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Only Time
By Babydykecate


It's been 10 days since the fight. 10 days since Cameron told Thirteen to stop dulling her pain in drugs and sex. 10 days since Thirteen fled, leaving Cameron yelling alone. 9 days since Cameron cried alone in her apartment.

It's been 20 hours since Cameron hid her fear. 20 hours since she held her breath with each new drug, guessing which one would end with Thirteen flatlining. 20 hours since she realized that she didn't want Thirteen to die still thinking she was alone. Not knowing that she loved her.

Cameron didn't want to be the person who falls in love with someone else while they're involved. She swore it would never happen again after her husband and his best friend. But Chase isn't the one that's dying. And she can't help feeling that by loving Thirteen, it's her responsibility to try and save her. There wasn't a damn thing she could do 20 hours ago, though.

It's been 19 hours since Cameron realized she was also furious at Thirteen for risking her life. 18 Hours since the explosion, when she expected to see someone carry out Thirteen's lifeless body.

It's been 30 minutes since Cameron has held Thirteen's hand, waiting for her to wake up. She doesn't give a damn who notices. Thirteen is worth every insult House can spew, every fight with Chase.

It's been a minute since Thirteen gained consciousness. A minute since Thirteen looked at Cameron with surprise.

"Hi," Cameron whispers with a smile.

Thirteen looks down at their linked hands, then back at Cameron. Tears well up in Thirteen's eyes, and she looks away.

"I don't want to die," Thirteen admits so quietly that Cameron can barely hear her.

"I know," Cameron replies, squeezing her hand.

The End

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