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Friendly Fire
By The Last Good Name Left


Maggie got to taste Anna Del Amico the day Jerry blew up the lab.

That was how she always remember it. She had been leading a trauma, an older man with chest pains, when the explosion happened and everyone wrapped themselves around the poor guy. He ended up being the one who had brought in the ordnance in the first place and doctored it for personal use. Maggie briefly checked out the demolished truck, so she could describe the scene to her dad later. It would make a better story than the old guy whose life she saved.

Afterward, Maggie spent a little time with Weaver, which was bad. Maggie was with another old guy in curtain three, and Weaver followed her. If she hadn't been certain that Weaver was so frigid as to still be a virgin, Maggie would have thought Weaver was hitting on her. Instead, Weaver talked and talked and talked about hospital politics, which wasn't what Maggie needed 10 hours into a 12 hour shift. Under other circumstances, Maggie might have been flattered that Weaver picked her to confide in. But since Weaver was clearly out of her depth socially in the ER, the only reason Weaver was talking to her was because no one else would listen. Maggie wasn't quite as impressed as she might have been; Weaver was cute, but not that cute.

Anna Del Amico, on the other hand, was gorgeous.

Maggie had been showing Anna little things around the ER ever since they had met, procedures and cases and strategies for survival. In the beginning, Maggie had told herself that it hadn't been because Anna was so sexy, it was for female solidarity in the face of the good-old-boys network of medicine.

Maggie went looking for Anna after finishing her sutures and escaping Weaver. She found her hanging around admit, chatting with the nurses.

"Hey, Anna, can I show you something?" Maggie grasped Anna's arm, and pulled her down the hall.

"What's up? Hey, do you want to go get some coffee after shift?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, sure," Maggie replied, and continued to tug Anna after her.

When Anna realized where Maggie was leading her, she tugged a bit on Maggie's hold, but not hard enough to stop Maggie from pushing though into one of the emergency stairs, dragging Anna behind her.

"What are you," Anna began, but trailed off when she saw the look on Maggie's face.

"Just, let me do this." Maggie said, and leaned in and kissed her. Anna stood still for a moment, then pushed Maggie away. Maggie stepped back, then leaned forward and kissed her again. This time, Anna kissed back gently. Maggie was content to let Anna lead. When Anna's tongue pushed forward onto Maggie's lips, Maggie opened her mouth obligingly, and their tongues matched, wet heat on wet heat.

Things progressed from there, and by the time Maggie knelt, tugging down Anna's clothes and licking up Anna's legs, Anna was moaning and squirming and Maggie didn't feel the cement under her knees. When Anna was done, Maggie went to kiss Anna again. Anna blushed and turned away. She quickly pulled up her pants and left. Maggie stared after her, wiping her lips and smiling.

Maggie's shift was long over, so she made her way to the locker room and had a confrontation with Carter. He accused her of sexual harassment of Anna, and Maggie could only grin. When Anna interrupted them, Maggie's grin grew. Maggie complimented Anna on her hair on her way out, which had been nicely rearranged from Maggie's mussing. The compliment was purely for Carter's benefit, but it made Anna blush. She went out for coffee alone, and spent an inordinate amount of time licking her lips.

For a few days, Anna was tense around Maggie, but then Maggie heard the story about Carter and the hoagie and the laundromat from one of the nurses third-hand. Maggie used her first opportunity to tease Anna about it, and Anna blushed. The teasing helped; and their friendship was once more back on solid footing.

But Maggie never forgot the day she tasted Anna Del Amico.

The End

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