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SEQUEL to Darkness Prevails.

Darkness Fades
By Gizzmogeek

It started as a feeling really... a feeling of something soft... then it was a sound... a sound of someone breathing...

Slowly Seven started to regain consciousness. First becoming aware that she was lying down and second, realizing the breathing she heard was her own. She wasn't dead.

'How can that be?'

It was quiet, aside from her breathing. Very quiet. Bravely she opened one eye ... just a little. And dark, it was very dark.

'Please let it be a dream. Don't let it be real.'

Finally deciding she had no choice, she opened her eyes completely. It was still dark, but she could tell she wasn't in Engineering. She wasn't holding the body of her beloved engineer. She was staring at the ceiling of what looked like crew quarters. Peering around her, Seven almost sobbed with relief. She was in her own quarters and it all really was just a dream. She and B'Elanna hadn't died in Engineering.

'I should be used to this by now.' Seven reprimanded herself. Her logical mind finally kicking in and dispelling the fears from her nightmare. This was the fourth such dream in as many days. Each night, watching as the life flickered out of the chocolate eyes and being helpless to stop it.

Seven promptly rose from her very rumpled bed. The sheets twisted into knots and the pillows thrown across the room. Aside from a very disorderly bed, everything else in Seven's quarters was very precise and neat. Nothing was ever out of place, except Seven. She still felt out of place and out of sync... always an outsider looking in on life... alone on a ship full of people.

Several decks away B'Elanna was still sleeping, in the throes of a nightmare herself.

"Wait! Don't touch that! SEVEN!"

B'Elanna woke up with a start, sitting straight up in bed, her breathing labored. Tom roused himself out of a deep sleep and inquired, "You ok honey? Another nightmare?"

"Yeah... I'm fine. Go back to sleep Tom."

Tom mumbled something unintelligible as he rolled over and went back to sleep for a few more hours. He still had a while before he had to be on duty.

B'Elanna got up and left the bedroom. Stumbling in the dark over to the replicator, the now wide-awake half Klingon ordered herself a glass of cold water. B'Elanna pressed the cold glass to her head while she leaned on window, staring sightlessly out at the stars flying by.

"Why? Why can't I get you out of my dreams? Every night I watch as the console explodes. Every night I watch as you are thrown across engineering. Every night I can do nothing to prevent it. Why? ... I can't take this much longer."

Still in her t-shirt and boxers, B'Elanna slumped down onto the couch and fell into another fitful sleep.

The End

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