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By Coco


Cuddy sat in her office working on the never ending stack of paperwork that presented itself to her. She never seemed to make any progress on it, but somehow it made her happy. It meant her hospital was functioning, this paperwork was like the blood, moving steadily and easily through the hospital and she was the heart, sending it everywhere it needed to go.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Stacy walking towards her door. Her heart stopped for a moment, her breath hitched and her hand froze mid-sentence. Her whole body flushed as she watched the older woman reach for the doorknob with her soft nimble hands.

She had a flash of something in her mind, Stacy's hand slid delicately over her bare stomach up to cup her breast as she leaned down to kiss her.

"Lisa?" Stacy asked.

"Yes, Stacy…" she breathed dreamily.

"Lisa, are you ok? You look… feverish."

"What?" Her head snapped up. "…what?"

"…I don't know, you look really hot though."

"So do you."

"Oh, do I? Maybe it's hot in here."

Cuddy felt like she wanted to slap herself in the face. She blushed softly, looking down, "no, sorry, I… I think I'm having a hot flash or something, fluxuating hormones."

"Menopause or pregnant?" Stacy laughed easily.

Cuddy responded with a polite chuckle.

"Oh… I was kidding… you're not… are you?"

"No, no… definitely not. Not either. I'm sorry. Can I help you with something?" She asked quickly, hoping to move on.

"Oh, yes, I just need the files for the lawsuit."

"Right," Cuddy got up from her desk, "they're in the filing cabinet, I'll get those for you."

She walked over to the filing cabinet, her heels clacking softly against the carpet and Stacy was there. She followed her to the filing cabinet. She was close behind and Cuddy could feel her body heat through her blouse. She could almost feel Stacy's hand running lightly up her thigh and slipping under her skirt, slipping under her cute little thong…

"God…" Cuddy squeaked out.

"Are you ok, Lisa? Seriously, I'm worried about you."

"No, I swear, I'm perfectly fine. Here's your file." She pulled it out and handed it to her, "you should go."

"Do you want to do lunch today?"


Stacy looked hurt at her abruptness, "ok… yeah, ok, I'll see you later then."

"Yeah, maybe." Cuddy sat back down at her desk, picking up her pen and not looking up at Stacy. Afraid that if she did she'd have another embarrassing fantasy about a torrid sexual affair with one of her female best friends. Oh shit! I'm doing it again, "Stacy, please leave!"

Stacy watched her for a moment, hurt apparent in her big brown eyes, "have a good day," she said softly and dejectedly as she slipped out of the office.

Her shoulders were heavy and her swagger wasn't as confident and all-encompassing as it usually was as she walked away, back towards her office. Cuddy sighed desperately, feeling the heat rise between her legs as she watched Stacy's slender legs move elegantly under her perfectly shaped and toned ass.

She waited until she was out of sight and jumped up from her chair, dashing to the door before reminding herself to at least appear in control even if she felt anything but. She ran her hands lightly up the railing as she ascended the stairs slowly when all she wanted to do was run up them.

She paused, feeling disoriented, like she was in an M.C. Escher painting instead of her own hospital in a hall that she'd walked a million and a half times if she'd walked it once. The writing on the doors blurred as her brain refused to focus on anything coherent. She didn't need to see the writing though, she blindly reached for Wilson's door and slipped inside not bothering to knock.

"I've got a problem." She said, trying not to sound as desperate as she was.

"Are you ok? You look hot,"

"That is such an understatement, God… I'm burning up!"

"Are you sick?" Wilson asked concerned, jumping up from his seat.

"No! And I resent the implication!"

Wilson stared at her. "Cuddy… are you… on something?"

She stared at him unamusedly. "I'm having a crisis." She said softly.

"I'm always here for you Cuddy," he said gently, reaching out and caressing her arm, "you can tell me anything."

"I've… I've been having… fantasies."

"Fantasies about what?"

"Sexual encounters…"

"Most people fantasize about sex, Cuddy, it's not abnormal."

"God, Wilson, they're so vivid and… I can't turn them off, it's ridiculous, I… I don't even know what to do right now!"

"Cuddy, calm down," he advised, "let me get you a water," he went over to his mini fridge and pulled out an ice cold Evian, breaking the seal and handing it to her.

She took the bottle gratefully and tipped it back, drinking half the bottle in one desperate chug.

"A woman."

"What?" Wilson asked, not understanding.

"A woman." She repeated, "my fantasies are about sexual encounters with a woman."

"Oh…" Wilson watched her with slight awe. "I didn't know you were interested in women."

"I'm not… well, I guess maybe this changes things a little bit, but it's not women it's one woman…" Cuddy admitted, sinking into the chair across from his desk.

Wilson leaned against the desk, watching her for a moment.

"I don't know if I understand exactly what the problem is."

She stared up at him. "I was just in my office minding my own business when she came in with that flowing brown hair and that flirty smile and I went all to mush. I… swear to God, my heart stopped, my whole body flushed, and I had… flashes, flashes of… things in my head, and it was so vivid and every time I think about her my body… reacts, I get blushy and stupid and I can't concentrate and I can't… I can't stop thinking about her and how much I want to… how much I want her to…" She sighed helplessly.

"Well, isn't this quite the plot twist?" House grinned evilly, limping in from the balcony.

"What made me think that giving the two of you a joint balcony was a good idea?" She whimpered in a whisper.

"So Lisa Cuddy, stressed out, uptight Dean of Medicine wants to get frisky with one of the naughty nurses," he grinned.

"Shut-up! I'm having a sexual identity crisis here!" Cuddy cried. "If you tell anyone any of this I swear to God I'll castrate you in your sleep!"

House paused for a moment, pondering something. "It might be worth it…"

"I'm serious, House, if you tell her I'm going to kill you!"

There was a knock on the door and all three of them froze.

"Um… yes?" Wilson asked.

"Jimmy, it's me," Stacy announced, "are you busy? …do you have a minute to talk?"

Cuddy paled, "I was never here," she whispered hurriedly, fleeing onto the balcony.

House and Wilson looked at each other with twin looks of bewilderment.

"Yeah, Stacy, come on in," Wilson said, still leaning against his desk.

The door opened and Stacy entered, her brown hair bobbing gently at her shoulders, shining under the soft lights in the office. She smiled her pretty smile, flashing her perfectly white teeth, smiling amicably at Wilson and extending a polite nod to House as he watched her intently, something clicking in his brain.

"What's up, Stace?"

House cringed, he hated it when Wilson called Stacy 'Stace' he'd never called her that, not in three years of being with her.

"It's Lisa, she's been acting… really strange. I went to her office to get the file I needed and she was kind of far off and unresponsive for a moment and then she seemed a little disoriented and then she snapped at me. It's completely not like her."

All of a sudden it dawned on them both, like a light going on inside their brains and they stared at Stacy, wide-eyed and shocked.

"Oh no, not you guys, too!" Stacy said.

Wilson shook his head clear and House headed for the balcony, closing the door behind him.

"It's Stacy!" House cried, catching Cuddy's arm before she could hop the divider to escape into House's office.

"Let me go! She'll hear you!"

"You're having torrid lesbian fantasies about Stacy!"

"Shut-up!" She hissed.

"Do you have any idea how much I've thought of that?"


"Oh my God, I've always wanted you and her to, you know, 'do it.' Are you sure we're not just in my fantasy?"

"House, leave it alone."

"If you do fuck her can I watch?"


"Fine, then can you videotape it?"

"I'm not going to have sex with Stacy!" She screamed desperately and startled birds fled quickly from the tree next to them. "Just let it go House." She said, softer and more calmly.

Cuddy climbed over the divider between the two balconies and stepped into the room where the ducklings were assembled, staring baffled at her. She closed her eyes helplessly as she caught quick glimpses of more people in the hallway that had heard her shouts. She took in a deep breath and walked out of the room, walking through the crowd of people that was gathering.

She walked down the stairs, not making eye contact with anyone or reacting to any of the scattered mutterings and the 'what happened?'s that were coming from people just arriving.

She walked into her office, locking the door behind her and drawing her blinds. She sank down onto her couch and laid her arm over her eyes.

The next thing she knew she took her arm away from her eyes and the whole room was cast into darkness, she looked at the window and there were only very faint light filtering into the office. She sat up and groaned softly, rubbing her eyes.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to just get up and go home or if she wanted to wait. Wait until only the night staff was around. Not that they wouldn't have already heard the gossip. One thing about her smoothly running hospital that never ever once stopped working was the gossip grapevine and she knew it.

She sat down at her desk and decided to finish her stack of paperwork and go home later, go home when it was late and everyone was more concerned with tiredness and weekend plans to even think about her.

Another hour or two dragged by and she finally threw in the towel, knowing she couldn't possibly do any more work. She grabbed her coat and left her office. The few nurses walking around the nurses' station averted their eyes as she passed and she got to the front door before she glanced over her shoulder, seeing Stacy's door slightly ajar and a thin stream of light cast along the linoleum of the hallway.

She paused and turned around, heading back towards the office. She knew she owed Stacy an explanation. Even if she didn't have one, not a reasonable one anyway, she still owed her one and she didn't want her hearing misquoted gossip from someone else.

She knocked softly on the door.

"Come in," Stacy beckoned.

Cuddy pushed open the door slowly, "mind if I come in?" She asked sheepishly.

Stacy looked up from her paperwork, "it's your hospital, isn't it?" Stacy said defensively, looking back down at her paperwork dejectedly, pretending to be working on it, but Cuddy recognized the pretend working.

"I'm sorry." Cuddy said after a few moments of silence.

"For what?" Stacy asked coldly.

"For… everything… for… snapping at you earlier, for being kind of a bitch… for you having to find out this way."

"Find what out?" She asked exasperatedly, setting down her pen and turning her full attention to Cuddy. "I don't know what the hell is going on here, Lisa."

"To be honest, neither do I. I do know… that I'm having… feelings for you."

"Feelings?" Stacy raised her eyebrow curiously.

"Sexual… feelings." Cuddy looked down with a soft sigh. "I should have just been honest with you."

"I'm a little offended you felt you couldn't tell me."

"What would've been the point? It's not like we can really do anything about it. I just thought it would make things awkward."

"Oh yeah," she scoffed, "it was much less awkward this way."

"This wasn't my fault! It was House, he just…" she shook her head. "No, you're right. It's my fault, I should have just told you. And I'm sorry.

"And I'd understand completely if you don't exactly want to be my friend anymore. And I guess I should go," she turned to leave.

"Lisa, stop!" Stacy commanded, "get back here and shut-up for a minute. Ok?"

Cuddy nodded helplessly, coming back in and sitting down in the chair.

"You're one of my best friends, I value our friendship more than I think you realize and you think I'd stop wanting to be your friend just because you had a little fantasy about me?"

"I…" Cuddy shrugged, "I don't know."

Stacy laughed a little, "that fantasy really rattled you, didn't it?"

"I've never fantasized about a woman before."

"You haven't?"

"You have?"

"Raquel Welsh a couple times," Stacy admitted with a little grin. "Random other women I've known."

"You never mentioned…"

"It never came up in conversation," Stacy smiled indulgently.

"Did you ever… act on those feelings?"

"I've had girlfriends." Stacy nodded, biting back an amused grin.

Cuddy flushed bright red again, ducking her head modestly. "Oh."

"You never experimented in college?" Stacy sat back, biting the inside of her lip to keep from grinning.

Cuddy shrugged a little, "I don't know… I was too busy."

"Too busy for sex?"

"I…" She shrugged.

"How long has it been, Lisa?"

"How long has what been?"

"Since you've had sex?"

"Uh… um… well…" She stopped to think, "I'm not actually sure… I don't remember."

"Well there you go," she said matter-of-factly, "you're obviously in need of a good lay. I suggest Greg if you're looking for a man."

"And if I'm not?" Cuddy said, hardly recognizing the sound of her own voice.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to tease if you're not going to put out?" Stacy teased, but her voice had deepened slightly and her brown eyes appeared almost black as they concentrated intently on Cuddy.

Cuddy's breath hitched softly in her throat, watching Stacy's eyes. She unconsciously licked her dry lips. "Uh-huh," she said softly.

Stacy put her hands on the desk, pushing herself up and Cuddy did likewise. Stacy moved gracefully around the desk. Cuddy followed her movements with her eyes lowered slightly.

Stacy reached out and stroked Cuddy's jaw line with a feather light touch. Cuddy's eyes fluttered shut. Stacy kissed the side of her mouth softly, eliciting a soft sound from Cuddy. She opened her eyes, half-lidded and looked up into Stacy's as she leaned slightly into the touch.

Stacy's hand stroked Cuddy's hip as the other cupped her cheek, leaning in towards her until she could feel Cuddy's warm breath against her lips. Cuddy's hand shook as she brought it up to the small of Stacy's back. Stacy could feel her nervousness and pulled Cuddy closer, pressing her chest to hers she could feel Cuddy's heart pounding.

Stacy closed the space between them, pressing her lips to Cuddy's. Cuddy mmed and leaned into her a little harder, running her hand up Stacy's back to run through her soft tresses.

Cuddy opened her mouth to Stacy invitingly. Stacy kissed Cuddy adoringly. She waited for Cuddy to deepen the kiss, pressing harder into her, pressing Stacy's ass against the desk. Cuddy moaned softly.

Stacy turned her around, pressing her against the desk, knocking over her cup of pens. Between Stacy's and Cuddy's combined efforts Cuddy ended up sitting on the desk, Stacy leant up to kiss her, holding her cheeks as the kiss became more frantic.

Stacy climbed over her, setting her knees on either side of Cuddy's thighs, leaning Cuddy back, knocking things off the desk at all sides. Cuddy's hands pushed up Stacy's blouse as she kissed her desperately.

Stacy's nimble fingers played across Cuddy's stomach, sliding slowly down her torso. Cuddy's back arched and she trembled under Stacy's hands. Cuddy bucked up gently.

"Feisty," Stacy teased, bending down and kissing down the neckline of Cuddy's low-cut blouse. Stacy worked at Cuddy's buttons, exposing her bra-clad cleavage and her taut stomach. Stacy paused for a minute to appreciate the view.

Cuddy shivered slightly, smiling at Stacy, leaning up she nipped at Stacy's bottom lip. Stacy grinned, running her hand up Cuddy's stomach and squeezing her breast gently. Cuddy gasped softly, letting her head loll back slightly.

Stacy kissed down to the crevice between Cuddy's breasts, nipping at the flat expanse of her breast bone, kneading her breast.

"Stacy…" She hissed, her fingers seeking Stacy's blazer and pushing it off her shoulders, grabbing her shirt from the back and pulling it up over her head.

Stacy sat up to help Cuddy finish pulling the shirt off. Cuddy's fingers fumbled with the back of Stacy's bra.

"Let me help you with that," Stacy said.

"I think I have it under control," she said, "it's not like it's the first time I've ever handled a bra, Stacy."

"Ow!" Stacy cried, "you snapped my bra!"

"…did not."

"Just let me help you!"

"I've got it!"

"Lisa, it's a front hook!"

"…oh." Cuddy easily unhooked the front hook bra, Stacy's breasts falling out as she pulled the bra away and haphazardly discarded it.

Cuddy stared at Stacy's breasts for a moment then looked up at Stacy. "You don't need permission," Stacy whispered, taking Cuddy's hands and putting them on her breasts.

Cuddy squeezed gently and Stacy moaned softly, the noise sending an electric jolt straight between Cuddy's thighs and she groaned softly, kneading her breasts. Stacy's eyes slipped closed and her lips parted in another soft moan.

Cuddy dipped her head and took Stacy's nipple gently between her teeth and sucked softly. Stacy gripped Cuddy's thighs in desperation, letting out a soft cry. Cuddy gave the nipple a tug and Stacy whimpered, pulling Cuddy's skirt up around her waist.

Cuddy moaned softly, "I don't know if I'm ready for that…"

"Not ready for what exactly?" Stacy purred, leaning down and kissing her trembling inner thighs.

"Um… not ready for… never mind… carry on…" Cuddy's head lolled back against the desk.

Stacy grinned against Cuddy's thigh.

Cuddy lifted her head up and grinned at her. "And wipe that smug grin off your face." She said playfully.

Stacy nipped at her inner thigh and Cuddy slipped her eyes shut with a soft moan. Stacy hooked her fingers in the elastic of Cuddy's thong and Cuddy tensed.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Stacy said, easing the thong down Cuddy's legs. "Unless, you know, that's what you're in to…"

Cuddy lifted her head again, "tease!" she scolded playfully with a grin.

Without warning Stacy's tongue plunged into Cuddy. Cuddy bit her lip on a cry, her head falling back and hitting the desk.

Stacy picked her head up in concern. "Lisa, are you ok?"

"Don't stop!" Cuddy cried out desperately.

"Bossy…" Stacy teased.

"Ajkahfwladj…" Cuddy whimpered incoherently reaching up and grabbing Stacy's hair. Stacy suppressed another grin as her tongue darted out, teasing Cuddy and Cuddy whimpered and lifted her hips up off the desk.

Stacy's tongue licked hard against Cuddy's clit without warning and she cried out, grabbing the sides of the desk, "fuckingchrist!" she hissed through her clenched teeth.

She panted, and whimpered softly, arching her back and clutching the desk for support, "Stacy… god… Stacy…"

Stacy's tongue was everywhere all once, it seemed. The sensations were maddening and Cuddy wondered why this had never happened before. Why she didn't have these feelings years and years ago. Years ago when they were all young and naïve, before House loved her, before she loved him, before the infarction, before she got married, before Cuddy was Dean. Before it all. Before they grew up and everything got complicated.

Cuddy's hands flew desperately to Stacy's hair, gripping handfuls as her body clenched and released as her orgasm tore through her and it took every ounce of her strength not to cry out, not to yell out her name, let that beautiful name trip so easily off of her tongue. "Stacy… oh, Stacy…"

Cuddy collapsed onto the desk. Her pale gray eyes shut as every extremity tingled. Stacy gently licked and kissed, taking such painstakingly considerate measures, not greedily lapping just caringly stroking, cleaning up the aftermath.

Cuddy's eyes started to close more tightly, "Stacy…" she gasped as her tongue hit her clit again. Her toes clenched and her legs trembled as Stacy's tongue was at it again, taking long strokes against her clit. Cuddy thrashed a little harder this time, whimpering softly.

Stacy pushed two fingers into Cuddy and she arched her back at an almost impossible angle and bit her lip hard to avoid screaming. Cuddy grabbed Stacy's shoulders as she tumbled over the edge again.

Cuddy's chest heaved with the effort of breathing normally and her head throbbed at the effort of trying to think straight. Think straight. Heh.

Cuddy tugged weakly on Stacy, pulling her up to her. Stacy gladly obliged, laying up next to her and kissing her neck softly. "Am I dreaming Stacy?" Cuddy whispered, wrapping her arms around her.



"I take it you enjoyed yourself."

"I have no coherent thoughts in my head at all."

"Damn, I'm good." Stacy teased.

"What now?"

"I don't know." Stacy admitted, "I guess we kind of have to figure things out as we go along. We'll know what to do," she assured her.

Cuddy nodded, then kissed Stacy's forehead and closed her eyes.

The End

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