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WARNING: 3 way alert!
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Kerry and Sandy and Kim, Oh my!
By Wordsmith

Ch 1

Kerry shifted uncomfortably, trying to find a new position to rest her weary feet, but to no avail. She had been waiting for twenty minutes, but after a full day, it felt more like twenty hours. Finally she saw the door to the bar open and a dark woman emerge. "Out bar hopping?" asked the woman as she got closer. "No," Kerry replied, "I was looking for you."

"And only found my car?" smirked Sandy.

"You were missing." Kerry said quietly. "I was worried."

Sandy looked away and said confidently, "All part of the job."

"It's wonderful how you saved that little boy." Kerry couldn't stop looking at Sandy, drinking in the sight of her, safe, secure, and alive.

Sandy tried to bluster her way into her car, even as her mind was screaming at the sight of the diminutive doctor that had been plaguing her nights for weeks. She was surprised when Kerry managed to take her car keys, telling her she was too drunk to drive. The nerve of her! How dare she come back acting like she knew what was better for her, that she knew Sandy needed to talk about the incredible day in which fire nearly took not only her life, but the life of the small boy she had found, lost and afraid. Sandy could only stare as Kerry quietly made the biggest admission of her life.

Kerry whispered, "You were right. You did do me a favor" and brought her lips to Sandy's in a brief kiss. Sandy's eyes crinkled. "Well it was a good save. Three alarms-" before she could finish, Kerry had melded into her again, this time more fiercely. Kerry was once again struck by how soft the tough firefighter's lips were, how sweet her hair smelled even now tinged with smoke from the day's fire not completely shampooed out, how strong she, Kerry, felt at the fact that she was just that single inch taller than Sandy. She felt powerful, protective, almost masculine holding tightly to Sandy's worn jacket as she broke off the kiss to bury her face in Sandy's shoulder, holding her as if she would never let go. Sandy held on just as tight, finally whispering into the ear at her lips, "God, I have missed you so much."

"Me too" admitted Kerry as she blinked away a tear. She pulled back enough to look into the deep chocolate eyes. "Take me home."

"Can you drive? I really shouldn't." Sandy nodded toward the keys still clutched in Kerry's hand.

"Get in." Kerry commanded, fully intending on breaking all speed records back to Sandy's apartment. What she hadn't counted on was Sandy's insistence on sitting so close their thighs touched with one hand laced into Kerry's hair, stroking and teasing against the back of Kerry's neck. "If you don't stop it," Kerry glared her best administrator's glare at the firefighter, "we'll never get home because we'll be in a wreck."

Sandy smiled a lazy smile that sent Kerry's heart lurching. "Well, we wouldn't want that, now would we?" She obediently shifted over to the passenger side of the seat, but turned her body so that she could watch Kerry as she drove. Kerry immediately regretted her remarks as her body missed the touch it so craved. Soon she was parking the small car in the reserved parking spot. Time spent in the bar had provided Sandy enough alcohol to counteract the adrenaline in her system and she had fallen asleep curled up in the corner of the car. Kerry smiled, and made her way to the other side of the car, careful to open the door slowly so that Sandy wouldn't fall out. "C'mon Sweetie, let's get you inside." At the feel of cold air upon her face, Sandy awoke with a start. "What?! What!" Years of training taught her body to respond to minimal amounts of sleep, and she awoke feeling as though her nap had been hours not minutes. "Kerry?" she asked. "Yes honey, I'm right here. Let's get you inside." Shifting her weight onto her good leg, she pulled Sandy up and balanced her upright. Sandy leaned into Kerry's side, more than she really needed to physically, but needing the contact emotionally. It was as though she couldn't stop touching the woman at her side. Once inside, however, a case of nerves, and a need to clarify the situation pushed away any ideas of an intimate nature. Suddenly it seemed she was too close to Kerry, invading her space so she backed away, then retreated into the kitchen where she quickly poured herself a glass of water to clear her head and buy time. After what had happened last time, Sandy couldn't, no wouldn't risk starting something without knowing where it was going. Sandy promised herself long ago to never again date anyone in the closet. The pain outweighed the pleasure when it all blew up, which it inevitably did. Turning to face Kerry, she said in a voice more harsh than she intended, "So, you said I did you a favor. What, exactly did you mean by that?"

Kerry blinked in surprise. She assumed when her kiss was returned that it had been clear what she meant. Judging by the widening space between them since walking into the house, it wasn't.

"I meant, " Kerry said quietly, "You did me a favor by outing me at work. The sky didn't fall in. My career didn't come crashing to an end. You were right." She chuckled. "No one really cares."

Sandy's eyes narrowed as she considered this. "Hmmm."

"Well, except for Frank," Kerry continued amused, "He made sure I knew I was going to hell. But other than that, and a dildo left in my locker, no one has said a thing."

Sandy stared at Kerry in amazement. "A what in your locker?"

Kerry smiled, "One of the attendings thought it would be funny to leave a dildo belonging to the dominatrix 'friend' of a patient in my locker."

"Oh my god, Kerry!" Sandy was suddenly indignant. "That's terrible! That's like a hate crime. I mean, that's the same as leaving a noose in a black doctor's locker, or a charred cross or a…"

Before she could go on, Kerry crossed the kitchen and took Sandy by the arm. "Sandy, it's o.k. I-" Before she could continue, Sandy started to sputter, "No it is not o.k. Kerry, it's discrimination."

"And I treated it as such." Kerry said firmly, "And since no one would cop to it, I sent everyone even remotely involved to Sexual Harassment class on their scheduled day off. And" she added not hiding her smirk; "I made arrangements for the instructor to show up considerably later than the scheduled start time."

Sandy looked at her in amazement. "How much later?"

"About six hours later." Kerry said. "Then I had him teach the class once he got there." Kerry leaned back onto the counter. "All told they were there for about 14 hours."

Sandy burst out laughing. "Very good, Dr. Weaver. Who knew you could be so devious? But how did you get the instructor to play along?"

"He's a fag." came the answer. Kerry grinned at the look on Sandy's face. Her mouth had dropped open in astonishment, and Kerry took advantage of her state to close the gap between them. "Careful, you could catch flies like that." And leaned in for a kiss.

Sandy, her mind reeling at the revelation of this side of Kerry's multifaceted personality, simply accepted the kiss. Then feeling a surge within she hadn't allowed herself to feel since their breakup, she deepened it. Her mouth open just slightly, and she could hear Kerry moan ever so softly into it. Hands reached up into the fine, soft hair, breathing in the subtle smell. Aware of Kerry pulling on her coat, she maneuvered so that it fell to the floor behind her. Before Kerry could remove anymore of her clothing, Sandy pulled back and said quickly, "We need to take this out of the kitchen. I do plan to eat in here someday, and would rather not do it with the memory of you taking me on the countertop."

Kerry smiled impishly, "So where do you want me to-" Before she could finish the sentence, Sandy place a hand over the small mouth, warning, "Don't say it!" and pulled Kerry willingly to the hallway and up the stairs.

Once there, the playful Kerry disappeared. "Sandy, I do want you to know that I owe you everything. I could have never come out without your help."

Sandy's suspicious mind reared its evil head before she could stop it. "So is that what this is about? You're feeling grateful?" At the look in Kerry's face, she immediately regretted what she said.

"Yes, I do feel grateful to you, Sandy." Kerry admitted, "I feel grateful that you pushed me to do what I was too afraid to do alone. But that's not why I'm here." Kerry took Sandy's hand and stared at it for a long time. "I'm here because I need you, because I want you, and because I care about you." Kerry lifted the small hand to her mouth and kissed the palm.

Sandy moved the palm to Kerry's cheek. "So are you ready to be who you are? I mean, really Be who you are. Admit that you're gay to the whole world?"

Kerry nodded then added, "I am ready to admit I'm gay. I 'm ready to admit this is who I am. But most of all, " she looked intently into Sandy's eyes, "I'm ready to admit that I'm falling in love with a hot lesbian firefighter." Kerry smiled that impish smile again, and was delighted to see Sandy throw back her head and laugh.

Ch 2

Dr. Kim Legaspi took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. This wasn't going to be as easy as she had been telling herself it would. It had been over a year since she had stepped foot in County. A year of getting over being fired or in the words of Dr. Romano "resigning", though it was hardly voluntary. A year of finding a new job in a new place. A year of waking up reaching for Kerry after a particularly realistic dream.

Now she was back, albeit temporarily to teach a course seminar in dealing with gay adolescents. It was a topic dear enough to Kim's heart, and important enough to her sense of values, she agreed to bring the course to the psychology department of the hospital that had fired her for using some of the very techniques she would now be teaching. Naturally, she made sure that the hospital paid through the nose for the privilege, charging three times her normal rate. It delighted her to know that Romano would know she gouged them and the reason why, but couldn't do anything about it.

Pushing back her long, blond hair, Kim took another deep breath and walked into the hospital. She deliberately avoided entering through the back entrance, using instead the main front doors. Once inside she walked quickly to the elevators and went up to the Psyche floor. Luckily the floor was empty at this early hour, so she went right to the classroom to prepare.

"So Legaspi, early as usual." The sound of a nasal-toned voice made Kim start and spin around. There stood Robert Romano, the man responsible for her losing her job at County.

Kim returned to piling various stacks of papers on a table near the door. "Robert" she said coolly. "Don't tell me you are taking this class. I thought you already knew everything."

Romano laughed, "Legaspi, contrary to popular belief, I actually lobbied for you to the Board after the unpleasantness last year. But no, you were determined to bring out the worst in the situation, just to make some kind of point." He scoffed, "Like it did any good."

Kim stared at Romano. "It got me out of here. Isn't that good enough?"

Romano glanced at the papers on the table. "True, true." He admitted. "Ironic though, don't you think? The one person who doesn't stand up for you when it mattered, comes out of the closet in some kind of grand gesture of lesbian sisterhood once it was too late for you to return. Oh well, I'm sure you'll have a great laugh about it after class during your reunion today."

Kim stared even harder at Romano. "What are you talking about? Who came out after I left?"

Romano called out as he walked out of the door, "Weaver. Gave me all kinds of hell about anti-defamation league this and that if I didn't reinstate you."

Kim heard his footsteps grow fainter as he walked down the hall. She stood stunned. Kerry? Had come out to Romano? And what was that about a reunion? Quickly she found the class roster. There, at the bottom of the list, Weaver, K. Kerry was going to be in her class today? Suddenly, Kim felt all her confidence wash away. How could she teach a class on gay adolescents, their homophobic parents, dealing with a homophobic society, the whole coming out process when the person whose coming out meant more to her than anyone else's was sitting right there? She had hoped to run into Kerry during her stay in Chicago, but more as an accident, the kind that happened with startling regularity when she was first getting to know the bright red-headed doctor. It was a small hospital after all. Word of her presence was sure to filter down to the ER soon enough. But to have Kerry sitting in the classroom day after day for a full week was more than Kim had bargained for. "I don't even know if I want to talk to her." She thought to herself. "I mean, I still have a lot of unresolved anger toward her, about my firing, her not backing me up when I needed her to most." Kim let her analytical mind go to work. "Plus the whole break up went so badly between us. We never did get a chance to set things right. She's the first lover I've ever had that I wasn't able to forge a friendship with afterwards." Kim smiled ruefully, "Well, except for Mark Hansen in college. He never did get over me leaving him for girls."

It was with this wistful smile on her face, that Kim looked up and into the gray green eyes of Kerry Weaver herself. Kim froze, and was relieved to see Kerry smile hesitantly back. Kim noticed Kerry had darkened her hair to a soft reddish-brown since last they met. But nothing else had changed. The same starched lab coat, a light top underneath, basic black pants, sturdy shoes and her ever-present crutch.

"Hello Kim." Kerry's rich voice was almost a whisper. Then Kim's analytical mind looked closer. There was something different. It was in the way Kerry carried herself. She had always been the picture of confidence and professionalism, but now there was something else. A sense of self that was distinctly different.

"Kerry, it's good to see you." Kim swallowed hard and continued, as other students began to fill the small room. "How have you been?"

Kerry looked into Kim's eyes, then away. "Good, I've been good."

Kim felt the wall come up between them, and quickly retreated behind it. "Good." She said and walked to the front of the room, anxious for familiar territory. Teaching the class that she had created did just that. Within minutes of starting, Kim was able to forget, at least enough to concentrate on the material before her, the diminutive woman in the back row.

Kerry, on the other hand, could not forget or stop the wave of memories filling her mind. To see Kim again, was startling. She looked just the same, moved just the same, and even wore the same light blue suit she used to refer to as her Professor Suit. At one point Kim leaned over the desk in the front of the classroom to check a resource in answer to a question, and pushed her kinky blonde hair behind her ear exactly as Kerry had remembered. The memory was so painful, it made Kerry want to leap up and run from the room. But she was unwilling to draw attention to herself in so bold a manner, so she stayed in her chair, bolting from it and out the door as soon as Kim announced a break. In the elevator, she told herself that she was just being a good administrator to check on the ER during the 15 minutes granted. Deep down though, she knew she was falling into her old pattern. When things get too tough, she chastised herself, run away. God forbid I stay and have to actually talk to her. Hmph, she snorted to herself, I can't even say her name in my mind. What was I thinking?

Once downstairs in the ER Kerry was relieved to see that all was chaotic normalcy. She headed toward the bank of pay phones and quickly called Sandy's house, hoping she would be off duty. There was no answer so Kerry tried the station house. When the firefighter came to the phone, Kerry breathed a sign of relief. "I'm so glad I caught you."

Sandy could hear the strained tone in Kerry's voice. "Are you o.k. What's up?"

Kerry reassured her, "Nothing's up. I just wanted to call and say hi."

Sandy's smile could be heard, "Well, hi then."

"Hi" the answer sounded small and far away.

"Kerry, what is it?"

"It's nothing. Just having a day, I guess." Kerry impatiently pushed back her hair. "How long are you on for?"

Sandy growled, "Ugh, all day and night, babe. I'm sorry."

Kerry's sense of wellbeing so well established this morning was quickly ebbing away. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. How about we meet for dinner when your shift is over?"

"That would be great. Look, I'll make it up to you. How does chili rellano sound? I'll use my grandmama's recipe."

"That sounds great. Talk to you later. Be safe." Kerry whispered into the phone as she hung up. Glancing around the ER for some kind of emergency that only she could solve, thereby forcing her to stay, Kerry was unpleasantly surprised to see that everything was under control. With a grim look, she went back upstairs to face Kim once again.

The class had already started back up again by the time Kerry returned to her seat in the back row. Kim looked up and gave her a brief smile of welcome, then continued with her lecture. Two hours later, she deliberately positioned herself near the door when she announced the lunch break. "See you all in an hour." She called out to the departing students. This time Kerry was the last to leave. As she headed toward the door, Kim said in what she hoped was a bright cheery voice, "Kerry, would you like to join me for lunch? I'd like a chance to catch up with you." She watched a range of emotions pass over Kerry's face. Slowly Kerry turned toward her and said, "Sure, that would be nice."

Kim smiled, "Cafeteria or Magoos?"

"Well since I make it a point to never go to the cafeteria, Magoos. I prefer grease to mystery meat any day." Kerry slipped on her jacket, struck for a moment by the fact that it still held a tinge of Sandy's scent from last night. She breathed it in deeply, glad that Kim was in front of her and couldn't see.

Once at Magoos, they chatted about inconsequentials until their meals had been served. Finally Kim couldn't wait any longer and burst out, "So, Romano says you're out. That's great. I guess."

Kerry slowly chewed her bite of sandwich as she deliberated how to answer. "Yes, I came out to him last year, for all the good it did." She looked up at Kim, "I came out, or rather was outed, to the rest of the staff a few months ago."

Kim gasped, "Somebody outed you! That's outrageous. I hope you gave 'em hell."

"Well at the time, I was pretty pissed and told her so, but now I see that she actually did me a favor. It was a hell of a lot easier the way she did it, than any way I could have come up with." At the memory of Sandy's kiss in the middle of the ER, Kerry smiled and touched her fingers to her lips absently. Kim stared at her astonished, and not just a little aroused at the site of Kerry stroking her lips.

To break the silence Kim said, "Ok I'll bite, how'd she do it?"

Kerry looked embarrassed but said, "She kissed me. In the ER. Right in the middle of the shift change." Kim laughed, "Now that's a gal I want to meet. So what happened?"

"Well that was the interesting thing," Kerry answered. "Nothing happened. Like everything else in the ER it was news for a few days and then the gossip moved to a different topic."

"Typical of a small community like County" Kim mused.

"Yes. Well, shall we head back, or are you too concerned that the sight of the two of us together would set the gossips in motion again?" Kerry laughed. Kim just stared at her in disbelief. What a difference a year makes, she thought to herself. This is the same Kerry Weaver who ran away from dinner once just because someone told a lesbian joke. She looked at Kerry with a new appreciation. Kim had always been struck by Kerry's ability to seem plain to the outside world then light up and become breathtakingly beautiful. Her finely boned face, large round eyes, off center smile. Not to mention a sleek, finely muscled body curved in all the right places. It was enough to make Kim drift off in memory of the nights they had spent together exploring and memorizing each other's bodies. Nights of passion and nuance. Kim closed her eyes for a moment and swore she could recall hearing Kerry call out her name, her voice strangled, overcome by the pleasure of her body.

"Kim!" Kim suddenly opened her eyes to see Kerry standing in front of her, snapping her fingers to bring Kim out of her reverie. Blushing furiously, she ducked her head and said, "Sorry, uh must be jet lag. I only flew in last night."

Kerry stared at her for a long moment, then decided her friend was all right. 'Friend' though Kerry, when did we become 'friends' again. Smiling to herself, she decided she didn't care.

Ch 3

Sandy walked briskly through the hallways, looking for the right room. She had never been to this part of the hospital before. All her other visits had been to the ER or to maternity to visit various sisters and cousins. The Psyche floor was a new experience for her. Finally she found the classroom at the end of the hall. It appeared empty but as she was turning to go, Sandy heard a familiar deep-throated chuckle followed by a higher-toned hearty laugh.

Sandy walked into the room to find Kerry sitting on the edge of a desk at the front of the room. Standing in front of her, back to Sandy was a tall, blond woman wearing an impeccable tailored light blue suit and matching heels. "Like she needs the height" thought Sandy randomly. She considered walking to the front of the room to join her lover, but stopped short when she saw the look on Kerry's face as she laughed with the other woman. Kerry's face was tilted upward and she was smiling a bright, happy smile of a type Sandy had never seen. Her face was totally open and keyed in to the response her words were having. "So, I said, yes, I know I am going to hell, and left it at that. All in all, it was quite refreshing to know that at least someone cares about my immortal soul." The tall woman's shoulders shook as she laughed, and Sandy was startled to see her reach out and place her hand on Kerry's shoulder as though to balance herself. Kerry reached up her own hand and took the other woman's, giving it a little squeeze. That was enough to send Sandy to the front of the room.

"So" she said abruptly, "We still on for dinner or what?"

Kerry turned the dazzling smile toward Sandy, and in an instant, Sandy saw it change. Change from something innocent and light to a look of surprise.

"Sandy, " Kerry sputtered, "I thought you had to work. That we were having dinner tomorrow." Confusion wrinkled Kerry's brow and turned down the corners of her mouth. She stood up, gracefully pulling on her crutch, as she released the blonde's hand. The blonde turned and looked down at Sandy with an amused and curious look on her face.

"You sounded as though you were having a hard day, so I got the night off." Sandy looked pointedly at the stranger, "So we could be together."

Kim looked back equally at Sandy. 'Oho, so this is the new girlfriend, eh?' she thought to herself. 'What has Kerry got herself into this time?' Not able to contain her mischievous side, Kim stuck out her hand saying brightly, "Hi, I'm Dr. Kim Legaspi. An old friend of Kerry's."

Legaspi! This was Legaspi? Sandy's mind reeled even as she took the proffered hand. The woman who broke Kerry's heart? The woman Kerry still refused to talk about other than saying, "It didn't end well." This, this Amazon! Sandy shook the long, elegant hand squeezing just a little harder than necessary, surprised to see the Amazon's eyes crinkle in amusement. "Nice to meet you, Doctor." Sandy dropped the hand and turned to Kerry saying abruptly, "Ready?"

Kerry looked confused and slightly embarrassed. "Well, actually Kim and I, that is Dr. Legaspi and I made plans to go out. That is to say," Kerry stammered not quite sure why she felt so distinctly uncomfortable, "we made plans to have dinner." She looked intently at Sandy. "Since you said you had to work…" she finished in a low voice.

"Yes, well plans change" replied Sandy in her own dangerously low voice.

It was at this point that Kim decided she just had to chime in. "Hey! What say we all go out together?" She grinned at the astonished looks from both Kerry and Sandy. "Kerry and I could catch up, and Sandy, you and I could get to know each other better." Kim couldn't help adding, "I'll bet we've got lots in common." She looked innocently at Sandy all the while thinking to herself, 'Ain't I a stinker?'

All Sandy could hear was rushing in her ears as her brain tried to wrap itself around the suggestion. She knew Legaspi was yanking her chain, but knew equally well how Kerry would react if Sandy called Kim on it. As Sandy struggled to control her mounting temper, and not tell this gargantua just exactly what she could do with what they had in common, she heard Kerry say, "That sounds like a great idea, Kim. Why don't we go get Sandy's car and meet you out front." Sandy felt Kerry's hand oh her arm, turning her toward the door, and she moved with it unable to stop. At least until the elevator doors closed. "Are you insane!" Sandy broke out, heedless of the other passengers. Kerry stared at her in surprise. Sandy continued, her voice growing louder with each word. "Why in the hell would I want to go out with… with…"Sandy forced herself to say "her" rather than "With your first lover!" Even in her rage, Sandy knew this remark would not have gone over well with Kerry. Out or not, she was still a very private person, and wouldn't appreciate her affairs thrown all over the public elevator. Kerry replied in a low voice that made it very clear how she felt about Sandy's outburst. "Sandy, I will not discuss this here. Calm down."

Sandy turned toward the elevator doors, willing them to open. When they did, she exited and made for the first empty room she could find. "In here," she growled. "Now."

Kerry, baffled at what exactly had her lover in such a state, complied. Turning to face Sandy, she started to ask what had gotten into her, but didn't have time, as Sandy pulled her roughly to her and kissed her hard. Kerry struggled against this intrusion, pushing hard on Sandy's chest, turning her head away from Sandy's insistent lips. "What the hell are you doing?" Kerry managed to push Sandy away, and backed up, wiping saliva off her face. "What has gotten into you?"

Sandy, realizing what she had done, hung her head. "I'm sorry" she whispered. "That was stupid."

"You're damn right" Kerry retorted.

Sandy quietly said without looking up, "Look it's just when I saw you and Legaspi, and you were laughing and whatever, it just made me go crazy." She looked up at Kerry with tears shining in her large brown eyes, "And when I heard her name and realized who she was, I just, I don't know…" she finished lamely.

Kerry looked at Sandy for a long moment as though considering what she had said. "You're trying to tell me this was some kind of macho possessive thing?"

Sandy looked abashed as the reality of these words sank in. She sighed heavily, "Yeah, I guess it was."

Kerry turned to face the window, "Oh you have got to be kidding me."

Sandy walked to Kerry and gently put her hands on Kerry's shoulders. "I am so sorry, Kerry. I really am not like this. I am not like this at all. I am so not the jealous type." She rested her head on Kerry's shoulder, "Really, you can ask anyone."

A hint of a smile started in the corner of Kerry's mouth. "Oh really." She turned to face Sandy. "Anyone?" she challenged. "Like your old girlfriends?"

Sandy smiled and looked away. "Well, o.k. maybe I did fly off the handle every once in a while." She took Kerry in her arms. "But you did say I was a hot lesbian firefighter. It comes with the territory." She eased closer to Kerry and was glad to find Kerry leaning into her. She gently placed a kiss on Kerry's lips. "So"kiss"am I forgiven?"kiss.

"Well" Kerry tried to frown, but couldn't with Sandy's lips on hers. "Just don't make a habit of it." She wrapped her arms around Sandy and brought their lips together again. The kiss deepened, and Kerry soon felt Sandy's tongue reach out for hers. Kerry opened her mouth and welcomed it, feeling warmth spread throughout her body. One hand reached up to comb itself through Sandy's thick curly hair, while the other one caressed her upper arm through the heavy jacket. Slipping the hand inside the jacket, she felt the soft cotton tee shirt and started to tug it from the waistband of Sandy's worn jeans. When the hand eased its way up under the shirt and brushed against the underside of Sandy's breast, Sandy gasped but didn't break contact. In the back of Sandy's mind, she wondered where the diminutive doctor would stop. In the meantime, she delighted in the taste and texture of Kerry's mouth, feeling her tongue sweep behind teeth, tasting the last remnants of a minty breath strip, marveling at the softness of the touch under her shirt, even as her nipple hardened causing her to groan into Kerry's mouth again. Immediately, she regretted the moan as Kerry pulled away and retrieved her hand. "Ughhnnn" Sandy whimpered trying to recapture Kerry's lips in her own again. "Nuhuh, love, we can't. Not here." Kerry whispered "Ughhnnn!" Sandy tried again a little louder this time. At this, Kerry smiled, giving her a quick peck. "After last time, I promised Romano no more PDA."

Sandy pulled back and began to button up her coat, muttering, "Little pipsqueak. Like to show him a thing or two."

"Besides" said Kerry as she ran her fingers through her tousled hair, "We have to meet Kim." She led the way out the door, smirking as Sandy said in a suspiciously saccharine voice, "Can't wait!"

Ch 4

Kim was waiting in front when Kerry and Sandy pulled up. She could tell that something had happened in the time it took for the two women to bring the car around. Kerry was flushed and Sandy was grinning like the cat that got the cream. Kim looked closer and noticed a small red mark on the side of Kerry's neck that had not been there ten minutes ago. 'Aha, kissed and made up did we?' she thought to herself. Kim was surprised to feel a seed of jealousy forming deep within her at the thought of someone else's lips on Kerry, someone else's hands touching Kerry, someone else's tongue tasting- whoa, Nelly.' Kim chastised herself, 'What am I getting into here? Kerry and I broke up a long time ago. I have no right to feel anything in regard to her.' But then the psychologist within countered, 'But it doesn't stop you from having those feelings does it?' She smiled to herself, 'and how does that make you feel, hmmm?'

"Excuse me?" Kim was startled to find Kerry turned around in her seat, looking at Kim curiously.

"What?' Oh nothing." Kim blushed as she realized how far along her self-analyzation had taken her.

Kerry gave a long look, then turned to face Sandy. "So where are we headed?"

Sandy glanced back at her passengers. "I don't really care. Doctors?"

Kerry suggested, "How about that Italian place we tried but it was closed?"

Sandy nodded, "Sounds good to me." without waiting to see what Kim had to say she turned the car around and headed for the small bistro. Kim taking note of this decided to listen to her little devil for the second time that day, "So, Sandy what is it you do? Don't tell me you work at the hospital too?"

It was said in an innocuous tone but Sandy somehow managed to glean a bit of a sting from it anyway. "God, no" she said, "I'm a fire fighter. I hate hospitals and everything about them." Softening her tone, she looked at Kerry, "Well, maybe not everything." Kerry smiled back.

Kim was impressed but could not let herself show it. "A firefighter, really? Boy, that must be fascinating. Do people really call you to rescue cats from trees?" Again, the tone was innocent, Kim's eyes wide and bright, but Sandy bristled nonetheless. Before she could tell what Kim could do to cats, Kerry chimed in, "Just yesterday Sandy saved a little boy from a burning school."

Sandy caught Kim's eyes in the rear-view mirror, and saw the moment of recognition for the act. "Oh yes, I read about that in the paper this morning. Quite a daring rescue it said."

Sandy concentrated all her energy on parking the car, "I'm just glad the kid was alright."

Kerry turned to Kim and asked, "You read about it in today's paper. I thought you flew in today?"

Kim remembered her earlier remark about jet lag to cover her trip down memory lane, and quickly said, "Yes, actually I got in last night, but it was so late I still felt the effects today." She finished the sentence lamely. "You know how I hate to fly."

Kerry looked at her strangely, "No, actually I didn't know that." And walked into the restaurant followed closely by Sandy.

'Good one, Legaspi. That's what you get for telling lies. And, ' she admitted to herself as she found herself staring unconsciously at Kerry's rear end, 'for daydreaming about former lovers.' Kim quickly moved to look at the menu hanging on the wall, just in time to see Sandy staring at her, eyes blazing as she realized where Kim's gaze had been a moment before. Deciding to take the tiger by the tail, Kim just smiled and shrugged as if to say, Gees, who could help looking? Sandy actually smiled then to Kim's relief.

Soon they were seated at their table, dinners ordered, and enjoying a nice bottle of house red wine. Kerry asked Kim about her new job in San Francisco and the conversation flowed easily and lightly between the three women. Until the server came back with a cheese-grater and wedge of fresh Parmesan. Kim looked up at the server, smiled sweetly saying, "Oh yes please." As he made a great show of grating the cheese over Kim's pasta, she glanced at Sandy slyly, then asked Kerry, "Cheese Kerry? Isn't this the most beautiful cheese-grater you've ever seen?" Kerry choked on the sip of wine she was taking, turned bright red and glared at Kim with daggers in her eyes. "No Kim, it isn't."

Sandy looked at Kerry, bewildered, then at Kim. "Okay" she drawled slowly, "What am I missing?" Before Kim could answer, Kerry abruptly said, "Nothing! Will you please excuse me." and flushing beet red up her neck and shoulders, Kerry leapt from the table and headed quickly for the bathroom.

"What was that about?" Asked Sandy as Kim tried to contain the laughter bubbling up within her. Kim turned to Sandy and said, "I have to tell you this fast before she comes back or I'll never live to tell it." She laughed. Sandy raised an eyebrow.

"One night while Kerry and I were, uhh, en flagrante delecto, I was uhh, "working" on her, right?" Sandy, realizing this was the only time she would ever hear a story about Kerry's sex life with Kim, leaned forward. Kim continued, "And in the middle of it, I guess I wasn't exactly worrying completely about her pleasure-you know for a giving loving doctor Kerry can be pretty selfish in bed-"

"No shit. But she has to be, Kim." interrupted Sandy, "She's making up for lost time, you know." Her dark eyes crinkled at the thought of her lover tearing at the sheets in frustration when things didn't progress just as she thought they should.

"True enough" admitted Kim, "Anyway, I was getting a bit worked up myself. I mean, God's sake, the woman has no idea what she does to me. So I get caught up in the moment a bit too much because Kerry suddenly sits up and says, 'It's a pussy! Not a cheese grater!' Kim leaned back in her seat and laughed until she cried with Sandy joining in at the image of the somber doctor making such a pronouncement in bed. The two of them laughed heartily until they realized that the entire restaurant was looking at them, which only made them laugh harder. Suddenly, Kim sat up and nudged Sandy, nodding in the direction Kerry had retreated. They could see her bearing down on them, and the look in her eyes was pure fury. Sandy and Kim quickly took control of themselves and looked into their napkins, their plates of food, into their wine glasses, anywhere but at the small woman. Finally Sandy looked up at Kerry. Kerry said in an icy tone, "So, are you two finished?" Sandy blanched but managed to nod and whisper, "Yes, dear." That is until she looked at Kim. They both tried to stop it, but collapsed in another round of giggles. Kerry looked furious, but knew she was trapped. Within a few minutes, Kim managed to get herself under control, and gave Sandy a warm smile. She turned to Kerry with a rueful look. "Think of it this way, Kerry. At least Sandy and I bonded."

Ch 5

The night was cold and brisk as Kerry, Kim and Sandy exited the restaurant, and headed for Sandy's car. Sandy admitted to herself that Kim was actually a nice person, someone with a sly sense of humor and a gift for sarcasm. Her questions about Sandy's job and the psychological repercussions of it were earnest and sincere, though Sandy admitted to herself that it was distracting in the least to attempt to answer while Kim held her gaze with those sparkling blue eyes. More than once, Sandy lost her train of thought, much to Kerry's surprise and Kim's delight. 'Oho, this could be fun' thought Kim and she deliberately leaned closer to Sandy, "So, " she purred to her, "Is the crème broule as creamy as it looks?" Kerry sputtered into her coffee but Sandy took it as well as she got it, replying, "Why don't you taste it for yourself?" and stuck out a spoonful toward Kim's waiting mouth. Kerry could only sit and stare as her former lover licked the rich dessert off the spoon of her current lover. Kim closed her eyes and quietly run her tongue over her lips, fully aware of the effect this was having on the two women at the table, as well as the gentleman seated across from her at the next table. Sandy, who could feel herself getting hotter by the moment, covertly looked over at Kerry, who was sitting with her mouth slightly open to accommodate her suddenly increased respiration. Sandy smiled to herself, leaned over and took Kerry's hand in hers. "What's that you're always saying about catching flies?" Kerry started at the contact, but held on tightly to the hand. Suddenly all three women shook themselves out of their various reveries. Composure restored, Kerry suggested, "Shall we go?" Sandy and Kerry smiled at each other and stood to go, each reaching for the check.

"Please, let me treat you two." Sandy said quickly.

"Oh no Sandy. I couldn't." Responded Kerry, "You joined us, remember? I'll take care of it." She tugged on the piece of paper. Sparks started to form in Sandy's dark eyes.

"Stop it, both of you." Kim snatched the slip from both of them, "Let me put it on my expense account. That way," she smiled mischievously, "the hospital pays, and Romano has to suck it up." They all laughed at that and Kim led the way to the front of the restaurant.

Once in the car, Sandy started driving but stopped at the first light to ask, "So ladies, where to?"

Kerry was surprised at the question. She just assumed that they would take Kim back to her hotel, then proceed to Sandy's house where she could give vent to the rising need to feel Sandy in her arms, to feel Sandy's skin under her tongue, her lips on her breast, her…Shaking her head to clear out the images, Kerry saw that Sandy was already heading back to her house, and Kim was saying, "A nightcap sounds great."

Kerry was amazed to realize that she resented Kim taking Sandy up on her offer of extending the night further. "A quick drink, that's all. No big deal. We can still be in bed by 11. I don't have to be in until 9. That leaves me ten hours to have my way with Sandy. I won't get any sleep but that never stopped me before. This can work." That settled, Kerry noticed Sandy was already parked in front of her place. As two other occupants walked up the steps in front, Kerry noticed the differences in their heights and physiques. Sandy was one step higher than Kim, but they appeared the same height as Sandy turned to call out to the car, "Coming?" Sandy stopped short to look right into the deep blue eyes of the taller doctor. They held each other's eyes for a long minute until Kerry came to join them on the steps. As she turned around, Sandy muttered under her breath, "Amazon."

Kim chuckled, "I heard that."

"Good" said Sandy as she unlocked the door. "Let me hang up your coat, Kim. That is, if I have a hook high enough." As Sandy reached up to help Kim off with her heavy trenchcoat, she slipped her hands through the long, curly blonde locks. Kim arched her neck enjoying the feel of Sandy's hands in her hair. She personally hated her long hair, but knew it drove women crazy for a reason she never could understand. Once out of the coat, she slipped off her suit jacket as well. Stepping almost into the closet with Sandy she murmured, "Do you mind if I take this off too? I was getting pretty hot in the restaurant."

Sandy turned to take the coat, but with Kim so close her body brushed up against Kim. Not quite sure where all this was going, but curious to see, Sandy nonchalantly held her ground and took the jacket. "Anything else you want to take off?"

Kim simply raised an eyebrow and said, "I'll let you know." And walked into the living room where Kerry was already warming brandies on a small candle-lit snifter. Kim deliberately chose to sit on the large couch in the room, curling up her feet under her. Kerry handed Sandy her brandy, then one to Kim. She raised hers in toast, "To a lovely evening."

Sandy and Kim glanced at her, then held each other's eyes again. "Absolutely." Said Kim.

Kerry looked back and forth between the two of them. The energy passing between the two women on the couch felt like a tangible thing. Kerry didn't understand why she suddenly felt like a third wheel, but decided she didn't care for the feeling at all. She sat down on the couch across from the large overstuffed chair Sandy was curled up in and abruptly asked, "So, Kim, any new women in your life?"

"Jeez Kerry," muttered Sandy a little embarrassed, "Get a little personal, why doncha'?"

Kim smiled, pleased that Sandy stood up for her, "It's o.k. Sandy." She gave Kerry a long, searching look before she answered. "No, Kerry. There hasn't been anyone since you." Her voce was gentle and soft, but Kerry felt as though she was shouting. "Guess it wasn't time. I mean, I met a lot of people in San Francisco, but no one of interest." Kim swirled her drink in the snifter watching the amber glow slide down the inner side of the glass. "I guess I just got tired of looking for someone who I knew wasn't there. But," she said smiling up at Kerry again, then looking intently at Sandy, "sooner or later, something will turn up."

Sandy felt her stomach lurch at the words, feeling heat further down, and ice in her brains. 'Is she saying what I think she's saying? Oh my god, is Kim coming on to me? With Kerry sitting right across the room? This can't be happening.' Sandy's brain struggled to understand what her body was telling her. Kim continued to stare into Sandy's eyes, then traveled down to her lips licking her own. Sandy sucked in her breath thinking, 'O.K. this is happening. So what do I do about it? I mean, god you'd have to be dead not to want her. But wow, what about Kerry?'

Kim meanwhile was enjoying the effect she was having on both women. Sandy was flushed everywhere her skin showed, and probably elsewhere, and Kerry looked about fit to be tied. 'Hmm, there's an idea' thought Kim surprising even herself for a change. 'But that's for another time.' She took a long sip from the warm liquid, then got up to refill her glass. Stopping in front of where Kerry was sitting, feeling Sandy's eyes following her every move, Kim asked Kerry, "Anything I can get you while I'm up?" At that point, Kerry had plenty of things to tell Kim, none of them pleasant. All of them vanished in the wake of the smile from the woman in front of her. "No Kim, I'm good." She whispered. Taking a deep mental breath and hoping against hope Kim leaned down to whisper into Kerry's ear, "Kerry, you're better than good." Kim straightened up, and swayed more than walked to the liquor cabinet. She watched the two women stare at her in disbelief, then at each other. Seeing the look in Sandy's eyes and recognizing the tacit approval given there, Kim walked back to kneel in front of Kerry again. "Are you sure there isn't anything, Kerry?" and leaned toward her, kissing a stunned Kerry with all the sweetness and gentleness she could muster. She could hear Sandy get up from her chair and go to where Kerry was reclined on the couch. She took Kerry's hand and pressed her lips to the palm. At her touch, Kerry broke off the kiss and stared bewildered at first Sandy then Kim then back again. "What are you doing?" she said to both of them. Kim looked at Sandy then back at Kerry. "Kerry, I think I speak for both of us when I say that nothing will happen here unless you want it, but" she glanced at Sandy who nodded almost imperceptibly. "We want to make love to you, Kerry." Kim swallowed as she spoke, "We, that is Sandy and I, want you to know how much we care about you. How much we love you." Sandy rose to her knees and gently kissed Kerry's cheek. "Please Kerry, let us show you."

Ch 6

Kerry lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. Her mind still could not quite wrap itself around the images that flashed through it, feeling disassociated from them as if recalling a movie. But unlike a movie, the images included memories of tastes, touches, a whirlwind of feelings both emotional and physical. If a year ago she never could have imagined herself making love with a woman, then yesterday she never could have imagined making love with two of them at once. "So, does this count as a threesome?" she pondered absently, "I thought a threesome was two woman and a guy. Or is that a gangbang? No wait, a gang bang is two men and one woman." Before her analytical mind could continue, an arm moved brushing over her breast, causing Kerry to gasp as her nipple sprang to pebbled hardness. The sound caused the leg draped over Kerry's abdomen to move, sliding off leaving a warm trail of heat as it moved. Kerry shifted trying to bring the leg back as the cool air settled onto her newly exposed skin. Kerry searched for a blanket to pull up, but everywhere her hands touched they found only warm flesh, tangled hair, and, surprisingly, a bra though not one of Kerry's. "Hmmm, too small to be Sandy's, must be Kim's" thought Kerry. "I'm shocked any clothes made it this far." Smiling at the thought, she shifted again and absently stroked the breast found in her hand. The owner of the breast stirred yet slept on, snuggling her nose deeper into the nearest hollow of neck. The neck arched and a sigh escaped as lips nuzzled flesh. Watching fascinated, Kerry stroked the breast with slightly more pressure, until she saw the tip of the breast owner's tongue sneak out and lick the neck, whose mouth let lose a gentle murmur of approval. The licker smiled and quieted the murmur with a deepening kiss. Kerry watched as her two lovers licked and nibbled each other's lips. Kerry continued to stroke the breast in her hand, and was rewarded by the return of the leg over her stomach, and the hand attached to the arm that had brushed Kerry searched for and found her hardened nipple, flicking it lightly. Kerry arched her back into the hand, placing her other hand over it, increasing the pressure. Kim smiled as she kissed Sandy lightly, saying, "I think Kerry's awake at last. Shall we say good morning properly?"

Sandy's eyes crinkled in a smile, "Oh definitely." The two maneuvered so that Kerry was between them and each placed a chaste kiss on the small doctor's cheeks. "That's it?" she complained quietly.

Kim took up the challenge first and, turning Kerry's face toward her, she soundly kissed Kerry's mouth, exploring and tasting, while Sandy shifted lower to plant her mouth over Kerry's ripe nipple. Kerry moaned into Kim's mouth, while arching her back to push more of her breast into Sandy's mouth, bringing smiles to the other two. Kim joined Sandy in licking, nipping and sucking as Kerry reveled in the feel of both her breast receiving the same attention simultaneously. Unbeknownst to her but not her two lovers, her hips began to shift slightly. Motioning with her eyes, Kim brought one hand down to Kerry's center and began stroking her increasingly wet lips. Sandy followed suit using her fingers to stimulate the hard bud she found. Kerry was in heaven, panting and whimpering at how good she felt. The tide rose and fell as Kim and Sandy increased and decreased the pressure on the delicate body between them. Then, by silent agreement, they increased the pressure on Kerry's body until she was quaking and trembling. Kerry exploded in a frenzy of emotion, "Oh God! Kimmmm, Sandeeeee!"

As the tremors in her body began to subside, Kim and Sandy continued gently kissing and stroking Kerry. When she was finally still but for her labored breathing, they smiled at each other. "Well," sighed Kim to Sandy, "I think we showed her, eh Sandy?"

Sandy laughed, "Yes, we did."

The End

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