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it's a curious wanting thing
By EdenAshley


Part 3

Gail's brain wakes up before her body. In darkness all she can feel is a dull thud. She recognises this feeling, definitely a hangover. The next thing she notices is that she is once again, for the second morning in a row wrapped in Holly's arms. She can feel soft steady breaths against her neck, and it drives her wild, it makes her want to open her eyes, and look at the sleeping woman.

She moves in the bed very carefully as not to wake the slumbering woman. As she manoeuvres, she makes another realisation. Holly momentarily forgotten, she pulls the bed covers up slightly so she can look at herself. Holy shit. No clothes, just underwear. They didn't, did they? She moves to lift the covers over Holly, she calms a little when she sees the brunette is wearing slightly more than she is, geeky pyjama bottoms and a black vest, geeky as it is, Gail can't help but think she looks really hot, and lets her eyes linger over this exquisite body for a little longer than she probably should.

"Are you perving on me in my sleep?" Busted. "'Cos that's kind of weird."

Gail drops the covers, and looks at the now awake woman, the look of shock on her face means Holly absolutely can't hold her laughter in. Once she starts she can't stop. Gail smacks her; she's feeling a mixture of humiliation, relief that Holly has seen the funny side, and excitement. But mostly humiliation, due to this she turns away from the still laughing female, but before she has a chance to really escape Holly places her arms around her and pulls her back in, holding onto Gail's bare skin really stirs up the carnal instincts in her, her laughter dies down. She is now spooning the younger woman from behind again, and whispers into ear.

"Don't worry, if we'd have had sex, you'd remember."

Gail's breathing hitches at Holly's words. This woman can actually read her mind. She turns again in Holly's arms so she's facing the brunette once more.

"Bit hung-over Gail?" she leans on her elbow and lets her eyes linger over the beautiful blonde.

"Oh God." Holly's words take Gail back to last night in the Penny, the kiss. She doesn't regret it, but perhaps she could have gone about it in a better way. "We haven't even had sex yet, and everyone knows about us."

"Hmm." Holly had been taken aback by the kiss at the time. "Do you wish you hadn't done it?"

Here we are again; Gail doesn't know where this comes from with Holly. "Hey." She rubs Holly's arm as she speaks, she doesn't want to seem too harsh. "Where does this come from? This insecurity."

Holly has to take her eyes away from Gail's, who continues to speak. "I don't like it Holly. I know I messed up at the precinct the other day, but I think I've done enough since then to show you I'm not ashamed."

Gail almost sounds a little hurt, Holly hates that she caused that, she needs to at least try to explain. "I'm sorry. It's not even you really. It's me. I've been with straight women before, and been hurt by them. I guess I always thought the default setting with a straight girl was 'dirty little secret.'"

Gail is astounded that anyone could treat Holly like that, and as usual her mouth starts before she fully engages her brain. "Holly you're hot. Like really hot."

Holly can't help but smile. Gail continues. "And you're weird, and you're like one of the most amazing people I've ever met, and you're nice too." Gail makes a face like this last part disgusts her.

"I can't imagine ever, not wanting to tell people about you."

Holly feels really emotional, the last thing she wants to do is start to cry, so she frantically fights to regain her composure, Gail sees this and tries to help with a joke. "Except maybe my Mom. But really that would be more for your sake than mine."

Holly laughs, still fighting to get her emotions under wraps. "Thank you."

Gail smiles, the effect she has on Holly amazes her, she can't believe someone could care about her this much that they are on the verge of tears this early in the morning. She decides she can't wait any longer. She moves to Holly and takes her lips with her own; she's wanted to do this since she woke up. She pulls back momentarily.

"I could never regret kissing you."

Holly appreciates the words but she needs those lips back on her own without delay, she gives Gail a small smile before devouring them again.

The passion sparks rapidly between the two women. Gail shifts in the bed so she's now straddling Holly; obviously she's never done this before, so she guesses just go with your instincts. She reaches down and pulls the black vest over Holly's head and throws it across the room, she takes a second to take in Holly in her current state of undress. She's wearing a very sexy black bra, Gail momentarily wonders why she's wearing a bra to sleep in, until she realises that she is also wearing one.

She also thought the sight of boobs would scare her more. Obviously she knew Holly had boobs, but she thought she'd worry about what to do with them, but she feels comfortable, probably because they're Holly's and they're great. Anyway she doesn't want to ruin this by thinking too much, her lips seek out Holly's once more, she lets her hands wander over her body in her hair. Both of them are breathing a little more rapidly now. Gail can't remember a time she's ever been this excited, felt this much anticipation.

Holly moves her hands up Gail's spine, slowly sensually, it gives Gail goose bumps. She reaches the clasp of her bra, before undoing it she pulls back from the kiss and searches the ice blue eyes staring back at her.

"If you don't want to do this, you're going to have to tell me now. Because if we go much further, I won't be able to stop."

Gail bites her bottom lip, before smiling at Holly. She contemplates teasing her, but she can't, she wants this, more than she thought she would. Her lips hit Holly's with such veracity that it leaves the brunette in no doubt, that Gail most definitely doesn't want to stop.

It seems Gail has discovered two things this morning. First, the best hangover cure in the world, and second the best reason for being late to work. She's not massively late for work, but late enough that when she arrives everyone else is already in the conference room; luckily Frank hasn't started his speech yet, so all is well in the world.

She stays at the back, and snuggles in next to Traci, who smirks at her friend. Her smile grows when she sees the trance like state Gail is in, she fully intended to rip her about the kiss last night at the Penny, but seeing her now; something else has happened since, and Traci's pretty sure she's knows what.

She whispers so she doesn't disturb the rest of the group. "Gail."

Gail's head whips up; like she's only just noticed Traci is standing there. "Oh hey Trace, how's it going?"

This friendly greeting is accompanied by the most brilliant smile. Now Traci is certain something has happened.

"You're acting weird." Traci's tone is accusatory.

Gail slightly offended that her good mood is labelled weird. Traci decides this softly softly approach isn't working.

"You had sex with Holly last night didn't you?"

"Are you joking I was wasted last night."

Traci nods her head, glad that Gail didn't take the Dutch courage route when it came to their first time together. Before she has a chance to finish processing this thought Gail speaks.

"I had sex with Holly this morning. And it was amazing."

There's that smile again. Traci just looks at her friend opened mouthed, the gaping hole in her face is quickly replaced by a smirk.

"You and me, the Penny later."

Before Gail has a chance to protest, Traci has disappeared and she realises this morning's meeting is over. Truth is all she really wants to do when she's finished work is get back to Holly and resume from where they reluctantly left off this morning. She's pulled from her thoughts by Nick approaching her.

"Looks like we're riding together today." He braces himself for what he feels is an inevitable protest from Gail, but she just shrugs her shoulders and heads for the exit.

When Nick doesn't follow straight away, she looks back over her shoulder. "Are you coming?"

He swallows his surprise and quickly follows his ex girlfriend out of the room. Gail smirks to herself, even being stuck with Nick all day can't take away the Holly induced good mood she's in.

It's a slow day; something Gail is eternally grateful for, the last thing she wants is the drama of a few days ago. But as a result this day is dragging; she keeps getting lost in her own thoughts, all of which consist of this morning's activities. Nick keeps catching her smiling to herself, and she feels like a love sick puppy. Urgh.

Nick apparently can't keep his curiosity under wraps any longer. Of course he was witness to the kiss last night at the bar, and he's smart enough to have put two and two together. They have just stopped for coffee but are now settling back down into the squad car waiting for a call. As he blows the steam from his cappuccino he decides to be brave.

"So. You're kissing chicks now?" He glances over to Gail and immediately regrets his decision to be brave. She does not look impressed.

He panics. "I mean, I er. . . I must have really put you off guys huh?"

Wow now she looks even more unimpressed. He didn't think that was possible. As much as Gail is loving watching Nick squirm, his words really hit her, is that what everyone thinks? That she's been so messed up by guys that she's turned to women.

"This isn't about me suddenly deciding I'm into girls. And it definitely has nothing to do with you. Sorry to disappoint stud." She rolls her eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that Gail. I was joking."

She's dubious. "Yeah well. I'm not gay okay."

"Okay." He holds his hands up in mock surrender. "But if you're not gay, what was that about last night. And how come you haven't been able to stop smiling today?"

She sighs. "I'm not gay. I'm just really into a chick."

"Oh." Confusion is etched all over Nicks face, he smiles. "Well thanks for clearing that up."

She smacks him. "Shut up." Before joining him in grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"For what it's worth, you seem really happy, and I'm glad."

Gail smiles, before shaking her head. "Nope. That's not really worth anything to me."

Now it's his turn to shake his head. This woman really is one of a kind. He smirks before turning the keys in the ignition and switching the squad car to drive.

It's 6.30pm and today has been long. Holly has been stuck in the lab all day, all she has been able to think about is Gail, and this morning, and how amazing it had been. She's almost certain a few of her colleagues think she's cracked up, but she doesn't care. She's pulled from her thoughts when the subject of them casually walks into her lab.

"Officer Peck? I'm not processing any evidence for you." Holly gives her, her best quizzical looks, which fails pretty miserably as she can't help but chuckle.

"Ha ha." Gail rolls her eyes. "I've just finished work, and Traci wants to go for a chat at the Penny, so I thought I'd come and say hi."

"A chat huh?"

"Hmm, can you guess what about?" Gail has been edging closer to Holly since she arrived at the lab, she settles on the table next to her lover, 'cos that's officially what she is now.

Holly has stopped what she's doing and looks up at the blonde who has perched herself on the edge of her desk. "So I guess that means I won't see you tonight?"

This makes Gail's heart hurt. "I just don't think it's really fair to keep getting hammered with my friends and then ending up in your bed."

Holly rises from her chair, and places a hand either side of Gail on the desk. "Believe me, after this morning, I really don't mind."

Holly leans in and kisses Gail, whose hands are immediately in Holly's hair, pulling the slightly taller woman closer, and more and more into the kiss. She's currently reconsidering her decision to go to the Penny at all right now.

Holly pulls back, and rests her forehead against Gail's now it's her turn to feel smug, as this time it's Gail that can't open her eyes immediately.

"Call me if it's not too late when you're leaving." Holly casually walks away, and gets back to her computer, Gail watches her and suddenly realises that she can't bear to not see Holly later.

"Or I could call you when the 'girly chat' is over, and you could actually meet Traci this time. Instead of y'know just throwing your tongue down my throat in front of her."

Holly laughs, and quirks an eyebrow, they both know who initiated that kiss. "That sounds nice. The meeting Traci part, not the tongue and throat part."

"Sweet, so I'll call you in a bit?"

Holly nods and Gail jumps of the table, before swooping down and kissing her quickly on the lips, and then sauntering out of the lab. Holly watches her all the way. Damn this woman has swag.

Traci joins her at the table, Gail is glad of the fact that at the moment they are the only two officers from 15 division in the Penny, although she's sure that will change fairly quickly. Traci placed a bottle of beer in front of the blonde who is apparently still lost in thought.

"Wow so the sex was that good huh?"

Despite being encaptured in her own mind, Gail was just about to take a swig from her beer; she nearly chokes on it at Traci's words. The other woman stifles a laugh.

"Get straight to the point why down you?"

"Well there's no need to beat around the bush."

Gail looks at Traci highly amused, if she wasn't aware of the connotations attached to that particular statement before, she definitely is now. Traci can't believe she just said that.

"Sorry." The sheepish look on her face is all Gail needs to absolutely lose herself and double over in laughter. After a second or so Traci lets the humour take her over too, and it takes a little while for the two women to settle and the laughter to stop, when it finally does they both have tears streaming down their faces. It's been a long time since either of them laughed like that.

"Oh and to answer your question, yes; the sex was that good."

Traci loves it when Gail is in a sharing mood, it doesn't happen all that often, but when it does Traci knows she has to take advantage.

"Were you not nervous?" Traci is really interested, the way she puts her own beer down and leans on her hands confirms as much to Gail.

Gail leans back into her chair, and thinks about the question. "You know weirdly, I wasn't. It just felt right."

Now for a question Traci's been dying to ask. "And it was just as good as being with a guy, you didn't feel like there was something missing?"

Gail starts to think out loud. "If anything it made me realise that there was always something missing when I was with guys." And regrets it almost immediately.

Traci's eyes light up. "Wow." She has never known Gail to let her guard down like that before. "I guess pretty good is an understatement then, enlightening probably more accurate?"

Gail is a little embarrassed from her over share. "I don't know, it's not like all of sudden I think I'm a lesbian. I'm not going to start wearing dungarees and have my head shaved or anything."

Traci laughs. "Great Stereotyping their Gail."

"You know what I mean. It's not a 'man' or a 'woman' thing. It's a Holly thing."

"So you're a 'Hollysexual'?"

Gail smiles, she likes that. "Yeah I guess if you must label it, that's a good one."

"Hey no labels, no judgement here. I'm just happy that you're happy. Delirious even."

Gail nods, she loves Traci, she just prays she's not going to reveal all to her brother, she could do without him knowing that she's going soft. Traci's demeanour changes and Gail can tell 'question time' is not over yet. It seems she is about to get to the 'juicy' stuff.

"So, erm. How did you know what to do?"

Gail leans in deadly serious. "You have to go to a seminar, they have a slide show presentation, and a quiz at the end and it's only if you pass the quiz, that you're allowed near another woman."

Traci slaps her on the arm, not impressed. "Come on Gail, be serious."

Gail laughs. "I don't know Trace, how do you know what to do with anyone? Try some stuff and the other person's body usually tells you if they're enjoying it or not."

Traci had never really thought about it like that, she guesses it is that simple. Gail hasn't finished. "A certain amount of natural ability and flair help too of course."

Gail smugly smiles, quite pleased with herself, before taking a big swig of her beer, Traci watches her, loving her confidence, the two women catch eyes and dissolve into fits of giggles.

Steve had arrived about 30 minutes ago, and his girlfriend and his sister have barely said two words to him, they've been huddled together at the opposite side of the table, gossiping and giggling like school girls. Even worse than that no one else from 15 division is actually in yet so he can't escape. Just as he's contemplating going and having a solo game of darts, he finally see's someone he recognises.

"Holly. Finally, someone other than these two is here."

Holly makes her way over to Steve, and glances over at Gail and Traci, who both take two seconds out of their conversation to acknowledge her, before diving straight back into it, she looks back to Steve, who is rising from his seat.

"You have no idea how much you are rescuing me right now. Don't move, I'll get you a drink."

With that the older Peck sibling heads to the bar, and Holly makes herself comfortable at the table. It's literally seconds before Steve is back, placing a bottle of beer in front of her.

"Thanks." He re-takes his seat. "Have they been like this the whole time?" She gestures over to the other women at the table with her head.

"I've basically been counting glasses to keep myself entertained for the last 30 minutes." Deep pan, deadly serious. It has literally been the longest 30 minutes of his life.

"Wow, how rude of them."

"Well sister, and girlfriend." He points at each of them as he speaks. "I guess if there's one person the two of them can get away with ignoring, it's me."

Holly laughs. "Plus they look kind of happy, who am I to get in the way of that."

They do look happy, Holly smiles over at Gail, before turning her attention back to Steve, he's a good brother, but she feels kind of bad for him, for the way he's spent the last thirty minutes of his life.

"So Steve, do you follow the leafs?"

Steve smiles, he likes this chick already.

The night is going really well so far, the four of them have now been joined by Chris, Dov, Andy and Nick, who are all in great spirits, especially Dov who is delighted that Chloe is awake and progressing really well. In fact she was adamant that he go to the Penny tonight with his friends.

Gail and Traci have separated, finally, and joined the rest of the group. Gail is impressed at how easily Holly has integrated with everyone, impressed, but not surprised, Holly is of course awesome. She's also glad her friends have all been so accepting of Holly, it seems they are pretty awesome too.

Holly is with Dov and Nick at the moment, over by the darts board, Gail is awestruck by her, she wonders if this will always be the case. Chris drops into the seat next to Gail, and playfully nudges her with his shoulder.

"You know she's pretty awesome, your friend Holly." He stretches the word friend, so Gail has no doubt as to what he's implying.

"Chris I think we both know she's not my friend."

"Girlfriend?" Chris questions.

"I'm not sure yet." Gail thinks realistically it's far too soon for that label to be attached to her and Holly, but she's excited about calling Holly her girlfriend in the future.

"That's so hot." Chris takes a swig of his beer.

Gail nudges him and tuts, clearly not impressed. "What, it is. Because she's so hot, and so are you."

"Yeah we're a pretty hot couple."

"The hottest. I'm going to be dreaming about you two later."

"Chris that's disgusting."

Before he has a chance to get out of it Dov stumbles over and passes Chris some darts. "Your turn to throw amigo."

Chris heads over to the game, and Dov sits in the chair he's just vacated next to Gail. "So I hear while I've been locked away at the hospital, you've switched teams?"

Gail rolls her eyes; Dov obviously thinks he's being funny. The huge grin on his face confirms this, he takes pity on Gail. "She's great."

Gail smiles, she can't believe that this transition is so easy; she can't help but think that something is bound to go wrong at some point, and she can't help but speculate that, that point will be when her mother finds out. Which she knows will happen, soon. Probably against her wishes.

Once again Gail's attention is taken by someone entering the Penny, and it only takes her a couple of seconds to realise why she recognises the person.

"Oh no."

"What is it?" Dov follows Gail's eyes to the rather attractive woman that has just entered the bar.

The woman that has just entered is the woman Holly was on a date with the other night, when Gail was consumed and surprised in equal measure by jealousy. What on earth is she doing here tonight? It appears they may be about to find out, the aforementioned woman has headed straight over to Holly, she puts Dov out of his misery.

"That's Holly's date."

"What?" He really is the most confused he's been yet.

Gail is getting rather tired of having to explain every last little thing to him. "The night before anything happened between me and Holly she was on a date in here, with that woman. Now Ssssshhh."

Gail's eyes haven't left Holly the whole time she's been talking to Dov, his eyes are now firmly on Holly and her friend. Holly looks like she wants the ground to swallow her up; she excuses herself from the game of darts and pulls the woman over to a more secluded part of the Penny, but still in full view of her interested spectators, who now include Steve and Traci. They had seen Gail and Dov staring so intently at the two of them that they too were now engrossed in whatever it is that's unfolding in front of them.

"Scarlett, hi. What are you doing here?" That obviously was not the opening line her date from three nights ago was expecting. Holly can't understand why she looks so pissed off.

"You forgot?" Scarlett looks at the floor. Holly frantically wracks her brain, trying frantically to remember exactly what it is that she's forgotten.

"The other night, we'd said we'd have another drink tonight, like a second date."

"Oh." It's all come flooding back to Holly, and she feels awful. "I'm sorry it's just so much has happened since then."

"It's okay; I saw on the news about that gun man, I figured you'd be pretty busy." Scarlett grabs Holly's arm, Gail finches from her position on the sidelines. "But we're both here now." She smiles.

Holly feels a fresh set of guilt wash over her, when she said so much had happened since then she meant personally not professionally. She glances over to Gail and finds not just her lover staring back at her, but Dov, Steve and Traci too. Well this is awkward.

"I'm actually seeing someone." Well that had the desired effect, Scarlett's arm drops from her immediately, she is not happy.

"We went out three nights ago." The anger is evident, as is the fact that this is a question rather than a statement.

"Well like I said a lots happened since then."

"In three nights." Scarlett is not buying this. "I'll tell you what I think. I think whoever this 'new person' is, was actually around when we went out, and you were just using me."

Before Holly has a chance to formulate a response Scarlett has grabbed her drink out of her and throw it all across her midriff. Before dramatically storming out of the entrance. Holly first thought is 'it could be worse; I could have taken it in the face'. Her second thought is 'why does all this embarrassing crap keep happening to me in this place, when I'm surrounded by all of Gail's friends.'

Before she has a chance to have another thought, Gail is by her side, but she's giving the main doors of the bar her best incensed looks.

"What the Hell was that about?"

Holly looks over to the other three police officers that had been taking an interest in what was happening previously and sees that they too are on their feet, just in case any thing kicked off. This is so humiliating. She turns her attention back to Gail, and provides her with the explanation she craves.

"I forgot to cancel a date."

"Oh. Whoops." Gail tries her best to be supportive, but it is pretty funny, Holly standing here all wet.

"Thanks for the sympathy. You know technically this'" she gestures at her wet t-shirt, "Is all your fault, maybe I should throw a drink on you."

"But you don't have a drink." Gail is really laughing now. "She's just thrown your drink on you."

"Oh yeah laugh it up Peck. You know this much ridicule will have severe consequences."

"Like what." Gail is feeling rather cocky.

Holly leans in and whispers. "No sex for you tonight." She leaves Gail standing and heads to the bar to get herself another drink. It takes a second, but Gail starts scurrying after her.

"You wouldn't." Would she?

To Be Continued

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