To take part in the challenge you simply have to choose a cliché from the list below and write a story featuring your favourite femslash pairing. Simple.


About to die, must have sex
Aliens made us do it
Ann Whose Life is It Anyway? The Facts of Life (Jo/Blair)
Aphrodisiacs/Sex pollen
angharad governal the one with wonder woman and the sex pollen Wonder Woman (Diana/Artemis)
Argument turns to passion
Caught masturbating
Everyone thinks we're doing it
Forced marriage
Forced to share a bed/sleeping bag/tent
7th-key atTENTion The Facts of Life (Jo/Blair)
Fuzzy morning after or "do you remember what we did last night?"
Ann It Happened One Night Murder in Suburbia (Ash/Scribbs)
Huddling for warmth
bank_farter If You're So Tired... Psych (Vick/O'Hara)
Multiple universes (the characters meet versions of themselves from a parallel universe)
Jaina How It Shouldn't Have Gone NCIS (Abby/Ziva)
Outsidethebx Her Results Scrubs (Elliot/Jordan)
Slave fic
Trapped together in a cave, shack, turbolift, etc.
Undercover as a prostitute
Undercover as lovers or a married couple
ralst Voices in the Night Birds of Prey (Barbara/Helena)


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