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C is for Collapse
By fickitten


You think that carrying this much guilt and pain around should surely be able to crush a person, as you stare around at what's left of Cassie's belongings. You volunteered to pack them up with a heavy heart, knowing the truth of Cassie's fate and unable to say a word. Now you're faced with the reality of the task, which is more painful than you'd imagined it could be. Cassie's present everywhere in the room, as though she's merely stepped out, and an ache forms anew in your heart.

Both Cassie and Thelma are dead because of Azazeal and because of Malachi, the child you helped raise, and the weight of your morally reprehensible actions drives you to your knees. You collapse, still clutching a picture of Cassie and Thelma in your hand.

Cassie was always special to you. Your favourite, the one you wished would confide in you, and you know, deep down, that's part of the reason Azazeal was able to convince you to help him. You couldn't have Cassie, who would never have loved you back even if you'd had the courage and opportunity to share your feelings, but raising her child made you feel closer to her, even if it put you on opposing sides.

Malachi has grown at a phenomenal speed and Ella, as Azazeal foresaw, is proving to be trouble. You loved Cassie but you couldn't have her, and now Azazeal has chosen you.

You don't want to, but you must fulfil your obligation.

The End

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