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The Rules of the Game
By trancer


"The rules are simple," Kate pointed to the five coconuts sitting side by side on the log twenty yards from them. "Whoever knocks down the most coconuts, wins."

"Is that it?" Ana-Lucia folded her arms across her chest. "The rules, I mean."

"More or less," Kate smiled. "Why? You think you're not up for it?"

"No, I just figured, if you actually wanted to win," Ana-Lucia pulled the semi-automatic from her belt, taking her stance and aiming at the first coconut. "You'd pick something a little more up your alley. Like actually stealing the coconuts."

"We'll see. Just remember, you lose, I get that gun."

"That's a mighty big if."

She squeezed the trigger. The bullet skimmed the first target, the coconut spinning wildly before toppling over.

"Not bad," Kate smirked. "For a cop."

Ana-Lucia acknowledged the slight with a humorous sneer before resetting her stance and taking aim again. The second shot was more true, hitting the next coconut inches from dead center, the shell exploding on contact.

"Uh-oh," Kate chuckled. "Somebody's getting cocky."

"You tryin' to distract me?"

"Nope, just waiting for the inevitable."

The inevitable came just one shot later. The bullet barely singed the husk. Ana-Lucia muttered under her breath, eliciting another chuckle from Kate. She ignored it and proceeded to knock the remaining coconuts from the log.

"Four out of five. Looks like someone's going down."

"We'll see," Kate smirked, taking the offered gun from Ana-Lucia. She waited patiently while the woman placed five fresh coconuts on the log. When she returned, Kate set her stance, raising the pistol and aiming at the long. "You ready?"

"Ready when you are," Ana-Lucia smirked. "Freckles."

Kate twitched, finger barely pressing against the trigger. But it was enough. The shot veered off wildly somewhere out into the jungle. She growled internally, firing an angry sneer towards Ana-Lucia. The woman gave a disinterested shrug, as if she hadn't done what she'd just done and Kate, still cursing herself, hadn't fallen for it.

She paused, allowed herself the time to settle her nerves. Something in the way Ana-Lucia called her 'Freckles' had caught her off guard. It wasn't the mocking in her tone. It was something else. Something that made Kate's stomach clench and a shiver to run down her spine, that glint in her eye, the smirk on her lips.

And then, there were the hands drawing around her waist.

"What are you doing?" Kate kept a firm grip on the pistol.

"Distracting you," Ana-Lucia purred softly, her hands sliding around Kate's waist, her nose whispering up the line of Kate's neck.

"Those aren't part of the rules."

"You never said they weren't. Besides," she paused long enough to move her lips next to Kate's ear. "An expert marksman like you should be used to distractions."

Kate swallowed hard. There were distractions and there was a hand cupping her breast, while the other teased with fingers just under the waist of her jeans below her belly button. Coupled with the breasts pressed against her back, and hot breath exhaled on her neck, it all definitely filed under the 'distracted' category.

She could stop at any time. That much she knew. But, stopping meant losing. Stopping meant ending the caressing touch in places she hadn't been touched in too damn long.

"Well?" Ana-Lucia breathed in her ear.

"All right," Kate grumbled. "We'll play it your way."

She steadied her arms. Closed her left eye. And just as she squeezed the trigger felt the top button on her jeans pop open. The recoil and surprise pushed her backwards. But, the shot was true, the coconut exploding into a dozen pieces.

"Some distraction," Kate smirked through a suddenly dry mouth.

"There's three shots left. And please," spoken in a low throaty growl that sent shivers down Kate's spin. "Take your time."

Kate tried not to squirm as a hand slid under her shirt, and she felt skin against skin. The calloused tips of Ana-Lucia's fingers as they lazily brushed back and forth over her nipple. It was getting harder to concentrate. Sweat began to dot her brow. The fingers down her jeans began to slide lower and Kate squeezed the trigger again. She hadn't meant to fire. She hadn't even aimed, but the bullet hit the target.

And she still had two shots left.

She sucked in a breath at her earlobe being sucked between teeth. Exhaled breathily milliseconds later from the pinching of her nipple. And now those fingers were there, opening her lips, sliding across her clit..

Just fire the fucking gun, Kate!

The next coconut spun off the log.

Her hips began to jut of their own volition, pushing for more friction, searching for a rhythm. Because Ana-Lucia's fingers were long and demanding and sliding inside Kate, curling in her, palm pressed tight against her clit. Teeth raked across the back of her neck.

And all Kate had to do was hit the next target. Make it even. Except, her breathing had turned heavy. Legs imitated hard rubber left out in the sun too long, the tightness below her stomach that wanted more friction, more of Ana-Lucia's fingers inside her.

Her eyes snapped shut as her finger jerkily pulled the trigger, the last shot fired and a keening wail erupted from her throat. Her head arched backwards onto Ana-Lucia's shoulder. One hand released her grip on the pistol to reach backwards and thread into the dark locks, holding on for dear life. Rode the trembling tide of release until the last of her energy was spent.

Kate collapsed to her knees, taking Ana-Lucia down with her. She turned her head to finally claim hungry lips.

Eventually, they pulled apart. Kate unable to help the small whimper escaping her throat as Ana-Lucia withdrew her fingers. An all-too pleased with herself grin lighting Ana-Lucia's face. "You missed."

Kate pulled her eyes away to stare at the target. Sure enough, two coconuts still sat on the log. She turned on the safety, handing the gun back to Ana-Lucia. "Best two out of three."

"You sure you can handle it?" She held out her free hand, helping Kate to her feet.

"Maybe," Kate smiled, stepping into Ana-Lucia's personal space, her fingers immediately going for the zipper on Ana-Lucia's jeans. "But then again, you haven't heard the rules."

The End

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