A.M. Glass

Not Now PG-13 Thelma/Cassie A different opening episode. Complete

Missing 15 Thelma/Cassie A sequel to my previous story, 'Not Now.' Complete

Beautiful PG Thelma/Cassie What Cassie thinks about Thelma - sequel to 'Missing' Complete

More Than a Cliché 15 Thelma/Cassie This story has nothing to do with the other three I've written. It is a stand-alone piece. Complete

Calle Dybedahl

Dreamwalking 18 Thelma/Roxanne Thelma visits Roxanne's dreams. Complete


Above and Beyond G Thelma/Ella Four drabbles that tell a story: Above & Beyond, Take A Risk, Guilt, Linked Complete

C is for Collapse G Jo/Cassie Cassie was always special to you. Complete

Dream Invasion PG-13 Thelma/Roxanne Thelma invades Roxanne's dreams. Complete

F is for Fatal G Thelma/Cassie For a split second you think you can feel the warmth of her skin against yours. Complete

Figuring Out the Path PG-13 Thelma/Ella   Thelma/Cassie Thelma knows she has to make a choice. Complete

Invited 15 Thelma/Ella The untouchable is touchable now and she's never been quite so tempted. Complete

J is for Jugular G Alex/Roxanne Everything's changed now; everything's different this year. Complete

L is for Loner G Thelma/Ella She's always been a loner, partly through choice, partly through necessity, and that hasn't been a bad thing. Complete

Together G Thelma/Ella They're an unlikely pair with an uncertain future but they make each other happy. Complete

What They Have in Common G Thelma/Ella   Thelma/Cassie Neither has ever loved her enough to love her exclusively. Complete


Finding Solutions PG-13 Thelma/Ella Thelma is preoccupied by her attraction to Ella Dee. Complete

Enjoying Your Unlife PG-13 Thelma/Cassie Thelma adjusts to not being able to touch Cassie. Complete