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It Only Burns at First
By Babydykecate


Chapter 1

The liquor only burns at first, before you become numb. Before the haze, when you still have to be you. Now Abby can barely taste the alcohol, hardly feel the sting. She's been drinking all day, but only now is she drinking enough to completely lose herself. She's at a bar, hiding away in a booth by herself. She's not answering the many calls from Luka.

As she sits, lost in thought, she sees a familiar face. Kerry in the middle of the bar, looking so out of place. Kerry sees Abby and comes over to the booth.

"Hey Kerry, what are you doing here?" Abby asks surprised to see her old friend.

"Neela called me. Said she thought I was the only one you might listen to," Kerry says as she sits across from Abby. "She was afraid I might lose you."

"You weren't here," Abby says, her voice hard and angry.

"I thought you didn't need me… you had Luka," Kerry replies.

"It isn't the same with him," Abby says, taking another drink.

Kerry gently takes the drink from Abby's hand. "Abby? How about we go somewhere else?" Kerry asks.

"Sure," Abby replies.

Kerry helps Abby with her coat and helps her into the cab. Abby doesn't notice that they are going to Kerry's hotel room until they're outside the door. Kerry runs her fingers across Abby's cheek and Abby can't help but kiss her. It's not the perfect first kiss she imagined. She didn't want to be drunk and cheating on Luka, but she does want her. It's the wrong time, but it feels right.

She presses herself close to Kerry, trying to make the rest go away. Kerry opens the door and pulls Abby inside. She lays her on the bed and slowly and gently undresses her. She runs her fingers along Abby's hips, her lips along her breasts. Kerry doesn't want to be a mistake Abby made, but she can't help to act upon this long suppressed desire. She slowly pushes her fingers inside Abby, smiling as Abby gasps. She holds Abby as she comes and as she starts to cry. All she can do is be there, and hope Abby still wants her in the morning. She wipes away a tear and stokes Abby's hair until she falls asleep.

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