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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Prompts from passion_perfect's Christmas Wish List. Written for freakykaethe, prompt- "They both have to work late on Christmas. After work, Cameron asks Thirteen spontaneously out for a date." and for libmix, prompt- "snowflakes".
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Songs of Joy and Peace
By Babydykecate


Cameron is an atheist, but she's always thought that Christmas was more than just a religious holiday. In the mist of bitter cold and rampant commercialism, people reflect upon their lives. It seems to bring out the better side of the human spirit, a desire to connect, help, and bring joy.

Cameron's hopeful view of the holiday was tested today. From the profanity-spewing drunk driver to the homeless man who was beaten up, to the relatives that got in a fist fight and ended up in the Christmas tree, working Christmas day in the ER hasn't helped instill Cameron's faith in humanity. Thankfully, Cameron's shift is finally over, and she plans to go crawl into bed and pretend the holiday never happened.

As Cameron passes House's office on the way back from the locker room, a light catches her eye. She walks closer to the office, and soon she can make out the silhouette of Thirteen. She's staring out the window at the falling snow, obviously lost in thought. Cameron quietly slips into the office.

"I love when it snows," Cameron says softly.

Thirteen slowly turns to Cameron. She nods softly, quickly blinking away any traces of tears. Cameron notices the papers surrounding Thirteen.

"House has you doing his paperwork? On Christmas?" Cameron asks with a groan.

"He knew I didn't have anything else to do today. I think it's his idea of being nice," Thirteen responds with a soft smile.

"What would you say if I tried to drag you out of here?" Cameron asks with a smile.

"I'd say that I finished my work, but where on earth are we doing to go at midnight on Christmas?" Thirteen jokes.

"Then I'd tell you I knew just the place, if you take me up on the date," Cameron responds with a grin.

"The date?" Thirteen repeats softly, eyeing Cameron suspiciously.

"If that's a yes, would you hurry up and put your coat on?" Cameron says, playfully impatient.

Thirteen rolls her eyes and puts on her coat.

"Where are we going?" Thirteen asks as Cameron pulls her out the door. Cameron shakes her head with a smile, quickly dragging Thirteen down the hall. When Cameron leads Thirteen up the hospital stairs, Thirteen raises her eyebrow, but remains silent.

Finally they reach the top floor, and Cameron pushes open the door to the roof. She leaves her purse wedged in the door to make sure they don't get locked out.

"What do you think?" Cameron whispers as they stand overlooking the glittering lights of the snow-covered city.

Thirteen reaches across, and takes Cameron's hand. She softly strokes Cameron's hand, meeting her eyes with a smile.

"Beautiful," Thirteen whispers.

A snowflake lands on Cameron's lip. Before it has a chance to melt, Thirteen kisses Cameron. The scent of Thirteen's perfume, and the warmth of Thirteen's body against hers floods Cameron's senses.

Maybe Cameron was right about the holiday after all.

The End

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