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What They Have in Common
By fickitten


Thelma's problem, one of them at least, is that she's surrounded by greedy people when it comes to love. She knows Cassie loved her, even if Cassie only really accepted it after she was too dead to do anything about it; unlike Thelma who, even after death, was available if Cassie wanted her, and she knows that in her own way Ella loves her too.

They give her just enough encouragement, and display just enough interest, to keep her believing that maybe one day they might have something more than they do now, but neither has ever loved her enough to love her exclusively.

She had to share Cassie with Azazeal because Cassie never showed any willpower when it came to resisting him, and the repercussions of that changed her life. Forever. Permanently. In ways she never imagined it would. And whenever she thinks that Ella might be hinting at... Leon shows up and her hope fades. She used to think Ella didn't want her to have anyone; killing first Cassie, then Maya, while she, Thelma, still has to put up with Leon.

And Cassie and Ella have something in common, beyond their respective entanglements with Azazeal and Malachi; they both wanted everything, everyone, and neither was prepared to put her first. Cassie wanted Azazeal and Thelma. Ella increased the complications with a Leon-Malachi-Thelma triangle.

'Complicated' is the only setting Ella has, Thelma thinks, but doesn't have time to dwell.

They're mid-war and, at the end, it won't matter anyway.

The End

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