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Doesnít Hurt at All
By TheAgonyofBlank


It should hurt, but it doesn't.

That's what's going through Juliet's mind as Kate bandages her wound.

It helps that she's being distracted, though.

Kate is murmuring something about only doing this because Jack asked her to, but the both of them know better.

After all, Kate won't do anything that Kate doesn't want to do.

And right now, Kate has abandoned the task of dressing Juliet's wound for the more-favorable task of doing amazing things to Juliet with her fingers that, really, Kate should just not be doing.

Because they're in Kate's tent, which is next to Jack's tent, and it's not that Juliet cares or anything, but she doesn't want to make any noise because then Jack will come by the tent and see Kate not dressing Juliet's wound.

Which would be bad.

But that is exactly what happens.

And it should hurt, when Jack leaves after finding them both not doing anything medically related, but it doesn't.

She's too distracted by Kate kissing her lips, her shoulders, to go after Jack, even though she feels like that would be the right thing to do.

It should hurt.

She can still catch up with him if she leaves now.

But it doesn't.

Juliet knows that Kate knows that Juliet's mind is wandering, because Kate twists then curls her fingers.

It works.

Juliet closes her eyes and gasps, Kate's name on her lips.

No. It doesn't hurt at all.

The End

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