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By fickitten


Ella wakes up when Thelma wraps an arm around her waist, leaning in to kiss her cheek. Startled green eyes meet brown and, for a long moment, they simply stare at each other.

Ella recovers first and pushes Thelma away, ignoring her indignant squawk as she demands, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Thelma straightens her top, giving Ella a dark look. "Hey, look, it's your dream not mine. First time that's ever happened! It's not nice being forced into someone else's dream, you know, there should be rules against it."

"There are rules against it," Ella snaps back. "Rules I follow! I did not call you into my dream, you did this and now you're making excuses."

"I didn't! If I brought myself here I'd be able to leave, and I can't!"

Ella stares at her suspiciously, then gives in; it isn't Thelma's style to do something like this without admitting to it, even if it gets her into trouble. She doesn't like the alternative, but it seems more and more like the truth.

"Okay," she sighs, lying back down. "If I brought you here, then I should be able to send you away."

"I kind of like it here though," Thelma quirks a smile. "I can touch you," she adds, reaching out to trail her fingers lightly across Ella's arm.

Ella shivers involuntarily and meets her eyes, tempted by hidden feelings.

This is wrong, and it won't end well.

She still leans in to kiss her.

She closes her eyes as Thelma's lips cover hers in another bruising kiss, pulling her closer with a kind of desperation that she didn't know she possessed. The untouchable is touchable now and she's never been quite so tempted. Thelma can think what she likes about her past, but she knows that she's never really wanted another woman the way she wants Thelma. They connect, that's all there is to it.

Here, in her dreams, she doesn't have to risk Leon finding out. Her dreams belong to her and Thelma alone, and as Thelma trails kisses down her body, she's never been more grateful. Sensation washes over her and she clutches at the bed-sheets.

The downside to giving in to temptation is that she's not sure she'll be able to give it up, and she'll have to, in the end, she knows that.

She murmurs Thelma's name when Thelma settles between her legs, tongue darting out to lick, to taste, and then loses all sense of anything that isn't Thelma as the licks become strokes that make her body quiver. Thelma slides a finger inside of her, crooking it just so, and her body shakes, breaks apart, and she's lost.

The End

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