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L is for Loner
By fickitten


Ella has been alive for a very long time and, over that time, certain habits have become firmly ingrained. They're part of who she is. Or, at the very least, they're part of the person she wants people to think she is, and she isn't sure she ever wants to change them, because they've saved her life more times than she can count. In her line of work, being ready for anything, at any moment, is an essential skill.

She's always been a loner, partly through choice, partly through necessity, and that hasn't been a bad thing. Most people -- most mortals, anyway -- can't compete with her inhumanly long lifespan, and she's never wanted to watch the people she loves die. She tried explaining that to Leon once but, to her disbelief, he'd actually responded with the line, "It's better to have loved and lost, Ella, than never to have loved at all," and she'd had to restrain herself from punching him. He wouldn't be the one losing anything.

What bothers her most about Leon is all the things he's given up for her. She loves him but it's not the kind of love she wants; overwhelming all-consuming love. She could stand to lose him.

She's more upset by the thought of losing Thelma when this is all over, even if she won't let herself contemplate why that might be. For a loner, she's grown used to Thelma's company surprisingly fast, and she isn't ready to give it up.

The End

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