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A Date With The Devil
By Del Robertson


The doorbell rang.

The doorbell rang.

The doorbell rang.

"They're so obviously not here. Can we go now?" Scud asked, arms folded across his chest, leaning against the doorframe.

The door jerked open, causing Scud to lose his balance and fall inside. He picked himself up, jumping to his feet in a vain attempt to look suave. The old man who had answered looked from Scud to Lucy then back again.

"Yes, what do you want?" he barked in a thick German accent.

"We need costumes."

"It's late. I'm asleep." The man gestured at his bedclothes as if to emphasize his point. "Come back tomorrow."

He started to close the door. Scud jammed his foot into the frame, effectively blocking the way. The man snarled, tried slamming the door on Scud's foot. Lucy reached out, grabbing the edge of the doorframe.

"Tomorrow's too late. Tonight's Halloween." She held a roll of fifties in front of the man's nose. Eyes crossed, he stared at the bundle. "Please?"

"Ja. Very well." He retreated into the shop, leaving the door ajar for Lucy and Scud to follow.

The shop was dimly lit with candles. Rows and rows of garment racks hung in the center of the shop, accessory bins to either side. Lucy's boots thudded on the hardwood floor as she strolled up and down the aisles, surveying the nearly empty store.

"Hey, man," Scud shouted at the old man who was retreating towards a wooden staircase at the back of the shop. "There's not much here!"

"Ja." He paused on the third step, slipped his money into his pajama pocket. "It's Halloween night. I own a Halloween shop. Good business that I'm almost sold out, ja?"

Scud made several obscene hand gestures. "Why, I oughta - "

Lucy grabbed him by the arm. "Come on, there's not another shop in town. Let's just make the best of it."

From the second floor, a disembodied voice called down. "Take what you want. Just lock up when you leave, ja?"

"Tell me again why we're doing this?" Scud asked as Lucy rang the doorbell.

"It's a Halloween party."

"We - " Emphatic gesturing between Lucy and himself, " - DON'T do Halloween parties."

"Well, we are this year." Lucy slid her mask back into place. "Just don't call me by my name and we'll be good."

"Riiiiiiighttt. And I should call you - "

The door opened, revealing a French maid in a very short skirt with very high heels smoking a cigarette. D.E.B. Lucy could smell the stink of law on her. Every instinct screamed at her to run the other way. But, here she was, entering the lion's den.

"Hey," she said, trying to disguise her voice. "We're here for the - "

" - Whatever." The French maid cut her off, waved them inside with a flick of her cigarette. She openly appraised Scud as he stepped over the threshold. "Nice costume."

"I don't see her."

The party was in full swing. Lucy and Scud staked out the buffet table, waiting by the punch bowl. They were doing their best to remain inconspicuous. Which wasn't easy, considering Scud's costume. But, then again, he wasn't the only freak there.

Not by a long shot. Who knew the D.E.B.S., the F.B.I. and the Homeland Security boys could be so twisted? Must come from doing good all the time. They need to just let loose and mix it up once in a while. Lucy had never seen so many outlandish costumes in one place. There was a gynecologist. A man dressed as a condom, his partner dressed as sperm. Even a pregnant nun or two could be seen circling the room.

Lucy's costume was clever. It hid her identity well. Still, she made certain to steer clear of Amy's closest friends. The ones that had seen her on more than one occasion. That was fairly easy to do. They'd managed to sidle by Dominique at the door. Max was easy to spot and avoid in her Joan of Arc costume. With that much chain mail on, she wasn't moving through the room too fast.

"There she is, sweetie." Scud motioned to the staircase.

She was beautiful. Breathtakingly so. Long blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulders. Sky blue eyes full of merriment. She was dressed in a white tunic and skirt, sandals upon her feet. At first, Lucy thought she had come as a Greek goddess. But, then, she saw the feathered wings and realized Amy had come as an angel.

"That's funny." Lucy glared at Scud. "Well, it is. She's an angel. And you're a - "

"Go find someone to do, would you?" Lucy snapped.

"My pleasure." Scud glanced around the room, surveying the bevy of women. With a lick of his lips and a leer, he approached a passing nurse. "I think I need a physical," he mouthed to Lucy, joining the well-endowed nurse on the dance floor.

It had been an hour. Lucy still hadn't made her move. She circled the room, hovering, getting closer. But then, she'd chicken out and end up back by the punch bowl. What the Hell's wrong with me? Just go up to her!

Lucy started across the room, then paused in mid-stride. The music had started again. The floor was instantly covered with dancers. Bouncing up on the balls of her feet, she searched the crowd for Amy. There she was. Being led onto the floor by Prince Charming.

No way! This clown's already danced with her twice. Fueled by a sudden rush of jealousy, Lucy charged across the room. Stopping behind Prince Charming, she tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, she sidestepped him and slipped into his place. As he turned back around and realized what had happened, he slunk off the floor.

Amy was enjoying herself. At first, she'd been reluctant to even attend the party, but now she was glad Max had convinced her. One night away from studying won't hurt, Max had insisted. A smile broke out on her face as the devil outwitted Prince Charming, taking his place as her dance partner.

The costume was hot. Red leather pants were firmly tucked into a pair of black leather boots. A thick, rubbery tail was somehow attached, making it appear natural, as if this really was a demon. She wore a red mesh half-shirt, a black sports bra visible beneath. On top of that, was a black leather vest, worn open. A set of horns protruded from jet black hair. A red mask completed the look. It looked to be made of acrylic, covering half her face. The sides ended in two sharp points on her cheekbones. The only features discernible were chocolate colored eyes and pink lips.

They hadn't spoken a word. Just danced. If you could call it that. With every song, with every beat, their bodies swayed closer together. The devil's hands moved freely over the angel's shoulders, stroking up and down her arms, then latching onto her hips. She moved until a leather clad thigh swept between a pair of angel's legs. Amy's arms locked around the neck of the devil.

"You're a good dancer." No answer. Amy glanced off to the side of the dance floor. "Is that yours?"

Lucy followed her gaze. A pregnant nun was strolling past, a devil's tail visible beneath the too-short robes. "Hardly! I swear I never touched her." Lucy let out a loud laugh.

Amy laughed, too. Then stopped, looking quizzically at the devil. She leaned in closer, looking the demon in the eyes. "Lucy?"

The devil nodded conspiratorially. Wordlessly, the angel grabbed the devil by the hand, leading her off the dance floor. She glanced around, making certain they weren't being watched before taking the stairs two at a time, dragging the devil behind her.

Amy slammed the bedroom door shut. She reached out, yanking the devil's mask off. "Lucy! What are you doing here?"

Lucy shrugged. "I wanted to see you." She leaned in, capturing Amy's lips with her own. "I wanted to say hello." She bestowed another quick kiss.

"Mmmm." Amy grabbed Lucy by the neck, pulling her lips towards her again. "Tell me hello again."

Lucy's mouth crushed Amy's. Mouths parted, tongues explored. Lucy felt Amy's hand at the back of her head, attempting to pull her in even closer.

Hands ran over bare arms, coming up to cup leather-clad shoulders. Fingers smoothed, caressed the warm material. The caresses changed from gentle petting to desperate fondling.

Breathing hard, Amy broke the kiss. She grabbed Lucy's mask, pulling it off, tossing it onto her dresser. Planting urgent kisses along Lucy's jawline, she clawed at the material of the leather vest, tugging it down tanned forearms.

"Oh, baby." Lucy's hands grasped at Amy's wings. "How do these come off?"

"Mmmm." Amy licked Lucy's collarbone. Her hands splayed over red mesh material. "Harness. Beneath my top."

Lucy leaned back, holding Amy at arms' length. Quizzically, she stared at the Greek reminiscent tunic. Keen eyes spotted the hidden clasps on each shoulder. With a flick of the wrist, she undid first the right side, then the left.

The tunic fell from Amy's shoulders, landing in a white flurry at her feet. A tiny gasp escaped Lucy's lips. Her gaze eagerly took in the sight of Amy's bare flesh.

She had foregone a bra tonight. The leather harness holding up her wings stretched from her back, around her abdomen, to clasp beneath her breasts. The leather strap worked to effectively lift the blonde beauty's already perky breasts.

Mesmerized as she was, Lucy scarcely took a breath as Amy reached for her side. The sound of a zipper being undone echoed throughout the still air. Half a breath later, Amy's skirt joined her tunic at her feet.

The devil sank to her knees in front of her angel. Kneeling there, she reverently stared up at Amy. Resting hands on both Lucy's shoulders for support, Amy stepped out of the pool of clothing, kicking the tunic and skirt behind her.

Lucy wet her suddenly parched lips. Amy caught the gesture, arched an eyebrow. "What?" she asked. "What are you staring at?"

"Y - you," Lucy stammered. "You're gorgeous."

Long, lean legs ran on forever. A downy patch of golden hair protected her tender pussy. Flat, defined stomach. Pert, rounded breasts with pink nipples erect with arousal. Blonde hair draped over her shoulders, creating a golden halo around her face. She shifted subtly, the movement causing her wings to rustle.

"You're like a real angel." Lucy wrapped her arms about Amy's waist, hugged her tightly. She kissed Amy's abdomen, buried her nose in Amy's blonde locks. She inhaled deeply, smelling the proof of Amy's arousal.

"Baby - " Amy's words were cut off with a flick of a tongue.

Lucy licked her lips, bent to kiss Amy again. Tongue darting out, she worked her way between Amy's lips. Hands planted firmly on hips, she pulled Amy to her.

The pressure on her clit increased, long languid strokes became fast, frenzied licks. Her knees began to buckle. Fingernails dug into Lucy's shoulders for support. A gutteral moan escaped Amy's lips as a tidal wave of desire swept over her ravaged body. Her knees finally gave way, two hands planted firmly on her hips were all that kept her from falling.

The full-length angel wings were now draped over an overstuffed chair in Amy's room, the feathers dragging the carpeted floor. The lighting had been turned down. The music from the party below wafted beneath the door, setting a soft beat.

Black leather boots lay scattered at the foot of the bed. A red mesh half-tee was draped across the coverlet. With a giggle, Amy shot Lucy's sports bra across the room. The lamp fell to the floor with a crash.

"What was that?" Lucy asked, turning at the noise.

"Nothing." Amy caught Lucy beneath the chin, turned her head back around. "I was trying to be smooth."

Lucy laughed, catching Amy's lips with her own. She kissed her deeply, passionately, exploring Amy's mouth with her tongue.

Fingers openly stroked between swollen lips, plunging into Amy's wetness. Lucy pulled her fingers free, marveling at the moisture coating her digits. With a sexy smirk, she licked the dampness off one of her fingers. Offering another finger to Amy, she bit back a groan as her lover licked, then sucked deeply on her digit.

Lucy squirmed atop Amy. "What are you doing?" she asked, catching both Lucy's breasts in her hands, squeezing and cupping.

"Trying to get my pants undone."

Nimble fingers worked their way between hot bodies. Amy shooed Lucy's fingers away, unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. She worked her hand inside, sliding over damp hair, openly stroking her.

Lucy sat atop Amy, watching her lover with her hands in her pants. Hooking fingers in her belt loops, she began to push down. A firm hand against her backside stopped her.

"Leave them."

"But - "

Amy firmly shook her head. "I want your tail." She reached between Lucy's legs, caught hold of the long, rubbery-like substance. It was thick, and warm to the touch. Certain Lucy was raptly watching, Amy touched the tip of that tail between her legs, running it slowly up and down her slit.

Lucy bit back a groan, took the tail from Amy's grasp. She followed suit, openly stroking Amy between her legs. With each swipe, she went from her entrance all the way to her clit and back down again. Each stroke grew a little bolder, and it wasn't long before the tip of her tail was dipping inside Amy's wetness.

"That's it, Lucy." Amy spread her legs impossibly wider. "I need you inside me, baby."

The devil's tail slipped deeper inside Amy. The tempo increased as they developed a rhythm. Lucy bent her head, capturing Amy's clit between her lips. She plunged in as deep as she could while sucking on that little nubbin for all she was worth. She felt Amy's thighs tighten around her back, saw stars dance before her eyes.

"Hey, Amy, are you - " A sharp gasp filled the air.

Amy lay in bed, Lucy on top of her, both naked. Except for Lucy's pants. And her - was that a tail? Janet gasped, horrified.

Lucy leapt up off the bed, scrambling for her mesh shirt. Amy covered herself with the coverlet. They both stared at a speechless Little Red Riding Hood standing beside the open door, hand covering her mouth, eyes wide.

"OH - MY - AMY!" Janet paced back and forth in front of the open door. Finally, she crossed the room, to stand beside a mortified Amy. "HOW could you? And, with - " an emphatic gesture. " - THAT?"

"Janet, please."

"I am sooo gonna tell Max!" she pointed a finger at Lucy. "A house full of D.E.B.S., feds and Homeland Security? You'll never get away this time!" She turned on Amy, pointing an accusing finger at her, as well. "And, as for you, you're nothing but a perfect whore - "

"That's it!" Lucy's shirt was now back on, the tag inside out as she stormed towards Little Red Riding Hood. "I'll tell you once, I'll tell you twice." Lucy's finger was now emphatically poking Janet in the chest. "You better wise up, Janet." Janet backed towards the door, trying to get away from Lucy. "Your apple pie don't taste too nice."

Janet's retreat was abruptly halted. She thought she had hit the door, but then realized she had backed into a person. She turned around, coming face to face with Scud. He stepped into the room, kicking the door closed with his heel.

"Really, Lucy." Scud arched one long lash, bathed in dark eyeshadow. "Isn't that my line?"

"Scud!" Janet stared open-mouthed at Lucy's henchman. He was wearing a white pearl necklace. Ruby red lipstick coated his lips. Black gloves stretched up past his elbows. A black corset covered his chest. Black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt. High-heel black pumps completed the look. "I can't believe this is happening!" Janet fairly shrieked.

"Now, honey, it's okay." Scud took Janet by the arm, ushered her to the door. "Let's you and I - go talk about it."

"But, Amy - "

"Has a date with the devil, sweetie." Scud eyed the wicker picnic basket Janet held. "Come on, Red, let's go somewhere. You can show me what you've got in your – " He gave Janet a sly look. " – basket."

He escorted Janet out, locked and shut the door as they left. Lucy returned to Amy's side, pulling the coverlet down. She climbed in, crawling over her lover. She passionately kissed Amy. Reaching down, the blonde pulled up the covers. As they settled in for the night, the only thing amiss was the devil's tail poking out from beneath the coverlet, twitching in time to the music.

The End

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