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By sinjenkai


Part 14

The next six months were filled with going back to work and getting ready for the baby. Valera and Alexx threw them a baby shower, while Ryan and Jordan hit it off and spent time restoring cars and working at the bar.

Even though sometimes it was hard for Sonia to be around Jordan, since he reminded her so much of Grayson, the two ended up very close, realizing very quickly that even though he was her brother, he was mostly nothing like her.

After many nights of heated discussion between Calleigh, Natalia, Jordan, and Sonia, no charges were brought against Eric. They decided that as long as he got the bullet removed and went to therapy twice a week for the next four years, then everything would be dropped. The doctors however were unable to repair the damage done to his eye, so the eye patch stayed, as did his dismissal from Miami Dade Crime Lab. Now he had his own firm as a Private Detective, Delko Incorporated.

Six months. Six months without any contact from anyone, but Stefan and her Grandfather. Six months of being treated like a dog, a pet, a tool, nothing more than something to be used and placed back on the shelf. Flying back and forth from New York to Canada on her grueling schedule was ruining her ability to sleep at night, insomnia having returned in full force. This of course gave her more time to brood constantly over her appearance. Her once deadly refine muscles gave way to the same muscles, but much softer, curvier, her body built for sex appeal, now instead of cruelty. Surprisingly, Grayson had begun to fill out once she'd backed off the gruesome workout routine she kept herself on daily, now her body resembled Jessica Biel's, curvaceous, full, tempting. Every scar except for the main two, under her chin and down her left eye, were gone, scar crème did amazing things these days, her body unblemished and pure. Though haunted fathomless eyes stared back at the assassin from the rearview mirror of the non-descript Cadillac Deville, black of course, sitting outside Delko Inc.

'You've got to me shitting me. Delko Inc? What is this, primetime? Nash Bridges anyone?'

Grayson's inner voice laughed back at her. In the past three months, she'd reverted back to the only thing that kept her completely sane, biting ruthless sarcasm. I guess Calleigh and Natalia really are the only exception to the rule of stupidity in law enforcement. Wincing outwardly at the thought of the rebuke she would receive from Calleigh if the blonde had heard her say that, Grayson narrowed her eyes blocking out any thought of her family. Even though she wouldn't normally return to the scene of a crime, this warranted much more of a professional touch then a sentimental touch. 'Oh to hell with professional', her inner voice screamed. 'You really think that asshole deserves to live after what he did to Calleigh, to Jordan, to Natalia, to Sonia…. Yes.' The professional in her spoke with great conviction.

There are so many things worse than death; she knew this from personal experience. Dying was easy, it was living with it that was hard. Even though she knew Eric wasn't completely at fault for his own actions, Grayson knew that with the baby on the way, Eric needed to know where he stood in the grand scheme of things.

After checking back and forth on the street to make sure she was completely alone, just the way she liked it, the assassin slipped silently out of the black Cadillac and checked her reflection in the midnight paint. Her hair was now past her shoulders, no longer shaggy it was now a luxurious mane of long lustfully curls hanging beautifully down to frame her face. Which of course, was mostly encased in black steel mask, almost like a mockery of the Phantom of the Opera except; it hid as much deeper evil? The mask itself wasn't for show; it was to hide her now very commonplace features. Covering the entire left side of her face, including the long vertical scar through her left eye and down her cheek, not to mention the scar that sliced under her jaw courtesy of Judas, the black metal had become her new security blanket. Sunglasses were no longer needed, her face struck fear into the hearts of thousands of criminals, and honest men didn't need to fear the embodiment of the Angel of Vengeance.

The rest of her outfit of course was black high heeled boots, knee high, dark jeans, a white short, sleeve neck shirt, a black vest, and a black pea coat with a high collar, her hang hanging loosely down her back. The coat was knee length as well, hiding the guns at her waist, and under her arms, all special issue Ruger SR9 9mm pistols, loaded with full clips of titanium hollow point bullets, her signature mark in every kill. Even as wrong as it was, she didn't mind leaving a calling card, to remind everyone who was still the top dog around this yard. 'Rule with an Iron Fist Mia, if a man shakes your hand, crush his, and make him bow to you.' Her Grandfather had an iron grasp alright; she remembered the bruises.

Pulling on black leather driving gloves with open backs, Grayson knelt silently down in front of the door in the alley; no idiot would pick a lock in the middle of the street. After un-holstering a sidearm and screwing on a silencer, the female Cerano slid her head next to the door, listening for any movement; hearing none, she entered the building. A quick search resulted in the fact Eric Delko was alone, asleep on the couch in his office with a half empty bottle of Rum in his hand, apparently alcohol was a good substitute for a reputation. After checking to make sure the pistol in his drawer had been unloaded and emptied, she hid the clip in her coat pocket, and after making positively sure he was unarmed as well, Grayson pulled up a chair, seating herself quietly, crossing her legs, placing her gun on her lap, and politely cleared her throat three times.

Even in his alcohol stupor, Eric realized that he was no longer alone. Turning his head, he squinted his eyes, trying to see the dark figure that sat in the chair next to the sofa. He couldn't make out the face though; he really needed to quit drinking.

Even in her rage at seeing him relaxing like he hadn't almost killed her entire family, Grayson couldn't stop the cold cruel laugh that bubble from her cracked lips. The laugh was deep and high at the same time, sounding almost maniacal in its tone. Sighing and tsking quietly to herself, the assassin spoke. "Rise and shine, Delko."

That voice made him literally levitate off the sofa to a sitting position and go stone cold sober. He still couldn't see her face, but he didn't have to see it. He remembered the cruelty that had been in her eyes, and he didn't want to see it again.

Pleased at the reaction she evoked from the disgraced former CSI, Grayson uncrossed her legs and leaned forward on her knees, looking at him closely, the gun never wavering from its position pointed at his chest. "..You look a little worse for wear Delko. Not sleeping well?" her voice was ice cold and unemotional. Pushing the hair off the left side of her face to reveal the black steel mask, Grayson leaned further back in her chair, the gun still on her knee as she watched him the way a pit viper watches a mouse die from its venom, slowly.

Licking his suddenly dry lips, Eric wiped his face. "I'm sleeping just fine. What do you want?" Trying to show bravado that he didn't have and started to stand up.

"Sit down." the professional killer commanded. The hammer on her gun clicking back to show who held the upper hand.

Sitting down, all he could do was wait... and pray that he didn't wet himself in fear.

"Good dog." She smiled slightly; looking down at the gun, she sighed and slid the safety back on. "No reason we can't be civil." She kicked the liquor bottle away from his foot, and stood up from her chair to stare down at him from her height advantage while he stayed seating. Leaning forward, she placed one high-heeled boot between his legs, leaning over him the pistol hanging loosely at her side. "I hear they took out the bullet... I hope it hurt like hell." She examined the side of his head, smiling again.

"It wasn't easy, but I came through it alright. I should've had it done a long time ago, but I was scared, and everything came out okay." He wiped his hands against his pant legs.

Before she could stop herself, Eric's head was snapping back hard against the wall behind the couch from the force of her nasty punch to his jaw. "The only reason you lived long enough to have that bullet removed was because I ALLOWED IT."

He growled out, clamping his hand around his jaw. "Fuck woman. The hell was that for? Why didn't you just kill me? Not like, I was able to keep my life. I hurt my family... well ex family. The hell do you want from me now." He growled out through liquor thick breathe.

Grabbing him by the front of his shirt, leather gloved hands wound themselves into the material; Grayson slammed the back of his head into the wall hard, twice. Pushing the silencer tip of her gun against his lips, she growled out. "Open your fucking mouth." Her black eyes glittering into his.

He grabbed the silencer in his hand, shoving it nearly to the back of his throat. Muttering around the barrel. "Pull the trigger, fucking do it. DO IT DAMNIT. I'M DEAD TO EVERYONE I CARED ABOUT." He yelled at the top of his lungs, gripping onto the pistol as hard as he could to keep her from pulling away.

"Oh for fuck's sake... you take all the fun out of a hit... and I'm not going to kill you." She pulled him hard away from the wall, throwing him into his desk, wiping the slobber from his mouth off her gun. "Disgusting, what was I thinking... yuck." Turning around she circled him. "That's the punishment Eric, you did bad things to good people, and Karma is a Bitch."

"I had a bullet, in my head. I adore Calleigh; I dated Natalia, for Christ's sake. I would protect them with everything I am, but I couldn't fucking save them from me." He stood up, putting his head in his hands. "I had no idea what I was doing. I've looked through everything that happened, why do you think that I drink so fucking much. I cared and almost killed the people I swore to protect and have protected since I met them." He gripped his head, shaking it as he was still getting faint headaches, his eye tearing up. "Leave. I know Karma is hell; I deserve everything I am going through. So let me go through it." He sneered at her.

"Oh, cry me a fucking river... then build yourself a fucking bridge, and then walk over it. Oh no, I got shot in the head... woe is me." She punched him hard in the jaw again, dropping him to his knees, another vicious punch sprawled him flat on his back, and she stood over him placing her foot on his throat pressing down with all her weight, her gun returned to its familiar position muzzle towards his face.

Staring up, Eric's hands went around her ankle to try to get some breathing room, but he couldn't move it. Looking up, he stared into the eyes of the Angel of Death, and finally succumbed to his fear, wetting himself.

Wrinkling her nose in disgusted manner, Grayson sneered down at him. "What I want from you is to stay away from my family. Jordan, Sonia, Calleigh, and especially Natalia..." She pushed her foot down hard, making it now impossible to breathe; she began to enjoy the way he twisted beneath her, going different colors. "If I hear any different, well..." She let loose a chilling laugh. "I am a professional, and I'd love to show you just how good I really am at my job."

Clawing at her leg, Eric was on the verge of blacking out. He knew that it would just take a bit more pressure and his life would be over, and as much as he hated his new life; he wasn't ready to give it up either.

Removing her foot, she backed away from his gasping form. "See you soon." Disappearing out the door from which she came in, Grayson vanished into the Miami night.

Lying there in his soiled pants, Eric thought that it might be a good time to move on. Orlando was far enough away that maybe he could start over fresh, but be close enough to come visit his mother.

After making sure Eric had the full effect of her idea of what it meant to have her full attention focused on him and him alone; Grayson made the quick trip to Calleigh and Natalia's house. Pulling up a house down from theirs, she parked the car and pulled out a large package from the back seat. After slipping in through the rear window into the spare guest room, she had realized it was the eventual baby room, Grayson set down the package and sliced it open with her small knife. Setting out all the pieces she had made herself from Cedar, Oak, and Cherry. Pulling out a small screwdriver and several small baggies with different sized screws, the assassin set to work assembling the custom piece she had built for her expecting cousins.

Outside the midnight air barely stirred in the heat, but inside the coolness of the air conditioning was disturbed by something and Calleigh was going to find out what it was. Ever since Grayson had left them, the blonde would patrol the house at different times during the night. She had a family to protect and, she be damned if she was going to let anyone get close enough to them to do them to do that.

Kissing Natalia's shoulder, she eased out of bed while reaching for her gun that was in her nightstand drawer. Motioning for Adonis and to Echo to stand guard, she padded towards the spare rooms.

Listening at the farthest door, she didn't hear anything, but poked her head in anyway and gave the room the once over before moving to the last room.

As she reached for the doorknob, she sniffed... and sniffed again. Smiling, she quietly opened the door, whispering. "If you're going to pay a visit and you don't want us to know you're here, you might want to change your perfume Gray."

Pausing in her last and final screw, the assassin allowed herself a small smile. Finishing it up, she stood, admiring her handiwork. Taking off her coat, she stepped to the side to allowed Calleigh to see the beautiful hand crafted baby bed she had spent the last few days making, and she'd even custom made a piece of steel to burn the DuVista crest onto the wood above where the babies' head would lay. "I wanted to be here for the shower, but I couldn't so I made this for the baby..." Grayson looked at her coat she'd laid down while working on the crib, in Calleigh's familiar presence; she relaxed for the first time in three months. "I do wish I had been here Calleigh." She wiped the family crest with her thumb lightly before looking up into Calleigh's eyes, trying to keep her face shielded in darkness.

Taking a step towards her, Calleigh tried to reassure her. "We know that Grayson and we understand why you couldn't. Are you even sure that it's safe for you to be here now?"

She simply shook her head. "No, it's not safe for me to be here at all, but I know I needed to come back and at very least do this for the little one. I honestly came back to keep an eye on Eric and remind him where he stands." She stepped forward only her chin exposed to the faint hallway light. "How is my favorite woman doing? By that I mean Natalia..." She let the corner of her lip curl in a slight smile.

Smiling broadly, Calleigh motioned towards their bedroom. "She doing great, now that the morning sickness has gone away. Do you want to take a look at her?"

For the sake of their safety, she was tempted to leave immediately, but her cousin would murder her if she didn't at least be in her presence just for a moment. She nodded and allowed Calleigh to lead the way. "Know I cannot stay long though."

Pushing open the door to their room, Calleigh stood aside to let Grayson go in first.

Quietly walking into her cousin's bedroom, she kneeled next to Natalia's gently slumbering form. Pulling off her leather gloves and setting them on the floor beside her knee, she laid her hand on top of Natalia's; Grayson looked up at Calleigh for a moment before her eyes naturally drew back to Natalia's face, and her swollen midsection she was protectively curled around. Lifting the sheet, she pulled it higher over Natalia's body protectively.

Whispering, Calleigh prodded Grayson a little. "You should wake to her to at least say hello, because if you don't; she'll kill me."

Smiling and shaking her head, she carefully slid her coarse fingertips up her silky soft forearm. She leaned in, softly whispering, "Natalia... Wake up momma DuVista."

Breathing in deeply, Natalia stirred. "It's too early to be up Cal, come back to bed."

"Natalia... It's your cousin." She slid her hand up moving a hair out of Nat's face slowly. "I don't have a lot of time..."

Her eyes snapping open, Natalia was instantly awake. "Grayson!" Struggling to sit up, she gratefully accepted help from her cousin. "Oh, it is so good to see you. How are you? You've gained a little bit of weight."

She blocked the mention of her weight and stroked her cousin's cheek. "It's good to see you as well... How is baby?"

Reaching over to take Grayson's hand in hers, Natalia placed it on her growing belly. "Happy, healthy and kicking like crazy." Smiling, she looked over to her wife. "Calleigh gets a blast out of talking to my stomach every chance that she gets."

Standing in the doorway, leaning against the jam, Calleigh laughed. "I just want the baby to know my voice, that's all. I mean, you get to talk to the baby all the time. I have to take what time I can get."

Grayson smiled. "Well, talking to the baby is very good for it. If I were here, I'd be talking all the time."

Joking, Calleigh couldn't help but snort. "Yeah right. You are such a chatter box that we can hardly keep you quiet."

Smiling sadly, Grayson leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Natalia's forehead. "Take care of yourself cousin. I'll try to keep tabs on you, but you won't know that I'm around. It's better this way."

Reaching out to hold the young woman close to her for as long as she could, Natalia whispered. "Please be careful Grayson, and if you can, let us know that you're alright from time to time, but only if it's safe for you. Please don't take too many risks. We want you to come back to us."

Breathing in the scent that was uniquely Natalia, Grayson stored it in her memory before she carefully disengaged herself from the embrace and stood up. Turning towards the door, Grayson had every intention on just brushing past the blonde, but for some reason, she reached out and drew her into a hug. "Take care of her for me... and yourself. You don't know how lucky you are, Short Stack."

Surprised, Calleigh barely had enough time to respond before Grayson escaped her embrace. "I do know Slick. Come home soon."

The words 'I hope.' floated on the early morning air and then the dark haired woman was gone.

With tears in her eyes, Natalia turned to her wife and started crying. Calleigh went over to the bed to take her into her embrace and whispered to her. "It's alright darlin'. She came here for you, and our baby. Do you want to see what she brought?"

Helping Natalia out of their bed, Calleigh took her by the hand to lead her into the baby's room and showed her the crib.

As soon as she saw the handmade crib, and all of the loving detail that had been put into it, Natalia started crying anew, wrapping her arms around her wife; she laid her head on Calleigh's shoulder and bawled.

Holding Natalia as close as she could, Calleigh whispered into her wife's hair, strong hands rubbing her back softly. "Talia... "She whispered her name over and over, softly trying to calm her wife down. Secretly she knew as soon as Natalia saw her cousin and the horrible condition she had been keeping herself in, that there wouldn't really be anything she could say to comfort her.

After several long minutes, the tall brunette calmed down, but didn't let go of Calleigh. Sniffing quietly, Natalia loosened her hold enough on the blonde to turn at look closely at the crib. It was beautifully handcrafted with specific attention to detail; Natalia could tell that Grayson had made it with love and tenderness in mind. Wiping the tears from her cheeks she turned in Calleigh's arms and whispered. "It's beautiful, isn't it?

Still rubbing Natalia's back, Calleigh agreed. "Yeah, you can tell that she put a lot of time into it, but she loves you and to her, this was the result of the love that she has."

"Us... baby, us." Natalia corrected her, kissing Calleigh's cheek softly, trying to ignore the images of Grayson's weary face, the flat color of her once warm chocolate eyes, even the mask that covered her face. "It took both of us to get to her; I couldn't have done it alone you know..." She rubbed their noses together softly, interlacing their hands over the baby growing inside of her, their baby.

Looking at her wife, who in her eyes was the most beautiful woman in the world, even with tear tracks on her face, Calleigh stated. "Honestly Talia, you would have won her over without me. Your kindness and love for your family shows in everything that you do, and I'm just glad that I'm a part of your family."

"Maybe, but now we'll never know now will we..." The brunette smiled teasingly, she lead Calleigh closer to the crib, running one hand over the beautiful details carved into the bars that would keep their baby from rolling out in the middle of the night. Under closer inspection, she could tell there were tiny vines with small intricate leaves carved into the rails. Sighing she bit her lip. "We need to get ready for work or we're going to be late."

"Well, if we must... let's go." Leading the brunette back into their bedroom, they quickly took their morning shower and got dressed. Right before Natalia pulled on her blouse; Calleigh dropped to her knees in from of her and gently caressed her baby bump. "Morning Sunshine, it's your momma for her morning talk. Your Tia Grayson came by this morning and brought you the most beautiful crib and she said that she loves you very much, but not as much as your mommy and I."

As soon as Calleigh had dropped to her knees, Natalia closed her eyes, running her hands through the blonde's hair; she smiled at the gentle tone in Calleigh's voice as she lovingly talked to their baby. "No one will ever love our baby as much as we do Calleigh..." She tilted her wife's head back to lean over and kiss her passionately, drawing out their last few moments together alone for the morning. Taking her rings off slowly and placing them on the chain along with the pendant Calleigh had given her as a wedding present, Natalia was ready to leave for work.

Rising slowly to her feet, never breaking the kiss, Calleigh moaned and pulled Natalia even closer, wanting to draw the moment out even longer. "You are so sexy right now. If we didn't have to be at work, we would be back in bed."

"Does this mean I need to be keeping an eye on you? This new fixation with pregnant women has me worried..." Natalia laughed tugging Calleigh towards the front door.

Bopping next her wife, Calleigh joked. "Only you darlin', you are the only one for me."

"And let's keep it that way." She smiled, playfully slapping Calleigh on the behind. After plucking the keys to her Volvo SUV off the wall, they loaded themselves into the car and it seemed like mere seconds before they were pulling into the lab parking lot and Calleigh was helping her out from the Volvo.

Looking at her watch, Calleigh swore underneath her breath. "Damn, I've got to go babe. I'm supposed to meet with Spencer Hurst this morning to go over the evidence on the Washburn case. Will you be alright by yourself?"

Smiling down at Calleigh's small mannerism's she'd grown to adore, like the way she checked her watch, the way she carefully made sure Natalia was inside the lab, into the air conditioning before she announced she had to run off for a meeting. "I will be fine, who's Spencer Hurst? Jordan will be dropping off our lunch around two okay?"

Kissing her wife quickly, Calleigh ran off while say. "Okay, see you at two. I'll fill you in on everything then."

Frowning at the lack of explanation, Natalia shrugged and made her way into the DNA lab, greeted by Valera. Within minutes, she had completely forgotten about anything except for the copious amounts of paperwork that was waiting for her approval.

Grabbing the evidence file out of Ballistics, the blonde headed towards one of the conference rooms to meet with the new ADA. Opening the door, she was greeted by the sight of Horatio Caine sitting down at the hard reflective tabletop of the conference room, talking to the woman that had to be Spencer Hurst. The woman was tall even, without the heels, rivaling Natalia's height. Her features were chiseled and angular, she was a beautiful striking woman, with dark brown hair, copper strands brandishing in the sun bouncing through the windows. The woman lifted limestone green eyes, inspecting Calleigh with an almost haughty arrogance.

Sitting next to Horatio, Calleigh stated. "Sorry that I was late. I believe that this is everything that you need to make sure that Raul Estrada is put away for the murder of Ralph Washburn."

Taking the pen she was twirling between long fingers, the woman pushed the files around in the box before taking one out and flipping it open, her vivid eyes scanning back and forth rapidly. "You are very good at your job CSI Duquesne..."

"It's DuVista, not Duquesne." Calleigh eyes went just a bit darker and the attorneys slip. "I hope that doesn't happen at the trial."

The deep heartfelt laugh echoed through the room as the lawyer laid the files on the table, opening all of them. Looking at the blonde slowly, she tapped her pen against her lips. "Just confirming what I hear." Her eyes twinkled and Spencer winked, slowly out of view of Horatio, of course. "I actually came down to say thank you." Her voice was polite, if not refined. No accent traceable or definable.

Looking confused, Calleigh questioned. "Thank me for what? I haven't done anything."

"You're making me look good. Any competent attorney can win by the slip of the tongue, I came to thank you for the detail you put into your cases. It shows in the courtroom and I've put away twice as many thugs in the three months thanks to you and another individual. Another DuVista; I believe, Natalia DuVista..." She turned slowly to look at Horatio, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Your DNA wizard..." Her tone sounded slightly annoyed with something.

Calleigh bristled at her tone. "Yes, Natalia DuVista's my wife... Is there a problem."

The beautiful attorney's lips twisted from a condescending smile to a warm one, sitting her on the tabletop crossing long legs, she narrowed her eyes on Horatio. "Lt. Caine, I'd like a moment alone with your CSI please..." She asked politely.

Clearing his throat, Horatio stood up saying, "Well Ms. Hurst, I believe that I'll leave you in the very capable hands of CSI DuVista." Nodding to them both, he quietly asked Calleigh to drop by his office later on that day and then exited the room.

Waiting patiently until the door was shut, Spencer Hurst turned pale green eyes onto Calleigh's fiery jade. "I apologize if I came across... as... something other than supportive Mrs. DuVista." The attorney stood and walked around the table towards Calleigh, but taking her time.

"What exactly do you want Ms. Hurst?" Calleigh was puzzled by her actions, and very wary by the look in her eyes.

Clearing her throat and trying to make herself as clear as possible, she extended a refined hand. "Spencer. Women of same feather should stick together." She smiled warmly.

Taking the hand offered to her, Calleigh replied. "Calleigh and why don't you say it 'straight' out. There's no one here, but us." Her green eyes twinkling.

"Ha, straight. Nice choice of words. I would love to thank your wife as well. She helped me close a very difficult case about three months ago, and you were unreachable for personal reasons, I understand." Spencer shook Calleigh's hand firmly.

Shaking the woman's hand, Calleigh was slightly surprised at how calloused felt. This wasn't someone who stayed cooped up in an office, but actually did hard work. "Yes, we had some issues with a former co-worker that got out of hand, but have been back hard at for a few months now.

"I've had my fair share of office fodder... I'm happy to hear things are resolved." She smiled, releasing the blonde's hand, walking with her out of the conference room, her briefcase in one hand, while Calleigh carrying the large box with the files Ms. Hurst had requested per the case the next morning. Side by side they walked towards the DNA lab, though Spencer's strides were almost double Calleigh's since her legs were much longer.

Spotting her wife through the glass walls, Calleigh couldn't stop herself from smiling. Just seeing her did the most wonderfully strange things to her stomach... not to mention regions lower south.

Catching the blonde's love sick smile, Spencer opened the large class door for the much smaller woman and allowed her to go inside first. After seeing her through, she walked around the lab to make sure she wasn't disturbing any on-going investigations or evidence that may be under review; Spencer finally set down her brief case and then took the offending box from Calleigh's hands.

Thanking her, Calleigh turned to Natalia, watching her finish running a test for a blood match that they had found the day before at a scene. There had been so little physical evidence left by the perpetrator, that every bit that they could use was doubly important.

"Hey babe. Just... one..." She bite her lip lightly, tapping the printer as it printed out the results. "Sec..." She turned with a bright smile, despite her exhausting day thus far. "How is your day?" She walked over, passing over the results, and then noticed the box, now she wasn't tunnel vision, and the woman standing next to her.

Looking down at the paper, the blonde grinned as it showed that the business partner wasn't as much of a neat freak as he had hoped. They had him dead to rights. Glancing back to into chocolate eyes, she almost forgot what she was going to say next. "Good, but long."

Motioning to the woman next to her, she introduced Spencer to her wife.

"Spencer Hurst, the latest addition to the Miami Dade District Attorney's office." Spencer smiled widely, extending her hand the second time that morning to a DuVista woman. As soon as Natalia turned her eyes towards the attorney; a dark look settled across Spencer's chiseled features, but was instantly replaced by a mask of a smile.

"Pleasure Hurst." Shaking the hand with a light grin. As she let go, she tilted her head down a bit, her hair cascaded down over her features, resembling her cousin for a split second before looking up. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Clearing her throat and looked stunned for a moment, Spencer shook her head and smiled again. "Spencer please, I came to thank you for your work on the Del Toro's case, and I wouldn't have been able to seek such a hefty jail term if it hadn't been for your dedication." Scratching her chin, Spencer smoothed down her expensive vest and jacket before leaning against the table crossing her arms.

"I like definitive answers. We both do." She looked at Calleigh and grinned warmly. "I'm glad you are able to do something with the work we do. Cases stack too high for us to follow each one; it's good to hear the end result."

"I also came down because I hear things, even up in my hoity toity office so high in the sky..." Spencer joked lightly. "I wanted to meet the infamous DuVista women I've heard so much about."

Calleigh agreed. "Yeah, we get to see the beginning and the middle of the cases, but hardly ever the end results. And what exactly have you heard up in the rarified air of your hoity toity office."

"Quite a few things are good; I heard the wedding was beautiful and that there might be a beautiful addition to the DuVista family on the way." Spencer smiled warmly, her exotic features turning pleasant and charming.

Going over to stand beside her wife, Calleigh smiled up at her. "Yes, the wedding was amazing and so is my wife, as you can tell."

Running her fingers over her swollen belly, Natalia smiled down at it and then at her wife. She tilted her head slightly, sighing contently. "Indeed there is." She looked back at her wife with a loving and adoring look to replace the words she couldn't speak.

Taking a long look at the couple, Spencer silently agreed. "Actually your wife reminds of someone I knew a long time ago... " She smiled wistfully before patting the table top quietly, bending over to take the briefcase, then picking up the large case files, she stood up to her full height which was a few inches taller to Natalia's. "I'd like to take you to lunch some day when I'm not so loaded down with case files. I'll let you beautiful ladies get back to work, I have criminals to dissect." Spencer backed herself against the door, pushing it open, long legs carrying her in powerful strides out of sight down the hallway.

Calleigh watched the woman get all the way down the hall before she said anything to Natalia. "That is one unusual woman. I almost thought that she was coming on to me in the conference room. Would you believe that she actually had the nerve to ask Horatio to leave? But you gotta admit she's been putting away the bad guys."

"Your right, but I think it's her breeding, I get the feeling ADA Hurst is old money... Working in her kind of environment, facing the people she has to deal with though, I can just imagine her spine being pure steel." Natalia thought aloud, looking at the clock she noticed it was almost time for lunch. "As for her coming onto you... If she tries again, Miami will be in need of another ADA." She warned playfully.

Very aware that they were being watched by people walking by, Calleigh refrained from wrapping her arms around her wife. What was it about Natalia being pregnant that turned her on so?  All it seemed that she wanted to do was to take her someplace private and ravish her. 

"Darlin', you know that you're the only woman for me. Where else would I find someone else to make me bacon candy? Do you know how rare that is?"

Natalia couldn't keep herself from laughing. "God, I do love you so much Calleigh. You certainly have your priorities in order." Clearing her throat, she continued. "Jordan called and said that he wasn't able to make it for lunch so you stuck with just little ole me today."

Swiping her hair behind an ear, Calleigh grinned. "Good, I didn't feel like sharing you any more than I have to. Did you want me to call and order us a sandwich or do you want something else?"

"I would a love a tuna sandwich on whole wheat with avocado, sprouts, tomato and ranch dressing... with a scoop of pistachio ice cream and a peanut butter and chocolate milk shake."

With her eyes wide, Calleigh just stared for a few beats before she said. "Is that all? Anything else that you want?"

Thinking a moment, Natalia started to shake her head when she snapped her finger. "Yeah, a couple of California rolls."

Shaking her head and walking over to a phone, Calleigh couldn't help, but mumble to herself. "I thought that we were through with the cravings."

After placing the order, Calleigh turned back to her wife. "I'll leave the money at the front desk and have then bring it to you when it gets here. I've got to get back to back to Ballistics, so let me know when everything gets here."

As the blonde started to leave the lab, Natalia reached out to grab her arm. "You don't think that I'm fat and ugly, do you? You aren't interested in Ms. Hurst, are you?"

Calleigh didn't care who was watching or who saw what followed. She wrapped her arms around the brunette and drew her close, breathing in her sigh. "Talia, there is no one else on this earth that can take your place in my arms or in my heart. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met and since you've been pregnant, you've become even more beautiful.  There is no reason that you should ever doubt how I feel about you."

Rising up on her tiptoes, Calleigh placed a gentle kiss upon berry lips while threading her finger through caramel colored hair.

Closing her eyes and just enjoying the feel of her wife, Natalia held back the moan that threatened to slip past her lips. She knew that she was being silly and that Calleigh loved her, but she also knew that this was something that all pregnant women went through and that she would go through it again before she had their child.

Pulling away, she looked down into dark green eyes. What she saw there made her tighten up all over. "I'm sorry babe. I know that you love me, it's just..."

"There's no reason for you to apologize, darlin'." Placing another kiss on the tip of her nose, Calleigh smiled and headed towards her lab.

Later that afternoon, Calleigh looked up to see Eric standing in the doorway of the DNA lab, looking at Natalia. Without another thought, she pulled her sidearm. "Don't you even breathe Eric. I swear to God, I will shoot you if you even look at her funny."

Looking up at the commotion, Natalia paled as she caught sight of who it was. Stumbling back, it was only Valera's quick response that kept her from falling.

Holding his hands up and away from his side, Eric slowly turned around to face his former partner.
"You won't have to worry about me anymore Calleigh, I promise. This will the last time that you will see me. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I think that I would better off moving to Orlando. I  just wanted to come by to let you know that you won't have to look over your shoulder anymore.".

Turning towards Natalia, Eric took a step forward, then froze when he heard more than one gun hammer being pulled back. Still holding his arms out, he said. "I wanted you to know Natalia, that I really never meant to hurt you. We were close once and I will cherish that time for the rest of my life."

Turning back around he was faced with not only Calleigh with her gun drawn, but also with Horatio, Ryan, and Frank Tripp. "I'm sorry Calleigh. I wish that none of this ever happened, but rest assured that I will go through with our deal and I hope that one day that we will be able to be friends again."

Looking over to her boss, Calleigh holstered her weapon and went to stand toe to toe with her former partner. Speaking soft enough so only Eric could hear, she stated. "I don't ever want to see you again Eric. I don't care if you complete all your therapy and can prove that you are cured or whatever. I don't ever want to see you again and if I see you anywhere near Natalia, I'll kill you. It's just that simple. Okay?"

Turning back to Horatio, Calleigh questioned. "How did he get up here? He doesn't even have a visitor's badge."

Motioning to Ryan and Tripp to watch Eric, he put away his gun and walked over to take him by the arm to lead him out of the building. "I'll look into it Calleigh and trust me that heads will roll.  Let me escort him out and I'll be right back."

Dismissing. Eric from her mind as he was led away, Calleigh went into the DNA lab to comfort her wife. Walking over to her, Calleigh reached out to draw her into a hug. "He's gone darlin'. He's not going to hurt ever us again. I promise."

"Are you sure that he's gone?" Natalia couldn't stop shaking and she had broken out in a cold sweat.

"If I have to have him escorted to Orlando to make you feel better, I will." Calleigh offered.

Shaking her head, Natalia drew in a deep breath. "I just want to get out of here. Can we go?"

Calleigh turned to Ryan, instructing him that they were leaving and would be at home if Horatio needed them. Turning back to Natalia, she lead her outside to Natalia's vehicle and helped Natalia into the passenger side before going around to the driver's side and getting in.

Turning to Natalia, she saw that she was looking out the window, watching Horatio talk with Eric. They stayed that until the younger man got into his car and drove away.

Turning towards the parking lot, Horatio came over and motioned for Calleigh to roll down her window. "He's on his way to Orlando as we speak. He admitted to sneaking in to the department, but he wanted me to assure you that he won't be bothering you again. I did inform him that if he did, he would go directly to jail."

"We're heading home Horatio. We'll see you tomorrow." Rolling up the window, Calleigh started up the car and headed for home. During the ride, Natalia had kept a hold of Calleigh's hand, never letting it go.

Pulling into the garage, Calleigh turned off the Volvo, and brought Natalia's hand up to her lips to brush a gentle kiss across her knuckles. "Come on darlin'. I've got just the thing to help you calm down."

Getting out of the car, the blonde led her wife into and through the house into the back yard. Releasing her hand, Calleigh started to undress until she was standing there in only her bra and panties. Holding out her hand, she beckoned Natalia to join her in the pool.

Smiling, Natalia quickly stripped down, and upon taking Calleigh's hand, they walked down into the shallow end where Calleigh murmured. "Lean back baby. Let me support you and you just float around."

Sighing, Natalia leaned back and rested her head on Calleigh's shoulder. Closing her eyes, she blocked everything from her mind but the woman that was holding her and the sensation on utter tranquility that was slowly seeping into her body.

Calleigh moved them slowly around the pool, taking care to keep the waves very minimal so that Natalia could enjoy this quiet time. Eric showing up had thrown them both for a loop, more so for her wife as she is now concerned about their baby. Calleigh had been serious when she told him that she would kill him if he ever showed up around Natalia again. She would do anything to keep her family safe.

"Calleigh..." Jordan whispered softly. Ryan had called him earlier and informed him of Eric's impromptu visit to the lab. He'd also informed that both women were visibly shaken. After stopping by Del's, Jordan had picked up several things for dinner, planning to drop them off after checking up on them. Kneeling next to the pool, Jordan was as quiet as possible so as not to disturb Natalia relaxing.

Slowly maneuvering them so that she could look at the young man, Calleigh nodded her head in a greeting, not wanting to speak.

"I brought dinner from Del's..." Jordan motioned inside with his head, making a quick check over Natalia to make sure she was completely unharmed. Jordan stood up slowly. "It's still warm. Call me if you need anything else tonight okay?" He smiled.

Large chocolate brown eye's fluttered open when Natalia heard her cousin's voice. "Jordy..." She smiled waving at him happily, now alone, safe and secure in Calleigh's arms.

"Hey Natty! You doing okay?" The young man looked at her with a concerned face. He wanted the pregnancy to go as smoothly as possible and he felt that it was his responsibility to keep it that way.

Taking her head off Calleigh's shoulder, Natalia floated closer to the edge and allowed the enormous man to lift her easily and gently from the pool water. Once she was on the deck safe and sound, he ran inside to fetch them both towels. Finally resting for a moment as she wrapped the towel around her, standing next to Calleigh, she took a deep breath. "Better today..."

Smiling at his cousin, Jordan backed away. "I brought you dinner from Del's. Thought that you might want to have an easy night. Sonia said to give her a shout sometime if you wanted to get together."

"Jordan... wait." Natalia put a hand on his massive arm, stopping him. "We saw Grayson this morning." She waited for his reaction, when his smile faltered, she knew he'd seen her, or known that Grayson was in town. "I know... She left me something, she also took something's from the Complex." He sighed walking inside, pulling out their meals.

Picking up and putting on their clothes and following the young man inside, the women stood in the doorway for a moment, watching him. Calleigh could tell that he was thinking about his sister and that he had really wanted to see her. "Hey Bear; do you wanna see what Grayson brought us?"

Smiling at them, Jordan nodded. "I'll show you what she left me, if I can see what she left you." He rubbed his hands together, making sure their meal was laid out fully to his satisfaction, he then allowed Calleigh and Natalia to lead him with his eyes closed to the baby's eventual room.

Opening the door, Calleigh let Natalia lead her cousin in, to stand in front of the crib; smiling at the way that the huge man looked in front of the tiny bed.

Kneeling down next to it, Jordan ran his hands over the small piece of furniture. His sister had really out done herself this time, Grayson was known to have several talents in her hands, furniture was one of them. The vines that were carved into the rails, the crest that would be poised above the baby's head, it was a beautiful piece of work. A lone tear slipped down his cheek and he wiped it away quickly. "Just remember when she comes back, you have to tell her to limit the gifts to one a day." He chuckled softly standing up.

"Yeah, I think that we probably will." Natalia agreed. "If not, we're going to have to get a bigger house." She rubbed the big man's back, glad that she was able to share this time with him.

"You know if you want a bigger house... that's easily taken care of." He rubbed his hands together suggestively. "Anywhere in the world, price is no object, anything you can dream, we can make... I can make." He corrected himself; he didn't know when his sister was coming home, if she was coming home at all. Shaking the morose thought from his mind, he took both of the women by their hands, leading them back into the kitchen. After they had begun to eat, Jordan pulled an enormous photo album out of a satchel and laid it on the table. In bold old English across the top of the book were the words 'The Twins'. It was a photo album of Jordan and Grayson.

Natalia's eyes went wide at the possibility of learning more about her cousins. Pushing aside the food, she reached for the book, eager to see the younger version of the man sitting across from her.

"She took it from my Grandfather's house; that was the last place I saw it." His voice was quiet; he knew what it must have cost her to steal it from the cruel man. As Natalia began to flip through the pictures, Jordan smiled, pictures of them riding horses together during the summers, a picture of Gray floating around at the end of a dock while Jordan handed her a bottle of water when they were ten, another picture of them receiving high school diploma's, though from different schools. Jordan dressed in white, as he'd attend a school in Hawaii, and Grayson in traditional black, having attended a boarding school in Munich.

After informing Natalia and Calleigh that they could keep album, Jordan made his exit after kissing them both good night, he knelt next to Natalia, talking to the baby. "Your Aunt Grayson misses and loves you very much. I love you too... baby alien." He whispered laughing. "I hear you look like an alien before you're born... I love you little one, see you tomorrow." He kissed her belly softly, standing up.

"Are you sure that you don't want to stay a bit longer, Jordan? We can watch a movie after we're finished eating." Calleigh softly asked.

Shaking his head, Jordan headed for the front door. "Nah, I've got to take a quick nap as I have to cover the bar tonight. My bartender called in sick and my back up can't get there until almost eleven. I'll check in with you tomorrow though."

After the young man walked out, leaving the women alone, Calleigh turned to her wife. "He's almost lost without Grayson. Other than school, I don't think that they've ever been apart for a long period of time, and he's at a loss for something to do."

Nodding her head, Natalia continued to look through the album. "Maybe he could go to school and take a couple of classes, or get a job. I don't know."

Pushing away her plate, Calleigh leaned back in her chair and looked over to her wife. All Natalia wanted was for her family to be happy, but Calleigh wasn't sure if that was in the cards for the Cerano twins. Sonia was still waiting for Grayson to return and the pain in her eyes sometimes was almost too much to bear. She couldn't imagine what the young woman was going through, the not knowing was probably hell.

Gazing at Natalia's face, Calleigh smiled at the love that was evident as she looked at the pictures. It was the same look that she had whenever she looked at Calleigh from across the room or the way that she looked at her first thing in the morning.

Finishing their meal and pouring over pictures of the twins at so many different ages, Natalia noticed the pictures only extended to the time they were sixteen, that must have been when Grayson had began to work.

Sighing and shutting the leather bound album, Natalia laced Calleigh's fingers through her own, and tugging her out of the chair towards the bedroom, she stopped at the foot of their bed. Kissing Calleigh passionately, Natalia whimpered. "I need you Calleigh..." She pleaded against soft pink lips. The hormones were almost making it impossible to think straight, let alone move her hands along her own body.

Moaning against Natalia's lips, Calleigh ran her tongue over a berry colored bottom lip, while her hands roamed over her very rounded body. Natalia's belly was full against her, and as the blonde lightly pressed against it, she could feel tiny flutters.

"Every time we are even remotely touching or near one another; there's kicking... When we make love... Well you get the idea..." Natalia blushed heavily down her cheeks, and across her chest looking down into her wife's beautiful green eyes.

Brushing her lips against the blondes, Natalia silently agreed, tangling her hands in silken corn colored hair. Moaning hotly into the waiting mouth, Natalia clawed at her own clothes in a hurry to feel her skin against Calleigh's.

Calleigh reached out and stopped her hands. "Slow down baby. We've got all the time in the world." Reaching up, she removed Natalia's shirt, then bent her head to kiss the top of her full breasts; which were heavier now as her body prepared for the upcoming birth.

Her skin had become even more sensitive than normal as the due date became nearer, Natalia gasped, her hands tugging Calleigh's mouth closer to her. "I love the way you touch me." She whimpered.

Running her tongue along the edge of the lacey white bra, Calleigh moved her hands down lower, to unfasten the snap on her pants, sliding her hands in and around over her ass, while her lips continued a downward trek between Natalia's breasts to the top of the curve of her belly.

Deep inside her belly, the baby kicked hard against Calleigh's lips, his tiny fists pressing up against her presence as if feeling her in spirit. Natalia gasped her head falling back. "Cal... babe I need to lay down."

Pushing her pants off, Calleigh helped her wife lie back on their bed before stripping her own clothes off to join her. Lying on her side, she draped on leg between Natalia's while her fingers traced patterns over her belly.

Natalia's own hands ran gently over Calleigh's beautiful features, taking her time before her lips followed her fingertips. Their kisses began to mount in passion as Natalia began to crave her wife's touch more and more. "Calleigh... please..." She whispered taking the blondes hands in her own kissing each fingertip softly, pleadingly.

"What baby... Tell me what you want... Tell me what you need." Rising to her knees, Calleigh looked down upon her wife and swore that there wasn't anything more beautiful in the world.

"I want you to make love to me..." Natalia pleaded softly, her hands cupping Calleigh's face as her thumb traced over her bottom lip. She needed to feel the raw intimacy of that moment, her insecurities over her own body surfacing.

Moving down Natalia's body, Calleigh let her lips and tongue follow the same path that her fingers took, teasing and tempting bits of silky skin here and there, licking and nibbling sensitive areas that made the brunette squirm.

Unable to arch her back due to her swollen midsection, Natalia's hands fisted into the sheets, tugging the fitted cover from the mattress. Whimpering to Calleigh how amazing it was to be her wife, Natalia's eyes began to close slowly in pleasure.

Murmuring. "The pleasure is all mine." Calleigh slid off the edge of the bed and positioned herself between Natalia's legs, dipping her head down until she could lightly run her tongue between her folds. Inhaling Natalia's musky essence, Calleigh couldn't keep from moaning as the first taste swept into her mouth.

"Cal... LEIGH..." Natalia gasped, her eyes flying open before rolling back as her head twisted the side, she actually heard the sheets rip in her hands. She couldn't see her wife pleasuring her, but she didn't need to, as long as she could see her in her heart, Natalia was happy. The baby kicked against her stomach at the first touch of her wife's tongue and Natalia had to lay a hand across her stomach to calm the unborn child.

The taste of Natalia had changed ever since she became pregnant, and Calleigh had to admit, her wife had never tasted sweeter. It was like her body knew that she was carrying a pure love and her essence proved it. Holding Natalia's thighs apart, Calleigh pressed her mouth hard against her opening, delving deep inside to touch her g spot.

Biting her lip, trying to last longer Natalia gasped again, she could feel herself clench around Calleigh's tongue. However, when the blonde teased her g spot, Natalia sudden became still in her wife's arms before beginning to shake uncontrollably.

Bringing up one hand, Calleigh flicked Natalia's clit, once, twice, then a third time while continuing to enjoy everything that Natalia's body gave her.

Whimpering, Natalia felt her eyelids flutter as she toppled over the edge for a second time, she gasped for her wife. "Calleigh... please kiss me..." She pleaded.

Giving one final lick to the tiny bundle of nerves, Calleigh crawled up beside her wife to tangle her hands in damp hair, slanting her mouth over Natalia's, sliding her tongue into another warm, moist opening.

Moaning deeply at the taste of herself on her wife's lips, Natalia's hands traced down Calleigh's stomach, before her hand slid through damp curls and pushing inside her wife with two strong fingers, curling them forwards.

Moaning into the kiss, but not breaking it, Calleigh scooted up higher so that Natalia would be more comfortable, then she changed her mind. Breaking the kiss and reaching down to pull out Natalia's fingers, Calleigh positioned herself over her wife face and held onto to the headboard. Looking down, she stared into lusty black eyes. "Eat me."

Licking her lips in anticipation, Natalia's hands traced shaking up the sides of Calleigh's hips, urging her to lower herself onto waiting lips. As soon as she came within reach, Natalia wrapped her lips around her clit, massaging, flicking, teasing, circling.

Throwing her head back her eyes closing, Calleigh dug her nails into the back of the headboard. She knew that if they ever got a new bed that explaining all of the nail marks would be hell, but oh so worth it.

Pulling her lips back only to bite and nip along the high insides of Calleigh's thighs to tease her after just touching her so intimately seemed cruel, but Natalia had a purpose. "Watch me." She all but commanded. Returning to her task, she slid her tongue deep inside her wife, moaning deep in the back of her throat at how truly warm and wet Calleigh was for her.

Dropping her head down, her golden hair hanging like curtains of golden grain, Calleigh looked down into Natalia's face, watching as she pleasured her with her tongue.

Natalia stared right back into Calleigh's eyes, never breaking the moment, as her tongue traced up to circle her clit slowly before sucking it into her mouth fully, her middle and index finger slid in to replace her tongue, gently stroking inside Calleigh firmly.

"Talia... aw fuck." Calleigh growled out. She felt herself beginning to tighten, but wanted it to last so much longer. The sounds that floated up from Natalia's mouth were sending her closer to the edge. Everything about her wife had her on edge almost twenty-four/seven now. She didn't know if it was sympathy pregnant hormone, but the blonde just loved it.

Pulling out two fingers, her darker wife pushed three back inside Calleigh, her teeth scrapping the top of her clit before soothing it with her tongue, continuing to slowly tear the blonde apart from the inside out. Natalia could literally spend all day thinking of ways to pleasure Calleigh, and she had done so many, many times.

Gasping for breath, Calleigh struggled to keep her eyes on Natalia's, as all they wanted to do was to roll back. Biting her bottom lip, she moved her hips with the thrusts, trying to force Natalia in deeper, filling her completely.

Natalia stilled for one perfect moment, realizing what Calleigh needed, she complied, tucking her fingers down and in, she filled the blonde slowly.

Her breath escaping, Calleigh moaned as she was filled, rising and lowering herself slowly, she felt herself racing towards the edge that only Natalia could take her to. Riding the hand, Calleigh threw her head pack, panting with exertion as explosion erupted behind her eyelids and her nerves were firing at a million times per second, Her body became overloaded and for one perfect moment, everything aligned and all the world was right.

Gently stilling her hand before fluttering her fingers softly, Natalia withdrew mid orgasm, as the muscles relaxed, taking special attention to make sure Calleigh wasn't ever in the slightest bit of discomfort. Helping the shaky blonde into her arms, the two mirror opposites of love joined in a simple passionate kiss.

"Thank you darlin'... That was amazing." Calleigh breathed against Natalia's lips.

"Anytime... Anyplace... Anywhere... Forever..." Natalia hummed back, their bodies instinctively wrapping around one another.

Closing their eyes, the two women were soon sound asleep.

Part 15

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