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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written as the back story for one of my LiveJournal user icons. (It's a picture of House's whiteboard with the writing GH+JW on it and him saying "Okay, which smart-ass has been playing with my markers?")
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Not for Long
By CrashCart9


Lisa saw Allison looking through the rack of charts in the clinic. "Allison? Why are you down here?"

"Clinic duty."

"You don't . . . oh. House's clinic duty." Cameron nodded. "Why do you do it?"

"House just wants to annoy me. And he knows I'll tell you, that you'll get mad, that you'll assign him more time, and that he can use said time to catch up on his soaps and make out with Wilson. It's win-win for him. I'm thwarting his plans." She smiled, putting the two charts already in her arms back in the rack. Lisa grabbed her hand as they walked to the elevator.

"Do they still believe that nobody knows about them?" Cuddy settled back into Cameron's embrace as the elevator doors closed.

Lisa shivered as Allison's lips almost brushed her ear when the younger doctor whispered, "Not for long."

The End

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