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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Missing scene from "Humpty Dumpty" (with character spoilers from that episode) when the girls drive back from Alfredo's house. I'm trying to make up for the fact that we don't get a new episode for more than a month by writing loads.
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By CrashCart9


She's playing with her necklace again as we drive back to the hospital.

She didn't question how I knew about Michigan, which was good, because I wouldn't have known how to answer. How do you tell your boss's boss that you know everything about her? That I know where she went to elementary school, that she was the second youngest chief of medicine, the first female one, that she graduated medical school second in her class. That she has a crush on House like I used to (if you can call it that; it seems too childish and simple, and she's elegant and beautiful and anything but simple), that she and Stacy joke around by flirting with each other, that her favorite color is red and her bathroom is covered in purple tile.

She knows nothing about me, save whatever's in my file and whatever she's heard from House. I may know about her, but I don't know her. I want to know what her favorite drink is, what her favorite character is on those soaps I've caught her watching when she thinks no one's there, how she likes her tea, and what she would do if I leaned over and kissed her right now...

As if reading my mind, the car stops and she looks over. Our eyes lock. I'm dying to lean over and take her face in my hands, to tell her that I know what she's feeling, that I know she thinks it's her fault and that it's not, to touch my lips to hers and find out if she tastes like I imagine.

But the moment's over as the light turns green and she turns into the parking garage. She gets out of the car, but I stay a moment, frozen in imagining what would have happened had I...

She jolts me out of my reverie when she opens my door, offering me her hand. I take it, and step out her car, and we're inches apart and her hand is warm and soft and I can feel her breath on my face. And I shiver at the sensation but also at the realization that this is the closest I'll ever get to her. I think she notices because our eyes lock for the second time, and she gives me a little half smile, squeezing my hand before dropping it and walking to the stairs.

I follow a few steps behind her, watching as she raises her hand to her neck and begins playing with her necklace. Again.

The End

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