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Who Do You Think You Are?
By gidge


Part 3

Remember how to put the light back into my eyes

I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed…

I never thought I would reach a point in my life where I'd want someone lying over me, kissing me senseless. Every boy I'd been with before always sort of annoyed me.

Finn has always been sloppy and he seems to think he's accomplished with his mouth. He's wrong. There's no way to teach him, either. I've tried.

Puck, in the brief time I had spent with him, had been rough, clashing his lips against mine and grabbing my body too hard. I didn't resent him for that night, but I sure couldn't look back on it fondly.

Sam was probably the best one. He had such an easy way about him. And his lips…his lips were soft, plush—there was a reason Santana had sung "Trouty Mouth" to him, after all. But he was still just a boy, and a boring boy at that, who was too ill-equipped to entertain me enough to ever pass 1st base.

This, on the other hand, was…There really are no words. The soft lips possessively kissing mine. Soft hands running along the length of my jaw, following the shape of my torso, just constantly taking me in, and it was turning me on. Berry was turning me on.

Rachel's body draped over mine feels amazing. I have one hand firmly on the back of her neck, keeping her as close to me as possible, and the other roaming, exploring her body. I push on her lower back, trying to get her hips impossibly closer to mine. I was smoothly running my hand along her t-shirt, caressing the side of her stomach.

I'm reveling in the feeling.

I could stay like this forever.

Rachel moans into my mouth, lifting her lips to place quick kisses before moving further down to first nip at the line of my jaw, then slowly moving to my neck, sucking on a sensitive spot. I groan, pulling her into me more, wanting those lips on me constantly.

Slipping my hand up under her shirt, I feel Rachel's skin. I hear her moan as my nails slide gently along her bare stomach.

"Wait, wait…wait," she says, removing her mouth from my neck.

I groan loudly at the interruption, not wanting to stop. It feels too amazing to stop.

Looking up, I see her big brown eyes looking down at me. Her expression shows blatant confusion, but she still looks so hot.

Yes, I've admitted that I think Berry's hot. It's not like that was big news considering what just happened. What I want to continue…

"Wait for what, baby?" Hoping the term of endearment would get her to let me pull her back to me, I grip the back of her neck again to pull her down to my lips.

God, I need those lips on mine.

It seems to work. She moves her hips down onto me slightly and starts to give in when she hears my voice, letting my hand guide her to capture my lips. I moan, slipping my tongue into her mouth yet again.

Until she starts pulling away again.

"No, no, no, no…stop, Quinn." I can tell by her tone of voice that she's not going to give in this time.

Sighing, I look up into her face.

God you're amazing.

I see her blush and she smiles slightly.

Oh god, I didn't just say that out loud…

"Thank you, Quinn. We need to stop though," she says, rolling herself over and off of me to lie next to me on my bed.

Seriously? Why did I just say that out loud? I can't think Berry's amazing, I'm dating Finn. I have to date Finn. Mediocre, somewhat clueless, bumbling Finn.

"Quinn?" Her head moves to look at me, my eyes staring silently up at the ceiling. I don't answer.

"Quinn? Please say something," she asks, almost begging me to speak.

This was such a bad idea. She's going to want confessions of love and happiness and double rainbows and…and I can't do that.

My heart clenches at the thought.

"What would you like me to say?"

Quinn Fabray, the ever cold-hearted bitch is now speaking.

I have to get Berry to leave somehow; might as well be mean to her sooner rather than have it get messy.

Can't believe I did this again! But man…that was just…No! No, it wasn't anything. Stop. Thinking.

"Well, it would be nice to understand why we just ended up…making out…again. It doesn't seem to make much sense. I thought you hated me and…"

"Who says I don't, hobbit?" I feel tears trying to make their way to my eyes, but I hold them back.

She props herself up on her elbow, looking at me directly.

"Quinn, I need answers. I ca-can't do whatever this is…" She gestures back and forth between the two of us. "I don't think I could handle it."

I turn my head to look into her eyes and instantly regret it. The tears I've been holding back spring forward and I sit up quickly, trying to get away from her as fast as possible.

She probably still saw them, though.

"Quinn," she says my name and I know she saw me break. Her voice tells me everything. Placing her hand on my shoulder, she stands waiting for me to do or say anything.

It's the longest silence of my life.

Part 4

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