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BACKGROUND INFO: I did change the fact that the Unholy Trinity were forced to chose between Glee and the Cheerios for this story. That never happened, Quinn is still Captain of the Cheerios. This story isn't about the struggle to accept their relationship. This story is about dealing with the outside world's effect on our couple. There is a lot of Relationship fluff, with drama thrown in.
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Done Pretending
By Jennifer Lee


Chapter 5

I really did pick the prefect time to sit next to Rachel in our shared English class, today. The end of the year AP project is going to be a pairs project and we were paired with the people we are sitting with! I had to work so hard in order to not laugh at the fact that Jacobson got stuck with the boy I kicked out of my seat next to Rachel! Rachel even smacked me on the thigh lightly and warned me to be nice when I started to look over and saw the horrified expression on Jacobson's face when she looked at the pimpled face boy that was now leering at the tall brunette. She so got what she deserved for being one of the ones that picked on my girl. I have absolutely no sympathy for her at all.

We are given the last twenty minutes of class to work with our partners in order to work out what and who was doing what as well as begin the outlines for what the papers as well as our joint speech was going to be on, because we had to turn in our topics before we left class for the day. We have to formulate a formal presentation as well as written justification on said position to the relevance our topic had with in our modern world. It was an interesting concept really. Rachel seems really excited over it too.

I normally hate group or pairs assignments as they normally result in me ending up doing most of the work, even though I am in AP classes. I am currently the top of my class and hell my GPA out ranks any of our current seniors as well, bluntly put, I will not accept substandard work on anything that will have my name attached to it so... I ended up having to redo everyone else's work as well as do my own. I often feel as though I might as well have just done the whole thing on my own in the first pace. Though with Rachel as my partner I don't think I will have that kind of problem this time around.

She is within the top ten precent, GPA wise in general, but English is one of Rachel's best subjects. I even have to fight to keep ahead of Rachel in our shared English classes. Rachel is extremely dedicated to her school work as well as doing the best she can in every subject. So I know Rachel will not stand for substandard work either. She will be able to keep up with me on this project and I won't have to go back behind her to redo her work either, like I have to do with so many other people.

Over all Rachel has always had to work a lot harder for her grades than I do; but I'm a freak in that I have a eidetic memory and can remember nearly anything I read, see, or hear. All the same I adore learning new things and I absolutely love the English language as well as the written word, so this assignment will be interesting to do. Rachel's voice brings me out of my head and my enjoyment of Jacobson's torment to listen to what she wants to say.

"Ok here is a list of topics I think would be interesting." Rachel tells me as she slides a piece of paper over to me to look at. I wink at Rachel and bring my hand down under the desk so that I can lightly touch Rachel thigh as I lean over a little to read what she has written down. Rachel shifts her chair a bit and lowers her own arm so that she can trail her fingertips lightly over my forearm and the back of my hand as she leans back in her chair waiting for me to speak again. I smile as she slides her fingers along my arm slowly. She has been doing it off and on throughout the class and it never gets old. I can definitely say without a doubt or even shame that I am completely addicted to Rachel's touch.

I bring my mind out of how good Rachel's touch feels to reread the topics that she has wrote down for me to review. There aren't that many, only four to be exact. I like all four topics, but I feel one in particular will fit us both and we will most likely have the same or very similar opinion about how it is relevant in modern times. Though at the same time it's not something most people in the modern world really appreciates in of itself. I lightly tap the end of my pen on the paper right on top of the topic I want to do as I turn to a little to look at Rachel.

"This one, Rach. I think Poetry has a special place in both of our hearts and it's something we can have an very interesting argument that is both negative and positive positions at the same time. Might even get some people to think about how they look at poetry in the future, hmm? What do you think?" I smile as I speak, because I find this kind of thing fun and seeing Rachel's beaming smile directed at me makes it where I can't help but smile in return.

"I was hoping you would want to do that one, Quinn, though I was really thinking it would be the Classics that you would choose over poetry. I'm very glad I was wrong." Rachel lightly shoulder bumps me and I wink at her, lightly squeezing her thigh in reassurance.

"It would have been a close call really if I hadn't remembered your argument in class near the beginning of the year when poetry was announced as our next topic and nearly everyone groaned like they didn't like it. I thought what you said about how it's part of our every day world every time we turned on the radio or listened to our iPods was epic, at the time, because of how true it is. I so wanted to laugh at their shocked expressions. I mean for AP students you would have thought they would have realized that the music we listen to, for the most part, is a form of modern poetry." I say with excitement, because that was exactly what came to mind when I saw poetry on the list.

So many people think of poetry as something nerds and beat-necks dabble in. But if you listen to some of the amazing songs and even rap artists lyrics you will find some of the most amazing poetry ever written. Most people just don't realize it and that is the argument I want to make with this project. I do laugh softly now as I watch Rachel bounce in her seat nearly squealing with happiness that I'm on the same page as she is. She settles down quickly and blushes softly when she sees that she has garnered some of the other students attention, but she is quick to ignore it and grab the cover page of our project packet to write down our names as well as the topic, our outline thesis and our position as to the relevance that poetry has within our modern world.

Once she is done she gets up and moves to the front of the class to hand in our information to Mrs. Shoemaker. When she comes back she smiles as she sits back down and leans in to tell me what the teacher says about our topic. "She thinks it should be a very interesting topic and that she, of course, approves it. We can go too if we want to. As there is only five minutes left before the bell anyway." Rachel leans back to look at me waiting to see what I would like to do before she does anything, I guess.

"Wanna go?" I ask with an eyebrow raised in question. I would love to be able to have a bit more time with Rachel before we have to go our separate ways for our next class. In loo of an answer Rachel starts to pack her things away giving me a smirk when she hears me doing the same. I'm glad we are on the same page here. It doesn't take long before we are out of the class room and heading back over to where our lockers are. We chat about our thoughts on the topic we are going to be doing in our English class and our preliminary thoughts on what to include in the presentation as well as the written paper. The whole time our hands would brush by the other due to how closely we are as we walk down the hall.

We stop at my locker first, Rachel deciding to stand with me instead of going over to her own by herself. I know she will have to put her things away and get her bag that has her dance clothes in it for her next class, but I guess she wants to be with me for now. I don't mind I will just hang out with her by her locker until we have to go to our classes. Rachel has been quiet for the last minute or so once I have my locker open and started to change out which binder and book I needed as well as made sure I had my calculator and other things I would need for my AP trig class.

The feel of Rachel's fingers slipping under the hem of my Cheerios shell brings my attention away from what I was gathering from my locker, firmly back to Rachel. Once my eyes land on her I find the little imp grinning playfully up at me through her long thick lashes. She has scooted closer to me so someone would have to be right on top of us to see what she is doing to me right now.

Which happens to be that she has completely slipped her hand up under my shell and is lightly caressing my abdomen gently, resulting in the mussels beneath my skin to tremble with the pleasure she is causing. I close my eyes for a moment which causes Rachel to laugh softly at my attempt to control myself. When I open them again I lean closer to her smiling face until I'm just centimeter or so away from kissing her lush pouty lips.

"I thought we are to be hiding our budding relationship here, Rach?" She continues to smile impishly as she nods innocently, as though she has not just inched her hand up under my shell so that the tips of her fingers are now brushing the underside of my bra clad breast. I fight to maintain my control, because all I want to do right now is kiss her into the next millennia.

"Uh huh... If that is what we are suppose to be doing then I don't think we are doing a very good job of that, don't you think?" I continue my eyes flicking down to Rachel's lips when she licks them slowly. This time the little imp shakes her head no agreeing that we are definitely not doing a very good job of keeping our attraction to each other a secret, but I really am having a hard time caring right at this very moment. How can all these people in this school not realize how incredibly sexy Rachel Berry is, is beyond my comprehension.

"Jesus Rachel," I hiss in a near inaudible growl when Rachel's tiny hand is able to get just a little bit further up my shell top so that her fingers and thumb are just able to cup the underside of my left breast. I end up having to grab the metal door of my still open locker and nearly slam my other hand to the locker next to Rachel's head for support as her touch nearly makes my knees collapses with the amount of pleasure that surges through me. The only reason Rachel can get that far up the top of my shell is because her hand and arm is so small. I can feel how tightly my shell is pulled against my back and sides by the addition of Rachel's hand and arm in side it, but I really don't care right at this moment.

"God Quinn you are so beautiful, and I don't care right now. I just want to touch you so badly." Rachel husks out before she presses her lips the last few centimeters between us so that her lips are on mine. I don't hesitate to kiss her once her lovely lips touches mine. My own hand that was next to her head coming down over her shoulder, threading briefly through her gorgeous hair on the way down her chest until I can gently kneed her breast as she continues to stimulate mine.

In the back of my mind I know we are being completely inappropriate at school right now, but am having a very hard time caring about that. Maybe this is why my mom always reminds me to not let my hormones carry me away. Well I guess it's too late for that, as Rachel's tongue slips easily into my mouth without any resistance from me. I mean why in the world would I ever want to resist Rachel? We moan moan softly and push closer into the other as our tongues caress the other's tongue in an increasingly familiar dance.

"I think I'm having an hallucinatory episode or something because I sure as hell am not seeing Rachel Berry and THE Quinn Fabray making out in the middle of an empty hallway." Shit! Is the first thing that pops through my mind, followed quickly by the irritation at having to stop kissing my girlfriend. Rachel and I both stop kissing at the same time but neither of our response is really filled with guilt or even denial. I mean we don't jump apart or squeal or anything dramatic.

I just let my hand drop from Rachel's breast as she removes hers from under my shell her eyes already on the person that has caught us. I sigh as I know that Rachel is going to have to do some explaining and I really need to find a way to calm down, again. I would have thought that we would have reacted more like kids in those movies or something in the way we would react to being caught, you know? The springing apart, trying to babble away what we were doing, or some other such nonsense, but no, we just react with more disappointment and resignation than anything else.

"Hello Kurt." Rachel and I say at the same time as I pull my Trig binder out of the locker and shut the door, before I turn around to face Kurt's curious eyes. At least it was Kurt that saw us and not say, Puck or... Finn.. that would be really bad, but we would have dealt with it together if it had been, and I really think Rachel and I are going to have to reassess our time table for coming out because really? This secret thing is just not going to work. We can't keep our hands or anything else, for that matter, off each other.

"Well Rachel, it seems things have progressed since we have last discussed your 'Quinn crush'." Kurt says with a huge happy smirk. I lean back against my now closed locker letting my hand fall down to interwind with Rachel's. She rolls her eyes at Kurt's verbal prodding as she easily acquiesces to me holding her hand.

"Yes, as you can see, Kurt, things have progressed quite significantly on that front." Rachel tells the stylish boy with a huge smile on her face though there is a bit of annoyance in her voice. I think she is just annoyed that we got caught and that we had to stop kissing each other so soon after we started.

"I was planning on telling you today, Kurt, I just thought I wouldn't see you until lunch though. Why are you out of class early?" Rachel continues after Kurt crosses his arms over his chest and gives her his, 'and you weren't going to tell me?' look. He is such a gossip queen, but when it comes to things like this he is someone I would trust implicitly. Though I can see Rachel is also really curious about why he wasn't in class as the bell hasn't rung yet, which does ring just as the thought enters my mind.

"Come on Kurt I will fill you in while we get out things from our lockers." Rachel says with a sigh at the sound of the bell. She reluctantly removes her hand from mine, but I follow them over to their lockers. Over the next few minutes I listen as Rachel lays everything out for Kurt in hushed tones so that only me and Kurt can hear her.

It took a bit longer than I'm sure Rachel would have liked as Kurt had to ask her to repeat things a few times because he couldn't hear her over the noise in the hallway. It was necessary though to keep her voice down though, so I just spend the time scanning the hall making sure that no one is planing to do anything to Rachel. I know that she mostly gets attacked in the hallway while she is at her locker or just leaving it. I can't rule out the possibility that some idiot will try and push the boundaries of my newest rules concerning Rachel's protected status, so I know I need to keep an eye out for that eventuality.

A large soft hand on my forearm brings me out of my watch to find Kurt standing in front of me with a sweet smile on his face. "I'm so proud of you Quinn. I knew you would find your way one day. I'm glad it was before something really bad had to happen or you lost your chance all together." He tells me softly before he, to my great surprise, scoops me up in his strong embrace, saying right into my ear, "Be happy Quinn, because I know you have made Rachel the happiest girl alive right now. I can't ever thank you enough for that."

When he lets me go I have to wipe the tears from my eyes at his acceptance of us as a couple and that he is completely supporting me as a partner for Rachel. That he knew I had the strength to find my way, as he had said. It means nearly as much as Rachel's belief in me. I didn't even know I had him on my side, and now he is telling me how proud he is of me and that he can't thank me enough for making Rachel so happy. While I can't thank Rachel enough for making me so incredibly happy, but I can't help but the soft genuine smile that graces my lips then anyway. I always had this fear that people wouldn't think I was good enough for Rachel and to have not only my friends but Rachel's friend too be not only completely ok with us as a couple but be supportive of it at the same time was a bit of a shock.

We all end up laughing a little to defuse the tension when Rachel hands me a few tissues from her locker. She is always ready for everything. I wipe my eyes carefully before I lean around Rachel's head to look into the mirror on her door to see if I messed up my make up. When I'm satisfied that it still looks fine I turn my head back to Kurt, my fingers lightly brushing along Rachel's arm as I move back to lean against the lockers behind me. "Thank you Kurt... You don't know how much your support means to me... To both of us really." I say as I smile softly at him. Rachel leans her shoulder against the locker right next to me but she is mindful not to touch me this time.

"No question about it Quinn, I will always be in your guys corner, and don't worry about Finn we will work it out so he won't find out and quit. I don't think Rachel's feelings about how he will react is too far off base to be honest. I know it's not pleasant fact but it is one you two have to think about if you don't want your relationship to impact Glee before we can go to nationals." Kurt says with conviction. It's easy to see how much he hates that we have to take Finn's reaction into account because even though Kurt is his brother it's still not fair to us to have to be wary of his reaction ruining everything for the rest of Glee.

He pauses and looks between us before continuing, "Just know that if you want to come out or just can't keep it secret that whole time, I will back you both no matter what. If Finn quits it's on him and I will not let the rest of Glee blame you two just for finding happiness. Ok? Finn is the one that broke up with you both and was idiotic about it both times, so he has no one to blame but himself. Not mention that it is stupid to assume Rachel would just be waiting, pining away for him to come back to her. I tried to tell him that Rachel won't want him back over the weekend but he wouldn't listen." Kurt explains to us and both Rachel and I smile and lightly touch his arm with our thanks for his support if we come out before nationals.

Rachel looks at Kurt oddly when he explains that he told Finn that she wouldn't want him back, which has me a bit curious as to what Rachel thinks he told Finn. I doubt Kurt would ever say anything to insinuate that Rachel had a crush on me. It's just not Kurt's style to out someone, but maybe Rachel is just curious as to what Kurt had told him or maybe what happened in that conversation. I have to admit I'm a bit curious myself if that is the case. It will help me plan a defense against him if I know what he has been told. That way I can have Santana spin it in a way to make him out to be the one that is in the wrong when Rachel rejects him.

"Don't worry Rach, I would never betray your trust. I just told him that he was stupid to assume that you would be waiting for him. I will tell you more at lunch but I didn't tell him about what you told me, I promise." That seems to satisfy Rachel and Kurt is quick to hug us both again before he dashes away saying he needed to get to class early to talk to the teacher before class started.

"I told him how the only person I had any interest in dating before I graduated and left for New York was you, Quinn. I was kind of worried he hinted that there was someone else that I liked. I don't want to have to deal with a jealous Finn just yet. He is a lot harder to put off when he is acting self-righteous and jealous." Rachel tell me softly once Kurt is gone. I look over at her and smile again, before I nod in understanding.

"I love hearing about how you liked me before now... And I do understand that about Finn, Rach. I would like to avoid that too. Though... I...we are really going to have to talk about the coming out thing again tonight or something.. This day is just proving that we have a very hard time keeping with our plan dealing with hiding out relationship." Rachel listens to what I have to say intently, when I get to the part about how today is going she can't help but laugh. It's not her reserved or what I now call her 'school laugh' either. It's her full surprised and completely happy laugh. It's contagious and I laugh along with her because the laugh is so infection and genuine. I can even tell the people nearby smile as they look over at us. The look is humorous but it's not in a malicious way it's the kind of look you give when you find something fun and enjoyable.

"What'cha bitches laughin' at?" I look away from Rachel at the sound of Santana's question. Our laughter is already easing up into genuine smiles on both Rachel and my faces. I just shake my head at Santana's question because there is no way in hell that I'm going to give her more ammo to poke fun at me about. I don't care if she catching us making out, but I am not a kiss and tell kind of person. Rachel seems to follow suit before Santana's slightly curious look turns into one of annoyance. "Fine don't tell me I'll find out one way or another." She huffs out her hands on her hips as she glares between Rachel and I.

Brittany has already bounced back over to Rachel and was in the process of giving her one of her bone crushing hugs. "Ease up Brit, we don't want to break her." I say with humor, happiness shinning brightly in my eyes. Right after Brit releases Rachel and fixing Rachel's shirt from the wrinkles she gave it they started a conversation about their next class together. I love watching Rachel interacting with people like this.

I wish I had been able to be myself sooner. I just wish I never had started to bully Rachel in the first place, to be honest. Who knows what would have been different had I just been up front with my attraction to her from the start. It's not something I really should dwell on because there is no way to go back and change it now. All I can do is do everything I can to make sure she's happy and cared for now.

"No sign of Finnept yet?" I look back over at Santana at her whispered question and shake my head. I'm starting to wonder if Finn is planning something in Glee or Lunch maybe? I would have thought he would have shown up at some point this morning. So far though he has been conspicuously absent, it's starting to make me a little worried to be honest. Though maybe it's more me being paranoid about something out of my control, either way Finn's lack of contact with Rachel is a bit unnerving.

"Don't worry Cap' if he shows on the way to second, Brit and I will make sure he doesn't do something even more stupid than he normally would." I chuckle a bit at Santana's comment and nod, because I believe her when she says she will make sure it doesn't happen on her watch. Hell I wouldn't put it past San to, literally, pick Rach up and carry her to class just to get her away from Hudson, or maybe she will just knee him in the family jewels, either way is fine by me, really.

A small, warm hand slipping into mine distracts me from Santana to look back to my right to find Rachel smiling up at me before she nudges my shoulder with hers as she squeezes my hand. I smile back at her, my eyes more than likely showing how much I want to kiss her in that moment, due to the way her smile changes to one of a satisfied like smirk. Though she speaks before I can do something that would really blow our cover right out of the water, thankfully. "Brittany and I have to get going Quinn, we need to change into our dance clothes before class starts."

I smile wider as my eyes travel down the length of Rachel's small body and back up slowly, letting her know exactly what I think of being able to see that. Rachel clearing her throat and the fake gagging sounds from Santana makes me snap my eyes back to Rachel's face to find her smirking at me again though there is a slight blush tinting her neck at the same time. I consider it a win even though I got interrupted in my imaginings. The thought of Rachel changing brings up that first evening at the hotel, where I had ended up having to help Rachel change out of her all covering bed clothes to something much more practical.

*She had just come out of the bathroom cover from neck to wrists and ankles by her baggy pjs. I thought it was kind of cute, but I didn't say anything when I watched her just stop right in front of our bed. That is when her eyes land on me, before that Rachel was staring at the floor as she walked, her hair hanging down over her shoulders while she fidgeted with her fingers. Though when she looked up at me she stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes trailed slowly over me, where I sat on the bed reading.

I had changed into my usual shorts and thin spaghetti strap tank top to sleep in as well as I took out my contacts and was wearing my glasses. A bit self-consciously I look down at myself just to make sure that something wasn't on my shirt and I didn't notice the stain before I put it on. Nothing was on it when I looked so I just looked back over at her my hand absently moving to my glasses to reset them on my face correctly, it was habit after all.

"Um you ok Rachel?" I had asked her as I placed the book I was reading for our English Lit class down on the small table that sat next to the side of the bed and stood up. I then walked around the side of the bed to come closer to her. I stopped when I got right in front of her, her eyes still trailing up and down my body as she chews on her lower lip. Not that I found the image of her standing there looking at me disturbing or anything even remotely along those lines, but the small little furrow of her brow made me think that even though she was enjoying the chance to look at me without censor, she was also pondering something not entirely pleasant or something while she was doing it.

"Hey" I said softly with a smile as her eyes stopped their perusal and focused only on my face. She smiled at me then and it was the sweet lovely smile that I've dubbed 'my special smile' and hesitantly reached out to touch my shirt clad stomach. I don't move to help or hinder what she was doing. I wanted her to come to me. To realize that she can touch me whenever she wants without any form of negative reaction from me. I wanted her to know that she didn't have to ask or feel like I didn't want her to touch me as she felt like it.

Her eyes flicked from my own hazel down to her hand inching it's way to my stomach then back to my face and back again. Trying to gauge my reaction, I had guessed, giving me time to stop her intent to touch me. So I stood there comfortably and continued to smile gently down at her adorable self. At that moment I figured that our argument from earlier must have made her feel a bit more unsure about how she was to act around me, than I thought it would have. She didn't give me any indication when we had agreed that she could use the bathroom to change that she was worried about our interactions so the fact that I was faced with this, much more reserved and timid Rachel, was a bit confusing. Especially, after how she had greeted me earlier that afternoon.

I had taken her in as she worked up the courage to touch me, as she clearly had a mind to do. As I took in her clothing I wondered why she would wear something so... covering, to bed; when I know for a fact that she has very little modesty. I mean we have changed around each other many times. True we have never been in less than a bra and panties around each other, but she was never shy about that level of undress and she had even said that she didn't have a problem at all doing the underwear scene for Rocky Horror Picture Show we had done earlier in the school year.

In the end she didn't have to, because Mr. Shue modified it at the last minute even though it was only for us so that they would wear a tank top and shorts both dark colors because they would be wet and even Sam got to wear a gold tank top along with his new less tight gold shorts.Which I was actually very thankful for because I hated the fact that the others would get to see Rachel in so little. I had these nightmares that she would then have all the boys in Glee after her, not just Finn.

"I'd forgot that you said that you wear contacts." Rachel said softly as she finally settled her hand on my abdomen. My smile widened a bit as I felt the way her touch made the muscles of my stomach flutter a little when she spread her hand fully out over it. She had then brought her other hand a lot more confidently to join its mate. Now that she is touching me on her own I let my hands come up to her forearms and lightly trace up along her skin, under the sleeve of her pj top, very slowly just enjoying the feeling of being able to touch her skin freely now.

"Mmmm-hmm, Yes this is me without them in. I hope it doesn't ruin the over all picture you have of me..." I say it teasingly but I can't deny that a tiny bit of me was worried that this part of 'Lucy' that I can't really change, like my acne and my weight, or even my nose, makes me less attractive to her. I couldn't get surgery to fix my eyes. The technology might be developed at some point where I can get them fixed but I can't yet so I just create the illusion of perfection by wearing my contacts until I have no choice but to take them out.

"Quinn! My god you are the epitome of beauty. Glasses or not; you take my breath away just looking at you. The glasses make you just a bit more real. I have to admit and that..." she shivered and started to snake her hands around from caressing my stomach to loosely embracing me at the small of my back my own hands move to encircle around her, running my hands slowly up and down her back before she started to speak again after clearing her throat and chewing on her lower lip again, "that, they are very sexy and aturnon."

My brain had to actually take a moment to translate the last part of that statement as she said it so fast and softly that I could barely make it out. It was one jumbled mess of a word at first, but once I got it, I couldn't help the slow sexy smile that spread over my lips at the fact that Rachel Berry, the girl I've had the hugest crush on and have been falling in love with for the past three years, finds me sexy with my glasses on.

Something that is so completely Lucy and therefore should be ugly and disgusting she finds sexy and a I can barely believe it an actual turn on! I was on cloud nine and I felt like something clicked together within myself, something that I thought I had lost forever was returned to me in that moment of clarity. Maybe she would find more of what I can't get rid of from Lucy sexy.. or-or beautiful? Funny? Maybe even charming? Maybe, Maybe I-I don't need to be 'perfection' for her? If she likes something like the glasses that are completely Lucy, maybe she will like my obsession with classic books and that I like Sci-Fi or Fantasy, maybe-

Everything up to the moment, that all my thoughts grind to a halt, took only a second to run through my head, but in that time she was back to chewing on her lip and the next thing to come out of her mouth stops all those happy, thrilling thoughts about what I could test out and show her about the real me. "I mean Honestly Quinn, you are so much more than your beauty so so much more important things but when it comes to beauty, there is no measure, in my opinion, to you... I can't even complete with the level of beauty of two thirds of those girls on your Cheerios' squad, let alone be even within viewing distance of the stratosphere you inhabit." I'm so stunned and upset by this that I pull back and my eyes boring into hers, to see if she really does believe what she had just said or if she is just over exaggerating to make me feel better for the little hint that I might be insecure about my glasses.

What I found was that she firmly believed what she had just said as though it was the most obvious fact in the world. She wasn't fishing for me to disagree with her or prop her up to make her feel better. She is just trying to convey how she sees me and her. It makes me want to cry all over again. I can't stand the thought that she doesn't see the beauty I see when I look at her. I can't deny that she might not be what is defined as 'classically beautiful' but that doesn't matter to me in the least. She IS beauty incarnate to me. I had to change nearly everything about myself to look how I do right now...

This, the way I look, is not natural it is man made..or in the case of my weight pure will and a new found love for dance and gymnastics then cheer along with an insane diet of barely eating anything. But not my seemingly perfect skin and my nose. Hell 'Lucy's' nose could rival Rachel's in size and it never would fit my face like hers does on her face. And I have to put in contacts or have my glasses on to see anything but blurry outlines of anything and if it's writing or something small forget it, there is no way for me to make out what it is visually alone.

I could see she was starting to get nervous by the way I was looking at her and before she could say anything I finally spoke. "No, Rachel. No... You-you are what beauty is... no matter what the world would like you and everyone else to believe you are the truly beautiful one." I can't believe she is looking at me in utter disbelief. I sigh and try again.

"Rachel... You say you look at me and you see beauty?" when she nodded, as though I was being kind of slow at that moment, I smirked and shook my head then continued on with my point. "This..." I removed one of my hands from around her back and slowly waved it from my hair down my body, which I was glad to see her eyes followed, "is all an illusion, Rachel." I sighed again at the confused look she was giving me after I said that. So I paused a moment and then asked, "So you always wear these kind of clothes to bed?" I very much doubted that she did. They looked, if not new, unused until then.

She looked away as she chewed on her lower lip again before she looked back at me, but only up to about where my chin was, so I raised my hand and gently curled my fingers under her chin and lifted it the final bit so that my eyes could meet hers. I raised my eyebrow in obvious question to let her know I wasn't going to let this go without an answer. Finally she sighed with a bit of annoyance and defeat, shaking her head her eyes darting away from mine for a moment before they came back again. "Why did you choose to bring them and wear them tonight?" I pressed even more, because I was already sure of the answer, I just needed to get her to say it out loud.

She sighed and tried to remove her chin from my hold so she didn't have to look at me, but I shook my head and kept my gentle hold on her; waiting for her to answer my question. "Quinn, you see beautiful women every day. Your Cheerios are, well quite frankly, they are gorgeous and I can see why so many within our school are so enamored with them. Then there is Santana and Brittany, your best friends, Quinn! They are... They are like you just... gorgeous. I'm under no illusions to the fact that due to the closeness in the type of sport the three of you participate in and the level of closeness you three share that you have seen them sans clothing and visa versa. There is just no way I can remotely compete with them... I-I" she stopped then her eyes closed tears trickling down her cheeks as she got to the real internalized reason she choose to cover her self up now.

"I don't want to disappoint you, because I won't look as good as them." she finishes in the most small and scared voice that I've ever heard from her in all the years I've known her. I could hear her breathing shallow out a little and felt the ridged tension in her body as she waited for my reaction. I raised my other hand to cup her beautiful damp cheek, leaned in and placed the most gentle kiss on each of her closed eyelids. She whimpered softly leaning into my hand as I brought the one that was holding her chin away and let my fingertips just ghost over the side of her face slowly. I could tell that it slightly tickled, but mostly it just felt good from the way she was reacting.

Her eyes had fluttered open to finally look at me and I smiled lovingly at her. Words alone are not going to solve this problem. She firmly believes she is not beautiful, and that is going to take time to change. At that moment in time I wanted her to see what I see when I look at her. Feel how I feel when my eyes lands on her beautiful self. "I could say that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on, but you will not believe me Rachel. So I'm going to ask you to trust me when I say that 'I' find you to be the most beautiful women that I've 'ever' had the honor and extreme pleasure of laying my eyes on in my life."

I knew she didn't. She was trying, for me, but she just couldn't quite make it there. To that end I knew what would have to happen. I would have to show her what her body does to me. "Do you trust me Rachel?" I asked softly as I looked deeply into her eyes.

"Of-of course I trust you Quinn! I just don't-" She started to reassure me but I stopped her with a little kiss on her lips before she could start in on how she couldn't really believe me about how I see her. Once she stopped talking I pull back and trail my fingertips back over her forehead.

"Close your eyes." I said softly. She looked at me unsure for all of a second then fluttered her eyes shut. "No matter what don't open them until I say alright?" I continued in the same tone of voice as I took her by her hands and led her over to where we left our luggage on the large dresser. I looked up at her from where I was watching our steps when I heard her breath hitch a little at that question. It was a lot of trust to put into someone that most assuredly had not proven that they really deserved it yet.

"I promise you Rachel, that I will do nothing bad to you. And if at any time you want me to stop I will, no questions asked." I assured her quickly, she nodded slowly her brows unfurling a bit from the tension that my request had put her under. Once I was sure she was alright, I had let go of her hands and reached into my bag and pull out a simple faded red t-shirt with the Cheerios' logo over it and a pair of jogging shorts that I brought in case I wanted to go for a run in the hotel's gym.

I had set both articles of clothing to the side within reach but out of the way. I then turned back to Rachel who I smiled at, because she had her head tilted in a way that made it clear that she was listening for clues as to what I was doing. "I'm going to touch your hand again Rachel." I said softly so as to not scare her. She nodded and even helped by holding her hand out a bit in the direction she had heard my voice. Once I take it I pull it gently up and kiss each knuckle.

I watched the smile that formed on her lips as I continued to kiss the back of her hand. Then I gently guided it up along my soft cheek, over the arm of my glasses, and lightly settle her hand in my hair. I then guided her hand to run through my hair until she understood that it was what I wanted her to do and she did it on her own. "What do you feel?" I ask softly as I stepped closer to her so she didn't have to reach so far. I smiled at the lovely smile that had come over her face when I had asked my question.

"Your beautifully soft, blond hair." she said with a bit of awe in her voice. Maybe the thought of just being allowed to touch my hair like this is something special to her. I decided to ask.

"Do you like to touch it?" I asked, to which I got a nod and Rachel once again started chewing on her lower lip, her cheeks tinged with a soft pink hue. I always enjoy looking at Rachel but at that moment I found her particularly beautiful to watch. I then reached up and let my own fingers run slowly and gently through first her bangs then its rich mahogany length. "I adore the color of your hair Rachel. It's so rich and deep. And the feel of it is like silk sliding through my fingers." I continued to speak starting my plan to let her know what I find so beautiful about her. I had said it in a way that let her know that I was being completely honest with her in that moment.

I smiled softly as the light pink hue to her neck and cheeks darkened a bit more. "Mine is dyed to be as light as it is now, did you know, Rachel?" I said honestly wanting to bring a bit of reality to the beauty she seems to think I possess naturally. Yes I was completely aware that I am beautiful to look at for people. It wasn't vanity it was a reality. I worked very very hard and changed a lot about myself to make sure that I would be. Though I had finally got that beauty I thought would fix everything that was wrong in my life, all I really did was exchange one form of loneliness and isolation for a completely different one.

I smiled a bit sadly at the little frown and shake of her head when I asked my question about her knowing that I dyed my hair. "No, Quinn, I didn't know. But it doesn't matter to me. I would find it just as beautiful if it wasn't dyed, I'm sure." she tried to reassure me though I already believe it. That was something about Rachel I had figured out a long time ago. Though yes, Rachel, does enjoy physical beauty, just as much as the next person; she has always been more interested in other far more deeper qualities of a person than the superficial and often fleeting concept of physical beauty.

"I know you would, because you are beautiful inside and out and you look at a person and see more than what they look like." I said which made her smile a beaming smile, because I had known that about her and was so sure about that knowledge. I had lightly disentangle my hands from her hair and then slowly brought her hand from mine. I couldn't help the smile at the little pout she had given me at no longer being allow free run through my hair anymore. I then moved her fingers down to the arms of my glasses and gently slid them over the frame making sure to avoid the lenses so they would not be smudged.

"This is the real me Rachel." I had gently guided both of her hands to get a hold of my glasses and got her to lift them from my face. Once they were off I couldn't see her anymore. I didn't know what her expression was or even if she still had her eyes closed. I had to trust her. "You feel how heavy they are?" I asked softly as I squinted my eyes on reflex in order to try and see more clearly. It was a completely unconscious thing, most people with poor eye sight, like I have, do it to try and get as much details in as they can when their glasses are off.

"Yes... Ho-How bad is your vision Quinn? I mean they are a bit heavier than Dad's but I can also tell that these are in a thinner frame and that the lenses are also thinner than his too.. How is that possible?" I hum softly and nod even though she can't see me.

"Yes. Mine are very advanced and not made of real glass. These are High index plastic lenses. They are designed for people that need extremely strong prescriptions, but don't want to be restricted to wearing coke bottle on there face. I don't know about your dad's glasses, Rach. I would have to take a closer look at them. His frames are the 'classic' black plastic that has come into style for some men and women. I don't like them on me so I use a thin wire frame. I only wear them at night, anyway." I explained easily. I take a breath just letting the bit of information settle in, before I continue into my reasonings.

"Wearing them only for short periods at night or first thing in the morning allows me to get away with only having to have the small nose prongs sitting on my nose a short time which is generally bearable. I would have a harder time wearing them for longer periods of time in these frames, because it would start to become painful to have that weight pressing into the sides of my nose after wearing them for long periods of time. There is another more... vain reason as well, I guess you can say. I don't wear them for very long because of the visual marks left on the side of my nose. If I wore them for long periods the marks would become noticeable to others and I wouldn't be able to hide the fact that I do in fact have to wear glasses" I finish explaining. I actually felt better getting those things out into the open.

It was like I was finally letting the real me be seen by someone other than those inside my family. I think about how Rachel liking these things about me, as I can hear the soft hums of understanding as I speak as I gently let my fingers guide over her hands where she was holding my glasses. "I can't see much of anything with them off to be honest. Like, I can't tell what your expression is or even if you have opened your eyes or not. The only reason I still have to wear them at all is because I couldn't get surgery to fix my eyes permanently. Not yet anyway. Maybe one day they will be able to fix my eyes, but not then and not now." I continue lightly as though it's not a big deal. Even though it is a big deal to me. It is the last thing that ties me physically to Lucy and the hell that my life was when I was her.

"I like them Quinn. Though now that I know that you don't like to wear them for a long time, I will make sure not to ask to have you wear them more often." I could hear the playfulness in Rachel's voice at the comment and I softly chuckled. Rachel fumbled for my hands and guided them to my glasses so that I could put them back on. It didn't take me long to put them back in place and I continue speaking.

"Well for you I just might do it anyway." I leaned in and dropped a soft kiss on her lips not only because she looked adorable, but her eyes were still closed. I had gently raised my hands and lightly drew my fingers over her eyebrows and let them graze over her still closed eye lids. "Your eyes are gorgeous with their deep chocolate depths. My God Rachel I could drown in your eyes, they are so deep and addictive to look at. I could look into your eyes all day every day and never tire of it." I explained softly with a bit of awe and heat in my voice. That had earned me a soft gasp and Rachel gripping onto my wrists, my hands had moved so that I was cupping her cheeks then.

I decided to leave her nose for later because I knew that was something she was very sensitive about. I wanted to concentrate on the rest of her body and get her into something more practical than this get up. To that effect I had once again moved my hands from her face, taking her hands again and brought them back to my stomach. She smiles more widely as her hands spread over my abdomen. I knew that this was where I was getting into some possibly questionable territory. I was going to have to speak about somethings that I was still dealing with in order for her to see that my beauty is nothing compared to hers. That mine is only a fabrication, unlike hers. I slowly slip each of her hands under the short hem of my tank top so that she is touching the bare skin of my stomach.

Her reaction was immediate and expected. Her breath hitched and she shivered noticeably, her mouth popped open in disbelief as she whispered my name. I could also see her fighting to keep her eyes closed. That the desire to see that she was really touching my skin was most likely something she wanted to confirm with her eyes. The next part was the real reason I wanted her eyes closed. I had move my hands from hers when I was sure she was not going to remove her hands right away. I gripped the hem of my tank top and whipped it up and over my head letting it fall to the bed that is on the other side of us. "Oh my God! Quinn what are you doing?" I could hear the slight panic in her voice and her eyes fought between clenching tightly shut and flying open to verify that I had indeed taken off my shirt.

The reason for so much panic was because, when she had hugged me earlier, she had obviously figured out that I didn't have a bra on just like I knew, from hugging her, that she did. "I'm showing you what you do to me Rachel. I'm showing you the illusion that you believe my beauty is and the reality of your beauty and how it effects me." I said with as much confidence as I could muster. I was pretty sure I was able to pull it off rather well, because even though her eyes were closed I was still standing in front of Rachel Berry completely topless.

She didn't say anything as I took charge of her hands again. I guided them over my skin to where I knew there were still small stretchmarks that could be felt from my pregnancy, then over my sharply jutting ribs letting her really feel the battle I fight with myself over getting my weight right. I could see the frown on her face when she felt my ribs. She was careful and deliberate in her movements as she ran her fingers over them gently, almost like she needed to feel exactly how much damage I was doing to myself, with my lack of eating.

At least she was learning that I wasn't perfect like she wanted to believe before. She was learning that I do have flaws, as she traced each of my overly exposed rib, on my jutting rib cage, I moved my hands down to my hips and gave my shorts a little push to get them off my hips. Then just let them slowly make their way down my legs on their own. I felt Rachel stop all movement when I did that. She even seemed to stop breathing for a moment too.

"Breathe Rachel. I promise I'm not going to do anything to force unwanted intimacy." I reassured Rachel. I knew she had told everyone in Glee many times that she had no intention of having sex for a long time to come, so I was trying to let her know that I was going to completely respect that. Needless to say I ended up quite shocked at the words that came from her mouth, nearly too quietly for me to even hear.

"Their is nothing forced or unwanted you could do, Quinn." I couldn't be sure if she meant that she completely trusted that I wouldn't make this into something sexual or if it became sexual it sure as hell wouldn't have been force or unwanted. I had to put that thought out of my mind, because if I had thought about it much more I would have lost focus on what I was trying to accomplish.

I gently took her hands again and led them so that they slid slowly down my sides away from my ribs to the flare of my panty clad hips. It really took a lot of effort at that point to keep my mind on what I wanted to show her about myself here, because I was having a hard time keeping myself under control at the feel of her small soft hands lightly sliding over my exposed skin. We were both breathing move heavily and there was an outbreak of chill bumps that spread quickly where ever her hands touched me and even to places that they weren't.

At that point I just let her explore my hips and thighs with her hands as I point out the fact that the reason I try to lose more weight was because of my hips and thighs. They happened to be where I tend to still hold a great deal of my weight. So even though my stomach and ribs are showing that I haven't been eating like I should, my hips, ass, and thighs showed a great deal more weight that I have been trying desperately to keep under control.

"Quinn I don't think you can really see yourself the way the rest of the world... the way 'I' see you." I smirked at that, because that was exactly what I was trying to lead her to. She understood that I have flaws, but all she sees is the beauty and that my flaws, that I know are there the fact that it was all shaped and forced to look the way it does just doesn't matter to her. The acknowledgement of that fact would allow the next part to take root more readily, because she had already come to that conclusion about me on her own.

"I'm so happy you feel that way Rachel." I said softly fighting hard to keep my voice from hitching too badly when her fingers hook into the hem of my panties, right at my hips. God her hands felt so good. I finally reached out and slowly work my fingers around the top most button of Rachel's shirt. Her whole body froze then, and she stopped breathing all over again, but she didn't try to stop me.

"Breathe Rachel." I whispered out again as I continued to undo each button one after the other. She took in a few unsteady breaths before her breathing began to even out and her hands go back to wandering with a bit more confidence than before. I was consciously trying to force my breathing to remain even and not shallow out as Rachel's shirt finally came open.

I couldn't help the little whimper that came from deep in my chest when I got a look at her like this. "God you are so beautiful Rachel..." I had to take a deep breath as I reached up with both hands and push the big shirt off her shoulders. I ended up moaning softly when Rachel's adventurous thumb skims the underside of my bare right breast. She was quick to apologize and moved her hands away completely I used that timing to get the shirt to fall completely from her body and to the floor.

I can see her sensible white cotton bra heaving with each breath she takes, "You can touch me, Rachel." I said my voice but a horsed whisper at that moment. I really couldn't get my voice to work more than that then. I was so completely turned on at that moment that I almost forgot that there was a reason I was doing all this in the first place. When Rachel's hands tentatively came back to my sides I had to close my eyes too, just to remember to breath.

Once I wrestled some self-control back, I open my eyes again and let my hands come up to lightly touch her stomach and wrap my fingers around the side of her waist. She is smaller than me but she is not 'skinny' around her abdomen and ribs. I can feel the mussel she has, but she has a really nice layer of 'fat' that covers it that gives her a very healthy, look as well as feel to her. I knew intellectually that women needed fat on their body to be healthy, but I had fears of becoming Lucy all over again, that I just didn't think about those things when I thought about myself.

I was trembling in front of Rachel then as I asked, "Do you feel what you do to me, Rachel? Can you feel how beautiful I find you?" She nods her lips slightly parted to get more air into her lungs. She was once again letting her hands explore where ever they went. She was slightly mindful of where her hands were but not really. They would slide just under my breasts over their sides and even the tops of them. "You have the perfect weight to me Rachel... You are small true but it's not unhealthy on you. You're just so soft. Unlike me, your ribs don't stand out painfully. You are thin but you still have that healthy amount of weight that allows you to be oh so beautifully soft and supple to touch." I said in an almost worshipful way.

She whispered my name in a way that made me weak in the knees and I had to step closer to her and rest my forehead against hers to steady myself. In response she became very bold and let her arms circle around my hips letting her hands come to rest over my rear, causing me to moan softly before I press my lips to hers. I completely forgot about my glasses and when I pulled back they were very smudged. It was ok though, I just brought my hands up and took them off before setting them on the dresser. "What are you doing Quinn?" She had asked me when I pulled away for a moment.

I quickly returned to her and once again placed my hands on her waist again, I was just happy that when I pulled away to set my glasses down she didn't stop touching me. "I had to take off my glasses. I forgot I had them on when I kissed you, and I can't really see out of them now so I just took them off and set the on the dresser." I said softly as my hands move down over her small hips and gently began to push the pants off over the small flare of her smaller hips. "We are on a even playing field now Rach. I can't see anything really and I have to trust that you won't open your eyes." I said as I got the pants over her hips and let them fall the rest of the way down on their own.

She sucked in a deep breath at that, her hands that were still on my rear end, squeezed a little. I groaned deeply and leaned forward again, this time my forehead ended up on her shoulder for a moment as I focused on breathing again. I didn't think Rachel was really up for talking just then, because all she did in response was tilt her head and press her lips up against my ear. Soft pants of her breaths puffing over it with each exhale she made. I swallowed thickly before I placed my lips on her shoulder just into the crook where her shoulder and neck met. It's lingering and soft, if I don't keep an iron control over this kiss I will never let myself stop. I force the fact that this is not meant to seduce her, but to help her see what I see in her, firmly in my mind in order to keep my mind focused.

I finally lifted my head from the place I found so soothing to be and with what little I was able to make out of Rachel's face I was able to plant a soft kiss right to the tip of her nose. I was kind of impressed with the luck at that aim. I could see the general outline but I couldn't work out the exact placement of my kiss so I lucked out that I landed it on the right spot. "This, Rachel, is your most sensitive feature, and one I firmly believe makes you oh so beautiful and real." I told her quietly. She froze again when I kissed her nose, most likely not expecting the action, let alone my words. When I heard her take a breath to speak I had quickly grabbed her hand and brought it up to my nose.

"You wanted mine, Rachel, and I'm so glad you came to your senses about it. Did you know that my original nose was a bit bigger than yours is? I changed my whole body to look how I am now Rachel. Everything you see is molded and shaped to be what most of the world thinks is beautiful. But you...You Rachel... God, you are so real and so so gorgeous because you are real and undamaged in your beauty, Rachel. I can't express this enough to you." Her fingers continued to explore my nose for I moment longer while I talked, but she moved on to rake her fingers through my hair once I finished speaking. She crashes our lips together, and I had to wonder it she was as blindly lucky as I was, when I landed a kiss right to her nose perfectly, or if she opened her eyes so that she could kiss me as she did then.

When her tongue had brushed up against my lips I didn't care at that point. All I cared about was that Rachel was kissing me and I wanted nothing more than to just revel in that fact. She pushed me back against the dresser so that I was nearly sitting on the damn thing, her body pushed flush against mine. Both of us gasped at the feel of our bodies coming into nearly skin on skin contact for the first time. I rake my blunt nails down the center of her back, which she responded by arching into me even more then. She whispered my name against my lips before she continued, "My beautiful, beautiful Quinn. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is nothing that could make me see you as anything than the most beautiful woman in the world, a goddess among women. We all have 'flaws' Quinn they just make us real and give character. What you see as flaws in yourself, I see as just you Quinn. Please believe me." Rachel said softly into my ear her body still flushed with mine as she did.

I did believe her, but I needed her to believe that I felt the same about her. This is what I had did all of this for, in the first place. This one moment of clarity was what I was waiting for Rachel to come to completely on her own. "I will believe you, Rachel, if you will believe that I feel the exact same thing about you." I was able to get out, though my voice was horse and tight with the effort it was taking to keep my mind on task.

I mean, Yes, her breasts were still encased in cotton so I didn't have them directly pressed against my naked breasts but it was still extremely arousing to have them there. To feel her harden nipples pressing against the soft swell of my own breasts. I was just lucky that the way she was pressed against me that my nipples were not actually touching her skin right then. I doubt I would have been able to hold it together otherwise.

I could tell that I had won, when I could hear her gentle laugh filter to my ear. Not that it would be hard to have heard her as her lips were right next to my left ear at that time. "Thank you, Quinn. You have a deal, if I can believe you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen then you can think the same about me. It is only fair after all." I surged up then, off the dresser so that I could spin her around and have her leaning back against the dresser as my lips took hers. She didn't even offer any resistance at all. She just moaned into my mouth as her lips popped open the moment my lips were over hers.

I wasted no time in slipping my tongue into her hot mouth, which she returned quickly. Our tongues dancing together, neither fighting for any kind of dominance, just enjoying the taste of the other. Rachel has always been incredibly brave and she proved that when she boldly brings her hand from my hair to cover my bare breast. I shuddered with the surge of pure pleasure, the move instilled in me. I pulled my moth from hers so that we could breathe because right then I wasn't getting enough oxygen into my lungs. Which wasn't improved when Rachel began to kiss along my jaw down to my neck her hand over my breast slowly kneading it in the most delightful way.

My own hands slid up from her hips along her sides until I palmed both of her breasts into my hands. Our hands moved against each others bodies because of how tightly we were pressed together as we touched the other. Rachel bit down over my pulse point and my fingers closed over her taunt nipples without thought. She hissed against my neck not letting go before she started to suck against the skin still in her mouth.

I knew I would end up with a mark, but I didn't care. Being marked by Rachel was perfectly fine by me anytime she wanted to do it. I just continued to moan softly and lightly squeezed the tips of her nipples gently before moving my hands to palm them again kneading them as she was still doing to my breast. Her other hand still firmly tangled into my hair, holding me there so that I could not move even the slightest bit away from her, not like I had any intention of doing so in the first place.

She had let go of my neck, only leaving behind a light mark I found out the next morning before she moved her lips back to my own. She would nip and bite my lower lip then suck it into her mouth and flick her tongue over it bathing it, soothing it before both of our tongues would dance again together. Of their own accord, my hands rounded her body and quickly undid the clasps of her bra. Once it was loosened she pulled back panting, and for a moment I had thought she felt it was going to far. The thought was fleeting though as all she did was quickly shed it from her body to let it drop to where all the other articles of clothing lay discarded on the floor.

When we had surged back against each other we both had groaned deeply as our naked torsos pressed together for the first time. God it was so amazingly erotic, I couldn't even begin to understand how people could, even for a second, think that this, this love can be wrong. I didn't think about that long though as Rachel was once again pushing against me. I had let her push me back towards the bed until the back of my knees had come into contact with it and then I froze, clutching Rachel too me as I ripped my mouth from hers. I couldn't let it go any farther than it had already. Not just then, not when we had both just started this relationship so soon. Both of us were so caught up in the erotism of everything that was going on that we had forgotten how new this was to both of us.

I didn't want Rachel's first time to be like that. I wanted it to be when she knew that she loved me, that she was in love with me. I knew I was already in love with her, and I felt that there was a good chance that Rachel might very well be very close to falling in love with me even though technically our relationship was so new, but it wasn't there yet. I would never want Rachel to regret her first time like I did. I may have made something completely prefect from it, but I still regretted the way it happened.

"Quinn?" She breathed into my ear when I had pushed us back away from the bed a few steps, keeping my arms tightly wrapped around her, so she would know that I still wanted her. Or at least I had hoped it was conveying that while I got my brain in order. "Quinn, what's wrong?" Rachel had asked pulling her head back as far as she could so that she could see my face, I knew she had finally opened her eyes then.

"I want you Rachel, and if we get onto that bed I won't want to stop." I had told her with complete honesty. My voice was shaky and deeper than I've ever heard it before. It was taking every bit of self-control I have ever learned to have over myself to keep from just letting her push me down onto that bed. I knew I had gotten through to her when I felt her sag against my body. I sighed softly and loosened my hold on her a bit letting my hand run through the ends of her sweat dampened hair against her back.

"You're right... I-I don't..." I shushed her when I heard her voice quiver with nervousness. I didn't want her to say she regret what we were doing. She sighed then and pressed her lips into the crook of my neck again before she took a deep breath her own hands running through my hair that was sticking to my back and shoulder due to sweat. We had stood there just holding one another loosely allowing the other to calm down even though we were still mostly naked. It didn't matter right then, until we could have gotten ourselves under control we wouldn't have been able to separate long enough to dress without just jumping one another again.*

It had taken us a few minutes to get ourselves together enough to finally dress. Rachel had walked us back to the dresser before telling me that she had already opened her eyes, though I had already knew that, to look for my glasses. It was fine at that point because fuck if we couldn't handle what we were close to doing maturely then we didn't deserve to be even remotely acting on these feelings. I refused to act stupidly around Rachel now that I have started to really experience what being with her would be like. It would have been utterly stupid to do. When Rachel had handed me my glasses they were cleaned so that I could see again.

My eyes once again travel over Rachel's body, just like they did that night after I had put my glasses back on, taking in everything that I know that lies beneath those clothes she has on now. Rachel stepping up into my space and wrapping her arms around my waist, hugging me tightly, lets me know that she knows what was going through my mind and I needed to stop. "You keep looking at me like that and the whole school will know about us, by the fact I will not be able to hold myself back from kissing you right here in front of everyone, Quinn." I wrap my own arms around Rachel's shoulders and shiver with delight at the scene she is describing. Though I was not one for PDAs before, with Rachel though I can care less and have the most difficult time holding myself in check.

"Ugh... I know, but God Rachel, you make me unable to do anything but simmer with desire when you are near me." I say into her ear which makes her shiver in my arms, her hold on me tightening dramatically as her soft groan reaches my ears.

"Okay! Thatz it, time to go. Come on Berry time for you to get going with Britt-Britt. Letz go!" Rachel is then unceremoniously rip from my hold and I want to kick Santana's ass in that moment, but the look she is giving me as I go to yell at her warns me to think about where I am at. Brittany stays behind long enough to give me a hug as well, to calm me down, but to also make it seem like I wasn't just giving special treatment to Rachel; before she skips away down the hall following the direction that Santana was pulling a softly ranting Rachel.

I knew Rachel was railing into Santana by the way her free arm was moving around and pointing at the Latina, but I couldn't hear what was being said. Santana more or less just ignores whatever it is Rachel is saying as she is led away and down the next hallway. I know Santana's next class is that way too so she isn't even going out of her way escorting them to class. I turn around and start to head to my second period AP Trig class, already wishing that the next hour and forty minutes was already over.

My second period class felt like it was dragging on as though time was standing still. I had already understood the material when it was gone over last week but I knew not everyone had my ability to learn things very quickly. I am normally much better about being patient with how slow everyone else is compared to me, but this time I only wanted to be with Rachel and every second away from her was wreaking havoc on my ability to concentrate. I really needed to get a handle on my Rachel addiction, this was getting ridiculous... It took me a little while but I was finally doing alright and finished not only my class assignment, but half of the assigned homework, that was written up on the board, by the time class ends.

I rush to gather my things and out the door. I'm sure that Rachel will be heading right to the cafeteria when she gets out of her class as it is right down the hall from where the dance class room is at. I had seen her take her lunch bag as well as the bag with her dance clothes when she was dragged away from me by Santana. I rushed to my locker, which was pretty easy as, of course, everyone moves quickly out of my way as I make my way through the halls. To be honest, I really don't care about that anymore, it's convenient when I'm in a rush like now, but it's not something I think of as necessary.

I'm quick to dump my things into my locker, fix my hair so that it will look perfect like Coach expects at all times, and I'm rushing to the cafeteria as quickly as I can without running. I quickly scan the large room as I make my way over to the lunch line. Rachel had not made it in yet. Which is understandable, as she still had to change clothes after her class was over and I wouldn't have passed Rachel's class as it's on the other end of the hall from where I would have come to get to it. As I stand in the line I wonder if I should have skipped coming right here and just gone to wait for Rachel at her class.

I don't have to ponder that for long as I spot San and Brit further back in the line when I look back towards where I had come in at thinking about heading back out to meet Rachel. When Santana catches my eye she point to the main area behind us and I turn around but of course there is a wall directly behind us separating the lunch line from the rest of the cafeteria and I can hear Santana's cackling at my stupid action from all the way at the other end of the lunch line. I turn quickly and glare over at the still laughing latina before I just decide to ignore her and continue my way through the line. Now that I knew that Rachel was here and sitting down in the main part of the cafeteria, waiting, I wanted to get through the line as quickly as possible so I can go sit by her.

I set my tray down next to Rachel at the lunch table I found her already sitting at. Just like Santana had pointed out to me in the lunch line. She is at the table that all but the popular members of the Glee club uses. I quickly slip down onto the seat next to her as Rachel looks up at me with happy pleasure clear on her face.

I don't normally sit at the Glee table every day. I will sit with the group once a week on Fridays, because it's the only day we do not have afternoon practices for the Cheerios and by then I really need the break from their asinine ramblings. "Hi, Quinn!" Rachel says excitedly and I beam a happy smile at her as I start arranging the items on my tray. Not that there is much, just a slightly welting salad that has more lettuce than anything else in it, bag of prepackaged apple slices and a carton of non-fat milk.

"Hey Beautiful." I say back quietly, which of course causes Rachel to blush prettily her eyes darting around the area before landing back on me as she, fiddles with her own salad. Unlike my salad, hers was obviously made at home and looks a lot better, and healthier, than the one I have on my tray. I feel like I'm able to get away with calling her beautiful because so far we are the only ones sitting at the table and the closest person is way too far away to hear anything we say. We have thus far not been very successful in keeping the details of our relationship a complete secret while at school.

I can easily see why gay teens have issues being in the closet once they have accepted themselves. It's really hard to censor yourself when you have all of these wonderful bright feelings and all you want to do is just be happy and others to be happy for you, too. I'm trying to keep myself in check because this will be the first time we will be around all of our fellow glee club members at the same time and I really don't want to be the cause of this blowing up on the first day back at school.

Speaking of being around the whole club for the first time, I'm happy to note that Rachel had chosen to sit at the end of the table. She would normally sit in the middle of the Glee club table. If I were to guess, it would be so that she could be in the center of the conversation. It's nice to see that she most likely sat at the end of the table so that only the seats across from us would be the only option that Finn can possibly take to sit near Rachel. I doubt he will make it in time before San and Brit though, as they were in line behind me and I didn't even see Finn in line by the time I was paying for my food. He also wasn't over at the jock's table when I looked over as I walked to Rachel's table, so I relax a bit more at being able to most likely have a few more minutes of Finn free time with her.

I know that Rachel doesn't have any classes with Finn which makes avoiding him much easier. I don't have to worry about him bothering her during her classes, but Santana had texted me earlier just as my Trig class was starting, saying that she had to chase Finn off when he blocked Rachel – by extension Brit – from entering into their second period class. I knew he would find a way to try and talk with her before lunch. I had been wondering all through my Trig class if he was just waiting for her to not be with me. It couldn't have escaped his notice that Rachel and I have been pretty close to one another all morning. Not even he is that blind, I'm just hoping that he is just thinking that we have established a friendship, finally.

I really don't think Finn is bright enough to have put things together yet, some of the others, sure. If they have been paying attention to the gossip of what went down with Jew-fro or with how hug-y we have been this morning. They could very well have started to put those pieces together and figured out there is more than friendship between us. I guess as long as it's not Finn it really doesn't matter right now. Speaking of problems with Finn I turn to Rachel as I pick up my fork and ask, "You didn't have anymore run-ins with Finn on your way here did you?" She looks back up at me and places her hand on mine shaking her head.

"No Quinn if I did I would have told you right away, I promise." I nod at Rachel's soft assurance that she would tell me if something happened, so I accept it easily and she continues. "Brittany said that Santana would let you know about what happened before second. Santana had more or less bulldozed over him making him move away from the door when he didn't move on his own. He wanted me to go talk with him away from Britt and San. I didn't see him once Britt and I got into the class though. I guess Santana was able to make him fully leave." Rachel says softly with a shrug, and I nod again though it does make me angry thinking about Finn trying to force Rachel into spending time alone with him.

He had just blocked her entry to her dance class room. According to San's text Finn wouldn't accept the three times Rachel told him no in various ways, until she had flat out told him a forth time, that she wasn't going to go anywhere with him at all. He still didn't move and that was when San 'bulldozed' over him so that Rachel and Brittany could get into their class. Rachel nudges her shoulder against my arm gaining my attention. Once I look at her she smiles until I smile back at her. I couldn't be mad around Rachel when she smiles my special smile at me, like she is now.

When Rachel is satisfied that I'm not brooding about the crap that Finn has pulled, she looks over at my wilted salad and pushes the tray it is sitting on away before setting her own salad down half in front of me. "We can share, I have plenty and that stuff is disgusting. No wonder you don't want to eat it." She tells me in a tone that left no room for argument. I blink for a moment as I look between my discarded tray and the large fresh looking salad now sitting roughly in front of me but more between us, so that we could indeed share as Rachel had pointed out.

I laugh softly shaking my head, but I easily accept her reasoning, the salad is disgusting. Her lunch looks so much better than mine, vegan or no. I watch as she brings out an orange and an apple setting them both down on a napkin before she reaches back into her lunch bag and brings out two containers with sandwiches in each of them. She brings them both up to look into them before setting one down in front of me and the other in front of herself.

At first all the food confuses me as I watch her once again reach in her bag and pulls out one more slightly larger container than the one holding the sandwiches, but much smaller than the one holding the salad we are to be sharing. "Rach? This is way too much food for only one person to eat. Why do you have all this?" I ask finally when she brings out two water bottles setting one down in front of me.

She holds up two snack size ziplock bags and asks "Do you mind if I put cranberries and walnuts in the salad or would you prefer only one or none?" I think I'm starting to get the idea of what she is doing now. She packed enough food to feed us both. I should have realized she would take it upon herself to make sure I ate better after what happened over the weekend. She was subtly on me the whole weekend to eat regularly and it looks like she is going to continue her campaign even now while at school.

I sigh softly, but not in an annoyed or frustrated way, just resting my chin in the palm of my hand and smile at my girlfriend, "Both is fine Rach." I say evenly not really caring what is in the salad, because I was sure it would taste good either way, then I continue in a playful tone, "Should I just not bother buying lunch from now on?" I raise my eyebrow in question. I'm shocked when she reaches out and brushes her thumb over my raised brow before catching on to what she is doing and retracts her hand as though she was bit by a snake. I laugh lightly and lightly squeeze her thigh under the table which gets her to smile again.

"I just want to make sure you are getting a sufficient and well balanced meal at least once a day, Quinn." Rachel tells me stubbornly. She is more than likely thinking that I'm teasing her, because I didn't like what she was doing. Yes I am still kind of holding on to the stubborn hope that I can remain a flyer, but I'm not mad at Rachel for trying to make me eat regularly. Nor will I forgo the offer.

I lean in so that my mouth is by her ear as I whisper to her. "Thank you Rachel. I so want to say something, but I know it's too soon... But I want you to know I want to say it." I hear Rachel's breath hitch and the shallow breathing that follows. I then know that she is following that I want to tell her that I love her.

She pulls back and looks at me, our faces are still very close together as she speaks in a slightly ragged voice. "I understand Quinn, I find myself often in the same predicament, but you are right; it is too soon. But I want you to know, I feel the same way."

"Your gay is showing, bitches!" We both tare our eyes from each other to see Santana taking the seat right in front of me and Brittany the one next to her leaving the one in front of Rachel empty. I frown at that until I see Kurt heading our way and I figure that Santana left the seat open for Rachel's best friend. I slide my abandoned tray to the side so that Santana had more room to set her stuff down. While flipping her off with my other hand. Santana just laughs while Rachel lightly pokes me in the rips telling me to not be so crude.

"Well flick me off all you want but you asked me to help you keep it secret. Eye sexing in the middle of the cafeteria is definitely not helping to keep this shit secret..." Santana says pointedly. I know she's right but it's so hard to not 'look' at Rachel when she is in sight.

"Keep what secret?" Kurt asks as he sits down. I take the time to open up the container with my sandwich and I'm shocked to find that it's a BLT, complete with extra bacon.

"Me and Quinn." Rachel says after she swallows the bite of our salad she just took. I look over at Rachel and reach back under the table to squeeze her thigh affectionately. Which brings Rachel's eyes to me again. I mouth 'thank you' and point to my sandwich to which she just smiles smugly and turns back to Kurt who is Oh-ing now in understanding. Rachel reaches back under the table and squeezes my hand in return, letting me know that she was happy to do it.

"Yes, I agree, until after Nationals it needs to be kept hush hush. You guys didn't have to listen to Finn talk about how he is going to get Rachel back all weekend." Kurt says with his usual dramatic flare and rolls of the eyes at the end. I stiffen at Kurt's description, leading Rachel to gently stroke my hand under the table. Kurt being the far more observant guy than I normally would have give him credit for, tries to ease my mind.

"Don't worry Quinn, we won't let him ruin Nationals or get in between you two. Not that I think he would have a snowballs chance in hell anyway. I just had to listen to him ramble all weekend about how he thinks Rachel and him are tethered together in some cosmic sorta way or something like that. He would go on and on about how she had been staring at him with dreamy eyes and that every time she got up to sing in Glee she was singing just for him. He brought up the Rumors assignment stating that that song had been a message to him to break away from Quinn and go back to her." Kurt pauses to take a bite of his food when Rachel snorts with disbelief at what Kurt was describing.

I can only sit here and hope she will say something more, not just make a noise, because I also remember the times Finn had been babbling to Kurt about. Many of those times I had also thought – as pathetic as it is to admit to having the same thoughts as someone so clueless most of the time as Finn is – the same things that apparently Finn had been thinking. Thankfully after the events over the weekend, Rachel and I spent together, it's hard to be instantly insecure about Rachel's feelings for me. Unfortunately, though, I still have fears and some major insecurities from our past that still hurts.

When I hear things, like what Kurt is saying now, it make me feel like I might be looking at everything through rose colored glasses. That I'm not looking at things in a way that is realistic. The fact of the matter is that Rachel and I have only been dating less than four full days and there is a lot of past hurt along with various miscommunications that will have to be waded through, so that those insecurities on both of our part can be over come. The shaking of Rachel's head as she finishes what was in her mouth, does a lot to reassure me though, and her words completely wipe my worry away.

"That's ridiculous though... How could he base his theory of some cosmic connection, solely on the fact I looked his way at times with quote, unquote, dreamy eyes? Did he forget he was usually never alone most of the time?" Rachel hisses as she leans in over the table a bit so she could keep her voice down. She clears her throat a little blush once more tinting her neck and cheeks slightly and shifts on her seat a little when she seems to be about to speak again.

"Besides I wasn't looking at Finn those times. Quinn was always standing or sitting near him those times and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her. As well I would often day dream about her sitting or standing with me holding my hand or what not as they often did." I feel Rachel's hand slip back under the table to lightly stroke my thigh, then her eyes flick over to me and gives me my special smile, making everything right with my world again. It felt so good to have Rachel admit that she had been singing to me as I had often dreamed she was doing in those times.

Her eyes go back over to Kurt and she continues as though what she said was the most logical reasoning in the world. "Besides, had he been paying attention at all throughout Glee, he would have noticed, I looked over to the area Sam was sitting with Quinn too after they had started dating. Don't get me wrong I did care very deeply for Finn, but the reality was that after meeting Quinn for the first time in our freshmen year, it was she I always wanted. I would just try not to think about it most of the time, because I thought it would never happen." She laughs softly, Kurt, Britt and I joining her. Santana seemed to join in on the humor of the situation too, but her smile and laugh was lacking her normal enthusiastic humor. Her eyes had also been flicking from her food over to Rachel to look at her sadly for a moment before snapping her eyes back down to her tray.

I wanted to ask Santana about what was going on with her just then, because she really looked genuinely sad. I am also not entirely sure if her melancholy had to do with something dealing with Rachel directly or the general fact that Santana doesn't have the courage to openly go for what she wants with Brittany, as I have with Rachel. I know that is still a bone of contention between my two best friends. One I am not sure how to help them fix at this point in time. I'm not able to think on it for long though because Rachel is speaking again.

"As for the Rumors assignment, I was tired of having to see Finn with Quinn together, and that song came to me right after they had done their song in a bout of jealousy. I had had Finn jam with me just to try and make Quinn as jealous as I felt at them doing a song together... Not one of my finer moments for sure." My eyebrows raise at that particular bit of information. I mean Rachel has always been amazing at singing but to pull that song out off the top of her head was down right amazing. She looks over at me then and mouths that she is sorry about it and I smile reassuringly at her, even though my brain was still on the fact that she had sung 'Go Your Own Way' spontaneously.

Rachel speaking again pulls me from my wonder at how talented Rachel truly is. "I can see how it could easily be misconstrued to seem as though I was singing to Finn at that moment, especially after Quinn and I fought. Though in reality I was singing to Quinn. I just wanted her to go her own way and see that I wanted her too and that she didn't have to settle just like she had told me that I didn't have to settle either." Rachel says softly her eyes mostly back on me as she spoke about this, and I didn't even try to censor the adoring look I was giving her then. She has just made so much click together in my mind, making my world seem so much clearer now.

"This is exactly what I was talking about, he's delusional. I tried to steer him into realizing how much he was reaching for something that just wasn't there. He just wouldn't listen, I'm afraid. I mean I'm not the worlds most renowned expert on women, but I know more about women than he does, and he knows even less about Rachel personally to even be a sneeze of a threat." Rachel laughs lightly and nods agreeing with Kurt's assessment without hesitance, which makes me relax enough so I can start to eat again.

All five of us just start to chat easily about the song that Rachel and I have been working on after that as we continue to eat. As others like Tina and Mike along with Artie show up we speak about how we plan to show it to Mr. Shue after we finish eating. Santana, finally acting more like herself offers to help with the backing tracks if we want to have a fuller sound to fill up the theater we will be preforming at. Which I can see would give the song a fuller sound than just the instruments we had planned on using. She was the one that helped to create Rachel's backing tracks for both Rachel's and the group's original songs we did for regionals as well so I already know she would be able to do a really good job with my song.

Personally I really think San should look into doing sound mixing for a career. She loves to do it and she has an amazing amount of original as well as mush-ups projects, I've heard, on her computer. Yes she has an amazing voice, but her talent for mixing music is even better and I think it could really take her places. Britt was very quick to add in that she had an idea about some simple choreography that will fit the song, after my fellow blond had asked Rachel to sing a bit of our song for them. Needless to say that this was the most enjoyable lunch time conversation I have had at school in a very long time.

Which of course means it has to come to an end. "Umm Quinn, can you move over, I was going to sit next to Rachel?" I look up and up to find Finn towering over me. I frown at him trying to chew faster to be able to cuss him out for even thinking about asking me to move. Everyone at the table went silent all eyes on the two of us. I hated to be caught so flat footed and I had just finished my sandwich by taken a larger than lady like bite, so I was having trouble getting it down my throat quickly enough.

"No Finn, she will not move. Quinn was quite obviously here before you and has every right to eat her meal in peace without being asked to move. For 'your' convenience." Rachel snaps up at the lumbering giant of a boy. Saving me having to do it myself. Though she is much more polite about it than I would have been. She is direct and firm in her delivery of her statement but she was polite as she always is. I want to throw up at the look Finn is giving Rachel at her telling him that I wasn't going to move to accommodate him. I swear it looks like he has been constipated for weeks, it really makes me sick to look at him.

"But Rach, I was going to sit next to you. I have some ideas about Nationals we should discuss together as we are co-captains and all." Finn whines pathetically. I guess pulling out what he though was a sure fire way to get his way with Rachel by pulling on her need to be the responsible co-captain that she is. Though the incredulous look she is giving him, helps to settle my stomach from it's bout of queasiness.

"Dude, sit down, we have to get over to the weight room after this." Puck says striding quickly up to where Finn is still hovering over me and pushes Finn further down the table in obvious irritation. His actions stops whatever Rachel was about to say. I think by the looks of it, it's probably a good thing for Finn that she didn't get a chance to say whatever it was she was going to say to him.

Things move on but the conversation is a bit stilted now, that everyone else was joining them. It take a few minutes before Mercedes and seemingly Tina catches on that Rachel and I are sharing a salad and some mixed fruit after they finally join us. "Wait, are you two sharing a lunch?" Mercedes asks looking at us with confusion. As much as I care for the girl she can really be dense at times.

I just shrug and take another fork full of the salad that is sitting between Rachel and I. "What it's good and she offered." I say as though it wasn't a big deal, for me it wasn't. Well the BLT was because that went above and beyond for Rachel to make for me and I plan to reward her for that properly later.

"Yeah why are you two sharing? You guy's aren't friends." Finn pipes up from further down the table. I swear it take every ounce of control I have, not to get up, and go smack that boy. Everyone looks at him like he's just sprouted a second head. Kurt starts waving his hand around wildly – nearly knocking Artie's glasses off as Artie leaned over more from the end of the table to look at Finn – about us as though outlining our interaction today as proof of our friendship. Kurt sporting the most incredulous look of disbelief on his face I have ever seen. I mean he wasn't even able to form actual words in his exasperated state, just make sounds his mouth opening and closing as his hands seemed to try and say what he couldn't get to come out of his mouth. It's not like I could blame the boy for his utter exasperation, if you think about everything he had told us about how he spent his weekend around Finn. It truly is a wonder he didn't get up and smack him up side his head for being so utterly clueless himself.

"Finn though our interactions up to this point has been questionable at times we have been friends for a while. It just so happens we have recently found some 'common ground' helping to solidify a stronger bond of friendship." Rachel says in the most patient yet condescending way at the exact same time. I find it so hard not to laugh that I have to nearly bite a hole through my lip to keep it in. I'm kind of wishing that I chose to eat the apple instead of the orange as it would have given me something to bite into other than my lip. Santana doesn't even try, she flat out belly laughs and guffaws at not only what Rachel pretty much said to him, but also Finn's confusion.

For Kurt and Santana and to some degree Brittany, what Rachel said has a double meaning. She is saying without saying it directly, that her and I are together as a couple but at the same time keeping it perfectly plutonic in that we have a common thread that brought us together and that thread is him breaking up with both of us.

I could tell that lunch was pretty much over for Rachel and I now. Beside we needed to go catch Mr. Shue so he could hear our song. It's a good thing we got here early it allowed us to finish most of our food. Rachel and I start to put lids back on the containers and Rachel packs them away, all while Finn seemed to be working out what it was Rachel had said to him. No one seemed to be inclined to help him out, which I'm very grateful for.

I'm sure by now it has gotten around to the other glee kids, if not the rest of the school that Finn broke up with me at Jean's funeral. It kind of stings to let that rumor get around, but it reflects more poorly on him than it does on me. Most people are going to think more about where and how Finn did it, not so much on the fact that he broke up with me. It will leave him looking like a bit of a jerk. I don't mind that in the least, because he was a jerk for doing it that way, but at the same time I'm glad he did. Him dumping me turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened in my life. After Nationals I will have to thank him for it.

Rachel looks at me with a bit of confusion due to the wicked smirk that falls over my lips as we walk out of the cafeteria. Behind us I can hear Finn's shouts asking Rachel where she was going only to be shut up once again by Puck. I think Puck is trying to keep Finn away from Rachel too. Though I don't know his reasoning behind it, it seems to be harmless so I won't worry about it too much. We make our way to Rachel's locker our hands lightly grazing each other's as we walk together. Once the lunch bag is placed back into her locker we head over to the choir room, music in hand, ready to show Mr. Shue our new song.

To Be Continued

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