she entered.


"Stacy? You still there?" House asked, waving a hand in front of her face. "Who do you think?"

"Cuddy. Definitely Cuddy." She smirked and left just as Cameron came running out of the patient's room to talk to House. She shot a glance back at the young woman just before turning the corner. Cameron was extra worried about this patient because it meant a lot to Lisa, that was obvious. Yeah, it would definitely be Cuddy.

The End

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