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Curious Effect
By Juri


If there was one thing that Helen Magnus had perfected over the years, it was the art of brooding. As a Brit, it could be argued that she had been born predisposed to it, but anyone who knew her would say that she was well above the curve. It was a normal part of her nightly ritual. Hot cup of tea or chilled glass of wine, comfortable chair in front of the fire, fluffy afghan, broody face. Ashley had affectionately once said that they would be able to tell a Skin Walker from her mother any night, because no one but the dark haired woman could achieve that level of fretting.

So the fact that Helen's state of mind was anywhere but immersed in worry set off alarm bells for the older woman. Alarm bells that she had no interest in dwelling on, which was of course the problem. She had been trying to force herself to care, but Zimmerman's intrusion had blown apart all of her carefully gathered concentration. Her reaction to the man – boy, really – would have troubled her if she hadn't been working so hard to resist pouncing on him like he was a small prey animal. Thankfully he had excused himself before her depleted will-power failed her.

"Dr. Magnus?" a soft, hesitant voice called from behind, focusing Helen's distracted attentions. Turning, the not-at-all brooding woman spotted her newest patient lingering in the doorway.

"Sophie? Is everything all right?" she asked, smiling kindly and motioning for the girl to enter. The young woman moved with careful, almost ginger motions, until she reached the couch and sank into its plush cushions gratefully.

"I… I'm having trouble sleeping. Will said I could walk around if I wanted, so…"

"Of course, my dear, you are welcome to explore." Helen assured, unconsciously moving towards her charge, reaching out and taking a pale hand in her own. "Would you like some tea? I find that a nice, warm cup often eases away the tensions of the day."

Sophie shook her head, shyly averting her eyes. "That's all right, I didn't want to bother you. I just, um… I saw the light, and I was…" The brunette shrugged helplessly.


"A little. But more, um… lonely, maybe?" she admitted, looking up again through dark lashes. Helen's breath hitched, and it was only years of experience that kept her reaction to the words, and the rush of heat that surged through her body, from her face.

"I see."

Sliding closer to the doctor, until their sides touched and she was practically in the woman's lap, Sophie sighed. "I, I don't know why, but… I feel this overwhelming need to be close to someone; to you." Eyes snapping closed, Helen tried her hardest not to breathe in through her nose; the other woman's scent was proving to have a curious effect on her temperature.

"Sophie, I…"

"Yes, Doctor?" The words, whispered breathily, tickled the delicate skin of Helen's throat, and she swallowed sharply, eyes flying open. If resisting the psychologist had tried her considerable will power, then this could surely be seen an all out assault on her endurance.

"This is… highly… irregular…" Helen whimpered, forcing herself to pull away. Even her hard earned fortitude could only grant her the strength to move a few inches.

Helen Magnus was trembling. Every breath brought the sweet smell of the girl to her, causing her thoughts to swirl madly and her senses to scream. Warmth, not of the variety gained from the burning log across the room or the blanket wrapped around her legs, crept steadily through her, starting in the center of her belly and radiating outward. She could feel the desire coursing through her, like a drug, setting her blood on fire. Something was so very wrong, but she couldn't find it in herself to care; in fact, she was beginning to forget why she was fighting her urges at all.

"Dr. Magnus?" Sophie whispered again, leaning forward as the older woman leaned back, bringing their bodies firmly into contact. Gasping at the sudden press of another human being, Helen's eyes fluttered closed.

"Sophie, we… mustn't," she whimpered, arms snaking around the younger woman's body as if they had a mind of their own, pulling her closer, so that she lay on top of the panting doctor.


"I… gods, for the life of me I can't tell you! I know we shouldn't," Helen tried again, body betraying her. Skillfully untangling from the blanket, one of her thighs nudged its way between the girl's legs, pressing up firmly. They both moaned at the contact. "I-I can't stop myself. If you don't want this, you need to go… now," she warned, unable to prevent her hips from jerking and bringing her into contact with Sophie's thigh.

"I found you, remember?" Sophie replied easily, hands finding the hem of the older woman's shirt and slipping under. "Please, I need you. Don't make me go." Soft hands found Helen's breasts, gently kneading them through her bra.

"I-" Fingers pinched her nipples sharply, and her eyes rolled back into her head.

With another deep moan, she reared up, capturing the younger woman's mouth in a rough, almost brutal kiss. One hand at Sophie's hip, the other at the back of her head, the doctor flipped them over without breaking contact. Settling her pubic mound against the apex of the prone woman's legs, she began to rock against her. Sophie exhaled sharply through her nose, eagerly mimicking the older woman's movements.

Finally breaking the kiss, Helen looked down on the girl, smirking at the look of cautious self-satisfaction reflected in her eyes. "I suddenly feel less like I am taking advantage, and more taken advantage of," she quipped, leaning down and dropping kisses along the brunette's pale throat.

"As long as you don't stop…" Sophie agreed, hands sliding down and around the doctor's body, settling at her hips to encourage more vigorous motion.

Taking the hint, Helen increased the speed and pressure, burying her face against the soft skin between the girl's neck and shoulder, teeth gently biting down. "Perish the thought," she assured, licking upward, until she found the delicate shell of an ear. "As little control as… I seem to have right now… I think I can pull myself together long enough… to relocate to a more… suitable location?" she offered in between grunts. Sophie could only nod, gasping when suddenly the body on top of hers was gone, and she found herself lifted into surprisingly strong arms.

"Well I'm telling you, we have a Nubbin explosion."

"I think I may have found something that may well explain their popularity as a wedding gift." Dr. Magnus commented, smiling.

"Wait, don't tell me; they can be returned?" Will retorted cheekily, and it was all she could do not to roll her eyes at him. The effect of the Nubbins was still clouding her mind, but her night's activity seemed to have helped return her faculties to her somewhat. With a chuckle, she pressed on.

"Actually, they have scent glands that emit powerful pheromones."

"Huh… well, that explains their over active mating instinct," he agreed, nodding.

"In fact, it may well extend beyond their own species…"

The End

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