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Darkness Prevails
By Gizzmogeek

The darkness was penetrating... so much so you felt it in your soul. The occasional flicker of the emergency lights gave a glimpse to the hell that was once Deck 11. The hallways outside of Engineering were a wreck. Conduits ripped open, deck plating shorn apart with great force, the ceiling collapsed in many places. It looked as if a small tornado had come through the hallway tearing apart everything in it's path. The only thing seemingly untouched were the main doors to Engineering which still stood, closed and in place. Sealing off the fates of those inside.

Destruction was nothing new to Voyager. Something was getting ripped apart or blown up on a routine basis. However the absolute silence was deafening. Nothing made a sound.

Inside Engineering was another matter all together. It was still dark, a gaping hole where the warp core used to reside. The sounds of sparks from the few control panels still siphoning power from the backup power grid could be heard.

Engineering was empty, no one was running around attempting to make repairs, everyone was gone, save the two lone occupants discarded on the floor. The two lone occupants who remained behind to save the crew but sacrifice themselves. Heroes till their last breath. Lives shortened by the explosion that threw them over the second floor railing and crashing to the floor beneath.

Time stood still as there was no one to mark the passing of it.

Finally, Seven stirred. A simple explosion couldn't possibly get the best of her borg-enhanced systems. She would prevail. She must. Her hear demanded that she prevail and see the love of her life again. Slowly she stirred. Blinking her eyes, trying to make out where she was and what was happening.

All was quite now, the power finally running out. Engineering was dark, but Seven's enhanced vision ignored the darkness and reported back the images it took in anyway... much to Seven's horror. She would have rather been blind than see the image of her beloved Engineer crumpled on the floor next to her... still... not breathing.


Seven managed to get her body to respond and she sat up, gathering B'Elanna's crumpled form in her arms. The once lithe engineer no longer had spark or heat radiating from her. Now she was as dark and lifeless as her beloved ship.

The former borg refused to accept the departure of her be'nal. She tried to resuscitate her, but to no avail. After what seemed like an eternity in hell, she finally realized her fight was futile. Never again would she know what it felt to hold and be held by the energetic Klingon. Never again would she feel the heat of her touch. Never again would she look into the molten chocolate eyes of her love and see the other half of her soul reflected.

Out of the quite, a piercing howl rose until it reverberated over the entire ship. Kahless would have been proud. B'Elanna would have been proud.

Unfortunately no one was left to mark her passing when Seven joined her beloved in Stovokor, taken down by her own hand and her lover's blade.

The End

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