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There Is
By Babydykecate


Thirteen pounds loudly on Cameron's door, oblivious to the neighbors that might be trying to sleep. Thirteen has been at Cameron's door for a good ten minutes, the cold rain quickly soaking her to the bone. Finally, Thirteen hears a response from the apartment. She hears footsteps, then a thud and cursing. A hall light turns on, and Cameron opens the door.

"Thirteen?" Cameron asks surprised. Her eyes squint, trying to adjust to the light.

"What are you doing at here in the middle of the night?" she questions, a hint of frustration in her voice.

Thirteen bites her lip, the words that she's planned all day suddenly caught in her throat.

"I want you," the words suddenly flood from Thirteen's lips, inelegant and unrefined.

"You had me." Cameron's voice is hard, censored of emotion. "Maybe you don't remember because you were too drunk or high. Still, I'd have thought I'd stand out, since I'm the only girl you've slept with lately whose name you knew the morning after."

"Of course I remember. I can't stop thinking about it," Thirteen replies, her voice raw and tender. The pouring rain runs into Thirteen's eyes, but she doesn't take her eyes off Cameron.

"It doesn't matter," Cameron sighs. "You're with Foreman. I hope he treats you well," Cameron says, moving to close the door.

"Wait!" Thirteen pleads, her hand catching the door. "Let me explain," she demands, but Cameron's eyes remain hard. "Please, Allison?"

"Okay," Cameron sighs.

"I'm dying, Allison. It's changed me. I slept with you, because that was what I wanted. I wanted you, and it seemed like that was all that mattered. My world was this haze of fear, anger, lust and denial. I didn't want to feel anything. Even love. So I ran away," Thirteen says, looking away from Cameron.

"Then there was the hostage situation, when I realized I wanted to live. My life started to turn around, and Foreman was such a part of that. I started to trust and confide in him, and I ended up kissing him," Thirteen says in one breath. She pauses to catch her breath, willing herself to calm down.

"I couldn't get you off my mind though, no matter how much I reminded myself how safe and stable Foreman is. You see, Allison, I realized that I've always wanted you, ever since I first saw you. It was never just that one night. I was always thinking about you, always watching you. You were always the only one. I'm dying Allison, and I don't want to waste what time I have being with someone else," Thirteen tells Cameron, her voice rich with emotion.

"I'm not leaving you alone," Thirteen whispers, a tear flowing into the rain drops on her check. "There's got be to a way..." Thirteen pleads, her voice breaking. Tears form in Cameron's eyes.

"There is," Cameron whispers, stepping into the rain, her lips finding Thirteen's. She holds her tightly, clinging to the moment.

Cameron pulls back from the kiss, but she doesn't let go of Thirteen. She brushes Thirteen's soaked hair out of her face, studying her.

"You are more beautiful than I have ever seen," Cameron whispers with a smile.

Thirteen smiles back, brushing her hand against Cameron's cheek.

There Is

Music and Lyrics by Allison Crowe

Open up your door
I know we've both been here before
But there's a shadow fading here
A revolution on its way
Open up your mind
I know I've drowned in there before
But my wings are drying off
And I am ready to dive in
I am coming back again
To you
A way
There is a way
Out of this
There is
Give me a minute
I'll try to explain myself to you
I am the girl who is always with you
The one who's always watching
Give me a break I thought that you
understood this already
And I'm not trying to deceive you
I don't have that much time on my hands
And I am not going to leave you alone
A way
There is a way
Out of this
There is
I see you in the rain
and you are more beautiful
than I have ever seen
And when I walk I want you with me
And I see your smile above me
and I know, I know there is
A way
there is a way
out of this
there is.

The End

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