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Decisions 2: Asked
By Susan P


They had avoided each other as much as possible for the rest of that day. By mutual agreement, or due to mutual embarrassment, she wasn't sure which. Still, she had felt Weaver looking her over more than once before her shift ended. It seemed like the Chief was doing a little thinking of her own.

The next day, it wasn't quite so obvious, but she could still sense it. They had worked together on a couple of traumas, and it had been easy enough. Weaver had been nothing if not professional, but Abby still caught the occasional furtive glance from the ER Chief. She got the feeling it would be up to her to push things farther. If she wanted things to go farther.

Things had calmed down a little and Abby was loitering near the Admit desk when Weaver came up to drop off a couple of charts for patients they had transferred up to surgery.

"Anything major coming in?" Kerry asked, eyeing the board.

Randi replied, "No. Things seem pretty quiet right now. Be afraid."

Weaver smiled at the desk clerk. "Yeah. May as well take a break while I can."

"Buy you lunch, Dr. Weaver?" Abby asked innocently.

Kerry jerked back to look at her. "Um. Sure. But, I'm the one making the big bucks. Why don't I get this one?"

Abby was surprised; Weaver had given in pretty easily. "Good. I'm broke, actually," she grinned. "Cafeteria or Magoo's?"

"Magoo's sounds better." Kerry checked her watch and the board once more. "With any luck, we may have time to grab something to go." She turned back to the desk clerk. "Page me if you need me, Randi." Her hand strayed to her lab coat pocket to feel the outline of her pager before turning for the ambulance-bay doors.

"Will do."

Abby followed at a distance, waiting until they were outside to catch up and walk alongside the silent redhead.

Randi watched them walk out and shook her head. "Somethin's goin' on there..." She popped her gum.

"What's goin' on where?" Haleh asked as she stepped behind the Admit desk.

"Oh. Nothing. Just talking to myself," Randi replied.

"Workin' at County will do that to you," Haleh shot back as she dropped a chart in the rack and headed off to check on another patient.

Abby and Kerry walked to Magoo's in silence, grabbed two empty stools at the counter and placed their orders. They both surveyed the crowd at Magoo's, looking for familiar faces, but neither spotted anyone they knew well.

Abby waited for Kerry to look at her before speaking. "So. Um. I'm...asking."

Weaver seemed surprised at first, but then she recovered enough for sarcasm. "Smooth line you got there, Lockhart."

Good. Sarcasm she could handle. "Well, give me a chance, Weaver. I'm sure I can come up with something better." She kept her tone light, but she held Kerry's gaze.

Kerry turned serious. "What do you want, Abby?"

Abby noticed the waitress approach from the corner of her eye. She sighed, "I'm not all that sure. I thought we covered that yesterday?"

Kerry almost jumped when the waitress set their orders on the counter, but she recovered quickly and paid the bill.

After the waitress walked off, Abby spoke again, drawing Weaver's attention away from the pattern on the countertop. "I take that back. There is at least one thing I'm sure I want. Well... Two, actually."

Weaver didn't speak, but the question was written plainly in her features.

"I think you know what the first thing is. I think you want it, too." She expected Kerry to protest, but she didn't. Abby noticed the beginnings of a blush creeping up Kerry's neck and she enjoyed the sensation of triumph at having caused that reaction.

"The other thing..." Abby stared into Kerry's eyes. "I think I'd like to be able to look at you and see something that other people can't, or won't. I've seen the Chief. I'd like to see a little more of the woman behind her. And, if you don't... If we can't...take care of that other thing, maybe we could try being friends?"

Kerry looked really embarrassed now. It was kinda cute.

"I, um... I'd like that, Abby." Kerry smiled shyly.

Abby grinned and nodded, "Good." She leaned in and down a little to catch Kerry's eyes. "So. Would that be door number one? Or number two?"

Kerry smirked. "Let's start with two."

Abby nodded. "Starting is good."

They turned to leave by silent agreement. Abby grabbed the bag containing their food. Once outside, she asked, "So, any ideas about this whole 'starting' thing?"

Kerry studied her feet as they crossed the street. "Um. Dinner?" She thought a moment. "You're on early Friday. If you don't have plans... Seven o'clock? My place?"

Abby was almost too shocked to respond. "Um. Nope. No plans for Friday. Your place, huh?"

Kerry still wouldn't look at her, but she was smiling. "You said you wanted to get to know me better. I happen to be a great cook."

"I've heard that about you, actually." That did earn her a look from Kerry. "I'll look forward to finding out for myself."

Kerry smiled. "Great. It's a date." She didn't wait for a reply as she turned to walk back toward the ER.

Abby hung back a moment, again letting Kerry lead the way. "It's a date," she repeated to herself. She took a moment to enjoy the sound of it before following Kerry into the ER.

The End

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