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J is for Jugular
By fickitten


Everything's changed now; everything's different this year.

Last year Alex was living in Roxanne's shadow and praying that, one day, Roxanne would notice her devotion went deeper than best friends or childhood-worship. This year she's the one ruling the school and Roxanne's become a social outcast.

She didn't really want it to end up this way. She wanted the power and Roxanne beside her, but Roxanne fucked the priest and he died, setting her on a quest of faith that directly clashes with everything Malachi was born to achieve. Roxanne never noticed her and never acknowledged her loyalty, no matter how hard Alex tried to be what she wanted.

Once upon a time, Roxanne trusted her enough to get drunk and confess her darkest secrets, so Alex knows how she feels about Jo, about the crush she's harboured since they very first met. When Malachi invites Jo to join them in bed, Alex doesn't turn away. She thinks of Roxanne, about how she has something Roxanne could never have, and smiles in victory as she makes Jo scream and writhe beneath her.

On occasion she's taken special pains to steal a kiss from Jo where Roxanne can see, enjoying the hurt that flares in Roxanne's eyes as she registers what's happening. She's the one with all the power between them now and she knows how to take revenge.

She goes for the jugular and smiles at the pain it causes because, after all, she was taught by the very best.

The End

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