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Plans Change, Dreams Change
By silverwriter01


Part Two

It was now June and everyone was nervous and excited at Regional's. Since it was a two day event, they had four rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn Express with Mr. Schuester watching the boys and Ms. Pillsbury keeping an eye on the girls. Principal Figgins had told them there was no budget for a hotel but after another one of Puck's bake sales, they had easily raised the money.

Tina and Mercedes were rooming with Ms. Pillsbury while Brittany, Santana, Quinn, and Rachel shared the other room. This arrangement was thanks to Brittany who pulled some strings with Tina and Mercedes. The two had easily agreed. Even though Rachel was acting a lot better with the other members of Glee, she was still a bit much to handle.

"You girls make sure to go right to sleep," Ms. Pillsbury stated as she checked on them once last time at 9pm, "The body needs nine hours of sleep to perform the best each day. Now I left some disinfecting spray in the bathroom. Call me if you need anything."

As soon as Emma had left, Brittany said, bouncing on the double bed she was sharing with Santana, "Let's play truth or dare."

Quinn groaned, "We've played that a dozen times before Brittany. I know everything there is to know about you and Santana's sex life via Cheerio sleepovers."

Brittany sniffed, "I just wanted to play with you and Rachel."

Santana didn't even have time to draw up a glare before Quinn gave in, "Okay, okay. We'll play."

"Don't I get a say in the matter?" Rachel asked as she slipped into the bed she would share with Quinn. Sharing with Quinn wasn't going to be a problem for the dark-haired girl. Late night talks had led them either to both sleep in her or Quinn's bed together each night in the past week.

"No," All the other girls replied simultaneously. Rachel huffed as she folded her arms across her chest.

Quinn rolled her eyes as she got in beside the brunette. She took Rachel's hand and placed it on her stomach, "She's kicking like a soccer player."

Rachel's bad mood vanished as she felt the thumping under her hand.

"Like a dancer," Rachel corrected with a soft smile.

Brittany jumped across the room for a chance to feel as well, dragging a reluctant Santana with her. While the blonde place her hand on Quinn's stomach, the Hispanic cheerleader hesitated. Rachel finally reached up and grabbed the other girl's hand to bring it down on Quinn's stomach. Santana's eyes widened, "That's so weird."

When the baby quieted back down, Brittany and Santana removed their hands from Quinn's stomach and when back to their own bed. Brittany excitedly said, "Rachel, true or dare?"

Rachel sighed, "Truth."

"Coward," Santana snickered.

Brittany shushed her girlfriend and turned to Rachel, "What was sex like with Jesse?"

Quinn turned her full attention to Rachel who was suddenly blushing. Quinn softly said, "You don't have to tell us."

"I…we didn't have sex. I backed out at the last minute," Rachel confessed, unable to look at any of them.

The room was quiet for a moment before Quinn covered Rachel's hand with hers. "It's your turn."

"Oh. Right. Santana, truth or dare?"

"Dare," The girl proudly declared. Quinn rolled her eyes, "There's pretty much nothing Santana hasn't done, Rachel. Better make it good."

"I dare you to take your underwear off."

Santana smirked. She was wearing a tank top and short gyms shorts, but nothing else and she told Rachel so, "I have nothing on under here."

Rachel blinked, "Oh, well, I dare you to go get a bucket of ice without your shirt on."

Santana rolled her eyes, "Child's play."

Without a second's hesitation, Santana ripped of her shirt. All three girls watched her leave the room, her breasts leading the way. From the hallway, they heard Santana cheerfully say, "Hi, Ms. Pillsbury. Just getting some ice."

A minute later, Santana came back in the room with a full bucket of ice.

"Must have been cold at the ice machine," Quinn dryly stated, unable to miss the detail that Santana's nipples were hard.

"It was," Santana said. She didn't even bother to put her shirt back on, "Quinn, truth or dare?"
And so the game continued. Before long, all the girls were missing some article of clothing. Quinn and Rachel had lost their shorts while Brittany had lost her shirt, though she was wearing a bra.

"Rachel, truth or dare?" Santana asked. Brittany had giving her the sign that it was time to start things.


"Coward," Santana repeated, "Have you kissed a girl?"

"Yes," The Jewish girl easily replied.

"Who?" The question had came out of Quinn's mouth before she could stop herself.

"It's not your turn," Rachel reprimanded. She turned right back on her questioner, "Truth or dare, Santana?"

"Dare," Santana proudly stated. Rachel grinned evilly, "I dare you not to touch Brittany for 10 minutes."

Santana's face fell, "That's not a dare! That's cruelty."

"Are you going to not fulfill the dare?"

"No," Santana growled as she pulled out her cell to set the timer. It was going to be a long ten minutes of being in bed with Brittany and not touch her. All throughout the game they had been holding hands or cuddling. "Quinn, truth or dare."

"Dare," The pregnant girl bravely replied.

It was Santana's turn to grin evilly, "You have to touch Rachel as I would touch Brit until my time is up."

Quinn hesitated. It was one thing to hug or sleep in the same bed. It was an entirely different thing to touch Rachel as Santana touched Brittany. They would be touches of love and desire.

"Just pretend it's the two of us watching a movie," Rachel softly suggested. So Quinn rested her head on Rachel's shoulder and cuddled into her side where her baby bump fit nicely. She asked after she rested her hand on Rachel's stomach, "Rachel, which girls have you kissed?"

"Since when do I not get a choice of truth or dare?"

"Since dare would require you to move and you're not allowed to until Santana is allowed to touch Brittany. Now answer."

Rachel shook her head, "I've made out with Brittany and a girl from dance camp once. Kelsey Smith actually kissed me in the bathroom the other day."

"What?" All three other girls exclaimed.

Rachel shrugged, "It was weird. She kissed me than slipped a piece of paper into my pocket that had her phone number and address. She said if I ever wanted to punish her in private just give her a call. I found the entire situation very strange."

Santana and Quinn were left jaw-slacked. Brittany had already lost interest in what Rachel was saying. She was concentrating on how Quinn was still cuddled up to Rachel and preparing for big dare of the night. Santana finally said, "Well, I always thought Kelsey enjoyed getting chewed out by Coach Sylvester a little too much. Now I know why."

The game of truth or dare slowly dwindled down into lazy questions. When the timer went off, it was actually Brittany that jumped Santana, pushing her back onto the bed for a kiss. Quinn reluctantly moved away from Rachel, missing her warmth and comfort immediately. After a long kiss, Brittany sat back up. It was her turn.

"Rachel truth or dare?"

"You know she'll just choose truth," Santana sneered, "She is a wimp like that."

Rachel huffed, "Fine, I choose dare."

"I dare you to kiss Quinn for a minute," Brittany sweetly said. Santana tried not laugh at the stunned looks on Quinn and Rachel's faces.

"You want Berry to what with me for a minute?"


Quinn was firmly shaking her head while Rachel still seemed stunned.

"I knew she wouldn't do it," Santana sneered.

That snapped Rachel out of her trance. She turned to Quinn and before kissing her, she whispered, "It's just good news."

Quinn went dead still as Rachel's lips touched hers. They had kiss three times before, but those were accidents at best.

Brittany and Santana watched as for ten seconds, Quinn just let Rachel kiss her. But after that, Quinn started kissing back. She let felt Rachel push closer to her and slide a hand to the small of her back. Their lips overlapped, suckling, and once, Quinn gently nipped Rachel's lover lip.

A minute can go by either really fast or really slow. To the two kissing girls, it seemed like they had just started when another voice interrupted them. Rachel and Quinn were on the forty-five second mark when Ms. Pillsbury walked in. For ten seconds, she could only gape at them. She loudly cleared her throat, "Girls, lights out now. I mean it."

Rachel and Quinn jumped apart at the sound of Ms. Pillsbury's voice. Santana sighed, "Fine, if we gotta."

She turned out the lights and got under the covers with Brittany. She felt Brittany cuddle up to her and after a moment, felt someone kissing her neck.

Rachel and Quinn lay on opposite sides of the bed, still breathing yard from what they had just done. Their hearts were pounding and they weren't sure of what to make of the situation.

They could both hear sounds coming from the other bed and it wasn't making matters any better. Santana would let out a soft sigh or Brittany would whimper. Quinn finally snapped, "Either you too knock it off or I swear to God I'll stuff you both in the ice machine."

"I'd like to see you try," Santana growled. She was in a tough situation. She was horny, both from Brittany's doing and the show Rachel and Quinn had put on. The Hispanic cheerleader knew she wouldn't be able to sleep until she had an orgasm. She didn't really want to do it in front of Preggers or the Dwarf though.

Brittany showed just how smart she really was. She sat up and said, grabbing Santana's hand, "I need to shower. Santana would you help me wash my back?"

Santana didn't even answer as they both rushed to the bathroom. Quinn sighed as she heard a moan before the shower turned on full blast.

"Should we discuss what happened between us?" Rachel asked softly into the dark.

Quinn snapped, feeling on edge and vulnerable, "Nothing happened. It was just a stupid dare. I didn't even like it. I like men if you couldn't tell from my situation"

"You didn't like it?" Rachel asked, sitting up and turning to look where she thought Quinn lay. "You were the one who tried to slip your tongue in my month at the end."

Quinn growled, "I was just putting on a good show. As soon as they are out of the bathroom, I'm going to brush my month out with bleach. I don't know of anything stronger to get your bad taste of my lips."

Rachel didn't say anything and that's how Quinn knew she had really hurt the shorter girl. She felt the girl lay back down.

Another 15 minutes went by before Brittany and Santana came out of the bathroom. They looked happy and fell right so sleep. It took Quinn a lot longer to fall asleep and she was sure Rachel was still up when she did.

Quinn woke up at 7am, a habit learned from living with Rachel. She frowned when she saw Rachel was not beside her nor anywhere in the room.

The rest of the day flew by quickly for the Glee Club. They Aural Intensity perform amazingly for the star-quest judges. They couldn't believe Coach Sylvester was on the panel of judges as well. They just knew they would lose.

Quinn was upset not only because she thought they were going to lose, but also because Rachel wasn't speaking to her.

Will gave everyone a pep talk right before it was time for them to go on. It seemed to lift their spirits.

Quinn looked at Rachel right before the group split up. Rachel catch her eye but said nothing as she and Finn went to the back of the auditorium. Quinn frowned as she and the rest of the group took their place behind the giant curtain. Why couldn't she have handled the situation better last night? All this tension was making her stomach hurt.

They performed their tribute to Journey by singing Faithfully, a mash-up of Anyway you want it and Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', and Don't Stop Believing. They sang and danced with all their heart, and when it was over, they couldn't be more proud of themselves.

Just as they walked back into their dressing room, Quinn stopped dead in her tracks. The look on her face caused Artie to ask, "What's wrong?"

"I think my water just broke," Quinn stated rather calmly.

Rachel was by her side in a split second, "It just broke? Are you having contractions? How's your pain level?"

The whole group broke into chaos. They quickly started rushing Quinn to their bus to take her to the hospital.

"What about the competition?" Tina asked.

"Screw the competition. We're going to the hospital," Rachel snapped. She ordered, "Kurt, my fathers are in the audience. Would you please go find them and telling that has happened?"

Kurt nodded and with Mercedes by his side, they went to find Rachel's day.

Rachel never let go of Quinn's hand the entire time. With Puck on one side and Rachel on the other, Quinn gave birth to her child. There was a lot of screaming and shouting, but she finally pushed out her baby.

Puck and Rachel held their breaths as the nurse cleaned the baby up and cleared her airways. When the baby started to cry, they let out a heavy sigh of relief. Puck went out to tell everybody his daughter was here. He also bragged that she had hair and it was pointing straight up like a Mohawk.

Quinn was exhausted. She barely had enough energy to pass the placenta before collapsing. She was barely aware Rachel was still holding her hand until Rachel finally let go.

"Is she okay?" Quinn tiredly asked.

Rachel beamed, "She's perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes, and a touch of black hair that really does look like a Mohawk. Don't worry, we can fix that."

Quinn smiled. She continued to smile as Rachel wiped her face and soothed her hair down.

"Why are you crying?" Rachel asked.

Quinn hadn't know she had been. She finally said, "I'm glad you were here. I'm sorry for…upsetting you last night."

Rachel shook her head, "Don't worry about it. Now here comes your daughter."

Quinn struggled to sit up as her baby was placed in her arms. Quinn felt her heart melt as gazed down at the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

"Isn't she beautiful Rachel?"

"Yes," Rachel gushed, "She's beautiful."

"It is a Mohawk isn't it?" Quinn smiled, looking at her daughter's pointed tuff of hair.

Rachel gently ran a finger across the baby's head, afraid to touch her but couldn't stop herself. She smiled, "She's perfect."

Puck came back into the room at the same time as the nurse asked, "What is the baby's name?"

Quinn smiled, "Her name is Beth. Beth Joy Fabray."

"Why Joy?" Rachel asked. She had been asking Quinn what she was going to name the baby, but Quinn had been keeping it a secret.

"Because it's a synonym of glee and Glee has come to mean the world to me."

Both Puck and Rachel smiled. Puck snapped pictures with a camera that one of Rachel's Dads had given him and went back to show the other Glee members his daughter, Beth Joy.

Quinn was moved to another hospital room while all the Gleeks, except Rachel and Puck, went back to Regional's to see how they did. When Rachel learned they didn't even place, she just shrugged. Suddenly, the world seemed so much bigger. What was the point of worrying over Regional's when she had Quinn and the baby to think about?

The rest of the summer seemed to fly by for Rachel and Quinn. Hiram and Leroy had transformed half of Quinn's room into a nursery by the time Quinn arrived home from the hospital. The first week was actually easy but after that, it seemed like Beth never wanted to stop crying. Rachel finished the last few weeks of school with bags under her eyes. Quinn took her last exams of her freshman year from home.

Quinn was never more grateful to have Hiram and Leroy living with her. The blonde cried when they asked if they could be Beth's grandfathers and she made them cry when she got them matching "#1 Grandpa" shirts. Not only where they good grandfathers, they knew how to handle a baby who wouldn't stop crying.

Lucky for Quinn and Rachel, Beth seemed to calm down when someone sang to her. Even though they were too tired to sing sometimes, they had a whole group of friends ready to come by and sing for them.

Puck spent a lot of time with his daughter at the Berry household. He spent so much time there that Hiram ended up becoming very impressed with him. When summer vacation started, Puck didn't clean pools. He worked in one of Hiram's construction crews as a part-time laborer. He made more money than he did in his pool cleaning business and gave Quinn half of what he made as child-support. Puck hated hard work, but there was also something satisfying about seeing a completed building that he had helped make with his own two hands. Also it made him even more buff and women seemed to like a man who could work with his hands.

Quinn knew she never would have made it without Rachel by her side. Somehow the girl she had hated the most in the world had turned into her closest companion. They never brought up the night before Regional's.

Quinn Fabray would never forget the moment she realized she was in love with Rachel Barbra Berry. It was also the same moment she realized she wanted Rachel Barbra Berry.

Time seemed to fly by at the Berry household. Summer had passed and the girls had started back school. Beth was doing well in a open-minded daycare and Quinn had gotten a part-time job at a doctor's office as a desk assistant. The doctor was a friend of Leroy.

Halloween came and went with over two hundred pictures of 5-month-old Beth in her tiny pumpkin costume.

Rachel would swear that even though Beth had black hair and dark eyes, she looked just like Quinn. Quinn would occasionally tease Rachel that it was nurture vs. nature and that Beth looked like the diva than herself or Puck.

Thanksgiving saw all of Rachel's extended family gathered into their house and Quinn didn't see her baby for the rest of the day since Beth was awed over and passed from one person to the next. Rachel held Quinn later that night as the blonde cried from being so openly accepted as part of the family.

The day Quinn realized she was in love with Rachel was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Leroy and Hiram had driven five hours away to see Leroy's sister and wouldn't be back until Sunday evening. Rachel usually went her parents but decided Quinn and Beth needed her more.

It was an ordinary day just with leftover turkey sandwiches. Santana and Brittany had come over for awhile to play with Beth. They only left when Brittany and Beth had tired each other out. Quinn and Rachel had been sitting on the couch together when Rachel decided it was time for Beth to have her bath and be put down to sleep.

Rachel took Beth upstairs and after a few minutes, the former cheerleader heard so much giggling coming from the bathroom that she decided to go watch from the doorway.

Beth sat in a few inches of water with her bath chair. She was giggling and lifting a washcloth up and down with her arms. Rachel cooed, "Yes, you like a nice bath. You like to be clean."

Quinn rolled her eyes even though she knew everyone talked that way to Beth. People couldn't help themselves.

Beth laughed as splashed more water. Some got onto Rachel and Rachel looked down at her shirt.

"Look what you did? Do you see what you did? You should be ashamed of yourself," Rachel teasingly scolded. Beth responded by putting the wash cloth in her mouth. She never noticed Quinn behind her.

"I bet you'll be a swimmer when you grow up hmm? You sure love the water. You can swim and go to the Olympics. Or how about a singer? Would you like that? It doesn't matter if you can't talk yet. I've listened very closely to you and you have perfect pitch already. Puck says your strong like him so you're going to be a football player. I think you can be whatever you want to be and I'll be there for you no matter what. Whether it's at your swim meet, Glee concerts, or football game. I promise I'm going to be there for you and your Mommy no matter what. I love you both very, very much."

Quinn didn't know how someone could hear a honest confession like that and not fall a little bit in love with that person. Of course Quinn had gradually been falling in love with Rachel over the months. She just hadn't recognized it until now. They did everything couples did. Well they did everything couples do with a baby did, she mentally corrected herself. It had taken awhile but once she got past all the things that Rachel did that annoyed the hell out of her, she found an incredible loyal, honest, and kind person. That person who loved her daughter as if she were her own and treated Quinn better than Puck or Finn had. Quinn asked herself how could she not be in love with Rachel Berry?

Beth replied to Rachel's promise and love declaration by splashing her with more water. The front of Rachel's top was now completely soaked. Rachel gave a false heavy sigh and said, "Well if you can't beat them, join them."

Rachel wiped off her top and Quinn very quickly noticed that Rachel wasn't wearing a bra. Quinn left the doorway of the bathroom feeling flushed. She didn't know what was the matter with herself. She often took off her top to bath Beth or even just took a bath with her baby. Why did seeing Rachel without her bra on make her feel so… warm?

The blonde knew the answer and she knew why Finn kept trying to get Rachel back. Her breasts were amazing. Quinn was shocked still as the mental image of touching those amazing breasts while kissing Rachel's soft mouth flashed into her head.

"Oh God," she said, "I can never think that again."

Of course since she said that, she couldn't help but think about it. She also kept thinking about all the times Rachel touched her, massaging her shoulders, scratching her scalp lightly with her nails. She wondered what it would be like to have those nails rack down her back…

"I have got to stop this," Quinn growled, shaking her head. She was feeling an uncommon throbbing between her legs.

The blonde had felt absolutely no sexual desire since the birth of her baby. Having someone rip apart your genitals does that to a person. Even before than Quinn had never felt much sexual desire. She had never even masturbated before so the thought of wanting someone, to wanting to do something sexual with someone was very unsettling for Quinn.

Quinn collapsed on her bed and groaned. She couldn't get Rachel's breasts out of her mind. Is that what Santana and Brittany thought about all the time? Is that why they were forever having sex?

A few minutes Rachel came into Quinn's room with herself and Beth wrapped in a towel. Rachel grinned, "Reporting for inspection ma'am. Presenting one clean baby."

Quinn had to smile as she got up from her bed. She went to tickle Beth's side, making her giggle.

"Well she seems pretty clean."

Quinn leaned forward to make a show of smelling Beth (though who didn't enjoy the smell of a fresh, clean baby?) and when she did, she came very close to Rachel's neck. She could smell her daughter but she also was able to smell Rachel, who smelled very good. She was shocked as she was overcome with the desire to nip Rachel's neck and move lower…

Quinn quickly straightened and coughed, "Well…she…uh…smells clean too. She passes inspection."

Rachel gave Quinn a look before moving to put Beth in her crib. Quinn went back to lay down on her bed and watched as Rachel tucked Beth in for the night. She found her eyes closing with her daughter's as Rachel sang a lullaby. She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep until Rachel got into bed beside her and she jolted awake.

Over the past few months, the girls had taken to sleeping in the same bed. It made it easier for them to split who got up to take care of Beth in the middle of the night if she woke up. Quinn sat up to look over the shorter girl and felt another rush of warmth for her. Not everyone would wake up at 4am to change a dirty diaper.


"Hmm," Rachel tiredly grunted.

"I love you."

Rachel grumbled, "No, I got up last night to take care of her. It's your turn tonight."

"No, I mean it. I love you."

The Jewish girl sat up as if she realized the seriousness of the conversation. Rachel rubbed her eyes before meeting Quinn's hazel ones. She repeated, "You love me."

Quinn bit her lip and dug her hands into the bed to keep from bolding out of the room, "Yes."

"Let's clarify this. Do you love me as a friend, as a co-raiser of Beth, or as…as…a potential partner?"

Quinn started blushing which Rachel took as a good sign. Over the past few months, she had grown to care about Quinn more and more and Beth felt like her own daughter. She knew that she didn't want to lose either of them from her life.

Becoming a parent at sixteen wasn't what she had planned. Nor had fallen in love with a woman been part of her plan. It honestly wasn't on the board of her planned out life. She hadn't planned on Quinn to move in or to fall in love with the mother and daughter so much that it hurt to think of losing them. While she occasionally had the brief daydream of what it would be like if she wasn't tied down to a 'wife and kid', but those daydreams never lasted long. Who could daydream over singing in front of thousands every night when she had a little girl who couldn't fall asleep unless she sang to her? She wasn't putting the idea of Broadway completely out of her mind, but Rachel realized, for the first time in her life, that plans can change. That dreams can change and it's all for the better.

Rachel had hoped Quinn felt the same but after she had flipped out about the kiss, she wasn't sure. Rachel finally asked Brittany for a second opinion.

"She looks at you the way I look at Santana," Brittany said and that was all Rachel needed to know.

"I don't know what you mean by partner," Quinn finally said.

Rachel moved closer to Quinn. She said, "It means someone who shares responsibility with you, someone who you are in an established relationship with, and… a fellow participant in sexual activity."

The dark-haired girl held her breathe. She knew she desired Quinn, it had taken everything not to kiss Quinn again over the months, but she needed to know if Quinn had that same desire for her.

Quinn cleared her throat, feeling her blush deepen, "Then I love you as all three."

"Truly?" Rachel asked, unable to believe her ears.

"Truly," Quinn repeated with a smile. She watched as a look of wonder and glee crossed Rachel's face. That expression paused as Rachel said, suddenly very serious, "Quinn this is extremely good news."

"Only if you feel the same about me."

"I do," Rachel smiled, "I've loved you for months now. So you agree with me that this is good news then?"

"Yes, Rachel, this is good news." She didn't know what the dark-haired girl was getting at. She understood perfectly when Rachel leaned closer.

"You recall how we celebrate good news correct?"

Quinn found she couldn't remember how to speak so she just nodded. She didn't wait for Rachel to continue; she kissed the dark-haired girl before another moment went by.


The chances of two sixteen-year-old girls with a baby staying together are slim at best. Rachel and Quinn made it through high school together, but when it came time to apply to colleges, Quinn started breaking away from Rachel. This lead to arguments, horrible fights, and their ultimate breakup. Rachel went off to Julliard and Quinn stayed in Lima with her daughter.

Beth cried almost every night for three months after Rachel left. She couldn't understand why her Mom had left her and why she wasn't there to sing her to sleep every night.

Puck had worked his way up to assistant foreman in Hiram's company and he was making very good money. He asked Quinn to marry him but she declined.

Hiram and Leroy bought a house down the block from them and gave it to Quinn and Beth. Quinn refused at first but later gave in. She took a few online college courses, unsure of what she wanted to be once she got out of high school. She settled on becoming an accountant.

Quinn remembered it had been a cold November night and there was snow on the ground. She had just turned 20 and was one semester away from obtaining an associate's degree in accounting. Beth was four and spending the night at Hiram's and Leroy's. The two men spoiled their granddaughter rotten but she couldn't get angry over it.

There was a knock on the door that caused Quinn to raise her eyebrow. She didn't know who it could be. When she opened the door, she was stunned to see it was Rachel.

The two women hadn't spoken in almost two years. The last words Quinn said to Rachel were, "I want you out of my life."

Rachel's had been, "You'll never see me in it again."

Quinn knew Rachel still spent time with Beth. Leroy and Hiram were always showing Beth emails and videos that Rachel had sent just for her. She even allowed Beth to have the constant stream of packages Rachel sent. Rachel had spent the first two years of Beth's life as her second mom.

"Rachel…what are you doing here?" Quinn gasped.

Rachel came inside the house, uninvited, and took off her thick coat to hang on the door.

"Come in, please. Make yourself at home," Quinn dryly commented.

"Are you seeing anybody?"

Quinn blinked once, twice. She said, "Excuse me?"

Rachel repeated her statement, her eyes firm, "Are you seeing anybody?"

Quinn straightened and crossed her arms, "That's none of your …"

"Quinn," Rachel snapped, "Answer the question."

"Fine," the blonde growled, "No, I'm not. Haven't seen anyone since you. Does that make you happy?"

The reply she got wasn't what she expected. Rachel kissed her, pushing her back against the door. Even though she was stunned, even though she wanted a reason as to why Rachel was here instead of a kiss, her body had spent two years responding to Rachel's kiss. It was programmed to respond and respond she did. She kissed back just as hard, pulled Rachel closer by her hips. She hadn't been with anyone since Rachel and she had missed her.

It was Rachel who started the kiss and Rachel who ended it. She pulled away, breathing very hard. Quinn was left in her position by the door.

"You're an idiot," Rachel growled. Quinn snapped out of her daze, "How dare you call me…"

"You're an idiot," Rachel repeated. She then added softly, "And I'm an even bigger one."

"Okay, I'm lost. What are you doing here?"

Rachel sighed, "It's been almost two years since we broke up. The other night, I was in my dorm watching the snow fall. All of a sudden, it just dawned on me. I realize what you were pushing me away our senior year."

Quinn started looking everywhere but at Rachel. She said, starting to move towards the kitchen, "Interesting. Well it's been nice seeing you but…"

Rachel catch the blonde's arm, catching her from leaving. She firmly stated, "No, you're going to listen to me."

The blonde huffed but stood still. She refused to look at the other woman.

"You were pushing me away because you wanted me to go to Julliard. You wanted me to get out of Lima and you knew I wouldn't if we stayed together. That I would stay here with you and Beth."

"You belong there," Quinn softly replied, "I saw the videos your fathers have of your concerts and plays. You belong there. I would never fit in New York. I could never take Beth there, but you belong there."

"And at that part of my life, part of me thought so too. I think part of me knew what you were doing. That part of me wanted to go to New York and try to follow the dreams I've had since I could talk. That's why I didn't fight you about breaking up."

Hazel eyes briefly meet brown before Rachel continued, "New York was fine if I kept busy and luckily, one can stay very busy at Julliard. But at night, I'd think of you and Beth. I'd wish you were laying beside me. I'd wake up in the morning, wondering why I was alone. I wondered why my alarm woke up instead of Beth."

Quinn smiled, "She still gets up early. Just like you."

Rachel shared that smile, "So as I watched it snow out my window, I realized I wasn't where I wanted to be. And I remembered something I thought when I was sixteen. Plans can change, dreams can change, and it all be for the better. I've wanted to a Broadway star since I could talk. Now, I want nothing more than to be here in Lima with you and Beth. Took me two years to realize that but it's what I want."

A tear slide down Quinn's cheek and Rachel reached out to wipe it away. She softly asked, moving closer to the blonde, "Why are you crying?"
"Cause it's what I want to. I've wanted you here since the moment I let you go," Quinn confessed. She pulled the dark-haired woman into a hug and just held on. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Rachel asked, "Should we go tell my Dads and Beth?"

Quinn pulled back to look at the woman who had held her heart since she was sixteen. She leaned in to give her a passionate kiss before pulling back to say, "Tomorrow. We can tell them tomorrow. Tonight I just want you all to myself."

Quinn started pulling a very willing Rachel in the direction of her bedroom.

Tomorrow they would tell Leroy, Hiram, and Beth. Tomorrow they would call up Santana and Brittany (who had broken up and also gotten back together). Tomorrow they would tell the whole world and Rachel would start moving back to Lima. But tonight was for them.

The End

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