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Kim and Kerry at the Beach
By Punthesilea

Kerry Weaver dug her toes into the warm sand and settled herself more comfortably into her low slung beach chair. For a few minutes she was content to sit and watch the waves roll gently onto the shore. She was in Key West. She was on vacation. And, damn it, she was determined to relax. She shut her eyes and breathed deeply. Despite the artificial coconut scent of the omnipresent sunscreen, she could detect rich undertones on the ocean breeze-salt and seaweed and something murky and indefinably primordial. It served to remind her, once again, of just how much she hated the beach-- too many people, too much sun and too much sand. `Especially too much sand,' she thought irritably. She just knew it would make its way into places that were never meant to be sandy. She sighed and willed herself to relax. What had possessed her to leave Kim in charge of their vacation plans? She felt a bead of sweat trickle its way down her back. God, she hated the beach.

`Of course, Kim loved the beach,' Kerry thought irritably. Kim was tall and blonde and turned an amazing shade of bronze in the sun while she turned red as a fresh cooked lobster and then spent the next month peeling like a B-movie leper. Kerry adjusted her umbrella to more fully block the harmful UV rays she could feel cooking her brain. She sighed in frustration but she knew she'd get over it. She could never stay mad at Kim. One come hither glance from those blue eyes or the amused quirk of that expressive mouth and all would be summarily forgiven. She wondered if that meant she was whipped. `Does that even apply to lesbians?' Then she remembered the situation was really all Christie's fault. Her she could stay mad at forever. Kerry grinned evilly, happy at last to have someone safe to censure.

Christie, stuck in Chicago with work, had offered Kim the use of her beachfront timeshare. Of course, Kim said yes. Free lodging in Key West at the height of the summer season-it would be foolish to refuse. Kim swore that Kerry would have a great time; she'd see to it personally. Of course, Kim was now a hundred yards away engaged in a cutthroat game of beach volleyball with a group of young, athletic dykes while Kerry sat baking her ass in the sun. `With my luck there's a case of malignant melanoma with my name on it,' she thought darkly. Still, she had to admit that Kim played a mean game of volleyball. She watched the blonde leap and stretch to spike the ball and she was suddenly enveloped by a heat that had nothing to do with the ambient temperature.

`Geez, Weaver, you still have it bad,' she thought. `On the other hand watching Kim sure beats watching the damn waves.' She gazed back out at the ocean for a moment. `Relaxing my ass.' Giving up, she pulled out her binoculars to get a better up-close-and-personal view of the contest going on down the beach.

"Hi, mind if I spread out my towel here?"

Kerry looked up in surprise. Apparently, the smiling brunette was talking to her. She forced her attention away from her blonde Amazon for a moment. "No, no, that's fine." Kerry waved her permission distractedly.

"Thanks. The beach is a little crowded today." The brunette spread out her towel near Kerry's chair. She held out her hand. "My name's Charlotte, by the way. Charlotte Featherstone."

That statement got Kerry's attention. Her eyebrows rose in surprise. "Like the writer?"

Charlotte smiled a look of great satisfaction in her eyes. "Yeah, have you read my books?"

"Oh yeah, I loved Death on Safari. Your descriptions of the veldt were amazingly accurate and you have a deft touch with characters but." Kerry paused, honesty warring with tact.

Charlotte smiled encouragingly. "But what?" She didn't mind honest criticism as long as women kept buying her books.

"I thought the resolution was a little weak," Kerry added honestly.

"Really? How so," Charlotte asked. She'd thought so too but her publisher insisted it had the requisite number of sex scenes and the right word count. And `nothing is as important as getting the book out on time.'

"Well, since you asked." That was all the invitation Kerry needed. She forgot about the sun and the sand and dove headfirst into a conversation about books and writing, a subject dear to the redhead's heart.

Charlotte was only too willing to indulge her. After all, how often did she get a chance to talk in depth with such a knowledgeable, not to mention attractive, fan? `Not often enough,' her libido responded eagerly.

Down the beach, Kim was getting ready to serve. She knew Kerry was watching. In fact she'd felt the redhead's gaze all morning. It followed her every move. And, if she jumped a little higher or stretched a little farther just to please her audience that was okay. She liked to think of it as visual foreplay. `One more game,' she thought with a satisfied smirk, `and then I'm dragging Kerry back to the room for a little R&R-rest and redhead.' She grinned in anticipation.

A quick fire volley pulled Kim's attention back to the game. Kim dove headfirst after a viciously spiked return. She made the save but she managed to scrape her left elbow in the process. She leaped up quickly, hoping that Kerry wouldn't over react. She didn't want to get dragged out of the game by her overprotective partner. She tried to act nonchalant as she brushed sand out of her wound. She flexed her injured arm experimentally. `Damn, that hurts. Maybe a little sympathy wouldn't be amiss,' she thought. She glanced in Kerry's direction. To her surprise Kerry was not only not overly concerned, she wasn't even watching. Instead, Kerry was deeply engrossed in a conversation with a brunette. A stunning brunette who looked strangely familiar, although Kim couldn't remember where she'd seen her.

"You know, I have this great idea for a murder plot. It's based on an incident that happened in the ER where I work. I'm a doctor and we see some amazing things," Kerry said. She was brimming with enthusiasm for her idea.

"Really?" Charlotte tried valiantly to look as interested in Kerry's idea as she was in Kerry's cleavage. `She really does have a great rack,' Charlotte's baser nature piped in.

Misattributing Charlotte's distraction, Kerry glanced down shyly. "I'm sorry. You must get that all the time."

"What?" Charlotte asked. She reluctantly tuned back into the conversation.

"I bet everyone offers you all kinds of plot suggestions," Kerry explained.

"It's an occupational hazard. I bet when folks find out you're a doctor they can't wait to get your opinion on their aches and pains."

Kerry laughed in agreement as Charlotte continued. "My ex is a CPA and she gets asked for investment tips all the time. I think people just like free advice, giving and getting."

"Kim! Hey, are you all right? Your elbow's bleeding." one of her nameless playmates asked.

Kim looked into the concerned faces of her team members. She nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm ok. Just a flesh wound." She flexed her elbow again. She glanced back at Kerry who was still engrossed in conversation. "Let's play."

Kim's team lost the serve but they still held the lead by two points. They rushed back into their defensive positions. Kim knew her concentration was completely blown the third time she glanced at Kerry instead of the ball.

Charlotte dug her toes in the sand as she rummaged through her beach bag. "Damn! I must have left it at the hotel," she muttered.


"My sunscreen. I thought I put it in here but it's missing." Charlotte sighed. She wasn't looking forward to the hike back to the hotel. It wasn't that far but she was reluctant to give up her spot next to the attractive redhead, especially since they were really hitting it off.

"Would you like to borrow mine?" Kerry grabbed her tube of SPF 50 lotion and offered it to her neighbor in distress.

Charlotte smiled her appreciation. "Thanks."

"You know, for proper protection you should put that on at least half an hour before coming outside." With her red hair and fair complexion, Kerry took skin care very seriously.

Charlotte shot her a sultry look. "But I didn't have anyone to help me put it on."

Kerry gulped. Even she couldn't miss the flirtatious tone. She also couldn't miss the languid way Charlotte was smoothing the lotion over her shoulders. Suddenly, Kerry realized Charlotte was not only an accomplished writer she was also a very attractive woman. Kerry was suddenly uncomfortable and glanced nervously in Kim's direction.

Charlotte sensed the mood shift and strategically retreated. She didn't want to scare the good doctor off. After all, she was attractive, intelligent and apparently alone, in other words, fair game. "You haven't told me your idea for a good murder," she said, hoping to recapture the redhead's attention. She started to smooth the lotion on her legs.

Kim had just returned a serve when she glanced up and very briefly caught Kerry's eye. `Why does Kerry look guilty,' Kim wondered. Before she had time to ponder the implications, the ball came hurtling over the net and hit Kim square in the chest. Hard. She sagged to her knees, her breath completely gone. While she tried to make her lungs work, Kim's teammates crowded around to offer encouragement.

Kerry tore her gaze away from long smooth calves and delicately painted pink toenails and glanced at the volleyball court. There was some sort of commotion over there but she couldn't tell what exactly was going on.

Kim struggled to her feet. That had been a sucker play and she was pissed-at herself, at her opponent and, for some reason, at Kerry. She was also sore and determined to end this game as quickly as possible so she could go check on her oblivious significant other. "Three points to go," she muttered as she dusted herself off yet again.

"You know, you're getting a little pink yourself. You might want to put on another coat," Charlotte suggested. She waved the tube playfully in Kerry's direction.

Kerry looked down the beach. Her athletic paramour seemed totally focused on her latest game. `Great,' Kerry thought, `I'll probably be here for hours.' She sighed in defeat. "Yeah, better safe than sorry."

Charlotte smiled invitingly. "Turn around, I'll get your back."

"Okay, team. Two more points to go. We can do this." Kim's team set up the serve and a misstep by an opposing player put them one point away from victory. Not that Kim cared anymore; she'd just remembered where she'd seen the brunette.

"So tall blondes are your type, huh?" Charlotte hadn't missed the way Kerry kept looking down the beach. Charlotte scooted behind Kerry and squirted some lotion onto the redhead's smooth shoulders.

"What?" Kerry was again distracted by the lean form of her partner. Was she favoring her left arm?

"You keep watching the blonde babe. So either you're really a doctor cum volleyball scout or you have a thing for blondes." She began to rub the lotion in slowly.

"Well, one blonde, at least." Kerry chuckled at her private joke.

"I could introduce you to her, if you like. But I'm afraid you're out of luck with that one. She's here with her partner and apparently she keeps Blondie on a pretty short leash."

That captured Kerry's full attention. She turned her head to look at Charlotte. "Oh, really? And you know this how?"

"We're staying at the same hotel. I ran into her at the ice machine." Charlotte smiled winningly. "You know how it is, a little innocent flirtation as you wait in line."

`So that's what took Kim so long last night,' Kerry thought grimly. `She failed to mention that.'

As Kim leaped for what she hoped would be the final ball, she glanced toward Kerry. She slammed the ball over the net and hoped it would land unimpeded inside the court. Either way she was out of there. No one put their hands on her redhead, especially flirtatious brunettes who didn't like to take no for an answer. Last night, Kim had gone for ice and been cornered by the brunette. It took her ten minutes to escape. By the time she got back to their suite, Kerry had finished her shower and was already climbing in bed. Kim's hopes for an eventful first evening were effectively quashed by Kerry's big yawn and biting comments about flight delays and lost luggage. All because of that damn brunette, the one who was now running her hands all over Kerry's back. Kim was barely aware of her teammates whooping and waving and smacking her on the arm. She shook off the requests for another game and marched stiffly up the beach.

"Yeah, we had a nice, meaningful chat," Charlotte continued, completely oblivious to Kerry's change in mood. She rubbed in more lotion. "Actually, I made a pass at her."

"Oh really," Kerry said icily. Her shoulders stiffened and she pulled away from the brunette. Kerry didn't think she'd ever get used to other women making passes at her partner.

"Yeah, she shot me down without even thinking about it. Must be some girlfriend." Charlotte laughed ruefully.

Kerry laughed with relief as an ominous shadow fell over the two women.

"Kerry," Kim barked. "I think we need to get you out of the sun."

Kerry looked up, and up, and up at her partner. Kim was glowering. `I guess she lost the game,' Kerry thought.

"Hey sweetie. Done with your game already?" Oblivious to Kim's ire, Kerry offered her partner a brilliant smile. "Charlotte, this is Kim. Kim, this is Charlotte Featherstone, the mystery writer." She couldn't resist adding, "I believe you two met last night."

Both the blonde and brunette were nonplussed. Charlotte recovered first. She grinned conspiratorially. "At least now I know why you were in such a rush to get back to your room. It's nice to officially meet you Kim." She held out her hand.

"It'd be nicer if you'd keep your hands off my wife," Kim said pointedly as she shook the offered hand, squeezing just a little harder than necessary.

"Nicer for who," Charlotte challenged with a smirk. She squeezed right back and then let Kim's hand drop. She stuck out her jaw pugnaciously.

Kim took a step forward.

"Kim! You're bleeding," Kerry squeaked in surprise. She reached out and grabbed Kim's hand. She pulled the angry blonde forward and turned her arm gently to get a better look at the wound. It was an angry smear of dried blood and caked sand. "Jesus, how did that happen? We need to get that cleaned up. Do you know what kind of germs there are in sea sand?" Kerry shot out of her seat and grabbed her crutch, her bag and Kim's hand. "When was your last tetanus shot? Come on, we're going back to the room," she ordered as she pulled Kim along. It was obvious that Charlotte was all but forgotten and Kim felt like sticking her tongue out in victory. She settled for shooting the brunette a triumphant look over her shoulder as she rushed to keep up with the anxious redhead.

They made it back to the room in record time. Kerry unlocked the door and Kim moved to sit down. "Not on the bed! You'll get sand in it." Kim rolled her eyes but did as directed. Kerry ordered Kim into the bathroom while she dug in her suitcase for her traveler's first aid kit.

Kim plopped down on the toilet seat to wait. All of a sudden she was extremely tired. And hot. And her elbow hurt like a son of a bitch. Gingerly, she moved her forearm up and down.

"Stop that. Wait `til I get it cleaned before you go making it worse," Kerry said crankily as she came through the door. Kerry ran warm water on a washcloth and walked over to where Kim was sitting and pouting. First she gently wiped the sweat off Kim's face and then she carefully lifted Kim's arm to inspect the wound.

Kim closed her eyes at the first gentle touch. She relaxed, determined to let Kerry do what Kerry did best. `Well, second best,' she mused as Kerry's touch sent a shiver up her spine, a shiver that had nothing to do with her injuries.

"I think this falls under the category `painful but not life threatening'. Basically, Babe, you have a big booboo," Kerry said with a grin. She carefully manipulated the joint. Just then she hit a tender spot and Kim jumped.

"Ow! That hurt!" Kim said accusingly.

"I'm sorry sweetie. It's a pretty deep scrape but nothing's broken and you don't need stitches. We could go to the ER for debridement and an x-ray to make sure but I don't think it's necessary. When did you say you're last tetanus shot was?"

"I had a booster last year. You used the biggest damn needle you had, remember?" Kim was still irked that Kerry had made her get the shot after she cut herself opening a can of tuna fish.

Kerry chuckled. "Oh yeah." She'd never seen a doctor so afraid of needles. Or pain. No wonder she'd specialized in psychiatry. "Kim, cleaning this is gonna hurt," she warned. "If we go to the ER at least they can deaden it."

Kim sighed. "Kerry, I don't want to spend the first day of our vacation in a strange ER. Can't you just clean it here and slap a band aid on it?"

Kerry let go of Kim's arm. She put her arms around Kim's neck. "Okay, just remember, you asked for it."

Kim leaned forward and rested her head on Kerry's chest. She looked up with a grin. "I hereby absolve you of any blame," she said. "As long as you promise to kiss it and make it better," she added.

"Always." Kerry smiled down at the blonde. She kissed the top of Kim's head and then stepped back, all business. "Okay, let's do it. Take off your clothes."

"You say the sweetest things." Kim arched her eyebrow teasingly.

"Smartass," Kerry said affectionately. "I think we can clean it more thoroughly if you just get in the shower."

"Admit it Kerry, you just want me naked."

Kerry grinned. "Always. But I also think it'll be easier to clean. Now strip."

Kim stood up and crossed her arms stubbornly. "You first. After all, I'm injured. I'll need some help in the shower."

"Admit it, Kim, you just want me naked."

Kim laughed. "Always."

Kerry walked over to the shower and turned the water on. She adjusted the temperature. When she turned back, Kim was shimmying out of her beachwear. Kerry quickly followed suit.

Kim climbed into the shower first. She couldn't contain a groan when the warm water hit her shoulders. She realized her entire upper torso was sore. She decided that at her age three games of volleyball were probably two too many. Of course, once the water hit her elbow she forgot all about her muscle fatigue as pain lanced through her arm. "Jesus! That hurts," she yelped.

Kerry pulled the shower curtain back quickly and popped her head in. "Hang on babe, I'm coming." Kerry realized Kim was tired as well as hurt when she let that double entendre zip by without comment. She stepped into the shower and sidled up to her injured partner. She turned the blonde to face the rear wall of the enclosure. "Brace your right hand on the wall and try to breathe deeply."

Kim did as directed, trusting Kerry to be as gentle as possible. Kerry took the movable shower nozzle and turned it to the gentlest setting. She then focused the soft stream just above Kim's elbow. The water dissolved the dried blood and rinsed the remaining sand away. Kerry heard Kim hiss in pain. "Remember deep, even breaths. I'm almost done." After a minute Kerry examined the scrape. It was starting to bleed again but at least it was clean. "A little antibiotic ointment and you'll be good as new in a few days."

"Will I be able to play the piano, doctor?" Even in pain Kim couldn't resist a chance to tease the way too serious redhead.

"Ha, ha. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that." Kerry muttered as she returned the shower head to its stand. She stood under the warm stream for just a moment. Then she directed the spray at Kim's shoulders and began a languid massage of the blonde's back. Kim leaned into the tile at her front and groaned her appreciation as Kerry deftly worked out all the kinks. She rested her forehead against the cool surface and decided she just might be in heaven. After a few minutes of blissful contact, she felt a soapy washcloth covering all the newly relaxed territory of her back. "Honey, I think you got a little too much sun. You're a little pink. Next time use more sunscreen."

"Mmmmhmmm," Kim agreed softly. There was no point in disagreeing with hyper protective Kerry. Besides, the smooth, soft motions were lulling her to sleep. At least they were until Kerry ran the soap slick cloth down the cleft of Kim's ass. That woke her up. Unfortunately, to Kim's way of thinking, Kerry didn't linger there. Instead, she kneeled in the shower and continued to work her washcloth down to Kim's calves.

"Kim your feet are filthy. Why did you take your shoes off? There could have been glass in the sand. " Kerry's gentle scrubbing belied the irritation in her tone. "Turn around," she ordered.

Kim did as directed and Kerry began to work her way up the front of Kim's body. "Did you know you skinned your knee too? You need to be more careful."

Kim would have felt bad if Kerry hadn't at that moment decided to run her tongue teasingly around Kim's tantalizing belly button. It was a move that always made Kim giggle. It was hell being ticklish.

She reached down and grabbed Kerry's head, preventing the redhead from further navel explorations. She pulled Kerry to her feet. And before she could even think to protest, Kim kissed her. Hard. That had always been the most effective, not to mention her favorite, way to shut the redhead up. Far from protesting, Kerry stretched up into the kiss, rising on her tiptoes to give her greater access. She was more than willing to let the blonde distract her for the moment.

Kim slid her arms around Kerry's waist and pulled her closer. She maneuvered her knee between Kerry's legs and began to move her thigh provocatively. She slid her hands down, cupping Kerry's ass. Kerry's appreciative groan told Kim her injuries had been forgotten for the moment. Kim smiled as she shifted her attentions to Kerry's neck.

Kim was so caught up in the delights of the flesh that it took her a full thirty seconds to realize that sunscreen was never meant to be ingested. Gagging, she pulled back reflexively. Unfortunately, as she lifted her head from Kerry's neck, she somehow managed to snort water up her nose. Kim was coughing and trying to rinse off her tongue at the same time. Kerry reached over and turned off the water.

"Are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" Luckily Kim was still bent over coughing and couldn't actually verbalize that thought. She sucked in a lungful of air and straightened up.

"That's it, take deep breaths," Kerry ordered for the second time that day. She put her arms around Kim to keep her upright. It was then she noticed the large bruise purpling Kim's chest. "Kim! What happened there," she screeched.

"I got hit by the ball," Kim managed to squeak out between gulps of air. Right now that was the least of her worries.

Kerry began to carefully poke and prod the bruise on Kim's chest.

"Ow!" She grabbed Kerry's poking finger. "Stop that. It's a bruise, Kerry, that's all. It'll get better if you quite poking it," she said irritably.

"That's it, no more volleyball for you." Kerry snagged a towel from the rack outside the shower. She gently wrapped it around Kim and then crankily told her to go sit quietly on the bed while she finished washing off. Kicking herself for spoiling the romantic mood, Kim did as she was told. She shifted position on the bed. `Crap, was that sand she was sitting in?' She was really beginning to regret coming to the beach. `Damn that Christie!'

Naked, Kerry walked over to the sliding glass door that divided the bedroom of their suite from a small, private balcony overlooking the beach. She stood there and drank her first cup of coffee as she watched a storm roll onto the shore. She saw flashes of lightening over the ocean and soon heard the pleasing sound of raindrops hitting the glass. The waves grew higher and darker as the storm intensified. It was mesmerizing.

Kim rolled over in bed. Even half asleep she knew the other side of the bed was empty and had been for some time. There was a crack of thunder and Kim opened her eyes. In the half light she could make out Kerry's silhouette standing at the door. She was watching the storm. Kim stretched her long frame out over the entire surface of the bed. As she flexed various muscles, she was pleased that her elbow was feeling much better and then startled by a slight twinge in her hip. She reached down to rub the offending area. Her hand brushed over another sore spot and she looked down. It was a bite mark. `Superficial laceration of the epidermis,' Kim's doctor brain diagnosed. `Out of control, carnal redhead,' Kim's libido diagnosed. The multitude of bruises supported this conclusion. Kim grinned rakishly, much preferring the second choice. And, given the sexual gymnastics of the previous evening, she decided to count herself lucky she could even move. Besides, she'd given as good as she'd gotten. She stretched again, arching her back to remove another kink and then she climbed out of bed. Too late, Kim realized the room was a little chilly and maybe she should have grabbed her robe. `Oh well, at least Kerry will keep my front warm,' she thought.

Kerry felt Kim's approach but she couldn't pull her eyes away from the magnificent display in front of her. Not even when Kim, nipples at attention, slipped her arms around Kerry's waist. She snuggled into the smaller form as if drawn by the heat that Kerry was exuding in abundance. Kim lowered her head and nuzzled the sunburned neck in front of her. Kim chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just remembering how the evening began," Kim said as she nipped at Kerry's earlobe.

"I've never had anyone apply body lotion so thoroughly," Kerry drawled, referring to the beginning of the night before. Despite her diligent use of sunscreen that first day, she had still developed a moderate sunburn. It was just bad enough that she could feel everything that brushed, however lightly, against her skin. Kim had used that heightened sensation to torture and delight Kerry for hours. Then Kerry had returned the favor.

"The clerk in that botanical shop said that lotion when diligently applied would prevent your sunburn from peeling," Kim said smugly. She was determined to be diligent. She kissed Kerry's bare shoulder and then glanced outside. "I see it's still raining."

"Yep, third day in a row." The only clear day had been that first day at the beach. Since then it had been overcast and rainy. Luckily, after a short but stimulating fight over Kim's missing sense of self preservation and Kerry's smothering solicitude the two had settled into a pleasing routine of sleeping, shopping and sex.

Kim slid her right hand up the smooth skin of Kerry's bare stomach. She cupped her breast and squeezed it teasingly. "Whatever shall we do to keep ourselves amused?" she teased.

Kerry took a final sip of coffee and then turned around in Kim's embrace. "I bet we'll think of something." She kissed Kim quickly. And then she kissed her much more thoroughly. Kim grabbed Kerry's empty coffee cup and tossed it aside. Then she began to step slowly backwards toward the bed, pulling Kerry along with her. A few steps later, the back of Kim's knees connected with the bed and she fell backward onto the already disheveled sheets. Kerry landed on top of her with a surprised squeak. Pushing up on her elbows Kerry looked down at Kim's self-satisfied leer. She felt the blonde's hands caressing her ass. She smiled lovingly at Kim. "Have I ever told you how much I love the beach."

The End

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