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SEQUEL: To Her Phone Call

Coming Out
By Outsidethebx


It took a second for Elliot to comprehend the entire situation. Not only was Jordan forcing her to come out to her mother, but she was making her do it over the phone by using sex as the bargaining tool.

"There's no way…and you can't make me." Elliot placed the phone back on the night stand and stubbornly returned Jordan's stare (or at least conjured up the best confident look she could muster). "Besides, Mother is too busy with her pool boy; Dad is probably staying late lecturing his favorite nurse…"

Jordan reached over to grab the phone, but Elliot stood up in front of the nightstand, and tried her best to copy Hilary Swank's fighting stance in The Next Karate Kid. (She'd watched the movie over and over again when she was little.)

"… and if you make me touch that phone I'll run outside and tell the neighbors that you've held me hostage against my will and refused to let me pee!"

"Pipe down there, kung-fu Barbie." Jordan flung back the covers and moved closer to Elliot. "You've had every opportunity in the world to tell your mother. She's beginning to ask about weddings and grandchildren…" Jordan paused and gently flicked the tip of Elliot's nose. "…and not only do I not do white, but children will never be a part of this—whatever this is." She smirked. "You'd probably accuse me of wanting to eat them anyway."

Elliot frowned and stared off toward the floor. "But I always wanted to have a beautiful little girl named Josephine Marie. Little Joey and I would learn to braid each other's hair, paint our toenails pink, and catch the day after Thanksgiving sales at the mall."

"I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth."

Elliot mumbled something about Jordan being a bully, crossed her arms, and looked away.

Jordan stood up and walked briskly to the opposite side of the bed. She leaned down and was inches away from Elliot's face. "Listen Stick. You can't even be responsible enough to tell your mother the truth. Why in the name of all that's unholy would you even think of bringing a child into this so called adult life that you claim to be a member?"

"But I just want them to be proud of me."

Jordan threw her hands in the air and sighed. "God, Elliot, when are ever going to understand…it doesn't matter what they think of you." She rolled her eyes and handed Elliot the phone. "You need to concentrate on doing what's right for yourself…and me."

"Umm Mom? Yes…I know I just called. No, there's no emergency." Elliot sat back down on the bed and sighed as Jordan motioned for her to continue. "Mom, please stop talking to Jose for a minute. I'm sorry…I didn't mean to interrupt the pool cleaning...no, I'm not being a brat. MOM!" Elliot paused to catch her breath. "There's something I need to tell you, actually we've needed to talk about it for a while."

Elliot covered the receiver with her hand and looked over at Jordan. "I don't think I can do this. I'm sorry."

Jordan picked up a pair of silver handcuffs and a black leather paddle. "If you ever want to see these puppies again, I'd suggest you grow a pair and tell her."

"I can't believe you bought those. I've been eyeing them for months." She leaned over to give Jordan a quick kiss but her mother's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Mom, I was figuring out what to say." She paused one last time. "You've always said that you thought I was a lesbian, that I'd never give you grandchildren and that I'd be the type of child who you'd be afraid to claim at family reunions. Well, you're right." She held the phone away from her ear and cringed. "I'm sorry."

Jordan smacked the back of Elliot's head. "What have I told you about standing up for yourself? Have you not learned anything from me?"

Elliot grabbed Jordan's hand and interrupted her mother's rant. "No, wait, I'm not sorry. I'm a damn good daughter and a pretty successful doctor." Elliot's face turned red and her knuckles turned white from gripping the phone so tightly. "There's no way I'm going to hetero camp. If you can't accept me, well—just go finish your pool cleaning. Jose's probably lost a few inches in the cold water by now anyway."

"Where the hell did that come from?" Jordan sat down and patted the bed for Elliot to join her.

"I just couldn't roll over like I always do." Elliot sighed. "And I remember all the crap they put Barry through." Elliot's face suddenly went white and she grabbed Jordan's hand. "But what if my dad doesn't approve? What if he never talks to me again? What if they come up here, pack all my things, and ship me off to Brazil to marry a 50 year old colonel in the Portuguese army?"

Elliot leaned over, and threw up the evening's dinner all over the floor. After grabbing a tissue to wipe her mouth, she looked over at Jordan and began to cry. "I'm so sorry. I know I made a mess of your perfect berber carpet." She brushed the tears away and loudly blew her nose. "When I get uncomfortable, I hurl."

"I'm never uncomfortable, so I couldn't possibly understand." She rolled her eyes. "And don't worry, I'll be sending you the bill."

"Why can't I be stronger? There's just so much about myself that I wish was different."

Jordan handed her another tissue. "I'm not one to give pep talks, Hallmark cards, or quote The Little Engine That Could, but if Dr. Kelso's son Harrison can come out—and be ok—so can you."

Elliot sniffled. "You really think so?"

"It'd be a gigantic waste of my time if I didn't."

The End

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