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Fair Trade
By trancer


It was a standard police maneuver. One Kate knew all too well. One too many arrests, one two many knees in her back and arms strained to the point of breaking.

Life on the island had made her lax. She'd dropped her defenses. Which was easy when there was no more fear of being arrested. No fear because there were no cops on the island.

Except, Ana-Lucia.

One moment, Kate was in the bunker sitting at the kitchen sipping fresh coconut milk. The next, she was face down on the concrete floor with, once again, a knee in her back and her arms twisted behind her.

"Jesus," she sucked a gulp of air into her lungs. She felt the familiar sensation of something metal clasping around her wrists. "Handcuffs? I can't believe this. You're arresting me?"

"You stole from me."

"It was just a fucking coconut. There are a million of them on the island."

"Yeah," Ana-Lucia leaned over her, growling in her ear. "But that was MY coconut."

"It's not like your name was on it."

Ana-Lucia grabbed the now empty husk and held it in front of Kate's face. Displayed the two letters carved onto the bottom - AL.

"Crap," Kate mumbled.

She lifted off Kate, grabbing the woman by the back of her belt and jerking her to her feet.

Once again, the air left Kate's lungs as she was slammed hard against a wall. Her feet kicked open by Ana-Lucia's boot, a hand pressed against a shoulder keeping Kate pinned to the wall. The other hand began roughly patting her down.

"What are you doing?"

"Seeing if there's anything else of mine you stole."

"If you're looking for a thief, why don't you go feel up Sawyer?"

"Who says I haven't?"

Ana-Lucia removed the hand on Kate's shoulder, using both to frisk the woman. Kate swallowed hard, trying not to gasp, or groan, because Ana-Lucia's idea of frisking seemed awfully close to being felt up. And Kate was having a hard time convincing her body to stop enjoying it. Because Ana-Lucia's hands were moving like she'd been given a road map, compass and detail instructions on Kate's erogenous zones. Like the hands frisking her thighs, gripped them firmly keeping her legs spread, finding the spots on the inside of her thighs that, even through her jeans, made her quiver. Now they moved under Kate's shirt, cupping her breasts, working on her nipples until they resembled malleable stone.

"I believe there's a word for this," Kate licked her lips. "Two words actually."

"And that is?"

"Sexual harassment."

"I'd tell you to phone your lawyer," Ana-Lucia pinched both nipples until Kate hissed. "But there seems to be a shortage of phones on the island."

"I'd call the cops but we seem to be in short supply of those as well."

"Cute," Ana-Lucia smirked. "But I've got your number."

"My number?"

"Yeah," she lowered a hand, slid it over the smooth stomach, lower still, until her hand slid between Kate's legs, fingers cupping and squeezing through the tight jeans. "You've got all these guys around here twisted up in knots thinking they're gonna get a taste of something you have no intention giving. Not to them anyway."

"You don't think I've been watching you, watch me," she began a slow stroking motion, emphasizing with the push of her hips. "How long has it been, Kate? How long since you've had fingers inside you, lips sucking on your clit? How long since you've had thighs on your shoulders, the taste of another woman on your tongue?"

Kate grit her teeth, eyes squinted shut, welling in frustration. Because she could feel those fingers on her, so close, but no where close to where she wanted them. Saliva pooling in her mouth like some Pavlovian dog for a taste she desperately craved.

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

"Please," Kate breathed raggedly.

"Please what?"

"Jesus," Kate groaned, her hips forcing down onto Ana-Lucia's hand, the pressure causing her head to spin. "You want me to spell it out for you?"

Ana-Lucia ran her tongue up the side of Kate's neck, felt the shiver against her tongue. "Yes."

"I.. I.." Kate's brain picked the wrong damn time to maintain her stubborn streak, and the words trailed, disappearing somewhere in the back of her throat. She'd never had to beg for a damn thing her entire life, and she wasn't about to start now. "I'm not begging." She stifled the whimper in her throat at the retreating hands on her breast and between her legs, but couldn't fight the shiver that followed.

Ana-Lucia gripped Kate by the shoulders, turning the woman around. Her lips spread into a salacious grin. "Who said anything about begging?"

Kate watched confused, stunned and incredibly turned on as Ana-Lucia began to strip. Her hands working on her belt as feet stepped on her shoes to kick them off.

"Fair trade, Kate. You take my coconut," Ana-Lucia stepped backwards, peeling out of her shirt, smirking as Kate, eyes glued to Ana-Lucia's breasts, surreptitiously licked her lips. "I replace it with something else."

"What?" Kate sighed as Ana-Lucia's jeans fell to the floor revealing firm, caramel colored thighs that left Kate wondering if they tasted as good as they looked.

"I don't beg, either. So," she sat down on the bed, leaning back on her hands as she spread open her legs. "You want it, come and get it."

Kate licked her lips again with a purposeful and salacious intent, a sudden spring and swagger in her step. Her eyes raked across Ana-Lucia's body. Her mind racked with indecision, a feast of flesh and no idea where to begin. Her desire grew like a hunger, twisting and aching, wanting to devour all at once, wanting to slowly savor each delectable morsel.

She planted her knees on the edge of the bed between Ana-Lucia's knees. Hovered and hunched over the woman, Ana-Lucia staring right back at her, the half-smirk still on her lips. And Kate knew exactly what she wanted to do - kiss that damn smirk off her face.

She leans forward, hands still bound behind her back and trying not to topple over. Ana-Lucia's mouth already open and accepting, Kate pounced, wet, sloppy, hungry, battering Ana-Lucia's tongue with her own and moaning at the taste of her, the feel of her. Ana-Lucia's hand once again between Kate's legs and Kate's kissing, grinding her hips like a rutting dog in heat, all while trying not to fall over.

Kate pulled her mouth away. "This would be a lot easier if my hands weren't cuffed."

"True," Ana-Lucia stared with hooded eyes, her free hand finding a rock hard nipple and tweaking. "But where's the fun in that?"

Kate groaned, placing her head on Ana-Lucia's shoulder because it was getting to hard to maintain her balance, ride Ana-Lucia's hand and come all at the same time. A ragged frustrated groan ripped from Kate's throat, back arching, hips thrusting chaotically as the orgasm Kate wasn't ready to have but had spent too long denying erupted within her. She rode the receding waves with her eyes closed, imagining Ana-Lucia's fingers inside her instead of the teasing friction through the thick denim barrier.

"Goddamn you," husked raggedly from Kate's throat. Ana-Lucia chuckled in her ear. Kate pulled back enough to gaze in her eyes. Anger flared inside her, mixed and tangled with the still flaming desire. "Fuck you."

Ana-Lucia ran her tongue across her lips. "Be my guest."

Kate snarled, moved downwards, knees on concrete, shouldering, muscling Ana-Lucia's legs open and plunging her face between them. Planted her mouth fast, hard and hungry on Ana-Lucia's pussy, enough to make the woman cry out and Kate purr. Slathered her tongue over every inch of flesh, wanting to taste everything. And Ana-Lucia tasted good. Like hot, sticky nights and wide backseats. Like the dark, poorly lit alleyways where Kate bruised her knees and ate until her mouth went dry.

And Ana-Lucia's thighs were on Kate's shoulders, hips grinding onto Kate's tongue, filling her ears with ragged grunts and groans, sighs and the kind of expletives that sent shivers down Kate's spine. She drank and ate, licked and sucked. And when Ana-Lucia came, clenching around Kate's tongue, thighs squeezing her head, her scream filling Kate's ears - Kate came again.

Kate took her time making her way back up Ana-Lucia's body. Kissed, licked, suckled, left trails of saliva up Ana-Lucia's torso. Until it was lips against lips and they tasted each other once again.

"Was that a fair trade?"

"It'll do," Ana-Lucia smiled. "You want the cuffs off now?"

"Depends," Kate took her time suckling on Ana-Lucia's earlobe before purring softly. "On what else you want to barter."

Ana-Lucia waited until she'd stripped Kate before pulling her hands over her head and cuffing Kate to the headboard. Kate kept her eyes open for as long as she could while Ana-Lucia ravaged her body. And when the dark brown locks disappeared between her thighs and the tongue licking her pussy made her back bow, her stomach clench and the screams erupt from her throat, she had one last though before plunging into orgiastic bliss -

It had been a fair trade, indeed.

The End

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