Adventures in Camping 18 Santana/Brittany New Directions is heading off into the woods for some bonding time, and Santana Lopez is not happy about it. Complete


One Genuine Turnpike Tollbooth PG-13 Quinn/Rachel Rachel meets Quinn at college and instantly dislikes her. It seems their lives overlap only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10:30. Rachel is more than happy with that arrangement. Complete

Lucy the Elephant PG Quinn/Rachel Lucy Caboosey isn't even the worst of it. Complete

Emperor of Maladies PG-13 Quinn/Rachel Quinn was trying to find her. Find Rachel Berry and bring her back. "Where are you, Rachel," she asks with her hands, her tongue, and her heart. Complete

Maladies of Her Empress PG-13 Quinn/Rachel Companion piece to "Emperor of Maladies" From Quinn's POV. Complete

I Have Engraved You On the Palms of My Hands PG-13 Quinn/Rachel There was no such thing as a normal day anymore. At least, that's what she told herself. Complete


In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


I'm Outta Love PG-13 Emma/Shelby Emma has a revelation. Complete


Baby, Baby PG-13 Quinn/Rachel Rachel finds out about Beth. Complete


Who Do You Think You Are? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PG-13 Quinn/Rachel Quinn and Rachel have a connection, but one of them keeps getting in their way. On-Going


The Sky Has Fallen 15 Quinn/Rachel That night, she dreams that she's back on stage and the lights are blinding her and the music is too loud and there are two different people holding onto her hands. Complete

Sparks To The Flame 15 Quinn/Rachel The itch's name is Rachel and while there used to be a time when Quinn would have kicked and screamed for it to go away, now she just wants to keep it and hold it and never let it go. Complete

It's Hard To Change The Way You Lose (If You Think You've Never Won) 15 Quinn/Rachel   Santana/Brittany Rachel takes a minute to think about how weird this is: Quinn Fabray without make-up sitting at the island in the Berry kitchen, sipping coffee out of a mug with a five-year-old Rachel in a tutu screened on one side and a big smiley face on the other. Complete

There's Nothing Catchy 'Bout The Life Of A Saint 15 Quinn/Rachel   Santana/Brittany AU - She scowls and hoists her backpack onto her shoulders, pulling the hem of her The Who shirt down over the top of her jeans and for a second she thinks that if she clicks her heels she can open her eyes and be back on the East Coast again. Complete

It's Water And Bridges Now 15 Quinn/Rachel She thinks about talking to Rachel sometimes - asking Rachel what happened in New York; what happened during that summer that made Rachel pull away; what made Rachel want to come to CCPA; what happened that stole Rachel's heart and soul away, but every time she opens her mouth, a barrage of insults comes out instead, like high school all over again. Complete

Everyday Would Be A Friday 15 Quinn/Rachel   Santana/Brittany A year later, Quinn is still climbing through her window and Rachel is still leaving it unlocked and the Friday nights they spend talking and listening to music - sometimes, Quinn plays guitar and sometimes Rachel sings - are the highlight of Rachel's week. Complete


Can I Claim Temporary Insanity? 15 Rachel/Santana Rachel is invited to spend a day with Santana's extended family. Complete

When the Night Feels My Song PG Quinn/Rachel Rachel finally manages to move on from both Jesse and Finn, while making a few discoveries about herself. Complete

Jennifer Lee

Done Pretending 1 2 3 4 5 18 Quinn/Rachel What if after Finn dumps her at Jean Sylvester's funeral, Quinn finds the courage to finally believe she was good enough to be more than Finn's future wife. What if Quinn Fabray finds the courage to believe she was good enough to win Rachel Berry's heart, the one person she's always wanted but thought she could never have. On-Going


Let Me Love You 15 Quinn/Rachel Quinn tells Rachel the real reason she's so opposed to her marrying Finn. Written for 2012 IDF. Complete

Serendipity New 18 Quinn/Rachel AU Future Fic. Quinn Fabray is a rising star in Hollywood and Rachel Berry has three Tonys and is looking for a change. What happens when a serendipitous twist of fate brings them together after seven years apart? Complete

Sock Puppets New PG-13 Quinn/Rachel A totally fluff-tastic oneshot that's set in the Serendipity universe sometime after the epic Berry-Fabray wedding that I have yet to get anywhere close to writing. Complete


Plans Change, Dreams Change 1 2 PG-13 Quinn/Rachel One slushie changed Rachel's entire life plan. One slushie caused her to get revenge on all those who tormented her and her fellow Glee members. She never planned for that event to entangle her and Quinn's lives. Complete

Blame It On The Alcohol: Take-Two PG-13 Quinn/Rachel What if the bottle had pointed at someone else? Complete

Blame It On The Alcohol: Take-Three 18 Rachel/Santana Santana didn't know what she wanted from life until she saw Rachel Berry in that hideous, green gown. She then realized she wanted nothing more than to get Rachel out of it. This is the story of what happened when she acted on that want. Complete

IT PG Santana/Brittany The real reason Brittany got lost in the sewers during her summer break and what happened down there. Complete

The Tale Of Two Dolls PG Quinn/Rachel   Santana/Brittany When Brittany takes away the voodoo doll Santana made of Rachel, things get interesting. Complete


She Knows 15 Quinn/Rachel Quinn knows many things about Rachel Berry. Complete

Out Of My Head 15 Quinn/Rachel When Rachel stops talking to Quinn, Quinn resorts to drastic measures. Complete

Tainted Love 15 Rachel Morgan-Berry/Quinn Ivy Fabray The Hollows crossover - Quinn's a vampire and the last thing Quinn ever expected was to be attracted to a witch. But, did that witch have to be Rachel Morgan-Berry? Complete

Witches, Vampires and Complicated Things 1 2 15 Rachel Morgan-Berry/Quinn Ivy Fabray The Hollows crossover - Sequel to 'Tainted Love'. Things in both girls lives become even more complicated. When Rachel finds herself in trouble, Quinn unexpectedly becomes her protector. When Quinn finds herself in trouble, it's Rachel who unexpectedly becomes her protector. Complete

Green Eyed Monster 18 Quinn/Rachel   Rachel/Brittany Quinn Fabray does not get jealous and she's certainly not jealous of one Rachel Berry. Complete

The Day After You Died 18 Quinn/Rachel NO ONE ACTUALLY DIES IN THIS FIC! Quinn's never experienced 'La Petite Mort'. The moment she does, she's not entirely alone. Complete