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By fickitten


Their relationship is still new but already it's been through enough trials to convince both of them that they can handle anything together. Leon left in a fury the night Ella told him she was breaking up with him for Thelma, then came back a day later to plead with Ella to change her mind. She refused -- wasn't even tempted -- but the bitter argument between them that followed left Ella crying in Thelma's arms.

Sometimes Leon will help them out, but most of the time now he's just as likely to ignore them. He forgave Ella for many things during the course of their relationship but he refuses to forgive her for this; he sees it as a betrayal, and reminds her as often as he can.

They're an unlikely pair with an uncertain future but they make each other happy. And in this time of war with Malachi, they need all the happy moments they can get. Ella's working on a way to keep Thelma here when they finally kill Malachi, but so far she's had no success and it makes them both feel a little desperate.

They focus on the present, because it's all they can guarantee.

The End

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