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BACKGROUND INFO: I did change the fact that the Unholy Trinity were forced to chose between Glee and the Cheerios for this story. That never happened, Quinn is still Captain of the Cheerios. This story isn't about the struggle to accept their relationship. This story is about dealing with the outside world's effect on our couple. There is a lot of Relationship fluff, with drama thrown in.
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Done Pretending
By Jennifer Lee


Chapter 4

When I get into the locker room most everyone was already done. The only two left, Santana and Brittany, were in the process of dressing in a new Cheerios' uniform as I pull my locker open and start to strip. "So, you and Berry?" I look over my shoulder to see Santana standing with her arms crossed over her shoulder as she looks at me, almost daring me to confirm what she was thinking out loud. I can see Brittany's head pop up from where she was tying her shoe to look at me a beamingly happy smile on her face at the very thought that what Santana had just said could be true.

I smirk and nod as I place my top on the bench behind me then work my skirt off saying, "Yes, Rachel and I have started dating, Santana." I'm sure if I turned to look at Santana right then I would be presented with her utterly shocked face at saying what I did without a single bit of shame and a happy smile as clear in my voice as the smile on my face would have been had I been facing them. I flinch at the squeal of delight coming from Brittany and I'm glad I hadn't taken off my bra or underwear yet when I'm pulled into a crushing bear hug that turns into Brittany spinning me around as she laughs happily. I can't help but laugh a bit myself because I'm happy damn it and it's wonderful that someone automatically shares in my absolute glee over how my life is changing for the better. Being with Rachel, finally, has made me the happiest I've ever been in my life.

"Oh Quinn! I'm so happy for you! Rachie is so amazing and hot! Can you put her in your pocket and carry her around with you all day, now?" Brittany finally puts me down and I giggle softly at the image of carrying Rachel around with me all day. I wouldn't mind being able to have her with me all day long, to be honest; so I answer her by telling her that I wished that I could have her with me all day, and that, even though Rachel is small she's not quite that small and she has some different classes than I have.

I give Brittany a loving smile at her serious nod of acceptance to my explanation as why I won't be carrying Rachel around in my pocket anytime in the near future. I could never be mad at Brittany for making comments about Rachel's hight because she doesn't mean them in a derogatory way at all. It's a fact, Rachel is small, Brittany sees it and Rachel as adorable and in a number of ways hot. I can't disagree with her, which was so annoying and frustrating when she would bring it up before I came to accept myself and my love for Rachel.

Hell if I thought I could get her to try out for the Cheerios, I would have her for one of my flyers, because we don't get enough really small flyers on the squad. Though, I think I would be worried non stop about her getting hurt and that I would be a complete wreak, but I do wish we had more small girls on the squad it would take the pressure off of me and the other girls that are getting too tall to continue to make our weigh ins as flyers.

Finally I turn my attention to a thus far silent Santana to see why she hasn't said anything yet. Now was the time for her to vent as to how much this was going to ruin my rep and all that shit so I grab my towel from my locker and throw it over my should as I say, "Well Lopez, you don't have anything to say?" Santana doesn't speak as much as people seemed to think she does. It's just when she does talk she is normally very blunt and tactless so most of the time it seems like she just punched you in the gut and you can't forget that she spoke to you in the first place. But at the same time a silent Santana can be dangerous too so I have to be careful as to why she is being quiet at certain times.

I don't know if they have some kind of silent signals or ques or something but Brittany picks this time to kiss me on the cheek repeating how happy she is for me and walks back out grabbing her book bag as she moves by it. When my attention comes back to Santana I find she is standing with her back against the wall and she is looking down at the tiled floor her hands linked together in front of her. I've never see her like this before. Sure I've seen her in vulnerable positions before like when she was telling me why she got the surgery over the summer after we had finally stopped fighting. Even then she wasn't like she is now.

"Hell Q, I can't say a damn thing about you chasing a skirt you know that." Santana finally says as she looks back up at me. "I've thought you were a pressed lemon for like ever!" I can't help but frown at her calling me out on my refusal to act on my attractions to girls. "I just never thought it would be her." This was said so softly that I nearly don't hear it. Her voice catches a bit when she says 'her' as though she can't say Rachel's name, even once.

"San? What happened with you two? I mean Rachel won't even talk about it! I know you two were friends at some point before junior high, so what happened that you always openly treat her like crap, but defend her behind her back. I've seen you Santana. I know you are the one that put that hockey player in the hospital for physically trying to make Rachel go with him to the bleachers to 'make-out'. Which I want to thank you for – because you got there first – when I went to do the same thing after finding out, I found you behind the school teaching him what the word 'no' means..." I stop and look at her and she looks back at me her eyes slightly hard and her chest rising and falling heavily though I think it's more of the mutual hate for the hockey player and the beat down that she gave him, than me asking what is going on between her and my girlfriend. I take a breath and continue, "So I know you don't really hate her, Santana, so what gives?" I finish with a bit of frustration at not understanding what grudge Santana has against Rachel after all these years.

"Not now Q, we don't have the time and I don't really want to talk about it, alright?" Santana snaps back at me when I finish my little rant. I go to counter when Santana steps closer to me her eyes hard and a bit wary as she cuts me off before I can say anything, "Listen you have to get showered and changed then we have to get to class. What happened between me and the Munchkin is not really your business even if you are dating her. It's between her and me and it's not something I want to discuss. I know we have a kind of rocky relationship from time to time Quinn, but you are my best friend, next to Brit, and I got your back alright? I will watch out for what's yours as you watch out for what's mine. You have my word on that. That's all you need to know alright?" I look into Santana's eyes and see that this is really something that she has no intention of talking about anytime in the near future. I know when to leave things alone, so I nod and pull my small bag that has my shower supplies in them out of my locker.

"Thats all I need to know San, thank you. We aren't coming out until after Nationals because we don't want Finn to have a fucking hissy fit and quit." I explain as I then turn my back to Santana when she relaxes, because I dropped the issue. She just hums and grunts as I continue to lay out everything Rachel and I had discuss about why we had to keep it hidden right now and how Finn's going to have a hard time when he will not be able to do the duet we have worked on together with Rachel and that Rachel's already prepared to say no to Finn and is kind of pissed at him for the way he dumped me. I had also explained exactly why he dumped me to which Santana snorted and called him a few choice names in spanish which I'm sure would have translated to something nasty.

She stuck close so she could hear what I was saying, asking questions when she needed clarification from time to time or to laugh at some of the things Rachel had said about Finn when she went on the rant when I told her that he broke up with me at the funeral home. All the while I finished undressing, showering, and getting redressed.

I've always been fine around Brittany and Santana naked. Brittany has always been openly appreciative of the way my body looked and it felt good, to be honest, and I felt attractive even though I know she had no real interest in me nor me her. Santana was always indifferent to any one's nudity other than Brittany's, so their was no shyness with her even after I had gotten back down from my baby weight. Hell Santana was the one that helped me work it off so I could get back on the squad when I got back for this school year.

"Alright, I will make sure that Brit or I is around her for the times you can't be. That is what only once a day really? I mean isn't your schedule like the same as Berry's?" Santana states once I'm putting my towel and old uniform into the laundry hampers.

"More or less yes. I don't have first period with her on white days and second on red." I say as I walk back towards where she is sitting on the bench her book bag resting on the bench right next to her. I left my bag out with Rachel so I just walk past her and nod my head towards the door that will take us back out into the gym. Our schedules are split up into two 'block' schedule days. One is called a Red Day and the other White Day. We have six, hour and forty minute long classes that are split between those two days and those days alternate everyday. Today is a Red day and so we don't share our second period classes. "She has contemporary today and I have trig."

"Got it. Brit has that class with her so no problems there." She says as we walk out of the locker room and into the gym to see Brittany, Rachel and Puck, of all people, sitting on the bleachers talking and laughing about something. Before we get within ear shot Santana reaffirm what I've told her so far. "Ok the plan is to allow the Munchkin to avoid being alone with Finn and she is aware that we are like playing bodyguards for her?" I kind of shrug and slow up so I can say this out of ear shot.

"She wants to avoid being alone with Finn, she said that she wanted to avoid it so he will have less opportunities to do something like kiss her or something, which neither one of us puts past him to try. But she doesn't know that I'm asking you and Brit to make sure Rachel can find a way out when I'm not there to give her some cover. I don't think she will mind but I don't want to seem like an overly protective girlfriend; even though that is kind of what I am..." I shrug at the end not knowing what else to say on the matter.

Santana looks at me for a moment then looks back at where the three are now looking over at us, Rachel looking kind of nervous her eyes moving back and forth from Santana to me then settles on Santana for a moment a slight blush coloring her cheeks before she looks away to say something to Puck when he pokes her in the ribs to get her attention. I'm not sure what that was about but I hope one day I will find out. I don't want to press my luck with Rachel with demanding an answer as that would say that I don't trust her and I do. I'm just curious as to what happened to make them no longer friends.

"I got it Q. I got your back Brit and me will make sure Berry gets an excuse to get away when Lumps won't take no for an answer." Santana finally says still not looking at me. Her voice sounding a little sad again, maybe she is upset because I got the girl and she is still having to deal with not being able to truly come out yet. Even though Brittany is no longer with Artie, Santana still doesn't want to risk coming out. I guess in some ways I can see Brittany's point. It's hard to not be open and touch and be affectionate with the one you love, but Santana also shouldn't be force out if she's not ready...

At least I don't have that problem with Rachel. Our issues with coming out right away has more to do with others causing a great deal of problems with the club we both find very important than issues with coming out ourselves. Rachel told me she has no issues what so ever being open about being in a romantic relationship with me, and I just finally don't give a shit about what others think. I'm on top because I'm me and I have no problems making someone's life a living hell if they try anything with me or Rachel. Rachel will never like that side of me but I will never use it against her again. Though, I will not hesitate to tare apart someone else's life to protect myself and those I love, namely my mom, Rachel, and Beth. Everyone else can go take a flying leap.

"I think it would be best to take a preemptive strike against Frankinteen, Q." I look back over at Santana to find her not really looking at me but facing my way. I'm not sure what she means at the moment but I wait, sure once she gets her thoughts in order she will fill me in. "I see it this way. Hudson feeds on being the Golden, slightly naïve man-child that 'tries to do right, but makes a lot of mistakes'. I'm not sure if it's something he knows he is doing or not, but people will look less favorably on Tiny, if she denies his advances." She raises her eyebrows to silently ask if I'm getting what she is saying here. I do so I nod and she is quick to lay out what is going through her mind.

"The way I see it, Q; Hudson is most likely telling anyone and everyone that will listen that you guys just ended your relationship not how it happened and I can assure you he isn't putting it out there that he did it at Jean's funeral... How much of an ass-hat can someone be to dump someone at a funeral. Yes I know it was after, but I think we should insure that he doesn't come out of this smelling like roses. We do that by releasing our own 'bare minimum' details too. In our way of looking at it, Lumps was so callous as to dump you at a funeral all because he was lusting after the girl he dumped and didn't want just five months ago, all because he was too cool for her then, and now that said girl wasn't pining for him anymore he wants her back." Santana finishes her eyes fixed on me now seeing what I thought of her suggestion.

I raise my eyebrow at what she has to say. I hadn't thought this far into how it would not be in Rachel's favor within the social climate of Mckinley if she didn't return Finn's feelings when he tries to get back together. Normally I would think about these things, but with Rachel, my brain has been solely on the fact we are making it work and that she is my girlfriend not how complicated it can get in these halls with the other students because of how many people 'like' the bumbling boyishly charming Finn. Santana's right in that Finn is going to make himself sound like the hero that let me go because he couldn't fully be with me when his heart was only for Rachel or some shit like that.

The girls in this school will eat that shit up, but if we start putting out there the unpleasantness of when and how he dumped me and that he left me nearly thirty-four miles from home at a funeral home in a different county all together... Especially when I had been nothing but faithful to him the whole time this time around... Yes this could work in my favor. Right now he is telling those boys on the football and basketball teams because he is on those teams and he will gain points in his rep with the guys for being the one to dump me not the other way around.

"Alright Santana I get your point do your thing I want him looking like an idiot and pull no punches. Keep as close to the facts as you can I don't want any outright lies circulating from your direct contacts that way the truth can still come back to you and me. Whatever the rest come up with is of no concern." I say as my eyes turn hard and cold at what Finn is most likely doing so that he can be seen in a good light so he can win Rachel's heart. Santana tsks softly and tells me that 'Aunty Snix gotz ya covered' before she started to take out her cell and begins texting away. I laughs softly at how much fun my friend seems to be having at one upping Finn and then turn to look at my girl again.

Santana and I start walking again in silence this time as we make our way back over to where our girls and Puck are still sitting. Once we get close Puck jumps up from his seat and nods at me with his normal smirk, "Hey baby mama, Lopez. Sup'?" I glare at his greeting, but before I can intimidate him; I'm surprised to see a small tanned hand come out of nowhere and smack Puck kind of smartly across the back of his head. I have to admit my mouth pops open in shock at the words and who says them next.

"Noah Puckerman! You will not use such a degrading name in reference to Quinn ever again now apologize this instant or I will have to tell your mother and have you sit through another three hour long lecture from me and Dad about respecting women!" Rachel snaps at Puck when he yelps and rubs the back of his head looking like a well reprimanded puppy. I have to confess that I'm a bit turned on and warmed by Rachel's immediate defense of me and my discomfort of him using that name. No one has ever stuck up for me like she just did and I can't help but gaze at her adoringly even though she isn't looking at me yet.

She is standing there glaring at Puck with one arm over her chest and the other one partly outstretched, one finger poking into Puck's chest hard to punctuate every single word that crosses her mouth during her reprimand. More shocking is that Puck is completely cowed and submitting to Rachel's treatment of him without a single hint of anger or derision for effectively stripping Puckerman of every ounce of his badass rep with in a matter of thirty seconds. It is completely awe inspiring and fucking twilight zone weird at the same time. I mean when did Rachel get physical with anyone? I mean she has never looked this... pissed... Yes she is quite mad right now as she continues to glare Puck into even more submission.

"I'm sorry Q, I won't call you that de-umm-degr-degrading umm name." Puck says sincerely as he looks up to me from under his lashes his head still bowed down with seeming legitimate contriteness and continued submissiveness to Rachel's glare. What more can I do than nod, my acceptance of his apology? It is the most sincere he has ever apologized for using that name since last year when he started it.

After I nod Rachel relaxes a little but she is glaring pretty fiercely at Puckerman. I watch as he swings his head back to her and tries to give her one of his charming boyish smiles and when she doesn't cave to it right away he starts speaking. "I'm really sorry Jew babe I swear! Please don't be mad at me..." he lowered his voice and flicked a glare over at a now hysterically laughing Santana at his total lack of badass-ness, but he turns back to Rachel a pleading that I thought I would never hear from him came out when he continued softly. "I will go through the lecture and even tell my mom and Elder Berry myself but please don't be mad at me?" It came out more of a question than a statement and I can see and hear that Puck is completely serious at this moment.

He truly cannot stand the thought of Rachel being mad at him and he is willing to more or less prostrate himself in front of three of the most popular girls in this school to get her absolution. I've never seen this side of their relationship before. I mean, I know they had some kind of jew thing going on and that Puck had a soft spot for her, but I didn't know he was so desperate for Rachel's approval or acceptance.

What's more intriguing is that when Rachel shifts her glare from Puck to Santana as though it would work to shut up her razing and mocking of Puck's situation, it does. Even more effectively than Brittany's admonishments about San being mean. I mean Santana shuts up and looks away as though she is embarrassed and I have no idea how that happened. Rachel's glares have never made Santana stop anything before in the past. But I do have to admit that this is a different type of glare than the one I've seen from her when she is a bit ticked and annoyed about being picked on herself. This one was knowing and kind of scary to be honest.

Then like there was some cue her whole demeanor changed and she smiles at Santana then Puck and nods. "That is acceptable Noah. I will expect you to contact Dad this week as well as have your mother txt me that you spoke with her on the matter and I will set up a time for when you can come over and we can review the lecture." Rachel explains and moves to pick up her book and lunch bag.

To which Puck smiles his more charming badass smile and says, "You got it Jew Babe. See ya, Lopez, Brit, Q." then he takes off as though what just happened, didn't. How could I not know that Rachel has this power in her? I shake the paralysis off and move over so I'm right next to Rachel who looks up at me with the most lovingly beautiful gaze, which makes me have to fight my desire to just lean down and kiss her senseless. I mean from everything she just did for me because what Puck said 'hurt'. She didn't even hesitate. Rachel just stood up for me, when she never stands up really for herself, and I find her just that much more amazing and beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't act on my desire to show her how much what she did means to me beyond leaning down close to her ear and softly saying "Thank you so much Rachel."

To which she responds with a little bit of a shutter in her breath as she takes one and says back just as softly as me. "I will always protect you Quinn." And I can't deny the truth to that statement. She has always tried to protect me when she could. Even with her revealing that Finn wasn't the father of the baby she was still doing it to protect me from continuing the farce and it really getting out of control later on.

"Thank you, and I wish it wasn't so close to the start of school so I could kiss you to show you how much you protecting me, means to me." I say as I pull back so I can look into her eyes but I keep my voice just as soft so that she is the only one that can hear me still.

She give me that special smile that she only ever gives me and my breath hitches at how beautiful I think she is and how at peace she makes me feel every time I see it. "I wish you could too Quinn. I miss touching you." She confesses with a bit of heat in her tone that makes me feel hot and a little fidgety. The voices a little bit away from us finally grabs both of our attentions and we look over to see that Brittany and Santana were speaking with James O'Connell and Mark Walding over near the end of the bleachers that was far enough away that they couldn't make out a single bit of our conversation but not so far that it would really look like we were having an intimate conversation.

"I take it that you told Brittany and Santana when you were in the locker room... Otherwise Brittany has some really amazing talent for reading peoples minds. Because she came bouncing out of the locker room and ran for me, gave me the most unbelievable bear hug and told me how you would miss not being able to carry me around in your pocket or something and that she thought us 'sharing sweet lady kisses is totes awesome'." Rachel says softly her eyes flicking from the foursome speaking a little bit aways, to me again as she explains all this. I let the full amazingly happy smile, I find that really only comes about when I'm with or thinking about Rachel Berry, shine brightly on my face.

"Mmm-hmm" I start out to which Rachel smiles at me in return, listening to what I have to say. "Britt kind of did the same to me but she asked if I was going to get to carry you around in my pocket with me everywhere or something to that effect. I had to tell her that, though you are beautifully small you are not 'that' small and can't fit in my pocket – though I don't have one in this outfit anyway – and unfortunately as much as I would love to have you with me all the time – In my pocket or not," I stop and wink with a flirty smile morphing my lips and eyes as I look her over from head to toe – to which she squirms most delightfully and pokes me in my side; which gets my smile to become a mix of flirty and genuine as I continue, "if I could – you have a few classes that we don't share so I can't."

She giggles the most delightful giggle that I can't help but smile widely at hearing. I love hearing her laugh and giggle in a carefree way and more so that I'm the cause of that kind of joy in her makes it all the more sweet to listen too. "Well what Brittany said to me now makes a lot more sense!" Rachel giggles again but they fade quickly into a delighted smile. I only nod and at her comment just watching her being happy as I pick up my bag off the bleachers so we can head out to our lockers. Just before I go to ask if she is ready to head out she turns her head away and chews on her lower lip her smile much smaller but still mostly there. I'm not sure what she is thinking about but I want to make sure she is ok before we head out to face the rest of the school.

"Hey... are you alright Rachel?" I ask softly as I reach out and lightly place my hand on her forearm that is raised to hold the strap of her book bag on her shoulder. Rachel looks up into my eyes and then down to floor shrugging before she looks back up at me again.

"It's nothing, Quinn." She gives me one of her Rachel Berry smiles the one that most people think is her normal real smile. I know better though but before I can say something she continues. "I was just thinking that's all nothing bad." I believe that but even though it most likely wasn't something bad it was something that was bothering her and I want her to tell me what it is so that maybe I can fix it... if I can.

"Rach..." I start lightly rubbing my thumb lightly over her forearm gaining her full attention again as she had started to look back over where San and them were still talking. "I know this is new... Me showing you that I am concerned and that I care... I care more than I can say right now Rachel and I want you to be able to tell me things... Anything and we will work through it together if it's about us... and if it's not, I want to listen so that you can get what ever it is off your chest whether or not I can really do anything about whatever it is or not. Okay? I really want to have that kind of-of-" my voice kind of pinches at this because I'm not sure if I'm pushing for too much too soon or not. It's a lot I'm asking for right now...

I mean she doesn't know if she can really completely trust this, I'm sure, though like normal she doesn't hold back taking the risk head on. The risk that this can be real and that it will work the way she wants it to. That is just how Rachel Berry has always been. Something that has always made me feel like I was nothing but a scared little girl compared to her. Even though it turns out horribly more often than not for her she will still go for what she wants if given the chance no matter how often it might end in pain. She lives her life for the passion and feeling every single thing to it's fullest never holding back her feelings in the big picture.

Though I am finding out that Rachel has a lot of tucked away details and nuances that she isn't so quick to risk. She keeps a lot of her fears internalized. I'm thinking; in a way she hopes that if she doesn't voice them then they can't come true. I stumbled on that little bit over the weekend when she had an issue with being in less than a baggy long sleeve pajama button up shirt and long pajama pants. She came out from changing into her pj's for bed and stopped dead once she saw me stand up from the small couch, that was in the room, wearing a small tight tank top and just a pair of boy shorts along with my glasses for bed.

I found out that she had an issue with disappointing me, because her body is not, in her opinion as beautiful as mine and the women I'm around most, namely Santana and Brittany, are. It took a little while but I was able to get her to realize that I find her to be the most stunning woman that I've ever met. She still doesn't believe me, but she at least finally believes that I do in fact feel this way about her and that allows us to now be a lot more comfortable around each other.

Now she is displaying a lot of those similar tells from a few nights ago and I want to know what is going through her mind so we can deal with it. I finally clear my throat again and continue on from my thought, "of partnership, Rachel. I want our relationship to be a partnership where we both can count on and be everything the other needs... I know that might be pushing things a bit fast to make such a declaration, Rachel, but I can't help that is how I feel. I want you to really trust me, that I will be here for you and listen to anything and everything even if it's hard for me to hear." When I go to take another breath to continue to defend my position I feel a set of warm fingers lightly pressed against my lips and I notice that Rachel's clear, vibrant milk chocolate eyes are boring into mine.

"I was just thinking about your 'beautifully small' comment. I wasn't questioning whether you meant it or not, just couldn't help but remember the past and how it's changed so much in such a short time, Quinn." She says softly as she removes her fingers from my lips and darts her eyes around the gym before they settle back on to mine. I nod in understanding to what she has said because it's true. A lot has changed in how I openly treat her now. I have more or less left the really bad names behind after my pregnancy became public and she tried to help me. But I didn't interact with her all that often and Santana still – even though she won't be so mean about the names – uses names that highlights her small stature.

"And just so you know Quinn. I want the same thing from our relationship, and if you try to be as open as you have been I will work hard on trying to do the same." Rachel's voice interrupts my thoughts and I smile widely that she feels the same way. I nod and kind of bounce a little on the balls of my feet which gets a giggle from Rachel seeing me so happy.

"I promise Rachel! We will both work on this to make this work, Okay?" I say in response so thrilled that she didn't think I was going too fast even though I most likely am... I can just hear the lesbian jokes from Santana when she figures it all out. I don't doubt that she will figure it out soon that we are very serious very quickly but I don't really care. I will make this work with Rachel. She makes me happy, why should I settle for anything else than who and what makes me happy?

I give Rachel's arm a slight tug to get us moving towards the others so we can get our first period books saying, "Lets go Rach, before I can't stop myself from kissing you." To which I get a full knowing laugh and her fingers grazing over my own arm as I walk by her and she quickly keeps pace with me easily as we make our way over to the others.

By now James and Mark have left and Brittany and Santana were standing there chatting softly with each other. We joined them and we all made our way out of the gym and down the hallway heading for our lockers. Santana brought up an idea that James had thought up and was talking to her about how to get the timing right for the middle stunt sequence and that allowed conversation to flow easily between all of us, including Rachel, who tentatively asked questions or made surprisingly relevant comments though she stuck to mostly things pertaining the general performance value and things like that. She couldn't add very much on the actual stunt execution as she didn't understand what we were really doing or the names of everything but she was really starting to get into finding out and seemed genuinely interested in my favorite sport.

I've never had someone other than maybe my mother show an interest in what I'm doing in cheer, of course this excludes Santana and Brit but they are in it with me so they don't really count. I'm happy to see that Santana would even somewhat politely answer a few of Rachel's questions from time to time or expand on something Brit or I said so Rachel would have a better understanding. It was a lot of fun and really allowed us to keep our minds off the fact that people were giving us strange looks and watching us for a lot longer than they use too. I have to admit though, it is very odd for us three to be seen in the company of one Rachel Berry outside of Glee. I'm hoping that because we are not making a big deal about it people will just start to think of it as par and course and not think about it past the novelty of it at first. It will make us coming out easier to dismiss if they see us acting friendly now.

Santana, Brittany and I have to separate from Rachel as our lockers are on the other side of the hall from hers. The separation was done with a smile and not much more thought I figured that I would notice Finn or the other large guys that would still bully Rachel coming and so would Santana and Brittany. "Umm I don't think Rachel is very happy with what Jacob is saying to her right now." I take my head out of my locker where I was switching out my books and things, to look over at Brittany to ask her what she meant when I saw her looking across the hallway frowning and fidgeting with her binder in her hands maybe unsure what to do at the moment.

That of course made me whip my head over to where Rachel's locker is to see her trying to get by Jacob ben Israel without having to physically touch him. Which I can tell he is making it increasingly more difficult, by the way he keeps getting closer to her. He will move which ever way Rachel tried to go so that if she was to break away from him she would have no choice but to brush up against him to do it. I can't see or hear what Jew-fro is saying to Rachel. He is speaking to softly and Rachel has her month pursed shut so I can't get the gist of what is going on from her response, but whatever it is it's not something my small diva likes, if the disgusted look on her face is anything to go by.

I don't waste any time thinking about the fact that the hall is full of fellow students or that I am supposedly not suppose to come to Rachel's aid like the protective girlfriend that I am. I just march over and with in four steps I'm standing behind Jew-fro as he tries to lean a bit closer to Rachel again. She looks up at me with wide pleading eyes and I growl "If you move even a millimeter closer to her I will ensure that you will never have a pain free moment for the rest of your natural life." I smirk evilly as I see Jacob stand ridged and completely still at the sound of my voice coming from directly behind him. I reach around him without coming into contact with the pervert and gently take Rachel's upper arm in my hand and guide her out from her pinned position, by sliding her away from him now that I've ensured that he won't move to try and force himself closer every time she tries. Once she is away from him I continue to gently guide her behind me so that my friends can look after her while I deal with the now whimpering sorry excuse of a male in front of me.

I don't have to even look to know that Rachel is more than likely wrapped up in Brittany's arms and Santana is standing to my right and slightly behind me watching my back and making sure she intimidates everyone else standing around, most of which have quieted down at the possibility of a personal smack down made by the Head-Cheerio herself. I normally don't handle issues myself. I send in my subordinates to deal with those that disobey the rules that have been laid down.

When I take a personal interest in dealing with someone's punishment it means that that person so royally fucked up that they might as well wear a poncho to school instead of clothing and if they are a male they better be prepared for pain and depending on the offense a lot of it. I'm more than sure that me taking a personal interest in the goings on between Rachel Berry and Jew-fro is something of an anomaly to everyone around. I normally didn't get involved in the past with Rachel's troubles. Now though... starts a new day in how people will treat my girlfriend.

"Turn around." I snap with deadly calm, which has him whimpering and flinching at the sound of my voice again, but he spins around and stares up at me with wide fearful eyes. He presses himself as close to the lockers behind him as he can just like he had Rachel but I've not moved to get any closer to him. I'm just giving him my most intimidating glare I have in my arsenal and I can see he is fighting to not pee his pants. "If I ever find out that you come anywhere near Rachel again I will insure the rest of your stay in my school will be the most painful and humiliating time of your life. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" I can see that even though he is very much afraid of me right now, his obsession with Rachel is nearly strong enough to test how bad it would be just for the possibility to touch her in some way.

I raise my chin just the slightest bit and I don't even have to wait a half a second before Santana's hand slams into the locker right next to Jew-fro's puffy-haired head. He squeals and jumps nearly two feet in the air and I can seen nearly everyone that is still around flinch or jump in some way at the sudden sound except for me, Santana, and most likely Brittany. I can't see her but she knows how I work and all my signals just like Santana does so she would have been ready for the loud sound that was to follow. I feel some large bodies come up along my left side and the lack of reaction from Brittany or Santana along with the feral smirk on San's face and the terror on Jew-fro's along with the sharp scent of ammonia suddenly filling the air, I know that my male back up has arrived.

Those I trust on the various male sports teams that I know have no problem giving someone a beat down is always at my beck and call. I have at least one guy from every team available to me at a moments notice. News travels very fast in this school and once they hear I'm involved in something personally – since that news will travel at warp speed due to it's rarity – they would show up shortly after.

I don't take my eyes off the terrified little pervert in front of me. I keep my stare on him as though he is a bug to be dissected and discarded without even a millisecond of thought. I also hear the ewes and the whispered comments about how Jew-fro now has a very noticeable trail of wet going down the leg of his pants along with the smell. Like I've said before... I am not a nice person. People better not fuck with whats mine or they will regret the day they were born.

I wrinkle my nose in disgust and I point out the sure fire thing that will prompt the response I'm looking for from him, "and if you don't fear-" I say the word like I don't believe for a second that he isn't completely terrified at the thought that I could have him in the hospital and no one would be able to prove that I or anyone I choose to carry it out did it. I am completely ruthless with my power and I have no problem with that. I may not want to be that person with those that I love but I have no problem having that part of my father when it comes to dealing with things like this. I have never had any illusions as to the origin of my ruthlessness. I'm too much like him at times and in this way I will gladly leave completely intact if it makes those I love safe.

Once I see his eyes widen more, if that is even possible, I continue, "I will make sure the right or should I say 'wrong' people find out what you are using the school servers for on the side Jew-fro. Because believe me when I say there is nothing that goes on in my domaine that I am not fully aware of. And I will dismantle your life piece by piece until you are rotting away as someone named Bubba's bitch in some prison for perverts like you." The last part is hissed out so that only him and Santana could possibly hear let alone make out what I said.

It takes him less than a half second to babble out that he will stay away from Rachel and never bother her again, in the most pleading pathetic voice I've ever heard. It wasn't pleasant or endearing as it might have been on some one else. I sneer with shear disgust and jerk my head to the side saying "Get your disgusting self out of my sight." And with him dashing off like the hounds of hell were on his heels the whole way, the hall returns to it's normal chatter and noisiness. I can vaguely make out bits and pieces of talk about what they had just seen but the five minute warning bell ringing suddenly returns nearly everyone back to the task of getting to their first period class.

"Orders?" I turn my head at the sound of Neil McLaggen's question to look at him. He is a striker on the male's soccer team and also the team's Captain, so he has the whole soccer team at his command. With him I notice the only hockey player, Jason Pulk, that will submit to my rule even though nearly everyone else on his team is not to be trusted due to their constant homophobic rhetoric and pig headedness in general.

The Hockey team's Captain has made it known that he is looking to try and take over the football players social standing now that the Hockey team did well at their National championship game. They are a winning team and doing well for the most part so their new Captain wants to be top dog along with the Cheerios but wants the Cheerios to submit to their rule not like the football team submits to the Cheerios. That is just not going to happen, not while I am Captain of the Cheerios anyway. Needless to say, it's a power struggle I have been monitoring now for a while.

I have Pulk in my arsenal because I helped his little sister make it through her tryouts and I keep her safe on the Cheerios so he has a vested interest in making sure he stays on my good side. Not to mention he's actually a pretty nice guy that hates – with a passion – guys that pick on girls, so Jason has an issue with his own Captain but he cares little about his captain being mad with him now as Jason is about to graduate and he has received a partial Hockey scholarship to OSU in part thanks to me making some calls to get my contacts to get one of OSU's recruiters to come see one of his pickup games. I take care of my enforcers it makes them that much more loyal to me than just favors and blackmail can achieve alone.

"If he comes near Rachel Berry again and you guys see it or if you hear about it I expect full public humiliation at every opportunity, use your imagination... Pass the word to the others if he comes near or speaks to her outside of the necessary interaction in a class dictated by a teacher then he is to become Mckinley's new social pariah." I explain softly so that only Jason, Neil, and Santana can hear. I will explain it to Rachel myself I want to do it when I don't have an audience for the disapproval that will surely follow afterwards. Even though she said she wouldn't undermine my authority she doesn't realize yet that authority extends to every corner of this school.

She knows as all 'losers' within the school know that the Cheerios are the top dogs in Mckinley's social hierarchy but she doesn't know the ins and outs of how that is all ran. Everyone has a role to play in my school... Rachel is now the one exception. She will most likely be the only 'loser' in Mckinley's history to have the HBIC's direct protection. It might seem ridiculous to those outside of it all but within these walls there has to be a social order otherwise the various groups will fight for the power to be on top and in command that is just how it works... To everyone else outside it all it seems petty and trifle but they would not want to be around the chaos of a high school that didn't have a distinct, well defined and maintained pecking order. I don't know, maybe that's why it seems like the teachers are never around... Maybe they are so close to us all the time that they understand that and leave us to it as long as no one gets killed...

I mentally shrug out of my thoughts and look at my two enforcers and my second to see them nod in understanding. I wait a second longer to see if they have any questions and when none comes I say my farewells and move back over to Brittany and Rachel. I can feel Santana walking just to my right and behind me as she always has. The hall is mostly cleared now so we really need to move so we can get to class soon but I want to make sure Rachel is alright.

Once I stop in front of my girl Britt leans around Rachel and hugs me then takes San's pinky and they walk off to leave us to talk in peace. I look down at Rachel to see her fidgeting with her hands on the rim of her binder that she is holding to her chest though not as tightly as she was doing when she was trying to keep Jew-fro away from her. I look around quickly and lower my head a bit to say quietly "Hey you, are you alright?" My voice though quiet is filled with the love and care I have for my girlfriend's well being.

She looks up at me and gives me a small but genuine smile, but I can see something is disturbing her. I wait for her to find the words to say what is on her mind keeping my body relaxed and sure in our connection with each other to be able to work through the inevitable problems dealing with how I weld my power within the school. She sighs and takes a breath, "I shouldn't feel like I do about how you handled Jacob just now..." I tilt my head and look at her not understanding what she is meaning right now. That wasn't the response I was expecting.

Before I can say as much she continues, "I felt protected and vindicated as I watched you tare him down in front of everyone, Quinn. Almost... eve-even vindictive as I watched you make him pay for doing that to me... As though he's getting what was coming to him for all the things he's done to me since junior high, Quinn..." She looks at me with tears in her eyes and pleading in her voice. Like she didn't know how to deal with the feelings she is experiencing now.

"I-I don't know how to deal with that Quinn... no-no one has ever stuck up for me before like you did right now... no-not since elementary, and then I felt just scared... I nev-never got... pleasure from watching someone being humiliated before in my life and I feel sick that I did, watching you deal with him." She stops and clears her throat tears now falling in drops from her eyes as she tries to blink them away.

I don't care who's around or might question why I'm hugging her. My girlfriend needs me and I'm not going to let her work through this new minefield of emotions alone. I quickly close the space between us and walk her back towards my locker which is just across the hall from hers. She doesn't question or fight me leading her backwards just continues to sniffle and let me do it. Once we are close enough I gently pull her binder that has her English book in it and place it in my still open locker and then wrap my arms around Rachel's shoulder burying my finger of my right hand in her rich mahogany locks and my left hand rubbing soothing circles over her small trembling back. Which seems to be the thing she needed because she sighs softly and nuzzles her nose into my neck wrapping her own arms around my back gripping my Cheerios' shell as hard as she can.

I lower my face to nuzzle the side of her head as I finally speak right into her ear softly with all the gentle certainty I have in me so she will understand that she doesn't have anything to fear from these feelings. "Baby, you have every right to feel joy from finally getting justice. Because from what I saw that is what I gave you, Rachel. I will always protect you and even though you might not consciously understand or really except that yet, deep down you know I will. Your mind is finally allowing you to feel safe and let yourself feel what is natural in a situation like this; without the fear of what happens if they retaliate because you know in your heart that I will make sure he will come no where near you. I will make you safe and that's something that is very new for you, baby..." I can feel that she is fully listening to everything I'm saying to her but it's still hard for her to accept that she can feel justified in being happy that someone is being humiliated when she knows what it's like to be in that position. I'm sure of it, that I would bet every last cent in my savings and checking account combined – which is a small fortune added all together – that this is the reason she is having a hard time right now.

"Quinn, I got pleasure from someone else's humiliation!" Rachel hisses into my neck not wanting to move and face me I guess. It's possible she feels ashamed for the feelings she had or she is just comfortable where she is and doesn't want to move, either way it doesn't matter because I enjoy having her in my arms no matter the reason. "I've been the one that has been humiliated publicly and much worse than anything you have done so please don't feel like this is about you. I've been scared like he was scared today and I've seen a number of other's in the same situation and I've never felt anything but fear, sadness, or even a little anger on behalf of myself or those that were the subject of the humiliation. This-this, Quinn was nothing like I have ever felt before... does this mean.. I mean will I become-"

"Like me?" I interrupt her ramble now because I was not only right, but I knew what she was trying to say without even knowing that that was what she was trying to say. She is afraid she will become like me and Santana or at least like Brittany and become immune to the bullying and the humiliation we dish out as par for the course. What she doesn't realize is that we only really humiliate those that really do deserve it for the most part now.

The only reason she was targeted was because it followed her from her past and then I had to make sure my father knew I would not let her come near me without putting her in her place. Like I do now, he had eyes and ears everywhere including in all the schools I was in until my mom made everyone see what a lying cheating hypocritical bastard he truly is. He lost all his contacts after the very public and messy divorce. I'm sure he still has some that are loyal or just naive enough not to have followed the gossip mill that thrives in Lima.

"No!" Rachel pulls away from me then, but doesn't let go just grips my hips and looks up into my eyes fiercely, shaking her head no to emphasize her word. I run over her continued insistence.

"Rachel... it's true... you don't want to say it or believe it because of how you feel about me, but when you think of someone that takes pleasure from the humiliation of others I'm there at the back of your mind, so is Santana more than likely a bit more predominate in someways than me right at this moment, and even Brittany is there because she has never really said anything to stop us from humiliating others, namely you." I say it all in a calm rational tone of voice to show her that I understand why we are there when she thinks of how she enjoyed Jew-fro's humiliation just a few minutes ago.

"Quinn, no, I can't, no... I-I"

"Rachel." I say her name like I'm saying a prayer to God to get her to look me in the eyes as she tries to deny my claim because she cares deeply for me and has been attracted to me for a long while and might even be falling in love with me. It's hard to accept that the person you might be falling for romantically is not a nice person and can be devastatingly ruthless at the drop of a hat. I look down into her pleading eyes and I move my hand from her hair and brush her bangs from her eyes slowly.

"It's alright. I know this about myself. I use to do it for the power it gave me. The fear and awe of how unfeeling I was, is what got me my status here. I used that to ride it to my Captaincy, that and my ability to insure my Cheerios followed orders so that they will remain safe. I am ruthless Rachel. That is no act. There are only exceptions to the rule. Yes I have a softer side with some but most everyone else I don't care about what happens to them. And yes I do find amusement in the humiliation of others, especially if that person deserves it like Jew-fro did today." I say all that with complete certainty and acceptance about these parts of my personality.

I cup her cheek gently to which she leans into and sighs in frustration when the tarty bell rings around us. I don't care and I plan on finishing this before I walk Rachel to our shared AP English III class. "Rachel, it's alright to not want to be like how I am in this regard. To not accept that the possibility of that happening now that you are close to me scares you. Or even acknowledging that I am like that and that you don't particularly like those facets of my personality. That is where Brittany is, you know. You should talk with her about it some time." I say softly continue trying to make her see that what she fears is alright and once she accepts that, I can alleviate even that by letting her know that it would be impossible for her to become like me and San.

"I am like I am. Just as Santana is like she is. It's alright... to" I pause here, because once again I'm kind of moving our relationship a bit further than the timeline of our romantic relationship would normally deem acceptable. "to love someone that is not particularly nice all the time. Just like Brittany does Santana. She just tries to steer and direct Santana's meanness to those that deserve it and she does chastise her when she does something to those that don't." I finish reasonably

Rachel is looking at me now her eyes seeming to be only partly really seeing me at that moment. I believe she is thinking about what I've just said. Once her eyes refocus I continue before she can say anything. "You can never become like us, Rachel. Even with what you felt today. That was justified even though you don't believe it yet. He has been doing things to you for years. He has made you scared, grossed out and I believe even dirty in some of the things he has said, done or even made you do over the years. The things you submitted to... in-in order to protect others, namely me..." She gasps softly at that statement.

I don't think she really knew that Finn had told me that she gave Jew-fro a pair of her underwear – no matter how unused they were – in order to stop him from running the story of my pregnancy on his blog last year. "Yes I knew about that, baby, and I think it's safe to say that after our confessions since Friday that it wasn't Finn you were protecting in that deal you made with Jew-fro." I say softly letting her know that I do truly understand why she did was she did and I am thankful for her efforts

She shakes her head no and whispered the word after to confirm that it wasn't Finn she was protecting then. "I couldn't let him ruin you like that... You needed more time, Quinn. You had so much to figure out and were so overwhelmed, and I knew you wouldn't let me help you out right then, so I used Finn's attraction to me to get you the help through the guise of helping him..." She sighs softly and leans back in so that her forehead is resting on my collarbone, her hands slowly caressing up and down my sides. "I heard everything you said Quinn. I can't bring myself to agree with some of it, but I will accept that you have no problem with taring someone's life apart." she pauses to gather her thoughts again so I wait and curl my fingers sliding them down her sides as I do just wanting to touch her.

I can feel the shiver that flows through her lithe body as I let my fingers trail teasingly down so that the back of my fingers brush the sides of her breasts. It makes me smile that I can effect her physically like this. I love her passion. Her love and passion for life an all it brings to her. It's intoxicating to watch and be apart of even more so.

"I accept that you are you Quinn, I have for years now. It hasn't changed how I feel about you before and it won't now. I can only hope that I can have some influence and direct it in a way that is less... all inclusive to everyone and only happens when someone is in true need of punishment, lik-like" Rachel pauses here and looks back up into my eyes so that I can see her belief in what she is going to say next. She believes whatever she is going to say next but I can tell that accepting it is hard on her.

"Like Jew-fro. He, he has done so much to a lot of people over the years but he has targeted me almost like a stalker since the day I happened to run, literately, into him on our first day of sixth grade. So yes.. As hard as it was to accept that he does deserve whatever he gets for what he sows and... I know.... or at least I think I know, that if someone does something to me that there is nothing that is going to stop you from dealing with the problem your own way no matter how I feel about it." She smiles softly as she finishes her statement, and I smile lovingly back nodding to let her know that she is right.

"Yes, but Rachel, baby... How you feel about something will be taken into account. I can't not take how you feel into account now. I will only deal out what someone deserves, Rach... Though sometimes there will be times it won't make sense to you because you are so naturally forgiving I will always keep your opinions in mind even if I can't abide by them. I will still listen to you... I don't ever want you to think poorly of me... Yes I can be absolutely ruthless and play dirty with the best of them, more than likely out do most people in underhanded dirty politics to get my way or what I think should be done in a situation. But you, Rachel, have been a very large factor in how I deal with things and who I target." She beams her beautiful smile at me and I smile softly back at her.

Then say my final bit, "I want you to know Rachel, it's because of you that I've changed during our sophomore year to only targeting those that royally Fuc- umm messed up and became more indifferent to everyone else... but you of course." She nods her head in acknowledgement to what I've said because yes I did change from my targeting of random losers when I was a freshmen to a very specific rotating list of people in my sophomore year onwards. I can also see she is curious about something, I'm sure there is a lot of different things she would be curious about out of all that we spoke of within the last few minutes. I'm just glad that it hasn't taken longer than I thought it would.

"We really need to get to class Rachel." I say softly then lean in and kiss her forehead softly pulling back as quickly as I placed it. Rachel smiles lovingly at me then turns her head and kisses the palm of my hand as it was still resting on her cheek as we finished talking. I hum softly and then move to take our binders and books from my locker as that was where I stashed her stuff while I addressed the Jew-fro issue. I shut the door of my locker and we both start to make our way to our class.

It's only two minutes past the bell so the likelihood that Mrs. Shoemaker even has the class started is unlikely. She normally lets us read or finish homework or essays for the first five to ten minutes of class. I think it's because she has so many papers to grade that she uses that time to get through some of them as ours is one of the few classes she can rely on to be quiet and really read and or work on homework or even do one of the essay extra credits topics she puts up on her white board for us every morning.

My mind goes back to what Rachel had said about Jew-fro, or more hint at the fact he has done a lot of things over the years that really makes her truly dislike him. I think he is near the only person that Rachel comes the closest to hating to be honest and that makes me want to know the details of the assaults she has endured concerning him.

"Hey Rach?" I say getting Rachel attention as she continued to walk along side of me in an easy silence. When Rachel hums in acknowledgement I continue, "I would like to know all that Jew-fro has done to you. I feel like there is something important in how you reacted to his humiliation today that I might understand better if I get more information on his offenses..." I try and sound reasonable in my desire to hear about something that will undoubtedly piss me the fuck off but I still feel like I need to know.

"Quinn it will only serve as a means to make you mad and might even lead you to retaliation, even though it was in the past." Rachel reasons quietly.

"I know Rachel, but I really feel like I need to know... I know there are those very big risks but please... I need to know..." I respond back quietly pleading with her to give in so that I can finally have a complete picture and not go only on what my imagination comes up with, which I'm kind of certain is worse than what he has actually done.

Rachel sighs and reaches out to pull me to a stop by my arm just before we near the still open door for our class. "Alright, Quinn I can see that you really feel like it's something you need to know about, so I will tell you what I remember if..." She pauses in her quiet response for a moment to make sure she has my full attention. Which she does and normally does even when I would act like I wasn't paying any attention to her at all. "If you will tell me why you targeted me like you did..." I raise a slightly questioning eyebrow at the deal she is making with me. Had she asked I would have just told her what she wanted to know without the need to be subversive about it. But for now if it gets me the information then that's fine too.

"You got a deal Rach, but" I pause to smile gently at her then continue "I would have answered you had you asked me your question right out without attaching it to an information exchange. You can ask me anything Rachel. If I find the topic hard to talk about or that I need some time to work out how to tell you about something then I will let you know but I won't snap at you for asking and I won't shut you down either. Okay?" She gives me a shyly pleased smile and I have to fight the urge to kiss her just then which she seems to understand as she stares back at me with an understanding hand on my forearm.

"Alright, Quinn I will try and remember that and openly ask you if there is something I would like more information about." I smile and nod happily and Rachel continued, "We should get in there now, I really want a chance to at least write the topic down before Mrs. Shoemaker erases the topic from the board." I nod and lean away to get us walking the last bit of distance to the classroom door smiling the whole time because I want to get the topic written down too.

The good thing about Mrs. Shoemaker's system with the daily extra credit essays is that we get extra credit if we turn a two page essay on the given topic each time she puts one up on the board. Which this year has been every day. We just have to turn it in the following class time, when ever that happens to be. So we can get a day or so or the whole weekend depending on when the class falls, which means you have the potential for a lot of extra credit.

I nearly laugh when Mrs. Shoemaker doesn't even look up from her papers to reprimand us for being tarty. So Rachel and I move to find seats. I'm not happy that the last two seats are no where near each other. Well I guess that is to be expected due to coming in so late after the tarty bell. I notice Rachel doesn't even pause as she moves to the seat that is by the window next to some pimple faced boy. The other seat is by one of my Cheerios and after this morning I know she will not want to sit next to one of them. But I don't want to either and the Cheerio in question is part of Hanson's gaggle of baby Cheerios. So I move over to where Rachel is now seated and glare at the boy that is ogling my girlfriend's ass as she is bent over trying to pick up the pen she dropped when she opened her binder. When the boy seem to have not realized I am standing right there glaring at him and continues to just drool over my girlfriend I lean down close to his ear and growl, "Move, now!" softly in my most dangerous tone.

He jumps in his seat which gets Rachel attention and nearly everyone else's near by because of the sound he made, but once his eyes land on my cold hazel he is very quick to shove his stuff into his book bag and bolt out of my chair. I want to laugh at not only the boy's reaction but also how uncomfortable both the boy Jeremy, I think his name is, and Claire Jacobson will be in a few moment when they both realize that they will have to sit together.

I settle down into my newly unoccupied seat gracefully and begin to bring out a note card and a pen from my binder so I can get the topic written down before it's gone. All the while trying my damnedest to ignore the beautiful pair of chocolate orbs that are boring into the side of my head. I smile when I hear Rachel sigh and whisper "You're so bad, Quinn." in a playful voice as though she can't bring herself to be upset about something she wanted herself.

"Well don't feel too badly for him he had his eyes glued to your rear end the entire time you were bent over to get your pen. Sorry but that's mine I only get to stare at it." I say without a hint of remorse and with complete seriousness, even through the smirking grin I had on my face. I have the hardest of time trying to keep from laughing as Rachel can only cough lightly with the brightest blush surging up her neck and cheeks within an instant. Not to mention her final comment of 'so so bad' before she shakes her head and goes about getting the topic down on her notes.

Part 5

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