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F is for Fatal
By fickitten


Every fibre of your ghostly being screams for Ella to stop herself, to somehow halt the descent of the blade in her hands, but it's too late for that even as you think it. Your entire body goes cold. Numb. As you watch your best friend, and the love of your life, fall to the ground in slow motion. Ella's swing was strong and sure, a fatal killing blow that impacted the wrong person, and everything you know has changed in a heartbeat.

Ella steps back, paler than you've ever seen her, her eyes wide with horror as her hands flutters slowly to her sides. Malachi's screams are indistinguishable from your own and tears fall steadily, carving paths along your cheeks as you lie down beside her.

Your stomach twists in pain. A vice tightens around your heart. You put your hand as close to hers as you can, shocked and desperate, and wish this to be unreal as you mouth 'I love you', meaning it as much now as every time you've silently thought it to yourself.

You can't accept that you're losing her, she's the only reason you're here.

For a split second, before her body begins to dissolve into nothing, you think you can feel the warmth of her skin against yours. The way you could when you were still alive. The way you haven't in months. And then it's over, and you're left reeling.

Nothing has ever hurt like this. Dying itself comes a poor second-best.

The End

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