A.M. Glass

Over PG Kate/Claire When you help someone deliver their baby, you become part of their family. Complete


Only A Confession G Kate/Sun After over-hearing a conversation between Kate and Jack Sun ponders her own feelings. Alternate scene in 'Whatever The Case May Be'. Complete


Struggling To Breath PG-13 Kate/Sun Kate, Sun and a beach. Complete


Think Nothing Of Falling PG-13 Kate/Juliet Kate is still yelling for you and now, you can't feel her words, but you can hear them and they're loud and hard and scared-sounding. They cut deeper than the rocks at the bottom of the well cut your skin, but you're twisting and turning, and that's when you see it. The bomb is right next you, begging you to set it off. Complete

Fall To Pieces PG-13 Kate/Juliet Then again, her entire life, she's finding out, has been one big irony-fest. Complete

Running Parallel To You PG Kate/Claire Two times Kate Austen meets Claire Littleton. Complete

Kassandra Luem

The Hour When The Ship Comes In PG-13 Kate/Juliet Kate finds a woman on a clifftop that's not who Kate thought she was. Complete

Something Worth Running From PG-13 Kate/Juliet "Kate has stopped carving marks into the tree. These days, all they are is proof of her betrayal. They aren't something to be proud of, they are something Kate wishes she could erase from her memory." Complete

The Flip Of A Coin PG-13 Kate/Juliet When you flip a coin it's all luck which side comes up and which direction your life takes. For Kate, the flip of the coin is mentioning Rachel when Juliet catches her searching her tent. The coin hits the ground, one side comes up and everything changes. Complete

Keep It Precious PG-13 Kate/Juliet "The world twists and turns and bends at the edges and suddenly nothing's like before. She slips and falls and then she's gone and you're still here and this is so wrong wrong wrong." Complete


Running from the Jabberwocky PG-13 Kate/Ana-Lucia Kate and Ana Lucia are lost for one night. Complete


Focus 15 Claire/Kate You didn't expect her to stay but that doesn't lessen the ache as she walks away. Complete

Promise PG Claire/Kate Kate thinks about Claire after the Oceanic Six are rescued. Complete


Downfall PG-13 Kate/Ana-Lucia Kate and Ana-Lucia get lost in the jungle and must fight to stay alive. Complete


Maybe It's Time For Something (Someone) New G Kate/Juliet Kate was tired of the back and forth, but didn't know how to break free from the cycle. Complete

Feeling Alive PG-13 Shannon/Kate "Kate feels like she shouldn't trust Shannon's motives, but can't quite articulate a good reason not to." Complete

Someone Else's Life PG Kate/Juliet Juliet imagines a future life. A life that isn't hers. Complete

A Smile Just For Her PG Kate/Juliet If Jack didn't know better, he'd almost say it looked like they were flirting." Complete

All That I Have Left PG Kate/Juliet Kate goes looking for someone she's never met. Complete


So, Not Summer Camp? PG-13 Kate/Ana-Lucia Ana Lucia's self-analysis of her reaction to the island. Complete


Step From the Road to the Sea to the Sky PG-13 Kate/Juliet Juliet hated the smell of blood. Complete

Friends Since When? G Kate/Juliet Sawyer has a question. Complete

Doesn't Hurt at All PG-13 Kate/Juliet Sawyer has a question. Complete

Before Juliet PG-13 Kate/Juliet There's a first time for everything. Complete

So Damn Much G Kate/Juliet It hurts. Complete

Forevermore 15 Kate/Juliet "What are we doing here, Kate?" Complete

All On You PG Kate/Juliet "I've made my bed / And I can't fall asleep in it" Complete

And I would go to the ends of the earth for you (but not you for me) PG Kate/Juliet   Kate/Sawyer Juliet sees Kate once in the days that follow. Complete

With Every Passing Season PG Claire/Juliet A year with Claire and Juliet. Complete

Moments With Claire PG-13 Claire/Juliet Juliet's moments with Claire. Complete

Love in Letters G Kate/Claire Kate writes letters. Complete

When Caring Can Be A Step in the Wrong Direction PG-13 Kate/Claire This is how it always begins. Complete


Now 18 Kate/Ana-Lucia Kate and Ana-Lucia have some alone time. Complete

The Rules of the Game 15 Kate/Ana-Lucia Kate challenges Ana-Lucia to a competition. Complete

Fair Trade 18 Kate/Ana-Lucia Some things aren't worth stealing, some things are. Complete