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By A. Magiluna Stormwriter


"Be home relatively on time tonight, okay?"

The soft voice drags me out of the report that hasn't made any sense for the better part of the morning. Blinking away my blurred vision, I smile warmly at the statuesque redhead lounging against the doorframe. Fatigue has sharpened the lines bracketing her eyes, and her wan coloring isn't helping to keep me from setting aside the hated report. A few short feet separate me from my lover, the distance lessens with each step taken.

"You look tired, Liz." My words are met by a snort. "I take it the surgery didn't go as well as you'd hoped?"

"I'm not ready to talk about it right now," she says, the defeat and exhaustion plain in her voice. My eyes follow hers to the stack of reports on my desk. "I should let you get back to what you were doing. I'm just going to check on my patient again and head home."

Without hesitation, I guide Elizabeth over to the couch, closing the door behind us. Settling her takes up several quiet moments before I can pull her head down onto my shoulder. "Just relax, Liz." She tenses as if she'll protest, but nothing comes of it once my fingers start massaging her scalp. The tension slowly dissipates as her breathing evens out, and before long, she's fallen asleep. Part of me knows those reports won't just go away, but this is more important. Elizabeth is more important. She's always so damned strong and independent. Even after all the time we've been together, she still doesn't easily give in to her weaknesses. We're so alike in that respect.

The shrill ringing of my phone startles me awake. Elizabeth mutters under her breath as I get up to answer the phone, but quickly goes back to sleep. I envy that ability of hers.

"Kerry? You sound horrible. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Luka."

"Right. Do you happen to know where Dr. Corday is? She was paged for a consult--"

"Dr. Corday isn't scheduled to be on call, Dr. Kovac." The words come out far harsher than perhaps necessary. "Find out who's on call. She was only in for a scheduled surgery." I don't even wait for his reply prior to slamming the phone down. A few slow, deep breaths are in order before heading back to the couch is an option.

"I was wondering where Elizabeth had wandered off to."

Donald Anspaugh's voice from the doorway startles me. "Is this Grand Central Station today or something?"

The knowing smile on his face makes me want to scream. "Go home, Kerry. If we need either of you, we'll page you."

"Don, I can't--"

"Yes, you can. The reports can wait another day or two. Don't argue with me, Kerry, just take some advice from someone with more experience at this than you've had." He glances over toward my sleeping lover. "The surgery was more difficult than we'd expected, and it's hit her kind of hard. Just take her home and remind her of what's important in her life."

He's right; I know he is. The hell with it! I'll do it. "Don, I--"

"I can run interference for you," he replies warmly, and I can feel his eyes following my movements to get ready to leave. "Besides, I know you two have more personal time racked up than anyone else here. We'll survive without you."

Smiling my thanks, I turn to wake Elizabeth, but first things first. My fingers dial a number I've learned by heart. "This is Dr. Weaver, Louise. I need the special one. Thanks." Satisfied, I lean over to press a gentle kiss to Elizabeth's temple. "Wake up, sweetheart, it's time to go home."

I think a day of cuddling together in bed, surrounded by the scent of her favorite roses, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The End

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