it's a curious wanting thing 1 2 3 15 Gail/Holly Picking up where Rookie Blue left off. My take on what happens next. On-Going

Kristina K

The one in which Gail gets drunk and then cries over a girl PG-13 Gail/Holly "You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, right?" Gail taps the bottle with her nail and then, satisfied with the dull ding, she sniffs loudly and twists the cap open. "Cheers!" Complete

The one with Gail Peck in therapy PG-13 Gail/Holly Holly is smart, she's weird and Gail likes her. Complete

The one about a cat stuck in a tree PG-13 Gail/Holly No synopsis given. Complete


Honesty Will Get You Everywhere PG Gail/Holly A ficlet to sooth the pain inflicted by season 5 episodes 3&l7. My version of kiss and make up. Complete

Nora C. Parker

Tales from the Closet PG Gail/Holly Holly relates her time as Gail's plus one to her friends. Complete


The Line That Shall Not be Crossed PG Gail/Holly Gail explains to Andy exactly where the line is to be drawn. Complete