A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Resolutions PG-13 Kerry/Kim Kim finally shores up her courage to contact Kerry after nearly five years. Complete

Solace PG-13 Kerry/Elizabeth Kerry tries to remind Elizabeth of what's important. Complete


Stray PG Kerry/Kim Kerry's thoughts. Complete

Ainsley Wallace

The Mouths of Babes 1 2 3 4 5 15 Kerry/Kim Can an accident provide the opportunity for Kerry and Kim to rebuild their broken relationship? Complete

Resting in the Arms 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 Kerry/Kim Who heals the healers? Complete


She Hated Illinois PG Kerry/Kim Why did Kerry stay? Complete


It Only Burns at First 1 2-4 15 Kerry/Abby Abby's drinking at a bar, and Kerry finds her. Complete


Holiday Snapshots PG Kerry/Various A look at Kerry Weaver's photo album. Complete

It Was More Than Just That Parking Space... PG Maggie/Carol Maggie and Carol work out a few issues...in a novel way. Complete

If the Cast Fits PG Maggie/Linda Farrell Doug's ex-girlfriend comes back, but not for Doug. Complete

Those Things We Leave Unspoken PG Maggie/Anna Maggie's thoughts on Anna Del Amico. Complete

A Message from the Past PG Kerry/Courtney   Kerry/Kim Sometimes, a simple phone call can turn everything upside down. But never let it ruin your dinner... Complete


Hello, My Name Is PG Abby/Susan Susan surprises Abby by showing up to support her during an AA meeting. Complete


Anyone at All New PG Kerry/Kim Kim takes Kerry on an early morning drive. Complete


Conflict of Interest PG-13 Abby/Elizabeth An exhausted Abby, in surgical rotation, is called on the carpet by Elizabeth for an avoidable mistake made in the OR earlier in the day. Emotions run high with interesting results. Complete



Lord of Hours PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Seconds PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Happy Home PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Something Good PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Details PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

The Road Ahead PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Eastern Light 15 Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

In Love There Is No Proper Direction PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

These Are the Laws PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

La Vita Nuova PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Picture This PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

The Most Beautiful Sound I Ever Saw PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

Fate PG Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

I Waited For You 15 Kerry/Kim How Kim and Kerry might reunite. Complete

In the Familiar Dark 15 Kerry/Abby When worlds collide... Complete

Kerry At 4 AM 15 Kerry/Abby Follow up to 'In the Familiar Dark'. Complete

Sometimes We Stumble Into Grace 15 Kerry/Abby Follow up to 'Kerry At 4 AM'. Complete

But Your Love is My Relief 15 Kerry/Abby Follow up to 'Sometimes We Stumble Into Grace'. Complete

In the Dancing Together of Her and Me PG-13 Kerry/Abby Follow up to 'But Your Love is My Relief'. Complete


Fuck Buddies PG Kerry/Abby Abby talks to the wind about her relationship with Kerry. Complete

Flashes of Light PG Kerry/Abby A little introspection in Chicago's County General. Complete

In the Words of... PG Kerry/Abby Kerry needs Abby's help. Complete


Balance 18 Kerry/Kim What should have happened at the end of Rampage. Complete


The More Things Change PG Kerry/Kim Even from a distance, Kim can't entirely let go. Complete

Foolish Heart

For A Little While 18 Abby/Kim This is what I think would happen if Kim and Abby had investigated the relationship that had started when Abby's mother had her breakdown. Complete


Fitting 18 Kerry/Abby What could have happened in season 13. Complete


Here to a Star PG Kerry/Kim Kerry recieves fourteen roses. Complete

In the Garden of Earthly Delights 15 Kerry/Kim The delights of a shared morning. Complete

Refraction PG Kerry/Kim Kerry comes out, Randi comes to the rescue. Complete

By Your Side PG Kerry/Kim Kerry introduces Kim to some old friends. Complete

Special K G Kerry/Kim A late night, and some interesting snack food. Complete

An Unexpected Pleasure 15 Kerry/Randi Kerry and Randi run into each other, and some unforeseen activities ensue. Complete

Optimistic PG Kerry/Kim Kerry deals with tragedy in the only way she knows how. Complete

Click 15 Kerry/Kim Dr. Legaspi makes a return trip to County with interesting consequences. Complete

Burn 15 Kerry/Kim A car, a song, and seatbelts. Complete

Open Flame 15 Kerry/Kim This is a sequel to Burn. Complete

Finale, aka Cook County Crisis PG-13 Kerry/Kim After a shooting in the ER, stuff happens. Based on the spoilers about Green getting killed and Kerry being wounded by a gunman in the season 8 finale (hence the title.) Complete

Arcadia 15 Kerry/Kim A day spent together. Complete

Speed Bumps 15 Kerry/Kim Kim and Kerry being to move in the same direction, encountering a few bumps along the way. Complete


Ghosts and Thieves 15 Kerry/Kim Kim and Kerry meet again. Complete

Now What PG-13 Kerry/Kim Sequel to Ghosts and Thieves. Complete


Abby's Southern Roots PG-13 Kerry/Kim   Abby/f An old nursing school buddy of Abby's lands in County. Abby has broken up with Luka/John and had her curiosity turned onto Kim. (Kerry and Kim are/were happy together and I would just hate to see them broken up) Complete


What Can We Keep series

What Can We Keep G Kerry/Kim After five years Kim gets in touch with Kerry. Complete

Ascending and Descending PG Kerry/Kim Kerry and Kim meet for dinner. Complete

Puzzles PG-13 Kerry/Kim The trouble with puzzles is that they're either too difficult or too easy. Complete

Things in Common G Kerry/Kim Phone calls, monkey bites and dinner. Complete

A Simple Kind of Touch PG Kerry/Kim Abby is shown a magic trick and Kim takes Kerry to see her new home. Complete

Paper Dragon PG Kerry/Kim Abby warns Kim that she'd better be good to Kerry. Complete

Voices G Kerry/Kim Abby and Kerry do the crossword, and Kim seeks out her friends for relationship advice. Complete

The Visitor G Kerry/Kim An old girlfriend of Kim's arrives looking for somewhere to stay. Complete

Duel G Kerry/Kim Abby fills Kim in on some of the things that have happened to Kerry over the last five years. Complete

Duel - Part 2 15 Kerry/Kim Kim tries to explain about Tommy. Complete

Never 15 Kerry/Abby Abby and Kerry share a moment up on the roof. Complete

All You Can See 1 2 3 15 Kerry/Susan After attending a funeral of a dear friend, Kerry seeks out Susan's company at the cheap hotel where she is staying for a medical conference. On-Going

The Last Good Name Left

Friendly Fire PG Maggie/Anna "Isn't there something about Dr. Del Amico that you find especially appealing?" Complete


The rules of dieting and dating PG Abby/Susan You're not breaking your diet if... Complete

Moments in a Life Just Ordinary

Breakfast PG Kerry/Sandy Sandy's finished a long shift, Kerry's not yet finished an even longer shift. Sandy decides to come meet Kerry and take her out for Breakfast... just like ordinary couples do.... Complete

Dinner PG-13 Kerry/Sandy Even Lieutenants who can't cook have to take kitchen duty sometimes, but for once Sandy's not going to have to order out for Pizza... Complete


The Love Boat 18 Kerry/Kim Kerry bumps into an old 'friend' when she wins a pair of cruise tickets. Complete

Kim and Kerry at the Beach PG-13 Kerry/Kim Kerry and Kim take a holiday at the beach. Complete

Generic Romance Number 3 1 2 3 4 PG-13 Kerry/Kim Kim arrives back from a sabatical in England to discover that her hospital's board has appointed a new chief of staff. Complete


Out of Nowhere PG Kerry/Kim Kim needs help putting her life back together. Complete

The Raven

The Weather Inside Is Delightful 18 Abby/Susan On their way to a seminar together, Abby and Susan get stuck in a blizzard. Complete

Scott J Welles

Handcuffs  18 Maggie/Randi Cop's kid & ex-con get kinky, then get serious. Complete

Harlequin  18 Kerry/Susan There's a thin line between love and hate, especially in popular fiction. Complete

Harassment  18 Elizabeth/Maggie Maggie is angry with Elizabeth for not backing her in the harassment suit against Romano. Complete

Hijinks  18 The real reason Malucci couldn't score with his coworkers. Complete

Hormones  18 Kerry/Carol Doug would have a coronary... Complete

Hallows  18 Kerry/Abby Hallow's only has three rules; consenting adults, safe sex and no real names - Happy Halloween. Complete

Hallucination  18 Jing-Mei/Cleo Your dreams know things that you don't. For intstance... Complete

Hiccups  18 Kerry/Kim What might have happened next. Complete

Hurting  18 Kerry/Kim   Maggie/Kim An excessive reaction, shortly after "Witch Hunt" Complete

Hearsay  18 Kerry/Christie Strange bedfellows indeed.... Complete

Holding  18 Elizabeth/Carol Two spirits are liberated in a ritual involving the elemental power of lightning, love, and milkshakes. Complete

Hazardous  18 Kerry/Sandy What do you do after you've just become a hero? Claim "a hero's reward," of course! Complete

Hotel  18 Kerry/Randi Borrowing a page from one of Aeris' stories (luvya, babe!) and seeing what happens... Complete

Heat  18 Kerry/Sandy Sandy's dreams after rescuing the boy from the school building. Complete

Healthy  18 Abby/Jing-Mei Nothing too deep, just a bit of bonding (of various sorts) Complete

Hatred  18 Kerry/Elizabeth Some things that really need to be said on the show...as well as a few things that will never get done on the show. Complete

Sharon Bowers

Recasting the Primal Scene 15 Abby/Kim   Kerry/Kim This would never happen in a million years. Or might it? Complete

The (Fe)Male Gaze 15 Abby/Kim   Kerry/Kim In the wake of Kim and Abby's affair, everyone starts taking sides. Picks up a couple of weeks after the events of 'Recasting the Primal Scene'. Complete

Totem and Taboo 15 Abby/Kim   Kerry/Kim More emotional fallout from Kim and Abby's affair and Kim and Kerry's reunion. Follow-up to 'Recasting the Primal Scene' and 'The (Fe)Male Gaze'. Complete

Susan P

The Two Hardest Words PG-13 Kerry/Susan Kerry and Susan share...something. Complete

If I Knew What I Was Doing... 18 Kerry/Susan Sequel to 'The Two Hardest Words' - What happens the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that...? Complete

A Friend in Need PG-13 Kerry/Randi Randi encounters Kerry in the last place she'd expect, and Kerry finds what she least expects after a very bad day. Complete

In the Kingdom of the Blind PG Kerry/Abby Kerry and Abby have a moment. "A River in Egypt" missing scene. Complete

Solace 15 Kerry/Abby Where Abby really went after leaving the hospital the night she was assaulted by Brian Westlake. An AU/missing scene from "A Simple Twist of Fate." Follow-up to 'In the Kingdom of the Blind'. Complete

This. Here. Now. 18 Kerry/Abby Kerry...Abby...water...fire... Follow-up to 'Solace'. Complete

Broken Hearts PG Kerry/Elizabeth Elizabeth reflects on a moment of weakness shared. Complete

Caught in the Act PG-13 Kerry/Kim My response to my own 'Kim and Kerry get caught making out by one of the ER staff' challenge. Complete

Decisions, Decisions PG Kerry/Abby Kerry and Abby have a moment in the Drug Lock-Up of Love. 'nuff said. Complete

Decisions 2: Asked PG Kerry/Abby Kerry and Abby have a little talk... Complete

Disclosures PG Kerry/Kim Call it an alternate-universe version of "Rampage." I got the idea--and started this--after reading some of the earliest spoilers for the 7th season finale, which said something like: 'Romano orders Kerry to fire Kim after another incident in the ER, and Kerry fights him on it.' Since this piece only follows the actual events in "Rampage" in spirit, I didn't see any point in changing the beginning to match what Romano actually did in the episode. The one major difference between my version and TPTB's is that Kerry's declaration is *very* public. Complete

Full Moon Friday Night PG Kerry/Randi Kerry has a weird night in the ER. Set sometime in S9, but just assume that Sandy isn't in the picture for the purposes of this piece. Complete

I Can't Believe I Did That PG Kerry/Abby   Kerry/Kim An alternate-universe version of a scene from "Mars Attacks". Abby has a moment with Kerry, and it confuses Kerry a little. Complete

You Can PG Kerry/Abby Kerry and Abby share a moment during 'Out on a Limb'. Complete

Merry Christmas, Baby PG-13 Kerry/Courtney T'was the night before Christmas, and things are heating up. Complete


Streetlights, Cold Weather, and Other Things New York PG Kim/Addison Grey's Anatomy crossover. Complete


Crash Course PG-13 Abby/Neela An accident with a patient forces Neela to face the woman she could never let go of. Complete


Now That It's Done 1-3 4-7 PG-13 Kerry/Kim Ten years after Kim Legaspi left Chicago, she meets up with an old friend in Miami. Complete


Kerry and Sandy and Kim, Oh my! 18 Kerry/Kim/Sandy Kerry has dinner with her current and former lover, oh my! Complete