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Dodging A Bullet
By Cheyne

It was only supposed to last as long as it took to gratify the limitations of the bet. No more, no less. It was also something so outside the realm of Colleen McMurphy's personal boundaries, the shock now wasn't so much that she did it but that she so thoroughly enjoyed it.

She should have got up afterward and gone back to her own place. She should have immediately processed it as another strange experience at China Beach and let it go. She should have...but she didn't. It turned out to be so much more than she had anticipated.

She could have blamed it on being intoxicated, could have passed it off as a drunken liaison, sexual curiosity in stressfully confusing times. She could have...but she didn't. Because now she was sober and there she was - initiating more intimate contact between them.

But nobody seemed more surprised than KC. The unrepentant prostitute had slightly taken advantage of a situation that mushroomed into stakes even she didn't hold out a lot of serious hope for coming to fruition. When the virtuous Lieutenant McMurphy relented to the seductive spell of the redheaded temptress, KC figured it would only be to pay off the specifics of the debt, to remain honorable...so to speak.

The Army nurse had allowed KC to fully lead this dance. The redhead's experience with women was as vast as it was with men - with one major exception. KC made love to women, she fucked men...in more ways than one. McMurphy had never been with a woman before, never even considered the possibility with the exception of a few rare wet dream fantasies, never seriously expected an opportunity to ever present itself and NEVER, EVER with Karen Charlene Koloski.

Yet there she was, slowly running her hand up the outside of KC's thigh, the length of her lean torso, over a perfect breast, a taut nipple, stopping at the redhead's neck, sliding her hand behind KC's head, into her lusciously long, red hair. McMurphy leaned in, slowly, gently covering KC's soft lips with her own. There was no hesitancy in the kiss anymore, no apprehension. McMurphy knew what she wanted and was determined to get it.

In their earlier session, the hooker had control, used her experience, skill and knowledge to almost effortlessly bring the brunette to the most soul-searing orgasm she'd ever felt, repeatedly taking her there with different acts and techniques, including a few that might have even made Caligula blush ("My God, KC, how did you get your legs to do that?" McMurphy marveled, at one point...when she could actually speak again). It was definitely apparent why KC's services were so in demand. McMurphy had never previously felt so fulfilled. She didn't even have to direct the redhead to what she liked, KC just about covered it all, including introducing her to a few new favorites. But the hooker did not permit the nurse to reciprocate.

"Tell me what you like," McMurphy whispered to KC, after kissing her way up her jawbone and nipping the redhead's earlobe. She was starting to move down KC's neck to her pulse point.

Blinking into consciousness, tingling at being awakened with such affection, KC focused on the terminally vivacious and deeply attractive brunette. "Aren't you tired?"

Shaking her head, negatively, McMurphy purred, "Mmm...no."

Smiling, KC asked, "Have I created a monster?"

Grinning back, her hand now lightly tracing the firm roundness of KC's left breast, the nurse said, "Maybe."

"What time is it?"


"That doesn't help, Colleen, it was morning when we fell asleep." She shivered at the nurse's feathery touch of her thumb to KC's nipple. "You need to stop doing that unless you mean business."

"I mean business."

Reaching up, placing her hand on the back of McMurphy's neck, KC was ready to take control again but McMurphy stopped her, easing the redhead back down and slowly rolling on top of her. "What are you doing?" KC chuckled.

"Giving back. But you have to tell me what you want."

"You don't have to do this," KC assured her, perfectly content to master the action again strictly on her own terms but, obviously, McMurphy was having none of that.

"I know I don't have to. I want to. I want to make you feel the way you made me feel." Hovering over her, McMurphy lovingly and lightly brushed her lips against KC's chin, cheek and forehead, before staring into her eyes again. "I want you to show me how." Slowly, systematically kissing KC's throat, moving south, the brunette closed her mouth around the redhead's nipple, which became more erect as McMurphy lingeringly increased her suction.

Shutting her eyes, holding her breath at the sensation, KC said, "That's a good start..."

Rimming the nipple with her tongue, McMurphy kissed her way over to KC's other breast and repeated the action that elicited a rather uncharacteristically delicate moan from the woman beneath her. The fact that the nurse had the power to evoke that kind of reaction in the usually detached, world-weary prostitute was enough to start another fresh pool between her legs. McMurphy couldn't remember the last time - if ever - she had been this persistently excited and was still somewhat astounded that a woman was responsible.

Having placed her thigh between the nurse's legs, the noticeable arousal did not escape KC. "You sure you don't want me to take over?"

"I'm positive...am I going to have to restrain you to make you behave?"

"Oooh, that would be another good start," KC laughed, receiving a playfully reprimanding glare from the brunette.

"Come on, KC, I really want to do what you like..."

"I would like to take over. But...since that doesn't seem to be an option, let's see how intuitive you are. Why don't you do to me what you like done to you and I'll guide you from there."

Leaning down, McMurphy laid a passionate kiss on KC, deeper and more determined than anything previously offered or given. It was difficult for the hooker not to touch the nurse back in the same manner but every time she attempted to be just as aggressive, McMurphy swatted her hands away. Chuckling, KC was actually enjoying this more feisty side of the brunette.

For an amateur, Colleen McMurphy's instincts were resourceful, creative and quite satisfying. Of course, it probably had nothing to do with KC's long running desire to bed the Army nurse. If they were to share this intimacy again, KC might have a suggestion or two but on her own, McMurphy was doing just fine, just...oh...my...

"Oh, yeah, right...right there..." KC breathed, one hand gripping the cast iron headboard, the other tangled in the hair of the woman feasting between her legs. Rocking her hips to a rhythm McMurphy set, KC was actually starting to sound a little winded in her approaching climax. It had been a long time since the hundred-dollar an hour hooker had felt this kind of stirring at the hands (or mouth) of another. She was used to acting like her clients moved the earth for her but it was rare, if ever, that anyone ever actually got her off. But she allowed herself to let go this time, to feel ravished, because this was not business, this was pleasure, this was...oh...yesssss.... "Jesus, Colleen..." KC hissed, her eyes rolling back in her head. She was almost there, almost...almost... She held her breath to release.

There was a pounding on the door. "KC??!!" It was Boonie.

"Jesus Christ on a bicycle!" KC whispered, harshly, her head slamming back on her pillow. She was right there!!!! She was about to signal McMurphy to stay silent until Boonie went away when she heard the door creak, beginning to open. Hadn't they locked the door?! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! KC quickly grabbed the sheet and covered up with it, shielding the woman whose face was still buried in her crotch, at first frozen with fear at being caught.

"KC??" Boonie peeked his head around the door. Even though it was morning, KC routinely kept her hut dark and it took a few moments for one's eyes to get adjusted.

"Uh, Boonie, I'm in the, uh, middle of something. Do you think this might wait?"

"Oh. OH...I'm sorry." He squinted, making out what he thought might be a suspicious shape under the sheet, then he quickly and respectfully turned toward the wall, away from the direction of KC's voice. "How come you didn't lock the door? Or put the bandana out?"

"Is it possible we could discuss my neglectful faux pas at another time?" Wait...what the hell was McMurphy doing? She had subtly gone back to her previous activity. Oooooh, that felt good.

"Um...sure, sure...just...um...Dr. Richard is looking for McMurphy..."

"Well, why would you look for her here at this time of the morning?" She really wanted him to leave but curiosity was getting the better of her. She was pretty sure they had not been obvious and they had covered their tracks. And - yeeeouch! Did McMurphy just bite her? It startled her enough to gasp.

"You okay?" Boonie asked, a lewd smile curling his mouth.

"Fine." KC responded through clenched teeth. McMurphy was so going to pay for that, KC thought, torn between giggling and being annoyed.

"So have you seen her? McMurphy?"

"Hell, no! Not since last night...I left before her, remember?" Oh, God, Boonie, leave now, go, go, go! I'm not going to be able to hold back on this one, she thought, as McMurphy was feverishly working her up again.

"Just barely."

"Boonie!!" Thank God the rattle of that old fan was camouflaging the lapping and sucking sounds emanating from under the sheet. She hoped.

"Right, you want me to leave..."

"Hell, yes! And lock the door!!" She watched the shadow of Boonie disappear and heard the door shut and prayed he had flipped the lock on his way out. KC threw the sheet back, glaring down at the top of the nurse's head. "Are you insane?" she panted. McMurphy nodded vigorously, adding just enough pressure to her movement to send KC over the edge. "Oh...My...God!!!!" the redhead cried over and over with each wave that started at her toes and seemed to short-circuit her brain. It had been so, so long since she'd experienced an orgasm like that. Recovering, KC placed her hand on her chest, trying to will her heart rate back to normal. "Fuck me to tears, Colleen," KC exhaled, appreciatively.

"I thought I just did," McMurphy laughed, crawling her way back up KC's body, as the hooker lightly slapped her arm. "What was that for?"

"You bit me."

"You loved it."

"I would have responded to it much better if Boonie hadn't been standing there."

"Close call, huh? My first thought? Just kill me now! But you seemed to be handling him okay, so I figured I should just mind my on business and keep going..."

KC shook her head in disbelief, took McMurphy's face in her hands and kissed her. "I like you like this. And I'd love for you to stay but Dr. Dick is looking for you. There's only so many places they can look before someone ends up back here. Now, although a lot of what goes on here is tolerated and overlooked, Lila Garreau would serve you up your career if this got back to her. You just dodged a bullet, my dear. Let's not tempt fate again."


"No...I meant now." KC raised her head and studied the woman in her bed. "You'd seriously consider doing this again? With me?" She genuinely sounded stunned.

"Oh, yeah," McMurphy smiled. "No question." She sat up, reaching to the floor to retrieve her clothes. Leaning over, she kissed KC's forehead. "Only with you." She quickly dressed and stood up.

Seizing McMurphy's wrist before she could move away from the bed, KC pulled the nurse's hand to her lips and kissed her palm and then each finger.

"You need to stop that before I get the gumption to crawl right back into bed with you."

"That would entirely be your choice," KC shrugged.

"No. I really need to go. You're right. I can't risk getting caught. But...damn, KC..." McMurphy sighed. Then, after a thoughtful silence, "Same again tonight?"

"No. No, Ma'am. Tonight will be much better," KC told her seductively.

Almost paralyzed by that prediction, McMurphy was tempted to strip off her fatigues again and refasten her body to the redhead's. Instead, she put one foot in front of the other until she reached the entryway. "Have I worked off my debt yet?" she asked, before unlocking the door.


"Because I'm sure I still must owe you for something..." the smile in McMurphy's voice was unmistakable.

"Hundred bucks an hour, Lt. McMurphy. I know you don't have that kind of money. Guess you'll be working off that debt for quite a while."

"Damn. Just my luck."

KC snickered as the nurse safely got away from her place undetected. Hopefully she could get to the showers before that hound, Dr. Richard, got a whiff of her. Lying back again, KC rested her hands behind her head. Today, life was good.

The End

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