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By sinjenkai


Part 15

The sun was peeking through the venetian blinds leaving bands of light across the two women still sleeping soundly wrapped around each other.

Eyes fluttering open at the first kicks their baby used to announce his wakefulness, Natalia groaned, tightening her grasp around Calleigh, burying her head in the corn silk hair.

"Morning darlin'. Are you ready to face the day?" Calleigh's sleep roughened voice, drifted on the morning air.

Without a second thought, Natalia leaned over Calleigh, effectively trapping their lips together in a slow lengthy kiss, only then did Natalia finally answer her wife. "I am now.." Smiling cheekily.

Grinning widely, Calleigh agreed. "Me too." Running her hands along the tempting bronze body snuggled up to her, the blonde nudged Natalia onto her back so that she could have her morning talk with their child. "Morning Little One. This is momma again. Today were are going to see if you are a little boy or a little girl so we can decide on a name. So I want you to smile real big for the camera. And just for the record, thanks for letting mommy sleep through the night last night. We both really appreciate it."

Laughing at Calleigh's sentiments about smiling for the camera and letting her sleep through the night, Natalia ran her hands through Calleigh's hair lovingly. "I love you more than anything in the world... Do you know that?" She spoke softly to both their baby and her wife.

"Yes I do babe, and I love you just as much." Leaning forward, Calleigh kissed Natalia's belly. "And I love you too Little One. Just remember to smile, alright?"

As if answering her, a tiny fist pushed against Natalia's stomach, making the brunette smile and a small tear to slip down her cheek. "I hope the Little One has your smile." Then as if rethinking that, she laughed. "I take that back, preschool is too early for that kind of charm."

Raising her head to look her wife in the eyes, Calleigh let her Southern drawl completely out. "Darlin', it is neva' too early to let the DuVista charm loose. Our chil' will be the envy of all."

"I love your accent.. Especially when I'm making love to you." Natalia breathed out, sliding Calleigh's body up to meet her nose to nose. She kissed her passionately, taking her time to drawn out the kiss, letting the blonde understand exactly what her accent did to her.

"You do now do you? I think that I can charm you, right out of your clothes." Looking underneath the sheet, Calleigh chuckled. "See it already worked."

The deep laugh that rolled from deep within her, shook Natalia to her core, her cheeks blushing in amusement. "Baby, that was a good one..." She rubbed their noses together, wrapping her arms tighter around Calleigh, knowing they had to get up soon, but wanting to stay in bed for just a bit longer.

Looking smug, Calleigh nuzzled her nose underneath Natalia's chin. "Thank you darlin'. I thought that it was too," Sighing in contentment, she placed her hand over Natalia's atop her swollen belly, feeling their child move around.

Covering her wife's hand with her own, Natalia closed her eyes for several long moments. When she opened them, she groaned at the time. "We are going to be late if we don't get moving." Natalia whined sadly as Calleigh moved back, but not before kissing her. The blonde helped her stand and they walked into the bathroom together, taking care of morning needs, showering quickly, they both dressed and were rushing out the door to keep their appointment.

They were walking into Dr. O'Conner's office right on time and Calleigh went up to register them as Natalia took a seat. Taking the empty seat next to her, the blonde smiled. "Told you that I would get us here on time."

"You cheated... You can't just put the little light on whenever you want Calleigh." Natalia wagged a finger at her wife. "You'll set a bad example..."

"I just did it once... okay twice, but it was for a good reason." Calleigh pretended to sulk.

"Grayson was right... You start abusing power once... And it'll grow on you." Natalia whispered, laughing, she patted her wife's thigh teasingly.

Crossing her arms across her chest, Calleigh slunk down lower in her chair. "Fine, next time you drive."

Natalia laughed, but before she could answer, Dr. O'Conner called them back into one of his examination rooms, he left them alone so that Natalia could become comfortable. He returned, pulling up a chair next to the brunette and Calleigh. "Good morning ladies... How are you both doing?" He smiled, clasping his hands together pleasantly.

Calleigh couldn't help, but grin. "We're doing great. Talia has been taking her vitamins, doing her exercises and we went to our first birthing class last week."

"How is the morning sickness? Still bothering you?" He indicated that Calleigh should lift the hem of Natalia's shirt, when she did, he lowered the tube of cold liquid to spread it across Natalia's swollen belly.

"Ooo, that's cold. No more morning sickness, but the craving are still showing up every once in awhile. I'm driving Cal here up the wall, sending her out for strange food." Natalia shivered a bit with the jelly.

"I'm sure Jordan is turning into quite the mother hen..." Dr.. O'Conner laughed quietly as he turned on the sonogram machine, the small instrument in his hand roving over Natalia's belly, slowly trying to find the babies exact location.

Both women went silent and just concentrated on the screen, trying to discern their babies outline. The scanner moved slowly across Natalia's belly until the doctor found their babies head.

"Hello there, Little DuVista. How are you doing today?"

Taking several long moments Dr. O'Conner finally asserted the sex of the baby, pushing the print button, he replaced the small device back into the machine after cleaning it off. He handed the picture to Natalia and Calleigh, cleaning off Natalia's belly afterwards. Pulling her shirt back down, he folded pale hands, smiling at them. "Would you like to know the sex?"

Looking at each other, the two women nodded their heads while holding each other's hands. "Yes, we want to know."

"You're going to have a little boy." He clasped both hands over their shoulder, squeezing softly before mentioning under his breath to see the nurse for a follow up the week after next, he left them alone.

Slowly Calleigh turned to look at her wife, her eyes wide. "We're having a son!"

All Natalia could do was smile, looking from her belly, to the picture, to the beautiful blonde next to her.

"We're having a boy, Talia! A little boy that looks exactly like you." Calleigh leaned over to place a gentle kiss on Natalia's stomach and then a slow lingering kiss was given to her wife.

Tears sprang to her eyes, ignoring them, she kissed Calleigh back, softly taking both of their hands and resting them on her belly, over their son. "Now we can name him, pick out God parents, paint his room..." She rambled softly against pink lips.

Bringing her hands up to frame the lovely face in front of her, Calleigh stared into warm copper colored eyes. "We don't have to do it all today baby, but we can start thinking about names."

Smiling Natalia nodded, kissing Calleigh again, she thought for a moment. "I always liked Matteo..." She whispered.

Leaning forward to gently brush her lips against her wife's. "I think that Matteo is a wonderful name for our son." Calleigh whispered, between each word, she kissed her wife.

Giggling at her kisses, Natalia agreed. "But for the first name, I like Caden." She waited to see Calleigh's reaction to her idea of using the blonde's Grandfather as a namesake for their son. "Caden Matteo DuVista?" She rolled it around for thought.

Tears sprang into her eyes and Calleigh swallowed hard before she answered. "I think that it's a perfect name."

Smiling happily that her choice in names was pleasing to her wife, Natalia gently kissed Calleigh. "I'm glad you like it. Caden thinks we're going to be late for work though." She patted her tummy fondly at his little kicks.

Helping Natalia off the table, Calleigh pondered. "I wonder if it's too early to start buying cigars."

"Where is Grayson when you really need her, right?" Natalia kidded as they made their way towards the nurse to schedule a follow up appointment, afterwards they walked hand in hand towards the parking lot.

"I can buy my own cigars darlin'. That's my right as a momma." Calleigh was still grinning, her green eyes sparkling, and with a spring in her step.

"I know, just teasing... " Natalia shrugged, kissing Calleigh's temple as the blonde held the Volvo's door open for her. After another soft kiss, the blonde rushed around to the other side and they were at the Lab in minutes. Separating after a steamy kiss in the parking lot, they each went their own way once inside.

For the rest of the day, Calleigh couldn't quit smiling. She walked around the department, greeting everyone she met, she didn't care if she didn't know them, she said hello. And every time that she passed the DNA lad, she'd look in and grin at her wife.

Natalia also couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Part of her wished that they hadn't agreed to keep it secret for a couple of days so that they could tell their family first, but she did refrain herself.

By the time the workday ended, both women were more than ready to leave. Stopping by Ballistics, Natalia leaned against a desk, watching Calleigh test fire a handgun and she had to admit, watching the blonde with a gun was downright sexy.

Turning around, Calleigh caught the look in her wife's eyes and smiled. "See something that you like darlin'?"

"You have no idea how much I like what I see. In fact, I will show you how much I do once we get home."

Removing the magazine from the gun and clearing the chamber, Calleigh placed everything down on the worktable before strolling over to her wife, watching her eyes travel up and down her body.

"Hmm, that sounds like an offer that I can't refuse."

Natalia raked her eyes up over Calleigh's beautiful body. Dear God, the woman was heartbreaking, a complete vision and she belonged to Natalia. Her pride at being Calleigh's wife was only outshined by her love for the woman, the person who completed her so easily. Taking the blonde's hand, she bit her lip, looking down at Calleigh through her lashes. "Then let's get out of here."

Looking into warm copper eyes, Calleigh almost lost her train of thought. "Uh, would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner this evening? I have some place special that I'd like to take you."

Fingering her wedding ring that was hanging on the delicate platinum chain beneath her clothing, Natalia tightened her grip on Calleigh's with her other hand. "I would love to."

Leaving instructions for the night shift, Calleigh led the way out to the parking lot, and held opened the passenger side door open on the Volvo for Natalia. After making sure that she was safely inside, she went around the car and got inside. Leaning over, she gave Natalia a tender kiss. "Hello my love. How was your day and how is our son?"

"Caden is in a good mood, he let mommy work all day... Didn't you?" Natalia cooed, rubbing her stomach affection ally, drawing Calleigh's hand over her swollen midsection, looking downwards.

Smiling, Calleigh leaned over to place a kiss on Natalia's stomach. "Thank you little man. We're going to some place special right now and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we will."

Starting the car, the blonde headed towards the Loews Hotel down in the South Beach area. Pulling up to valet, Calleigh got and by the time that she got around to the passenger side, Natalia had been helped out.

Smiling, the half Puerto Rican, half-Italian woman was practically glowing in the fading Miami sun. Being pregnant definitely agreed with Natalia as several men stopped and stared with interested looks in their eyes. She of course, had eyes only for Calleigh, who she couldn't stop staring at.

Leading the way, Calleigh walked them towards Emeril's Miami Beach Restaurant and up to the reception desk.

A stylishly dress young woman, smiled and asked if they had a reservation. "Yes, Calleigh DuVista for six o'clock." The blonde barely looked at the woman as her concentration was on her wife.

Arching eyebrow at the appreciative gaze traveling over her body, she shot Calleigh a look, ignoring the woman, she brought their joined hands to her lips. Making sure that Calleigh's wedding ring was visible, she kissed her wife's knuckles. "I wanted to tell you that your ass looks amazing in those pants Mrs. DuVista."

"Well, I just want to tell you that you look lovely out of those clothes, Mrs. DuVista." Calleigh smirked as they were lead out to the terrace where there was a table for two set up.

It still made Natalia's insides flutter when Calleigh, always the chivalrous well-mannered woman, pulled out her chair for her, before seating herself. Picking up her menu, she bit her lip, thinking nothing on the menu was as delicious as the woman sitting across from her.

"Would you mind darlin', if I ordered for you?" Calleigh queried.

Taking her time to trace the delicate bones in her wife's hand, Natalia shook her head that no she wouldn't mind. "Actually I find it adorable..." 'and incredibly sexy', she added to herself, quietly running her foot up the insides of Calleigh's calf, keeping a straight face.

Clearing her throat, Calleigh placed their orders and handed the menus back to their waitress. Waiting until the woman had walked away, the blonde turned to her wife. "If you keep this up, we're gonna create a spectacle of ourselves."

"With the stares we received on the way in, I doubt it would be protested." Natalia laughed to herself, one hand over her lips, but dropping her foot with a coy smile.

"Maybe so, but I don't share you with anyone." Calleigh leaned in for a kiss, running her tongue over Natalia's bottom lip before receiving permission to enter.

Whimpering under the spectacular assault of her wife's soft pink lips, Natalia sighed into Calleigh's mouth happily. There was no one else she would rather be with and nowhere else she would rather be. Thanking God for each and every wonderful thing about the blonde she could name of the top of her head, Natalia broke the kiss. "You keep this up and we will create a spectacle." Natalia whispered softly.

Leaning back, Calleigh took a sip of water. "Alright, I can wait until we get home... It will be hard, but I can wait."

"Hard doesn't even begin to cover it... Torture, cruel and unusual punishment are better suited for what waiting to touch you is like." Natalia answered her wife playfully.

Leaning back forward, Calleigh teased. "No... That's for dessert."

Privately agreeing with the blonde, Natalia returned to teasing her wife.

Their salads arrived just in time to save Calleigh from totally losing it and taking her wife on the table. For Natalia, Calleigh had ordered fresh slices of mozzarella with tomato slices with an olive oil and balsamic drizzle and for herself fresh tuna and butter lettuce wraps.

Chuckling at the distraction of food, Natalia's tummy felt a small kick at the emotions the food and Calleigh were evoking in her. "This looks so good baby."

Taking a bite of the wrap, Calleigh closed her eyes and moaned. Chewing slowly and then finally swallowing, "And it taste almost as good as you."

It took every bit of self-control Natalia possessed to not drop the food and walk out of the restaurant with Calleigh over her shoulder. "You are killing me Cal..."

Leaning over to lick a drop of oil that was on the corner of Natalia's mouth, Calleigh murmured. "It's a dirty job, but I do it very well."

Growling, Natalia dropped her hand to the inside of her wife's thigh, dragging her nails upwards towards the inviting heat she knew she would find should she push past clothing barriers. She whispered softly. "Let's get through dinner please... Because I am slowly losing the ability to keep my hands to myself."

Scooting back her chair a bit, Calleigh coughed. "I'm sorry darlin', I'll behave. I do want this night to be special."

Kissing her wife's cheek, the brunette retracted her hand and finished her salad. The conversation as always turned back to work, thoughts of the baby, anything that had to do with babysitting of course fell to Jordan. It seemed the male influence had already been filled in their son's life, without a second thought, a warm feeling cascaded over Natalia, causing a tear to slip happily down her cheek.

Alarmed, Calleigh reached over to wipe the diamond like spot off her wife's face. "What's the matter my love?"

"Our family is coming together so perfectly..." Natalia kissed the palm next to her cheek, holding it there, staring deep into Calleigh's eyes. "I can already see us taking Caden to his first day of preschool. I'll cry hysterically and you'll hold me. When he gets into a fist fight at school for someone picking on him, I'll tell him that violence is wrong and you'll tell him to let them start it so that he can finish it." She laughed softly, shaking her head in amusement.

Calleigh smiled. "Darlin', whatever Caden does, he will know that he has two loving parents behind him, backing him up on everything that he does."

"Exactly." She stared deep into the blonde's eyes. Throughout dinner, she waited expectantly for Calleigh's surprise. "Alright Bullet Girl... What's the surprise." She smiled at her wife.

Trying to looked shocked, Calleigh held a hand to her chest. "Why do you think that I have a surprise? Can't I just take my wife out for a special dinner?"

Softening her looks at once, Natalia scooted closer to Calleigh. "I'm sorry baby... you're right... Sometimes I think I know you.. and then you surprise me all over again. It's one of those eight million reasons I love you." the brunette whispered, chastised.

"Darlin', there's no reason that you should apologize." Nodding her head, she motioned towards the doorway for Natalia to see Emeril Lagasse pushing out a food cart with a red velvet cake topped with sparklers and a LSU football beside of it. As the cake got closer, Natalia could see that 'It's A Boy!' was decorated on top of the cake.

Emeril pushed the cart up to the table before coming around to kiss Calleigh on both cheeks. "Miss Calleigh! Congratulations!" Kissing the chef back, Calleigh thanked him and then held out her hand to introduce him to Natalia. "Emeril, may I introduce you to my wife, Natalia DuVista."

Staring at her wife, then at the chef Natalia blushed in pride extending a hand to shake the chefs.

Shaking his head, Emeril bypassed her hand to give her a hug and to kiss her on both cheeks. "No cher, we greet the New Orleans way. It is my pleasure to meet you and to welcome you to my restaurant. I do hope that when your son is born, that you allow me the honor of throwing him a party, Emeril style."

Hugging him with enthusiasm, Natalia eagerly accepted his offer. "No, thank you for having us... I would love for you to throw a party for our young Caden." She rubbed her hand affectionately over her midsection, smiling at Calleigh fondly.

"Please sit down Miss Natalia, and let me serve you." Taking out the sparklers, then handing the brunette the football, Emeril cut thick slices of the cake and placed them in front of the two women. Calleigh invited him to sit with them, but he declined, stating that he unfortunately had other guests. "Next time though Miss Natalia, I'll sit and tell you stories about your wife here."

"I would love to hear stories about Calleigh." Natalia laughed, pinching her wife playfully under the curve of her arm. Taking the football, she raised an eyebrow knowing LSU was Calleigh's old stomping grounds.

Standing up, Calleigh hugged her old friend, quietly thanking him for the surprise. After he walked off, she sat back down, taking her wife's hand. "I know that Caden in truly our son, but I can't tell you what I'm feeling. Today is a day that will live in my memory forever."

Holding the football close to her chest, Natalia looked over lovingly. "Then take me home and show me how you feel." she whispered seductively.

Calling for and paying for the check, Calleigh held Natalia's chair as she stood up and escorted her out to the curb. Reluctantly, she allowed the valet to help her wife into the car for the only reason that she got into the car at the same time and they were soon on their way home.

After Calleigh had helped her out of the Volvo, Natalia held the football and left over cake while her wife unlocked the garage door. Placing everything in its appropriate place, she lead Calleigh into the bedroom, kissing her after pining her to the bedroom door.

Slipping her hands underneath Natalia's shirt, Calleigh slowly drew it up over her head, leaving her standing there in cream-colored pants and a pale green lace bra that was barely containing her breasts. Bending her head, the blonde placed gentle kisses on the luscious swells.

Tangling hands in honey wheat colored hair, the taller woman arched her chest towards her wife's questing tongue. "Calleigh..." She whispered softly, bringing her closer.

Bringing up her hands to cup Natalia's breasts, Calleigh gently squeezed them before reaching behind her to unhook her bra.

Lowering her arms, Natalia allowed her wife to toss the undergarment away. Walking them backwards towards the bed, barely able to stand under the touch of Calleigh's lips on her body.

When the bed was behind Natalia's knees, Calleigh stopped her, reaching down to unfasten her pants and slid them off, along with her shoes. on her way back up, the blonde lightly ran her fingernails up Natalia's thighs, creating goose bumps in their wake.

"Jesus... Cal..." Natalia felt her knees began to buckle. "I need to lay down."

Sighing, Calleigh helped her lay down, settling herself between her legs. Leaning forward, she trailed gentle kisses against her thighs slowly trekking up to the center of her core. Breathing in, she hummed as she laved the tiny little bundle of nerves that seemed to beg for attention.

Naturally the brunettes legs fell open, her back arching against Calleigh's hot mouth. "Fuck... Calleigh..." Her hands fisted in soft sheets, her head twisting into the pillow.

Placing her hands underneath Natalia's thighs, Calleigh lifted them over her shoulders, crushing her mouth harder against her opening, delving her tongue as deeply as it could go. Curling it up, she stroked it against the one spot that drove Natalia over the edge.

Every muscle she could still continue to feel at that moment felt like it had been dipped into ice water, then in melting steel, as her body went limp against Calleigh, but not before arching skyward. "CALLEIGH!" She cried out, her walls thrumming around Calleigh's tongue as her wife drove her over the edge into oblivion.

Reaching up with one hand, Calleigh tangled her fingers with Natalia's, holding on as her wife fell over the edge, anchoring her as close to her as she could.

Whimpering for her wife to kiss her, Natalia hummed contently when Calleigh complied, taking her in strong comforting arms.

Kissing her softly, Calleigh moaned as her tongue was drawn into Natalia's mouth.

Pushing blonde hair out of sparkling emerald eyes, Natalia whispered to Calleigh, pulling their lips together between words for random kisses. "I am the luckiest woman alive..." Kiss, nibble, bite. "How did I get so lucky?" She ran her hands down the outsides of Calleigh's thighs, shivering at the overheated skin. "I'm not Irish... I don't have any kind of good luck charm either..." she teased.

Drawing her lips down Natalia's bronze neck, Calleigh marked her right where the shoulder met her neck. "I don't need a good luck charm as long as I have you in my life and in my arms."

"Oh really..." Natalia thought of the rabbit's foot she'd seen on Calleigh's gym bag. There were two; one royal purple, one yellow, though later she knew they were just to support her college proudly. Turning her head and allowing her wife better access, she brought her thigh into contact with the blonde's dripping center, her hands gravitating to her hips, causing a natural rhythm between them.

Carefully grinding against Natalia's leg, Calleigh made sure that she didn't put any pressure on her stomach, but there wasn't any way that she was going to stop her movement. It felt too damn good.

Her fingers trailed down the blonde's stomach before sliding deeply into Calleigh, flicking her fingertips with each stroke, Natalia crushed their lips together, hungrily seeking out the blonde's tongue.

Moaning into Natalia's mouth, Calleigh was barely hanging onto consciousness as her body rushed towards oblivion. The feelings had never been stronger than at that moment, it was just Natalia, her and their son; all experiencing pure love at once before the blonde collapsed next to her wife.

Kissing a sweat soaked brow, the taller woman nuzzled their noses together as she watched and comforted her wife coming down from her high. The trembling body in her arms was stunning, her eyes closed in the perfection of the moment, becoming almost too much for to bear.

"Babe, are you alright? I didn't hurt you or Caden did I?" Calleigh asked worriedly.

"No, no, no, no.. shhh no. My hormones make me super emotional." She explained softly, opening her eyes, kissing her to reassure. "I love you so much that it hurts sometimes... like a shot to my heart... I wouldn't change a minute of what we have."

Wrapping herself as close as she could around her wife, Calleigh gazed into her eyes before laying her head on her shoulder. "You won't ever have to darlin'. It's only going to get better from here on in."

Closing her eyes, Natalia laid her head atop the golden hair, breathing in the scent that was all Calleigh. "Promise."

"I promise." Drifted up, followed by a sleepy sigh.

Part 16

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